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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sidra Ki Chudai Story : Urdu Sex Stories

This is a nice story which is taken from the diary of a hot wife , Sidra. She is married to Majid but this story of sex is about the events before marriage. They are living in Islamabad. This Urdu sex story is based on real events and everything is just an image of what was written in sidra's diary. I hope readers would enjoy this Pakistani story and I would surely appreciate reader comments. I would also like to say thanks to the readers who loved my last week story " the threesome encounter we had last night ". Read this story in Urdu below.



سدرہ اور ماجد کی سیٹنگ کافی عرصے سے چل رہی تھی.اور ماجد کی سیٹنگ کروانے میں اسکی بہن کا اہم رول تھا .سدرہ کو گھر پی بلانا اور ماجد سے ملوانا ماجد کی بہن کا کارنامہ تھا




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