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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pakistani house wife sharing Pakistani sex stories

I am a Pakistani house wife sharing Pakistani sex stories part two here. Hamid closed the door while Mahmood reached for my breast and started caressing my hard Nipples. I wished I could protest but I surely didn’t. To my wonders, I didn’t even made a noise like other Pakistani women. I was yielding to the gentle arousal and my body defied my mind by letting my nipples harden immediately. He was obviously encouraged and his hands got bolder now. He wasn’t caressing anymore as he began squeezing. Hamid joined in quickly and began chewing my lips while he held my other breast. Then he let Mahmood to kiss me while his left hand got under my Dress to rub my sex Refinance Mortgage.I was enjoying These Pakistani sex stories.

Mahmood’s kiss was more intense than Hamid and he was unbuttoning for my Qameez at the same time. Hamid helped him in getting rid of the Qameez and he held my breasts with both hands and gave a few hard squeezes. He undid my bra hooks. They pushed me to the sofa and quickly unzipped their trousers before sitting on my either side. They came at my breasts alternating between them, first to squeeze my naked breasts with both hands and then sucking them inside their mouths. These were really fantastic sex Refinance for a hot woman like me. I was in heaven of Pakistani sex. It was an auto insurance of my sexual satisfaction now.

They held my thighs at their side and began spreading my legs towards them. Once again I felt both of them sending their hands against my crotch simultaneously and rubbing my pussy lips through the panties. Mahmood’s fingers made an entry through the panties and stroked my hair. Hamid made me lean on his chest and cupped my breasts from behind. My hands reached to their rods and stroked them gently. Mahmood pushed my head towards his tool suggesting taking his meat inside his mouth. After running down his tool a few times, I took on Hamid and sucked his tool for equal number of times. They were totally aroused after the gentle oral tease on their tools as they took me down on the floor and pulled off whatever clothes that had remained on me. Pakistani sex stories of hot women were in full swing now. 

Mahmood resumed squeezing and sucking my breasts as though he was fond of breasts more than anything else. Hamid however looked more knowledgeable as she pulled my legs apart and got inside. He leaned forward on my crotch and started licking my pussy. I shivered uncontrollably feeling a man’s mouth on my valley while another man had his mouth on my breasts. Such Refinance Mortgages were hard to find in sex.

The young men were aware that they didn’t have much time by their side. Soon Hamid began letting his dick inside my pussy. Mahmood kept squeezing my breasts and suckling my nipples in frenzy. Hamid quickened his pace and began driving his tool in and out of my wet hole in an unbelievable pace. I was panting in pleasure feeling his tool swell inside my pussy and hitting my womb with tremendous force. Just as I thought that he would explode, he pulled out and backed out. But, I realized that I have had an orgasm already.

It was Mahmood’s his turn now and he hesitantly withdrew his mouth from my breasts. However, he was equally quick and furious in slipping his tool inside me and I gasped watching two young men taking turns to screw me. Hamid sat up and watched his friend who went on a rampage on my love valley. Mahmood reached maximum speed within seconds and was jerking his head backwards and groaning in crude excitement. I was squealing in joy but soon felt his tool being pulled out of my hole. Hamid pounced on me for the second time and this time around he was to prove a point to me that he can fuck faster than his friend and providing better consolidation loans of Pakistani sex.

I have never enjoyed such Pakistani sex stories before. I couldn’t think about my husband for all his poor performances on the bed. I looked at the two young men who gave me perhaps the most exciting experience of my life. I did feel some pain for the next couple of days but enjoyed remembering the wonderful first threesome experience for a very long time.Hope you have enjoyed my Pakistani sex stories.

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