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Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to suck cock to please your Pakistani sex partner

I am not sure if it was because of Pakistani sex stories here or because I grew up in a household with brothers or whether I would have had the same feelings and inclinations had I been an only child but I do know that from the time of my earliest memories I have been fascinated with penises.Let's talk about the "basic penis." I regard oral sex as the highest form of expression of love that can be exchanged between two people. Hopefully this information will help you to break down any barriers which you might have that would prevent you from expressing your love in this way and from receiving a reciprocation from your male companion of Pakistani sex.The stories might be taking you to the new Real estate investment of Pakistani sex.

When you are thinking about home builder in your sexual pleasure,sucking might be your first priority for Pakistani sex.First things first. LOOK at the cock before starting.I do not mean a cursory glance not a hurried, surreptitious examination. Take enough time that you convince your companion that some kind of treat is in store for him provided he will allow you to do with him, and particularly with his cock, exactly what you want.Place him flat on his back on your Remodeler, in a well lighted luxury room.Take his cock in your hand and LOOK at it as your are reading a legal document. He probably will not have the will power to stay soft, but then again you are worshiping his very essence.

Few men can stay soft under these circumstances,when it is apparent that the person LOOKING at his cock is doing it as a Local Lawyer.When you first start to touch him, his cock will become hard and be in a state where your examination will be meaningful. Wouldn't it be nice if going to the doctor for an examination was as enriching?The cock must be hard if you are to be able to note the important parts-those parts sensitive to stimulation by your lips and tongue.

The first thing in your Pakistani sex stories you will note is whether or not he is circumcised. Pakistani men are usually circumcised.There are advantages and disadvantages to penises in both conditions from the standpoint of providing oral caresses that bring the highest kind of delight to your man.Next take a close look at the shaft of the penis itself. There is a bulbous part of the organ near the outer end, slightly larger in diameter than the shaft, which is often called the head. Technically this is the glans penis (comes from the Latin glans which means acorn. Look at it closely; does kind of look like an acorn doesn't it?).

Just perform that as an Austin apartment locator.The outside parameter of the glans penis is the corona. This joins the head to the shaft. This is the most sensitive spot on the penis. It is toward this ridge that you will direct most of your attention when you are giving head. Follow this ridge around to the underside of the penis. You know that I like to call it the underbelly. I am particularly fond of the underbelly!

You will notice a point of juncture where the two ends of this irregular circle come together. If your partner is not circumcised, this will also be the point where the foreskin is attached. This tiny area is easily the most sensitive spot on his entire body, and it is possible to bring your partner to climax simply by gently tapping the tip of your tongue directly on it. Spend time caressing the glans and those areas immediately surrounding it.

Beneath the glans is the shaft of the penis. The shaft does not have many nerve endings and does not, therefore, provide a man with any high degree of stimulation when caressed either manually or with your tongue to the exclusion of the glans penis itself. It always amazes me to note the number of confirmed cocksuckers who believe that sucking up is because the back of your throat is playing tricks on his glans penis. Your throat is giving head to his head!

Beneath the shaft are the testicles (balls, jewels, call them what you like, but let's not ignore their significance). The testicles are extremely sensitive to pain and are not usually considered subject to erotic stimulation to any particular degree. Not true! You can add a high degree of pleasure for him by paying the right kind of attention to the balls!Now lets go back to the shaft of the matter. The opening in the tip of the glans penis is the meatus. Here is where the cum spurts. (I could have said semen is ejaculated but I did not want to sound too professional).

There are other parts of a man's body which respond with alacrity to oral stimulation for total fitness.Many men are particularly sensitive around the nipples. The first time I kissed my partner's nipples he shot before I had the chance to even get near his cock. While I have not been able to duplicate this in the laboratory setting (he hates to go near the lab with me) my partner still gets extremely turned on by my lingual nipple caresses.

At the end special sensitivity completely and be ready to apply your knowledge to his body with your tongue and with your lips when you bend your loving head over his cock. There is nothing that you can do which more clearly shows your love for him than the worship you can provide his cock!These tactics of sucking are really helpful business opportunities for Pakistani sex stories.   

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Unsatisfied Pakistani Housewife and me, sex stories of Pakistani wives

I am Rehan, a 24Y Pakistani with my sex stories here.Before going to my Pakistani sex stories,I would like to give you a screen capture of my background.I stay in a flat (apartment)which is at a short drive from my Engineering college in Lahore.My flat is located in the top floor of a shopping mall (I have to preserve my locality for the sake of privacy)The shopping mall has living flats on upper floor for Accommodation of families as well.I have rented the flat for a short time due to my papers.I have a decent personality and an attractive figure.If I say myself a girl seducer,it would not be wrong.My attractive figure has resorts in personality for Pakistani sex.

There was a family in Homes right in-front of my lettings flat.I was only aware of there family members initially.They were a husband (a Manager at some Hotel) and the wife with one baby.There was no body else in usually the manager of hotel,mean the husband comes late from his hotel job.The wife is alone with her baby at flat for the whole day.This all information I got by chance from the security guards performing duty at entrance.One day,I was watching a documentary on Caribbean vacations and top diet on my Android tablet when I heard a strange knock at the door.It was an unknown knock and also in a strange fashion.

I got up and went to open the door.It was my wonder that no body in Homes for rent know me.A small baby was standing outside playing with my door.Soon I realized that he was their baby as their main door of the flat was open.But his mom or dad were not with him.the baby started smiling and quickly entered my flat with a ball in his hands.He was almost 2-3 years old,hardly able to walk/run properly,looked very cute.I started playing with him.Soon he became very frank with me and have no signs of worry in playing with a stranger.the baby impressed me quite a lot.after a few minutes his mother came outside and started calling his baby in worry.I listened her voice so I quickly picked up the baby and went outside.She was looking around at Backpacks when I got out.

She impressed me right there at first look for my new Pakistani sex stories as her figure,Clear bags of milk and innocence of face made me mad.She was extremely sexy and hot,beautiful lady in her mid twenties.She collected her baby from me and excused for disturbance created by the baby but I smiled and said Its no problem.She went but I was stunned.After that day, the baby visited my flat everyday due to my kindness and frankness.he remained at my flat for a few minutes of playing and when his mother started calling,he goes back.In this entire period of two weeks,I got enough frank with her as she felt easy in talking to men.She was not shy like other Pakistani women.She was educated and well mannered.

One day,the baby didn’t came.I made some courage to go to their flat door to ask as I knew that her husband would be out for his hotel job.I knocked the door in low voice.She opened the door without asking who I am.When she saw me,she smiled and told me that the baby is sleeping.I made excuse to disturb her but she thanked me that I love her baby.I came back and after a few minutes,I heard a knock at my door.I opened my door and this time I was amazed to see her standing outside.She told me that she has some problems with her computer and if I can help her.It was my pleasure to help that gorgeous lady so I accepted to help her.I locked my door and went to their flat with her.She guided me to the computer room and I started to repair computer.It was a minor fault of power cable which I adjusted quickly.

I was repairing computer but thinking about sex session with her.In the mean time,she brought a cold drink for me.The baby was sleeping in the other room.She was wearing a see-through dress which shown her Black bra quite clearly.The waves of blood in my penis vein started to flow and it got erection.She was really suckable in that dress.When I turned ON the windows to check for any errors,the more facts were waiting for me.I explored my computer ICON and went to drives one by one.She was offcourse in the kitchen when I was doing this.She had a large collection of porn movies in her hard drives.I was just having a brief look on clips when suddely she entered the room.

I Intentionally didn't stop the porn clip being played.She looked at the screen and laughed.I was hoping her to be shy but she laughed.It was strange for me.I looked at her with crazy eyes.She then broke the silence after laughter by saying: I like these clips.I was not expecting a so bold answer,but it was a point for me to tune her for sex.I started talking about clips and her sex life.She was not willing to tell me the internal facts of her sex life with her husband.But,I guessed that she is missing something.We watched the clip for some time when she remarked about my erection.She can see a clear bulge in my pants. She smiled and said: you are going out of control.I was just waiting for her remarks about my erection.So I smiled and said: It needs its place.

She again laughed and said "No".I requested her by saying "Please".I knew that Pakistani wives may resist formal but they agree in the end.The same thing happened there.She said NO for two or three times but then agreed by saying that I would just grab it and give you a handjob.I agreed and she started to rub my cock.I kissed her for a few minutes.Then straight way I went to her Napa valley lodge of sex,her vagina.She was wet already.I pulled her shalwar down and started to rub her panties.then quickly,I removed her panties as well.She has a freshly shaved pussy.I can't bear more so I inserted my finger inside.she started moaning with pleasure.

My cock was ready to fuck that wife for Pakistani sex stories.She sucked me for a few minutes and then went into doggy style.I entered her valley lodge from rear and started to fuck her hard.she was moaning like a bitch.I could enjoy her love sounds while grabbing her breasts with left hand and strking the walls of her womb nicely.She could feel my hard rock tool.Then I lifted her up against the wall and started to fuck her by holding her across the wall.It was amazing fuck style.Soon i felt cum coming out.I didn't even told her and fired my whole cum right on her ovary opening.She could easily get pregnant if she find ovulation.Then we both relaxed after a nice fuck session.I left her rental homes after thanking her.After wards I visited her flat after every three days and made my entire stay a luxury.This was all about my Pakistani sex stories.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tips to get gone wild girls of Pakistan for Pakistani sex stories

Here are top traits which Pakistani women want in their men for Pakistani sex and stories.Hot Pakistani women are slightly different from the women all over the world.They can be trapped and seduced for sex if you have such personality traits.You don't need to travel for that if you want to meet women of Pakistan and seduce them.You can do it while sitting at your Patio furniture.If you follow our tips of dating,everything would go fine.These are simple and free tips of dating services and getting Pakistani women for sex.

1. Sense of Humor
Being able to laugh at the stresses of this world is a must, according to the Pakistani women on our panel. You get bonus points if you can make them laugh. Humor tells a Pakistani woman that you can laugh at—read, handle easily—the many difficulties that life throws at you.

2. Intelligence
Pakistani girls like intelligent guys.A worldly, interesting man is a man she likes to show off. Men who are take-charge problem solvers make women feel secure, and men who are always improving are never boring.

3. Passion
Why have women always melted for musicians? Because rock stars are passionate in public. Women like displays of passion because they're not accustomed to seeing them from men. Get passionate about something: kayaking, impressionistic art, barbecuing, or Habitat for Humanity. It's proof that you care for and about something beyond yourself.

4. Confidence
A man who feels secure in his own skin makes the woman he's with feel secure. By showing you can handle unfamiliar people or situations, you tell the woman in your life that she need not fear, either.Confidence is the key for success in Pakistani sex stories.

5. Generosity
This is more important to women over 35 than it is to those under that age. Generosity, however, doesn't just mean springing for dinner at a four-star. Your willingness to give your time and lend your ear is what women crave.

6. Kindness
Young Pakistani women may still fall for the bad-boy type, but more-mature women are turned on by kindness, because kindness inspires confidence. In other words, if you treat the waitress well, your date figures you'll treat her well, too.

7. Fatherliness
Being a good dad (or having the potential to become one) is about being a good role model—and about being patient and caring, qualities women like in a partner. If you're not a father, then tell her about your favorite niece or nephew, or the employee you're mentoring at work.It would be lot more helpful for Pakistani sex.

8. Moral Integrity
Having the guts to tell the truth means to a hot Pakistani woman that you have the guts to be a good, caring, decent partner over the long haul. White lies are okay; just avoid any that are tinged with gray.

9. Listening
Pay attention. A hot Pakistani woman feels safe and secure when she knows her man will put down his BlackBerry and listen to her. Magic words: "I'm here. Tell me everything."

10. Faithfulness
More than 8 out of 10 women rated "faithful to me" in the top 10 attributes they find sexy in a man. A woman's tendency toward attachment is a biological imperative, a matter of raising offspring right. Reassure her (often) that you're not going anywhere.

These personality traits which hot Pakistani women like in the hero of their Pakistani sex stories can be developed easily.You can work a bit on your personality to get these qualities and your efforts to meet women would be successful soon.Having a good face is not all required for Pakistani women but a good personality for Pakistani sex stories.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Neighbor's wife and me for Pakistani sex stories

This incident of Pakistani sex stories happened in Islamabad.I was living in rental Accommodations in Islamabad near the shopping mall of Super market.I was 18 and she was a housewife of almost 37. She lived in my Accommodation block as well. I was walking on jogging track in-front of our block when I saw her for the first time.She looked at me with a strange deep look of thirsty eyes.She was also having a jogging in the green area along her husband.Her husband seemed to be much older than her.He was a No-attraction man.After a few days of regular eye meetings at jogging track,I was attracted to her.Hence I tried to get more closer to her.Fortunately she came alone at Tuesday evening and I got a chance to have a brief introduction with her.No body noticed us as there was a mother son difference in our age.Within a few minutes she got frank with me.She invited me to her flat and everything got OK.I added her cell number for my Commercial interests of Pakistani sex stories.

I could not wait more in providing her Commercial services of Pakistani sex.I went to their flat after watching around safely at night after 9 PM.I sent her a text message to open the door.It was nice as we sat at the Patio Furniture and had small talk about the neighborhood.She locked the door when I entered her flat.It was our first meeting in her flat.She was child-less as she has married recently.I talked to her there for 20 minutes but nothing sexual was there at that time.She was wearing a semi-transparent dress.Before I left, she said, “Come back any time.” The way she said it struck me odd. It wasn’t the usual way a Pakistani woman of that age would talk to a guy. She had also mentioned her husband’s work timings for Tuesday-Friday nights.Why would she mention that?I returned Friday night to find out. I was nervous approaching the door, but curious and turned on as well. Was I imagining this? We’d soon find out for Pakistani sex stories.

She opened the door and was actually surprised by me showing up at the door.I continued on optimistically.We sat at the kitchen table again really talking about formal.Then she brought a cup of coffee for me.Then we both got up and talked a little more, but the tension was building.Her clear thirsty eyes looked up at me and suddenly got up.She came closer to me and started to rub her hand on my head.She appreciated my innocent looks while touching her big breasts with my ear.I got up and made some courage to kiss her.It was a great feeling—that warm and soothing tongue of an older woman.We then smiled and held hands walking into the family room.We continued kissing.She was 5’ 3” with a thin waist,big-size breasts,and a great ass.She was wearing the same semi-transparent dress which made me crazy for Pakistani sex stories.

She was still a little surprised by all this, especially when I pawed at her breasts and Napa valley lodge and began to rub them through her dress. I lifted her dress and now rubbed her breasts through her bra. She was still stunned all this was happening, as was I. Then I slowly kissed and licked her left breast. Then I did the same to her right, and spent some time sucking both as I felt her back stiffen. It continued that way for a while as well as some heavy making out. When I left I was very happy and so was she.

I was nervous after that, and even religiously conflicted about cheating with a Pakistani married woman.Her hand then rubbed my hard cock through my jeans.We continued this for a little while, but I was nervous with everyone in the outside. The door was even locked! Then she laid me on my back on her sofa. She got on top of me and I felt her envelop my hard cock. It was great. I was thrusting up and in and I could see waves of passion wash across her hot, red face. We fucked for one hour that night before I came.I soon left her flat.

This was the the starting point of Pakistani sex stories with hot wife of my mother's age.The next few months,Sometimes I saw her alone.We both give each other a knowing smile. She was the second person I’d ever had sex with. The first was such an inexperienced fuck, though she did give me my first and most amazing blowjob. I consider that married woman my first and I always will. Nothing in my life has ever come close to that.I was an inexperienced boy turned into a man by that married Pakistani woman. This was truly the stuff that fantasies are made of Pakistani sex stories.   

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pakistani incest sex stories of aunt and nephew

I am a housewife with my incest sex stories here.I am happily married for 18 years and mother of a 16 year old daughter and one son of 14 years. At age of 37, I still have a lot of sexual urge.My husband,who is otherwise loving & caring, is not much bothered about sex. We had a very active sex life for couple of years after marriage. After some slow down in pace during the birth of my daughter, it picked up again. But as he rose up the corporate ladder, he started coming back very late and very exhausted. Sex started becoming less frequent and lost its charm. Now he does have sex with me 3 to 4 times a month. But it's so colorless that my physical desire is hardly met.I thought about Depression Medications many times but my Anti Depression treatment was only the sex for sex story.

Even now I do attract celexa of admiring (and lustful) looks from Pakistani men. But never even thought of taking advantage of my husband's ignorance towards sex.Even once I was in Dubai hotels for a Dubai short stay where I got a chance to fuck a young guy but I was reluctant.As a result of my conservative upbringing,I was totally against enjoying sex via extramarital affairs.But how far I could survive,I have to adopt extramarital affairs in Pakistan to preserve my sexual needs.Leading a life,without fulfilling my sexual needs was difficult for me.I decided to find an online deal with a suitable hard guy to have a regular sex session.I tried Internet dating but in order to preserve my secrecy,I decided to do it at home.I have to find a guy for sex sessions when my son and daughter would be out for their degree classes at college.

I have a group of hot Pakistani women around me from my elite class status.All married, with whom I was in regular touch. One of the common interests which all of us did share was sex,and we shared all our secrets and Pakistani sex stories. A few of my friends lead sexually starved life.A few have clandestine affairs with younger men to treat depression. But both options were so long 'no, no' to me in the start. I was reconciled to the idea that I have to take care of my own physical desire on my own. But now I was in a situation, when physical desires got better of my social inhibitions and I was in the process of seducing a younger boy.He was the nephew of my husband who came for one month to live with us for his University Exams.His name was Sunny (changed) and his papers were in the evening timings. 

At home, my daughter normally wears shorts or short skirts with sleeveless T-shirts or such other dresses (I encourage her not to wear bra at home)which expose her body a lot. Though during daytime I wear see-through clothes at home, I prefer not to wear bra. I rarely shave my armpit, but often wear sleeveless Miniskirts at home. At times, particularly before bath, I am without my favorite Red bra and wear just the dress on my naked body.In the evening,well before dinner I change into a flimsy nightie, usually short & sleeveless, without anything underneath.Since my hubby and my son didn’t even bother that around, we feel no uneasiness.My husband’s nephew present around us made me feel rather shy and embarrassed.My daughter and me,both were feeling the same way but we could not talk about it. Neither could we could we change the way we dressed in our normal days.

Sunny was a very friendly guy and both of us liked him. But after all he was a young boy and obviously he had the natural sexual desires. Within a day or two after he came, I started feeling apprehensive that my daughter may be too much of an attraction for him. I, therefore, wanted to send away my daughter and handle the young boy myself appropriately, without hurting his feelings. Fortunately, her friends from school were going on an excursion and I took this opportunity to send her away for two weeks at least.

After my daughter was gone,Sunny was all the time with me and has become more and more close. He was very intelligent and can talk on any subject with older people. As I spent more and more time with him, I became quite fond of him and to my utter dismay I realized that I was feeling greedy about his younger body. He was a tall guy, about 6 feet, and though quite lean has broad shoulders and strong limbs. His chest was nicely hairy and that was a big attraction for me. One day, I went to his room early in the morning to pick up something. He was fast asleep had only his shorts on. His strong physique looked very inviting. He had a strong hard on and his shorts looked like a tent. I was sure that the boy was perfect to treat depression of an aunt like me and my attraction for him grew up to start a new business.  

I saw him for at least 10 minutes and then went out.The days after that I looked him in a different scenario.I also noticed that he often looked at me in a special way. I felt that he was also becoming very fond of me. His decent behavior and intelligent talks created a great impact on me. I started developing a feeling for him, which was certainly not motherly affection for a young guy. It was the feeling of a woman towards a man, whom she admires.I started touching him to show my affection and he responded rather sharply.One day,I found an excuse to embrace him and kissed him on his forehead. He responded by kissing me back on my cheeks and I felt passion was showing on his lips.On quite a few occasions, Sunny lied down with me in my bed and was physically too close. His attraction for me became evident as he put his arms around my waist & hips and rested his head on my breasts. It was quite obvious that he & I were attracted to each other, both emotionally and physically. But before I took a plunge,I wanted to make sure that this handsome guy really had an attraction towards a woman like me, who could be easily his mother for Parenting classes.I had some romantic ideas in my mind and started working on him. 

One day,I couldn’t control more for Pakistani sex stories with Sunny.I decided to start it at my own.My husband was as usual out for business and my son was out for college.Sunny was studying in his room for his paper when I entered his room.I have already planned and purchased a sex movie CD which was present in my latest fashioned ladies handbag.After a few formal questions about his studies,I told him about my back pain and asked him if he could massage my back with olive oil(It was only my plan,I was having no back pain)Sunny replied according to my expectations and we went to my bedroom( the bed where my husband was authorized to fuck me only)I laid on my bed facing downward and Sunny started to massage my neck.

Our Pakistani sex stories were in the beginning now.He massaged my neck and then I asked him about shoulder massage and backbone massage.He asked me to remove my dress.I removed my sleeve less dress and now I was only in Red bra.I could easily sense his feelings as he was young.I could see his tool hanging inside his shorts.He started to massage my back for back pain relief.Suddenly ,I given him the idea of watching a movie along with massage on my desktop computer.He liked the idea but asked me for movie CD.I told him to bring the CD from my handbag.My ladies handbag was also having my undergarments inside which I wanted intentionally to show him when he would be searching for CD.My favorite Red bar was inside and my Ladies underwear as well.

He opened the cabinet and took out my handbag.When he saw my underwear and Red bar inside ,his tool again shivered up.I could notice that with a hidden eye.He brought out the CD.It was without labels.He turned on the computer and played the movie.It was a family story movie along with hardcore scenes inside.He started to massage my back.while looking at the screen captures as well.Soon their was a scene in which a wife was getting romantic with a guy.His hands were touching my Red bra straps and bra was disturbing his massage.I asked him to unhook my bra so that his hands can easily move.He was sitting aside to me but I asked him to sit across my legs ( so that his erect dick can touch my bums in massage). 

He massaged my back during our Pakistani sex stories nicely while his erect cock was touching my hips nicely,I could feel the wetness in my pussy lips.I was sex thirsty for years.He was making me hot and the movie screens also became hardcore.Sunny has got my point to fuck.He asked me, aunty ,can I remove my shorts as well as it could be wet with olive oil.I replied in yes and soon he was in his men’s underwear.He was definitely with a dick double in width than my husband.It was my feeling when I looked at his underwear.The movie wife started to find a deal in his man’s underwear and soon she taken out his cock.Sunny was bit shy during the scene but I laughed and asked him to enjoy.He then made some courage and removed his underwear.His almost 7 inches fat tool was out and hanging on my bums.He touched his tool in my ass crack and I started moaning with pleasure. 

Our incest Pakistani sex stories were in full swing now.The movie wife sucked her hero for a few minutes.Sunny also came to my head and we made a 69 position.his tool was touching my hairs when I went beyond imagination.I turned around as I could not control more.Now I was facing upwards and he started massaging my pussy.I took his dick in my mouth and sucked his fat tool for a few minutes.After sucking session,I went between my legs and pulled them to his shoulders.He entered his cock in my wet vagina which was looking for a hard tool for years.As he entered inch by inch inside me, I could feel myself in heaven.I started to make jerks at my own.He fucked me for at least 5-6 minutes in the same position.I have an orgasm as well.Then he made me in doggy style and entered inside my vagina from rear.He started fucking me like a bitch.Soon he was going to discharge his entire cum.I asked him not to pull out as it was not a problem for me during my birth control pills.He deposited his entire cum deep inside me.This was our first sex session.After that day,he fucked me at least every other day.He went after one month but still he is my regular fucker from last two years.I have enjoyed many sessions of Pakistani sex stories now. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meeting a Pakistani couple for sex stories in UK

Me and my wife belong to an elite class family of Pakistan.After reading a few Pakistani sex stories at this blog,I decided to share my own life story here.This is my real life happening which made me hot to explore more out of our married life.I am 32Y old whereas my wife is almost 29Y.We lived in UK accommodations for at least five years.Our good friends and neighbors moved to the south coast. I would stay over with them when visiting customers in their part of the county. We usually enjoyed a few drinks and had a good chat. On this occasion though after a nice meal and lots to drinks,someone suggested we play cards as we often did when we got together as couples.Bunny fetched a pack of cards and asked what we should play. I suggested strip poker meant as a healing joke and was amazed when both Bunny and Maria said OK.Bunny and Maria were our friend couple in UK.They were also from Pakistan.We started to explore the pool parties of Pakistani sex stories together.

We both were like minded,open and free couples.We often shared sex talks,packages and other fun when both hot Pakistani women were sitting with us.So nothing in Full Episode of sex was hidden between us.It wasn't long before we were all semi naked, Maria was the first to strip off completely. When she also the next hand, Bunny said she would have to pay a forfeit and suggested she let us suck her nipples. Initially she said OK but when we started,she said no way and went off to bed like SEM,leaving Bunny and me looking for jobs. Neither of us spoke about what had happened in Meet cougar.

A few weeks afterwards I was again having seating with them again. After dinner, Bunny got up like a master of Grand Canyon State and brought out a pack of cards and asked if we wanted to play an Affiliate network. Maria said that all we wanted to do was get her clothes off again and didn't want to play, neither of us argued. Maria went upstairs and I went to the bathroom. When I returned I was amazed to find Maria kneeling stark naked in front of the fire with Bunny sitting looking looking on. She told me to sit by Bunny and then came and lay across our laps. Bunny started to feel her breasts and I started fingering her pussy. She was really enjoying my Massages.After a few minutes she got up and suggested we should go to bed together. I went to my room and got undressed then headed for their bedroom for starting a new business of night. Maria was already in bed so I climbed in beside her and resumed fingering her by now very wet pussy.

Bunny came in and got undressed and joined us for Pakistani sex stories. She asked us to suck her nipples which we both did with no encouragement. I felt Bunny's hand touch mine and moved it way from her pussy but Maria took my hand and put it back. Bunny had fingers inside her and I soon had two of mine their too.Maria said this was better than forfeits but we had to do as she said and told us to kneel in front of her. We did so and she started to rub our cocks and then started to lick them. She said it was nice that we both had such similar sized cocks. Then she lay back and ordered me to lick her pussy. Bunny took over after a few minutes. Then she told me to lay on my back and she started to suck my cock. Suddenly she stopped and said to Bunny, "you haven't come already!" I realised that he had been fucking her from behind. He said sorry but he just couldn't hold on.

Maria lay on her back and said it was all down to me now and I had to use the stones.Maria was not in the Categories of shy Muslim women.I got between her legs and she guided my cock into her wet pussy. I was cautious at first, my wife always complained if I was too rough but after a while I thought that Maria probably fancied it a bit rougher so I started to push harder making her groan with what I assumed was pleasure. The faster and harder I pounded the more she groaned. I heard Bunny say "Take it easy mate!" but took no notice. At first I had been worried that I would come too soon but I think that having Bunny looking on slowed me down. When I did eventually came Maria cried out as I felt her pussy throbbing with an orgasm of low medical billing.I banged her like a Motor Vehicle I rolled over and there was no sign of Bunny.Maria said,I think you had better go to your own room now, as I left she said "that was great, thank you!"

The next morning after finishing my Pakistani sex stories with Maria,I seen that Bunny had gone to work before I awoke. I asked Maria if everything was alright. She explained that Bunny had not seemed too happy and she thought that he had not enjoyed seeing me fuck her. She said it was Bunny who had wanted to play so it was too late for him to complain now. She didn't object when I put my hands inside her bathrobe and felt her breasts but when I suggested we go back to bed she said that it wouldn't be right.The next time I stayed with Bunny and Maria I was made very welcome but it was clear that there was going to be no repeat of our threesome.This was all about meeting a Pakistani couple in UK for Pakistani sex stories.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pakistani sex stories of wife gangbang part two

This is the remaining part of my Pakistani wife’s gang-bang Pakistani sex stories. She was sitting on the edge of the bed wringing her hands together; face flushed a deep red, her lips full and parted. "It's time," I said. She got up, her inner legs were wet and glistening and her heavy tits and nipples were so pronounced that it was obscene. I opened the door to the other room, "Go sit in that chair," I told her. She walked across the room and I could see tents forming in the male pants as their cocks hardened when they saw the condition she was in. It was obvious that she was turned on like crazy and in desperate need of Health insurance of fucking and would do anything to cum for Pakistani sex stories.

She sat in the chair and looked for Meet cougar from man to man.She was breathing heavy, the men gathered in front of her and started undressing for Cougar seducing.Her mouth opened as she watched the Affiliate network of men and more when their clothes came off. As the last cock came free,she could smell the musky man scent of so many turned on males, it was heavy in the air. They slowly came toward her to enjoy the concert tickets and gently started caressing her hair, her face, and then dropped toward her tits. As hands brushed her nipples she cried out and when they started stroking her bare legs she jumped. Hands were everywhere, on her face lifts, on her tits,running up her thighs as well.

Her eyelids grew heavy as sensations of pleasure took over her body and she watched the four different sized large cocks. They all were from huge classes and a purplish red with large mushroom heads that throbbed with every heartbeat.Her hands reached out and touched them, as she touched one it would thrust forward, toward her, soon she was buried in thrusting bodies.Each cock was starting a new business with her body.

Soon hands ripped the dress from her and instantly mouths were fastened onto her nipples, and she gasped as her tits were sucked hard, making her already huge nipples swell up even more, sending pleasure straight to her cunt. Sheri cried out as her legs were shoved open and two mouths started licking the cunt juice from her thighs and a mouth glued itself to her cunt. As the tongue reached her clit she opened her mouth and started moaning I was recording every scene on my digital products.

During these Pakistani sex stories, more mouths and tongues were licking every part of her body. She saw cocks, big and hard with veins pulsing rubbing against her. It was so, so good. Then it happened, that feeling, oh God that feeling, she needed it, it was coming, she saw her body begin to shake and her mouth opened wide and spit flew out of her mouth as she heard herself start to scream. Everything started to spasm, her hips, her tits, "Cum .... 

I could hear Sheri moaning and panting as she was fucked and fucked and fucked, the smell of man sweat and her cunt filled the room, she was soaked from head to toe in cunt juice, sweat, and cum. As soon as one man filled her cunt another took his place pounding her as hard as he could, desperate for that release. As each man started Cumming in her cunt Sheri's eyes would widen and she would moan through the cock in her mouth and clamp her legs around the man, keeping him in her cunt. Cum was running out of her cunt in rivers, hands scooped it up and plastered it over her face and tits, Sheri's hips were constantly spamming as if she couldn't stop Cumming.

When the two men were finished two more took their place and Sheri’s body took another hard double fucking. Her mouth drooled as she panted and tried to catch her breath. One man grabbed her hair and as her head moved back and forth with the hard fucking he pulled her swollen lips onto his cock "Do you like this bitch? Do you want us to stop?"

she was pounded by the two men and her mouth was roughly pulled onto the man’s cock and he started fucking her face. The three men really started going at her and you could hear her moaning and screaming over the grunts of the men. Soon all three men shoved into her deep and froze and cum started flowing from her mouth and her cunt at the same time and her body started to quiver as it was torn with another orgasm. Sheri suddenly thrust her hips up and froze as a look of pain, surprise and pleasure overtook her face, she gave a long scream and started shaking and spamming so hard that the men couldn't keep on her tits. 

At the end of my Pakistani sex stories, When the men had all left I looked down at her ravaged cum covered body, her puffy lips, cum caked hair, swollen red nipples. Each man had cum about two times; Sheri had taken around 8 loads of hot thick cum and I had lost track of how many times she had orgasmic feeling. As she slowly awoke I asked "Was it all that you wanted?""Uummm yes, it was so good, I loved it, thank you for this day." she answered as a satisfied smile came to her lips. "Can you please take the cuffs off?""No," I said, "Because you're not done yet." and I took my cock out. I penetrated her cunt roughly and as she looked at me through half conscious fuck swollen eyes I listened to her cries and moans as I fucked her and fucked her and fucked her for Pakistani sex stories.      

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Wife was Gang Banged (Big titted Muslim wife gets gang banged for her birthday Pakistani sex stories

Names and places have been changed to preserve anonymity in Pakistani sex stories of wife. My wife Sheri is 36, has pouty lips that beg to be kissed, is 5 foot 5 inches tall, and has a 34DD - 27 - 35 figure and I have yet to see her go anywhere without at least 3 or 4 men turn to watch her walk by. Her hips sway and her heavy tits bounce like water balloons, and she likes it.We have a good sex life and have always been true to each other. We were well settled and quite rich to lead our life in high status. We were both broad-minded, she never cares if I flirted women and have sex and I never bothered if she liked some guy. That’s what we have alike agreement between us. She has always confessed to me that she wanted to be gang banged. I admitted to her that the thought of her being fucked by a group of men to be very exciting, but only if I could be there. It was not possible being in Pakistan to do that because of Liability insurance for such act. Every so often we would try to set something up but could never find the right partners for Pakistani sex stories.

On her 35th birthday, By chance we were on European visit. We have got an open atmosphere for sex, Adult beaches and other fun stuff. She said that all she wanted for her next birthday was to be gang banged by at least four men and that she wanted it to go on for two hours at least. OK, I said, let's do it. Finding four guys that would be willing to fuck Sheri was easy in European countries, but finding four guys who are safe and won't kiss and tell is something else altogether. I finally found them though, one co-worker, two friends, even a delivery man.I decided to issue them with concert tickets.Four weeks before Sheri’s birthday they began calling me continuously, wanting the details, man they were primed for this. Sheri was going to get the fucking of her life, and I was going to document every minute with a digital camcorder. The men and I met at a restaurant the week before and we went over the rules, I didn't let Sheri come because I wanted her and the men to be teased and ready. I laid out the rules for Pakistani sex session:

1. No Cumming for this whole week, you need to save up your cum for Sheri
2. Absolutely no telling, before or after
3. If Sheri says the safe word everything shuts down for personal injury protection, no questions.
4. She wants to be treated like a slut, she wants it depraved and rough, but not too rough
6. No calls to Sheri afterwards
They all agreed.
I rented a large hotel accommodation with two separate rooms and Sheri and I got there early, the men would arrive at 2pm. She was nervous but very excited, before coming to the hotel she had to change into a dress because her jeans kept wetting through because her cunt was so wet. She hadn't cum for over a week and was going crazy with desire of state farms. "Are you sure this is ok? I can't believe its happening, do you think they'll like me?" she asked."Don't worry, they'll like you." I answered.

For this Pakistani sex session,She wore a sexy halter dress with a built in bra that emphasized her already huge tits, her nipples were so hard and stiff that there was no way to conceal them. She was so wet that her cunt juice was running down her legs. Her breathing was labored and the men hadn't even got there yet. When there was a knock on the door she jumped. "Oh God!" she said. I ushered her into the inner room and answered the door. All the men were there and I brought them in. "Just stay in this room and keep your clothes on." I told them. I set a chair in the middle of the room and laid out some water and bottles of olive oil on a table. I put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and locked it, then I went into the inner room to get Sheri. The next part of my wife gang bang Pakistani sex stories will be updated tomorrow. 

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