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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sidra Ki Chudai Story : Urdu Sex Stories

This is a nice story which is taken from the diary of a hot wife , Sidra. She is married to Majid but this story of sex is about the events before marriage. They are living in Islamabad. This Urdu sex story is based on real events and everything is just an image of what was written in sidra's diary. I hope readers would enjoy this Pakistani story and I would surely appreciate reader comments. I would also like to say thanks to the readers who loved my last week story " the threesome encounter we had last night ". Read this story in Urdu below.



سدرہ اور ماجد کی سیٹنگ کافی عرصے سے چل رہی تھی.اور ماجد کی سیٹنگ کروانے میں اسکی بہن کا اہم رول تھا .سدرہ کو گھر پی بلانا اور ماجد سے ملوانا ماجد کی بہن کا کارنامہ تھا




Monday, March 24, 2014

threesome encounter we had last night

Hi sex story readers. I am going to narrate a threesome encounter we had last night. I am married and 28 years old female from Islamabad with an average body.For last 5 years, We have no baby. We have a neighbor who is just 19 years old and he used to visit us often due to his friendship with my husband. I recently been watching a lot of threesome movies as my husband liked to talk about threesomes during our sex sessions. We usually played a movie of threesome and then started fucking. It gives us wild orgasms really. I knew that my husband feels great when his wife having sex with others.
One day my husband asked me if I was willing to do a threesome in real.Instead of getting angry on this, I was horny about the idea so I agreed. we used to have sex almost everyday except for those 6 days and we were happy and satisfied but we wanted to spice up things. The real problem was who will share our bed?I was never confident to get banged by a friend of my husband so I told him to arrange a stranger. Then he asked me about the 19Y old neighbor boy. I was shocked to hear my husband but when he told me how to manage the event, I got satisfied. My husband told me that he will not tell that guy about me and everything will be done in dark. My husband will discuss it with that guy as he is going to fuck a call-girl. I was agreed to this suggestion.

Last night, as per plan my neighbor boy came to us as, luckily,his parents were away for some marriage leaving him alone at house. My husband has made a story already by telling him that I am not present at home for 2-3 hours, so he has got a call-girl to fuck. The boy was very happy about the free sex session. As per plan, I was already lying naked on bed, with all lights switched off. First, my husband came to the bedroom and we started a 69 sex. Then after a few minutes, the boy entered the room. I was not able to see him. He undressed himself and soon reached my pussy.

He started licking it and my whole body shivered. It was the 2nd mouth of my life who licked my pussy. I felt an immediate orgasm and my husband caressed my boobs. I started sucking my husband's cock with wild passion, my husband was touching his tongue with my pussy and the boy was now deep inside my pussy. He started screwing me with a fast speed. He was not that experienced in fucking as my husband was but his pace was good. His cock went deep and hit my all spots inside. I could feel his fat cock. He may be slightly more fat than my hubby. My pussy was dripping and hell hot so he couldn't resist cumming. He explored deep inside me within the 2-3 minutes of fast fucking.

He didn't stop after cumming and went on pushing it in/out. My husband told me later that his cum drops were falling on my husband's face. Then, It went on for next 20 minutes of deep fucking and meanwhile, my husband just came on my lips. I felt my 2nd orgasm and it was more wild. The boy came again deep inside me. Now it was a finishing time so he left the room picking up his clothes. My husband got up and went outside to see him off. When he returned, and switched on the lights, I couldn't make an eye contact with him for at least 5-10 minutes. We talked a little and then discussed the whole event with lust. It was all fun later on. We both enjoyed and now we are still a happily married couple.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wife having sex with thief

Wife having sex with stranger.
My name is shakeela. I am going to narrate the one and only experience of my sex encounter other than my husband. It is not a fiction story so read it as I write. Let me tell you about the incident.I am 38 years old female from Islamabad, Happily married and a mother of three kids. It’s almost 10 years now after my marriage. My husband is very loyal to me and after 3 years of marriage; we got our first child but after the birth situation was changed. He was less interested in passionate sex. It turned me into a sex carving female but I can't ever think to cheat him. I never made boyfriends after marriage, same age group or older ones. But, I used to enjoy mentally with younger guys as they love to see my revealing body and love to do experiments.

We used to reside alone in a house and sometime my husband used to stay at office due to work. I had a habit to sleep in gown.In my house there is no one except my kids and they sleep in their own rooms.So, I don’t take care when alone in my house. One night, my husband had called me that he was not coming so I had to be alone at home.I forgot to lock the lounge door and went into my bedroom after getting my kids sleep. It was around 12Pm summer night when a thief entered in my house.There was no watchman on gate as our area was considered the safest around. I was deep sleep when he came to my room; he was surprised as I was sleeping in a gown and I had lot of air freshner spread in my room. It was a perfect scene for sexual encounter.

I don't know what for he came but he had come to me and smelled my body from toe to my hairs and kissed on my forehead. I got up in a bit of shock and tried to look around and shout but he pressed my mouth and never allowed me to shout. I was very nervous on the situation and trying to calm myself while looking at his covered face. I couldn't recognize at all who was he. I think that guy was horny and his dick was vibrating as he pressed it along my legs. I saw a pistol in his left hand and thought to keep quite and let him do as he wants. I was in all kinds of fear. He strictly asked me to keep quite and let him enjoy otherwise he could kill me and my kids. He said; I don't want to steal anything from your house. I just came to have fun with you so be quite. It was kinda rape unavoidable so I kept quite and closed my eyes.I thought if it's only a matter of a few minutes fuck, why I should resist like a virgin. Secondly, I have not been fucked by my husband from past one week so I allowed the thief sex.

He removed his pant and took his dick out in my hands and tried to kissed my lips. I resisted kissing as he smelled sharp but as soon as I rubbed his cock it felt a big sized tool. My husband was no more than a normal sized man but that thief was at least double size. He touched my body and made sure that I was in horny mood. When, he made sure;he removed his all clothes and got nude and laid next to me and rubbed his dick on my ass line. By the time, I got up and caught him tight. He was sudden and tried to push me down. He came to my face and pushed his fat tool deep in my throat. I giggled but he held my head and kept on. I became horny with his wild action.He throated me for a few minutes till it went my stomach. It was kinda feeling.

It was probably the best fuck of my life.I had taken his dick in my hands and started pulling up. He was horny and after my indication, his was hot again and he pulled my legs upto his shoulders and pushed all that fat bone inside my deep vagina. He kept his dick at a fine pace to hit my womb.My clit was habitual of taking that normal size of my husband so it went red. I was moaning. Then he changed his position and asked me to getup and bend. I had taken initiative and got up and came over him.His hands went on my hips and he pushed it again inside. He banged me just like a bitch. He kept on thrilling fast and hit my G-spot and kept rubbing my boobs with his left hand.

I came twice but he was strong and he had cum only once. He never tried to pull it out and loaded all his semen inside my womb. That thief fucked me 30-40 minutes that night before leaving my house. It was very enjoyable and experimental but he never came again.

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