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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pakistani house wife sharing Pakistani sex stories

I am a Pakistani house wife sharing Pakistani sex stories for the first time. To begin with some customary introduction of myself, I am Mishi, 38 years old, settled in Metropolitan city of Pakistan, I got married to my husband, who apparently is some 8 years elder to me. I am not one of beautiful hot Pakistani women, but I am HOT to some extent. My age does reflect on my body with my 36DD breasts sagging a bit down. My large nipples are my soft spots and I don’t mind feeling a bit of pain especially feeling some raw hands of young men tweaking them. I want you to enjoy the following Pakistani sex story of mine without getting into more details of my sex. Let’s start my unforgettable Refinance of sex at Pakistani sex stories.

I was NOT a virgin when I got married to my husband. I have had number of affairs with many guys from all strata’s of life, which include my Ex-Boss, My Colleagues, and many more during the time of my job. I always craved and looked forward to my husband, who hailed form an orthodox family from a remote village in Gujarat unleash his brutal strength on the bed and wanted him to go on a rampage on my ever hungry cunt. However, he wasn’t rising to my expectations and our first encounter with sex fizzled Pakistani sex.My desires for Refinance Mortgages of sex were increasing day by day and I was ready to accept any young guy who can give debt consolidation loans of sex to a hot Pakistani wife.

In retrospection of these Refinance Mortgages of sex, I don’t blame him because he was a good guy, not having any experience like me before, and to top it up, I made the Biggest Blunder of my Life, of telling him about all my Sex Affairs before marriage to him on our First Wedding Night, which till today, he has not forgotten. Well, he just pounces on me like a starving stray dog without making any attempts to arouse me. He begins with a few hard kisses, squeezes my BIG BOOBS mindlessly and begins pushing his dick inside me trying to release his anger, since he can neither forget nor forgive me regarding my sex affairs with other men. He explodes and sleeps at once. Since then, the story kept continuing for a few years after marriage. We are into our 11th year of our marriage with a ten year old son and lot of mutual sexual dissatisfaction for each other. 

I began longing for some complete sex and started looking for those men who had more sexual drives than my husband. Hamid and Mahmood were two young mariners who were staying in the next flat to our left in the apartments. I have seen them ogling me many times and I knew that they always got excited watching my legs, back and breasts. I wasn’t aware that they guys were looking for the right time to barge into my house and give me a royal screwing. My husband had left for a Business tour in the early hours of the day. It was around noon when my son was gone to school when I heard the knock on the door. To my surprise, I saw Mahmood and Hamid waiting outside. They weren’t waiting for me to let them in as they strode inside the house quickly. 

Pakistani house wife real sex story is continue and will be updated tomorrow with remaining part. Pakistani sex stories are popular amongst all real sex story readers of Pakistani sex blog. Keep enjoying these Refinance mortgages of Pakistani sex at Pakistani sex stories.  

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