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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pakistani sex stories of housewives

Pakistani sex stories of housewives are a part of reality section of this blog. Today’s sex story is also from a hot Pakistani wife. Let’s start these reverse mortgages in her words. Like most house wives in Pakistani community, I used to spend my time sitting at home, cooking meal for my husband, watching housewife’s TV shows, reading magazines and keeping the house. Sure, I was sex hungry and greedy about having sex right from my childhood. I was horny about sex like animals. I married an engineer a few years earlier. He was working in a remote place away from our City, and he was not always with me. Just a few days per month! You see how hard it as to endure such ordeal! I loved being screwed, loved doggy style, loved Mortgage Refinance and everything in Pakistani sex stories.

My husband is a slim person with flexible body; unfortunately he was not fulfilling all of my sexual needs in bed. I loved him, when we first met I fell in love with him from the very first look, but soon our sexual life appeared to be boring and very rare. He got exhausted very fast and made me feel unsatisfied, like a hungry animal every night. I think he was not a good sex partner at all, but he was my husband and I could divorce him on such ridiculous reason! In all other cases and situations he was a very good man, careful and loving, solicitous and attentive. But concerning sex, he was so weak; it made me cry sometimes during our reverse mortgages of Pakistani sex.

After a few years, we moved to another city, near my native village where I was born and grew up. It was very sunny and peaceful place, buried in verdure and green. The city was very good, but my husband could not take me out, because he did not know any places there. I always wanted to go somewhere, but he never took me to new places. Every time he used to have some office work. Gradually we were getting unhappy together. I could no longer have sex with such a person. I was hungry for Pakistani sex stories and auto insurance of sex satisfaction.

There was a neighbor living next door with us and soon he was my husband’s friend. His name was Zia. He was married, but his wife was a frigid woman and she never cared him much; she was also thin as stick and had a pale awkward body. She was never good for Pakistani sex. This was the truth which I got after getting some relations with them family wise. Soon, they started visiting our house regularly. I was only having my mother-in-law living with us as my Husband was the only son of his mother. I have found someone to start my Pakistani sex stories and sex mortgages.

Once, Zia’s wife was away, she was to see her mother living in other city, so she left home alone. I saw twice or more in a week, he always looked a bit nervous and unhappy. I think it was because of his routine sex. He looked very strong, as he kept on going to gym pumping iron, I could even feel his strong muscles playing under his shirt’s sleeves. This guy looked horny, and whenever he cast a glance at me, I could see his greedy devouring eyes. At this period my husband had to go for a short official mission to nearby town. He asked his friend to take care of us and help us if we needed any. Second part of Pakistani sex stories of housewives will be updated tomorrow.    

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