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Friday, May 25, 2012

An unexpected wild sex story with my aunt

I am Sunny with my Pakistani sex stories here.I am almost 18Y old and cutest boy in my family.My physique is just like a 24 hour gym boy.I belong to upper high class of Pakistan and our entire family is broad-minded and open in relations and health issues.Before leaving to overseas for a Business trip,my parents arranged a pool party. Nothing fancy, just some close friends and family. My aunt and uncle were going to be there so we knew that it was going to be some kind of a party. My aunt had been married to my uncle from only two years. She was a tall glass of water, standing almost 6 feet tall; I was the only member of my family that met her at eye level. There had been some sexual tension between us before this romantic getaway. The party started around sundown and we sat around a campfire drinking hot drinks,Detox Diet and talking about Gluten free dessert. As the night wore on the party died with it. Both my aunt and uncle were like an Anti aging cream user to drive their life.They decided to sleep over in my room while I slept in the basement.This was the first step to start for healthy recipes of Pakistani sex stories.

all other family members gone to their Luxury rooms where my aunt and uncle went to my room for sleeping.I turned in at midnight but couldn’t get to sleep. I kept remembering my aunt’s breasts falling out of her tight Qameez and my cock bean to grow with pleasure. I took it out of my trousers and began to jack off. All of a sudden the basement light turned on from the stairs. I quickly put my cock away and tried to be “asleep”. My aunt slowly tip-toed down the stairs and asked me if I was sleeping. I opened my eyes to see her standing in front of me naked. Her body was amazing. Her breasts were exactly how I imagined them, large and supple. Her pussy was shaved clean with only an little strip of hair at the top near the vagina, I could see droplets of juice run out of her made clear by the light of the basement.I became ready to give her sex disease control.

She walked over to and sat down beside me. I was speechless as she opened and shut her legs all the while her hands were making their way to my throbbing member. “You know something Sunny, I’ve always wanted to see your underwear.” I moved closer to her, our lips only a fraction from one another. “I’ve always wanted,” that was all I was able to get out before our lips met in a furry of kisses. Our tongues danced with one another as our hands began to ravage one another. The t-shirt I was wearing was tossed to the floor. Her hands then went for my trousers. I got to my feet to take them off. Her left hand grabbed my cock and slowly guided it into her mouth. It was breathtaking how she sucked my penis. Her tongue flicked the shaft as she put all of my meat down her throat. For almost ten minutes she blew me. She then pulled him out of her mouth and asked me if I could eat her vagina for Pakistani sex stories.

She moved from her kneeling position and sat on the couch holding her legs up with her hands.Slowly her pussy opened, exposing the soft pink tissue and the little flesh at the top. Her juices oozed out of her as I made my way to it. Immediately I dove into her. In no time my face was covered in sweet pussy nectar. Her moans of pleasure were soft as not to wake anyone else in the somewhat quite house. I looked up and gazed into her eyes, I slowly rose up to bring our pelvic muscles together. My hard cock pushed deep into her vagina as her nails were driven in my back. Her breath was hot as she kissed down my neck. Faster I began to stoke her wet pussy; juices began to roll down my shaft. Her moans turned into quiet screams as I felt her body quake, “I’m coming “, she exclaimed as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

For making my Pakistani sex stories more hot,Still I continued pumping my cock deeper and deeper. “I want to taste your cum,” she told me. I quickly pulled out as she grabbed my cock and began to stoke out every drop of my hot cum. My body shuddered as I felt my load shoot out into her mouth. Every ounce of it was collected and swallowed. Her grin told me everything. We both had longed for that moment and were pleased with the results. “Now promise me that when you get back we can do that again.” I nodded like drivers and smiled as our lips meet for one last time before she went back upstairs. The lights went out and I was left with the high hopes of another wild party and an even wilder night to come for next Pakistani sex stories with my aunt.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pakistani gay sex stories first edition

This is the first Pakistani gay seks story of Pakistani sex stories blog.We hope that you like Pakistani gay sex stories along with real sex stories of hot Pakistani women and wife seks stories.My name is Zia and I am 21 Y old from Lahore.I am fond of gay sex right from my boyhood.I have enjoyed gay sex with some of my college friends and my role was always bottom in Pay per clicks.I liked to get banged every time.When I left my college and classes,My urge for gay sex tend to increase with time.I must tell my readers that I am good looking,cute and handsome boy with smooth body and nice big round ass in My Account.My body stats were very attractive due to healthy eating so every one who watched me in jeans and T-shirt,loved to fuck me for Pakistani gay sex stories.

When I started to use internet and online business,I saw some gay Advertising on gay websites.I selected a few good looking top guys of my area and decided to contact on their numbers.I was not able to decide that should I go for outing with my Online gay friends or should stay at home and enjoy the time watching Television Shows, my favorite show and cockroaches.Suddenly I got a call on my mobile and it was Usman,My online chat friend for gay Pakistani sex. He called me for his Gay party which he was about to give tonight and also told me that he has called his all good looking friends who are now not in touch with him. I was happy to here this news and i started to plan for night party of gay Pakistani sex.

He called me again in evening and told me how to proceed along the gay party.It was my first time to attend such party.I was happy to see his call because I was desperately waiting for it and he told me that he has to arrange the program quickly as its time to start.Some of friends were not coming due to some reason and hence we were only four gay friends for the party.I reached his flat as per plan.The three gays were waiting for me there.We shaken hands and then cold drinks along-with Pasties were served by Usman.One guy in those three was almost 18 Y old and looked quite lovely with her cute figure.He seemed to be a pathan.I tried to talk to him for most of the time and he was quite friendly as I was next in ranking to him when considered cute.

After some time we were talking about sex and making fun with each other. Then immediately my tool aroused. My friend touched my tool .I was much tensed and I was shy. Then the Pathan guy also touched my tool and I wanted to touch his.I was thirsty to watch Pathan gay's tool as I liked him very much.I rubbed his jeans for a few seconds and he started to get erection.He was having a large buldge inside his pants which told his size to be very large.When I opened his pant's, I was wondered to see his size at that age of eighteen.He must be more than 7 inches.Rest of the incidents of this gay Pakistani sex story are very hot.

I pulled his cock out of his jeans.He was a pink cock guy and his cock was quite nice.I couldn't resist myself from sucking.I started rolling my tongue over his tip and then took his entire shaft inside my mouth.I sucked him like a lollypop.He started feeling the pleasure.Meanwhile the other guy got up and pulled me down and removed my pants.He naked my ass and took off his clothes.Finally i felt a hot shadft entring my ass while I was sucking the cute pathan guy.Soon the pathan guy released his load inside my mouth.His timing was good.The other guy continued to fuck me fast.Usman came to my face and inserted his cock in my mouth and started mouth fuck.I was enjoying this scene very much.They banged me for at least 20 minutes with two cocks inside me.Then finally both released their loads inside my body.I was tired so I got up and smiled.They thanked me for getting a nice fuck of gay pakistani sex stories.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Gay Pakistani sex stories

We have been publishing hot Pakistani sex stories for quite a long time.These Pakistani sex stories are very popular amongst all readers as these are based on real incidents and not fiction.All the stories published here are just included by changing the names and places but the rest of the incidents are real to add Natural health in sex stories.We have been getting a lot of emails from different email services to add some of gay stories in Pakistani society so we have decided to include this chapter as well.Our Vision care for this blog mainly focuses on hot Pakistani sex stories of women and extramarital affairs in Pakistan.However, as gay sex is quite often in Pakistani society,this Sex is UN-natural. In Pakistan as u know that due to a lot of inflation, most of the boy(although they reach to the age of marriage) are still unmarried.They start Betty Crocker sex relation with other boys. Now, the problem is that if someone want to satisfy himself by this method,The other have stretch marks on their faces.I think that it is best way.we have decided to collect some gay stories in this Pakistani sex stories edition.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vaginal care at Pakistani sex

Vaginal care at Pakistani sex is a weekly sex story article of Pakistani sex stories.This story contains the most important information for Natural health and beauty of vagina.The hot Pakistani women who have to make use of vagina quite often for Pakistani sex are most likely to appreciate this health care article.Many women experience uncomfortable, vaginal infections (vaginitis) at one time or another. The area around the entrance to the vagina (vulva) can also become irritated. Steps can be taken to relieve and prevent vulvar discomfort and vaginal infections.It is not uncommon to worry if other people can smell your vaginal odor, but the concern is usually unwarranted. TeensHealth, a service provided by the Nemours Foundation, assures women " that under normal circumstances, no one ever smells under Vision care.Read this story of Health at Pakistani sex stories till end.

This document has been prepared to provide you with general tips for maintaining a healthy vulva and vagina. Not all vaginal infections are alike and home treatments can worsen some types. If you have any concerns about your vulvar or vaginal health, or notice unusual changes in vaginal discharge, contact your health care provider if the problem persists.The vulva is the area of female sex organs that lies outside of the vagina. These organs include folds of sensitive tissue called the "labia" (labia means "lips"). There are two sets of labia. The outermost folds are called the labia majora. A second set of folds, called the labia minora, is enclosed within the labia majora. The vulva also contains the mounded area made by the pubic bone (mons pubis), a small, round organ (clitoris), and the openings of the vagina and urinary canal (urethra). The vagina is the passageway that extends from outside of the body to the uterus (womb).

During Pakistani sex stories,Vaginal infections occur when bacteria, funguses or other organisms grow uncontrolled. Some of these organisms already live in the vagina and are kept at healthy levels by coexisting with other organisms. Infectious organisms can also be introduced into the vagina by improper hygiene or unsafe Pakistani sex.The goal of vulvar care is to keep the vulva dry and free from irritants. In this way, you can prevent the vulva from becoming red, swollen and irritated. Because many infections are introduced into the vagina, these tips also provide a basis for good, vaginal care.

Tips for vulvar care

  • Use only warm water to wash the vulva. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel. (If the vulva is very irritated, you can try drying it with a blow dryer set on cool.)
  • The vagina cleanses itself naturally in the form of normal, vaginal discharge. Avoid using douches unless prescribed by your physician. These products can upset the natural balance of organisms.
  • Wear only white, 100 percent cotton underwear. Avoid wearing nylon, acetate, or other manmade fibers.
  • Avoid wearing thongs.
  • Rinse underclothes carefully after washing. Or, double-rinse.
  • Wash new underclothes before wearing.
  • Use a mild soap (such as Woolite®) for washing underclothes. Do not use detergents (especially Tide) or fabric softeners (including dryer sheets.)
  • Use soft toilet tissue (white only).
  • Use tampons instead of sanitary napkins to control menstrual bleeding. (Do not use deodorant tampons.) Do not leave tampons in for a long period, due to toxic shock syndrome.  Do not leave tampons in all night.
  • Take Aveeno® sitz baths daily, if prescribed by your health care provider.
  • Don't scratch.
  • Avoid wearing nylon pantyhose or panty girdles. They trap heat and moisture, providing an ideal breeding environment for organisms. When nylons or leggings are required, wear cotton or nylons with a cotton panty.
  • Avoid these feminine hygiene products, which can irritate the vulva: sanitary pads, feminine spray and deodorants, Vaseline®, oils, greases, bubble baths, bath oils, talc, or powder. 
We hope these tips at Pakistani sex stories are helpful for hot women who like to use their vagina daily for Pakistani sex sessions.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fucking my Friend's sister for Pakistani sex stories

Hi friends I am Nadeem from Lahore. When I first time read this Pakistani sex blog, believe me guys I am addicted to this blog of Pakistani sex stories. Here I am going to share about my sex experience with my best friend’s sister Najma, happened two years back and she is my regular sex partner till now. Let me tell you about myself I was 22 years old then when this incident happened, with average height and weight. I am not that handsome like any latest movie stars but I am very friendly and fun loving man. I was doing my graduation degree at that time and I am a fun loving. I am joking and friendly guy right from my boyhood. This character of mine has been always appreciated by my friends. I had got so many friends among them Arslan was my buddy. We were so close to each other and share everything between each other. My vision care for girls has always been friendly for Pakistani sex.

Most of my lease time would be spent in his home along with him. So nobody in that house thinks I am outsiders. His mom, dad, even sisters were so close to me. One day when me and Arslan were watching blue film on his laptop his younger sister (He had 2 sisters, Maria and Najma) Najma entered to the room without knocking the wooden door. We closed the laptop hurriedly, we closed lid directly. Then she looked quite confused and ask what where we doing. We both get afraid and don’t know what to reply. At the mean time Arslan’s mother called Arslan. Later I came to know that he was called to pump water since his mother was washing the clothes. Then I was the only victim in front of her. She again asked me what we were doing. I told her that laptop was hanged and it was not even taking task manager option so we closed the lid directly to restart the computer.

But she didn’t believe in my word and said that the laptop we were using is a new one and his brother cares his new thing so safely even though it takes time and also told that once I had told her to press power button for 5 sec to restart computer if no other function in laptop are not working. I became speechless. She again asked me the same question. Then I replied to her it’s none of her business to know what two young guys are doing with a laptop inside their room. Then she replied to me what I was not expecting, so you two were watching Blue movie. Hearing that, I became speechless. Then for the first time I looked her from top to bottom in lusty way. I discovered her beauty for the first time. Let me describe her, she was a 18 year old girl with brownish tone of color, she has a athletic body with perfect size of boobs and belly, her figure was perfect for Pakistani sex.

I am sorry guys I don’t know her size because I hadn't asked her about that. She really was a perfect girl to fuck with her Natural health and beauty. Then I replied no to her suspicion. Then she inquired on little bid high tone because she was sure about what were we doing there, and she told me if I didn't tell truth she would tell to her mom. Then I thought if she really know what were we doing why is she inquiring so eagerly with me, does she wanted to hear that things from my mouth. Then finally I told the truth to her and told her not to tell anybody. Then she said why do you guys watch such dirty movies? Me: It’s so interesting and more pleasurable, hadn’t you watched? I carelessly replied. Me: shut up; she replied with smile and went away. I felt the lust of Pakistani sex in her eyes at that moment so I thought right then about my Pakistani sex stories with her.

I was very happy to see smile and shyness on her face lifts. After a few minutes Arslan came back and told me that he has to take his mother to market within next half an hour. I was ready to leave his home but he asked me to repair the desktop computer windows which got corrupted last night. He told me that he and his mother would be back in 45 minutes from the market and we could have the meal plan together. It was my fortune that he asked me to remain at his house to fuck his sister. Arslan took his bike and his mother was out to market in next 30 minutes. It was me there inside house with Arslan’s two sisters. I have started to repair computer windows after inserting the windows professional genuine CD while my mind was still thinking about Najma.It has passed only 5 minutes when Najma came to my room and smiled. She again asked me about the details.

I could feel her lustful eyes and her dirty smile. I then made some courage and asked her to check what we were watching then. I turned on the Laptop and played the same clip. It was a sex movie of two guys screwing one girl. She placed her hands on her face and looked at me in shyness. This was the right time to start my Pakistani sex stories with her. So, I touched her hand and grabbed it tightly. She asked me, what are you doing? Maria is sleeping and she can come. I didn’t care about her and started fondling her breasts. I continued to fondle her large breasts and then I started to undress her but she resisted.

She was enjoying my French kisses and my great skills of Pakistani sex. I should leave the details due to time and space so I decided to screw her quickly. She asked me to come near door where she can get fucked in doggy style and can keep an eye on the outside on the other room where her sister was sleeping. We moved near the door and I inserted my hanging Muscletech in her fleshy vagina. She moaned loudly but I placed my hand on her mouth. My left hand was holding her left boob tightly and right hand on her face. I was fucking her like a bulldog. After 5-10 minutes; I felt that I was about to cum. I pulled it out and she started sucking my balls, soon I blasted my load on her face. She smiled and pulled her Shalwar up. Right from that time, I am fucking her till now whenever I get time and opportunity. This was my first story in Pakistani sex stories.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I fucked my aunt for hot Pakistani sex stories

I am almost 17 years old with my Pakistani sex stories of aunt. Throughout my teenage I have been interested in sex. I always wanted to have sex with an experienced woman, and my dream became reality one year ago. It is a true Pakistani sex story and not a fantasy. My aunt used to stay in Karachi and sometimes, during vacation she and her son used to visit us. Her son was just six years old. I had always fantasized of having sex with her because she had a gorgeous figure. She had heavy boobs which used to hang in from the blouse and I always wanted have a side glance at her boobs and her naval. She usually wore hot fashion clothes and used Best anti aging cream that made her look even sexier. Her miniclip of living was clearly a Candystand of her style.In short if you consider her health and beauty you can say her hot Pakistani women for Pakistani sex stories.

She is a widow for the past 4 years as my uncle died due to heart disease. He was a heart patient right at the time of marriage but due to love affairs with aunt before marriage, he had not told anybody about the center of disease control. She was desperate for sex after uncle’s death as she was only 30 years old and young by health natural. I always tried to peep though washroom holes to see her when she was taking bath (in the evening)this really aroused me and from the next time I always looked at her with passionate eyes, but she never showed her emotions or her desperation and anxiety for sex. She was a Betty Crocker but patient for Pakistani sex.

This incident of Pakistani sex happened when she and her son came to visit us during my summer vacations. We all had a good time. It was a hot summer afternoon when my parents went out for shopping and in the evening my elder brother and my aunt’s son went out to play games. I could not go because I was a student of FSC class then. Studies were a priority. So I decided to stay back and my aunt was sleeping in the bedroom. She was wearing a white Shalwaar with the transparent type hot Qameez which showed her luscious body and Comprehensive figures quite prominently. Since no one was there in the house, I went near her and started watching her body, her lovely thighs, humungous boobs which were uncomfortable in the black bra inside transparent Qameez.

I just sat beside her on the bed mattress.I just touched her feet with a certain fear in my mind. She turned over exposing her flat belly (with few stretch marks).I was left awestruck looking at her cleavage. It was just an awesome screen capture. I thought I could take a chance, so I assured myself that the doors were locked. I came and sat in a better position and collecting all my guts I touched her belly. It was just awesome. She was still sleeping when I touched her feet again. I could not bear more to touch her as she can wake up. I got up and went to my room to satisfy my inner self by watching some porn movie. I started watching movie on my PC and my Muscletech was hard like rod, visible through my baggy trousers. I forgot that I have not locked my room door. I was so busy in movie that I could not hear the sound of her entrance into my room.

She was standing behind me and watching the scene. Suddenly she talked to me; what are you doing? I was in shock suddenly and could not make an eye contact with her even. I quickly shut down the windows of movie scene. She shown some anger but soon she was kind due to my fear. She asked me politely; why you watch such movies? I could not reply her when she took the mouse from my hand and again played the movie. I was much relaxed now as I felt the smell of my upcoming Pakistani sex session with her.

She sat on the same bed and started laughing at me. I was worried about her response when she suddenly placed her hand to grab my tool. I jumped like a horse but she consoled me to relax. I could feel the lust in her eyes now after watching the movie. In sensation, she placed her hand on my head and pressed it further. This time she looked at me and moaned. She was enjoying the fun. I slowly place my arm over her right boob and pressed it hard. She moaned loudly. I kissed her lips in French kiss style. I was literally chewing them up. We kissed for about 5 minutes and then I removed her Qameez. I could see the huge boobs hanging like melons. Seeing that I went mad, I kissed her like a hungry dog, all over her cheeks, neck, ears, and lips. Then she got up from the bed and started undressing me for Pakistani sex stories.

Finally she could not take it any longer for Pakistani sex stories, so she ordered me to fuck her. Now I slowly spread her legs. The moment I touched my dick to her pussy she froze. Now I slowly entered her pussy and completely immersed into the hole and kept it like that for a while. She was mad with pleasure. I slowly started making to and fro motions. She was ordering me to fuck faster and now she was cursing me with all the bad, slang words. In that she called me `mother fucker'. I really went mad at this statement and then I fucked her faster and deeper. She was screaming at the top of her. I fucked her and she told me fill her pussy with more sperms but I did not do that instead the moment when my sperm count was about to start, I removed my dick and threw my Watkins over her Abdominals. Then we kissed each other and promised to keep this matter as a secret. It has a pleasure of its ownThis is all about my aunt’s Pakistani sex stories.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vitamins for Male Erection and better performance in Pakistani sex stories

Vitamins and mineral supplements are sometimes required to improve your Pakistani sex stories.They say that a dog is man's best friend...but as every bloke knows, that's not strictly's their penis. The focus of much attention throughout life and undoubtedly a source of endless pleasure, he's your intimate little buddy who'll stick with you through thick and thin.But your penis can also be the source of great concern and anxiety - from how he looks to how he functions. Below you'll find vitamin supplements that can afflict the little guy's King sized beds;which should help you to better improve your skills. From erections that can leave him permanently paralyzed, as well as the answer to that age-old question as to whether he truly measures up, the following 'vitamin supplements' should help to keep your relationship with your penis on track.Enjoy this low cost hosting with this blog of Pakistani sex stories.

While there are plenty of prescription medications to help improve male erections, some research suggests that certain vitamins and supplements can also help. Because erections are the result of increased blood flow to the penis, vitamins that improve circulation will help. The same is true for vitamins and supplements that help with smooth muscle relaxation, which help the walls of the arteries dilate.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has long been associated with increased sexual performance, partly because it's associated with the production of sex hormones, such as testosterone, according to, and because vitamin E is essential for good circulation and muscle health.Eat prescribed Vitamin quantity to satisfy your hot Pakistani wife in Pakistani sex stories.

Vitamin C
In addition to boosting your immune system, vitamin C is also important to preserving the health of your arteries, according to the Vitamin C Foundation and the American Heart Association. Studies show that vitamin C helps improve endothelial (lining of the arteries) function, which is essential for healthy erections.

Vitamin B Complex
B vitamins offer many health benefits, though the ones related to vitality and blood flow are the ones with the greatest potential for improving erections. According, vitamin B1 (thiamine) is responsible for increasing energy and circulation, while vitamin B3 (niacin) is involved in the production and synthesis of sex hormones, as well as healthy circulation. Vitamin B12, perhaps most importantly, has been associated with preventing impotence.

There are lot of methods to improve your Pakistani sex stories but they are expensive.You must try to recover your skills with foods and not by medicine.Penis lengthening surgery has been shown to be nominally effective, with studies suggesting that gains of around an inch in flaccid length and half an inch in erect length can be expected from a successful procedure. But even with the constant refinement of such 'phalloplasty' techniques over the past few years, most professional medical bodies still consider the rewards not to warrant the risks.
The hot Pakistani wives like better penis man for their Pakistani sex stories.Most non-surgical methods are dismissed by the medical profession as ineffective. The one exception is penile traction, which is slowly gaining a degree of medical acceptance due to the findings of a study published in the British Journal of Urology in 2008. This study concluded that penile traction might be an 'minimally invasive and effective' non-surgical means of penile enlargement after researchers recorded average flaccid gains of 0.9 inches and erect gains of 0.65 inches in 15 patients over a six month trial.There are lot more discussion on penis which we will include in Pakistani sex stories later.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Adult Toys Convert your Pakistani sex stories into an Exotic fun

Adult sex toys are very rarely used for Pakistani sex stories in Pakistan.Not only you, everyone is his/hey life might have read or heard seduction secrets for a satisfactory sex. But any of you ever heard that sex toys can also accomplish your sexual drive and give you the satisfaction you have carved for. Of late, there are a number of sensual products are available in the market for a romantic getaway that not only make you wild, but also take you to new face lifts of sexual pleasure that you never have fantasized before.You can make your life a fun with sex toys, a fun which you can not get through massage therapy schools and day must use a Refinance of sex toys for your Pakistani sex stories.

These sensual toys are manufactured by following safety measures and considering the sensitivity of the genitals. In fact, they have been made by employing modern and latest technology for safety reasons and to execute your fantasies and your hot Pakistani wife. Some of the popular sex toys are available online for men, women, straight couples, gays and lesbians:This Blue Book of Subaru Impreza include:
  1. Masturbators
  2. Vibrators
  3. Rabbit vibrators
  4. G-spot vibrators
  5. Realistic vibrators
  6. Men and women vibrators
  7. Screaming O cock rings
Do you want to buy the items at discount rates? If your answer is affirmative, then you can consider going to a local store instead of buying online. Find a reputed and known online adult store helping you explore some fancy toys at striking price and auctions. You get complete carefulness and peace of mind at the online store. Some of the highlights of the stores of Pakistani sex include:
  • 100% Australian owned and operated
  • Priced in AUD (Australian Dollars)
  • All orders are securely and discreetly wrapped and packed
  • Guaranteed next working day delivery
Looking for safe and hygienic sensual items
Couples are advised to use only safe and hygienic products for sex. The items not only keep unnecessary sexual infections away, but also assist to get pleasure of sex to the fullest. Genitals get easily infected so avoiding unhygienic sensual products is peace of mind. In addition, you also need to check that there are no cracks or tears. If you use unhygienic items, the chances of getting sexual infections to the genital organs raise. Such items get inside the genitals which are very sensitive as well.
    Have fun and pleasure
    Employing an adult toy for Pakistani sex stories in the correct way can be a great source of fun and pleasure. If you are a novice in the field, it is recommended to read the instructions carefully. You will not only increase the life of your device, but also keep your genital safe from infection. By employing them in the perfect way, you can convert your bedroom into an exotic place.we hope for your comments about sex toy article of Pakistani sex stories.

    Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    Best tips of Orals for Pakistani sex stories

    Performing orals to charge your batteries for great Pakistani sex stories can be a fun.Usually the female gets in a position that is ok to give oral sex to a guy. She takes one hand and places it at the shaft of the penis and places her mouth on the top part of the penis. She begins to slowly suck and pump his penis. when he is about to ejaculate you can swallow, spit, or choose to have him ejaculate on you. If you swallow make sure his tip of penis is at the back of your throat and breathe through your nose so it will not gag you. For a blow job, the partner "giving" the oral stimulation uses their lips and tongue to stimulate the penis of the recipient. For best results, this is done in broadly a up-and-down manner, usually with increasing speed as the stimulation occurs. Avoiding the use of teeth on a sensitive part of the body is to be recommended. Despite its name, a "blow job" requires no blowing; a sucking action is often useful.This legitimate work at home can bring you the best of Pakistani sex stories.

    Oral stimulation of the penis contains a risk of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The risk is lower than other types of sexual relations but still exists in home mortgages. If the person "giving" has bleeding of the gums, open sores or ulcers or has recently had dental treatment, the risk of passing HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, between both partners is much increased. In these cases, a condom (flavored or non-lubricated, as ordinary condom lube tastes awful) is much recommended.In other circumstances, oral sex is lower risk than many other sexual activities and carries no risk at all in any way of pregnancy.

    When oral sex is performed for females in Pakistani sex stories,Cunnilingus is the application of the tongue and lips to the sensitive parts of the vagina and specifically the tongue to the clitoris. Again, if the "giver" has bleeding of the gums, open sores or ulcers or has recently had dental treatment, the risk of passing HIV between both partners is increased, although less as semen is not involved. Again, no risk of pregnancy is possible. If sexually transmitted diseases such as scabies, lice or crabs are present, then can be spread through oral sex; genital warts can be spread in this manner with less ease; the herpes viruses that causes cold sores and genital herpes are different, but contact with one may stimulate an outbreak of the other.

    Other than that, oral sex is a normal part of some peoples' healthy sex lives in Pakistani sex stories.It is easy to perform,difficult to get wrong (it is intuitive to learn) and is enjoyable on different levels for both partners.It is a simple process. Its where you use your mouth in sex. You just lick to touch different parts of a body with your tongue.The most common touched parts on a man is the penis, and the anus and all around that area.On a woman it the breasts, the anus, the vagina and the favorite to a woman, the clitoris.The low rate of interest can change your resort.

    FOR MEN: You should lick the penis to get it nice and wet while giving your partner an erection. Next, you should began putting the penis in and out of your mouth while sucking lightly for the low cost hosting. remember to tuck your teeth into your lips, this is very important so you wont hurt your partner or even ruin the mood. Continue sucking while going in and out with the intent of putting the penis deep into your mouth without hurting your partner. you should lick from the shaft to the dome of the penis. once you and your partner are comfortable with one another he should began telling you how to perform on him. sucking on the perinatal area will give the men a shocking sensation. practice makes perfect and remember to take your time.

    FOR WOMEN: Kissing and licking is a broadband service in sex.kiss and lick around the pussy in order to get it nice and wet. meanwhile, continue to touch her breasts, or grab her butt. This will truly turn her on. After you have kissed around the pussy, i need you to lick the vagina hole itself, do not insert your tongue yet. when you feel the wetness on your tongue, insert your tongue in the hole slowly. Continue to kiss and lick and all that other good things. Have fun. Oh, and if she moans, don't stop, she likes it!This is how you can make your last mile communications of orals a better option for Pakistani sex stories

    Incest sex stories


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