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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Unsatisfied Pakistani Housewife and me, sex stories of Pakistani wives

I am Rehan, a 24Y Pakistani with my sex stories here.Before going to my Pakistani sex stories,I would like to give you a screen capture of my background.I stay in a flat (apartment)which is at a short drive from my Engineering college in Lahore.My flat is located in the top floor of a shopping mall (I have to preserve my locality for the sake of privacy)The shopping mall has living flats on upper floor for Accommodation of families as well.I have rented the flat for a short time due to my papers.I have a decent personality and an attractive figure.If I say myself a girl seducer,it would not be wrong.My attractive figure has resorts in personality for Pakistani sex.

There was a family in Homes right in-front of my lettings flat.I was only aware of there family members initially.They were a husband (a Manager at some Hotel) and the wife with one baby.There was no body else in usually the manager of hotel,mean the husband comes late from his hotel job.The wife is alone with her baby at flat for the whole day.This all information I got by chance from the security guards performing duty at entrance.One day,I was watching a documentary on Caribbean vacations and top diet on my Android tablet when I heard a strange knock at the door.It was an unknown knock and also in a strange fashion.

I got up and went to open the door.It was my wonder that no body in Homes for rent know me.A small baby was standing outside playing with my door.Soon I realized that he was their baby as their main door of the flat was open.But his mom or dad were not with him.the baby started smiling and quickly entered my flat with a ball in his hands.He was almost 2-3 years old,hardly able to walk/run properly,looked very cute.I started playing with him.Soon he became very frank with me and have no signs of worry in playing with a stranger.the baby impressed me quite a lot.after a few minutes his mother came outside and started calling his baby in worry.I listened her voice so I quickly picked up the baby and went outside.She was looking around at Backpacks when I got out.

She impressed me right there at first look for my new Pakistani sex stories as her figure,Clear bags of milk and innocence of face made me mad.She was extremely sexy and hot,beautiful lady in her mid twenties.She collected her baby from me and excused for disturbance created by the baby but I smiled and said Its no problem.She went but I was stunned.After that day, the baby visited my flat everyday due to my kindness and frankness.he remained at my flat for a few minutes of playing and when his mother started calling,he goes back.In this entire period of two weeks,I got enough frank with her as she felt easy in talking to men.She was not shy like other Pakistani women.She was educated and well mannered.

One day,the baby didn’t came.I made some courage to go to their flat door to ask as I knew that her husband would be out for his hotel job.I knocked the door in low voice.She opened the door without asking who I am.When she saw me,she smiled and told me that the baby is sleeping.I made excuse to disturb her but she thanked me that I love her baby.I came back and after a few minutes,I heard a knock at my door.I opened my door and this time I was amazed to see her standing outside.She told me that she has some problems with her computer and if I can help her.It was my pleasure to help that gorgeous lady so I accepted to help her.I locked my door and went to their flat with her.She guided me to the computer room and I started to repair computer.It was a minor fault of power cable which I adjusted quickly.

I was repairing computer but thinking about sex session with her.In the mean time,she brought a cold drink for me.The baby was sleeping in the other room.She was wearing a see-through dress which shown her Black bra quite clearly.The waves of blood in my penis vein started to flow and it got erection.She was really suckable in that dress.When I turned ON the windows to check for any errors,the more facts were waiting for me.I explored my computer ICON and went to drives one by one.She was offcourse in the kitchen when I was doing this.She had a large collection of porn movies in her hard drives.I was just having a brief look on clips when suddely she entered the room.

I Intentionally didn't stop the porn clip being played.She looked at the screen and laughed.I was hoping her to be shy but she laughed.It was strange for me.I looked at her with crazy eyes.She then broke the silence after laughter by saying: I like these clips.I was not expecting a so bold answer,but it was a point for me to tune her for sex.I started talking about clips and her sex life.She was not willing to tell me the internal facts of her sex life with her husband.But,I guessed that she is missing something.We watched the clip for some time when she remarked about my erection.She can see a clear bulge in my pants. She smiled and said: you are going out of control.I was just waiting for her remarks about my erection.So I smiled and said: It needs its place.

She again laughed and said "No".I requested her by saying "Please".I knew that Pakistani wives may resist formal but they agree in the end.The same thing happened there.She said NO for two or three times but then agreed by saying that I would just grab it and give you a handjob.I agreed and she started to rub my cock.I kissed her for a few minutes.Then straight way I went to her Napa valley lodge of sex,her vagina.She was wet already.I pulled her shalwar down and started to rub her panties.then quickly,I removed her panties as well.She has a freshly shaved pussy.I can't bear more so I inserted my finger inside.she started moaning with pleasure.

My cock was ready to fuck that wife for Pakistani sex stories.She sucked me for a few minutes and then went into doggy style.I entered her valley lodge from rear and started to fuck her hard.she was moaning like a bitch.I could enjoy her love sounds while grabbing her breasts with left hand and strking the walls of her womb nicely.She could feel my hard rock tool.Then I lifted her up against the wall and started to fuck her by holding her across the wall.It was amazing fuck style.Soon i felt cum coming out.I didn't even told her and fired my whole cum right on her ovary opening.She could easily get pregnant if she find ovulation.Then we both relaxed after a nice fuck session.I left her rental homes after thanking her.After wards I visited her flat after every three days and made my entire stay a luxury.This was all about my Pakistani sex stories.

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