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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Neighbor's wife and me for Pakistani sex stories

This incident of Pakistani sex stories happened in Islamabad.I was living in rental Accommodations in Islamabad near the shopping mall of Super market.I was 18 and she was a housewife of almost 37. She lived in my Accommodation block as well. I was walking on jogging track in-front of our block when I saw her for the first time.She looked at me with a strange deep look of thirsty eyes.She was also having a jogging in the green area along her husband.Her husband seemed to be much older than her.He was a No-attraction man.After a few days of regular eye meetings at jogging track,I was attracted to her.Hence I tried to get more closer to her.Fortunately she came alone at Tuesday evening and I got a chance to have a brief introduction with her.No body noticed us as there was a mother son difference in our age.Within a few minutes she got frank with me.She invited me to her flat and everything got OK.I added her cell number for my Commercial interests of Pakistani sex stories.

I could not wait more in providing her Commercial services of Pakistani sex.I went to their flat after watching around safely at night after 9 PM.I sent her a text message to open the door.It was nice as we sat at the Patio Furniture and had small talk about the neighborhood.She locked the door when I entered her flat.It was our first meeting in her flat.She was child-less as she has married recently.I talked to her there for 20 minutes but nothing sexual was there at that time.She was wearing a semi-transparent dress.Before I left, she said, “Come back any time.” The way she said it struck me odd. It wasn’t the usual way a Pakistani woman of that age would talk to a guy. She had also mentioned her husband’s work timings for Tuesday-Friday nights.Why would she mention that?I returned Friday night to find out. I was nervous approaching the door, but curious and turned on as well. Was I imagining this? We’d soon find out for Pakistani sex stories.

She opened the door and was actually surprised by me showing up at the door.I continued on optimistically.We sat at the kitchen table again really talking about formal.Then she brought a cup of coffee for me.Then we both got up and talked a little more, but the tension was building.Her clear thirsty eyes looked up at me and suddenly got up.She came closer to me and started to rub her hand on my head.She appreciated my innocent looks while touching her big breasts with my ear.I got up and made some courage to kiss her.It was a great feeling—that warm and soothing tongue of an older woman.We then smiled and held hands walking into the family room.We continued kissing.She was 5’ 3” with a thin waist,big-size breasts,and a great ass.She was wearing the same semi-transparent dress which made me crazy for Pakistani sex stories.

She was still a little surprised by all this, especially when I pawed at her breasts and Napa valley lodge and began to rub them through her dress. I lifted her dress and now rubbed her breasts through her bra. She was still stunned all this was happening, as was I. Then I slowly kissed and licked her left breast. Then I did the same to her right, and spent some time sucking both as I felt her back stiffen. It continued that way for a while as well as some heavy making out. When I left I was very happy and so was she.

I was nervous after that, and even religiously conflicted about cheating with a Pakistani married woman.Her hand then rubbed my hard cock through my jeans.We continued this for a little while, but I was nervous with everyone in the outside. The door was even locked! Then she laid me on my back on her sofa. She got on top of me and I felt her envelop my hard cock. It was great. I was thrusting up and in and I could see waves of passion wash across her hot, red face. We fucked for one hour that night before I came.I soon left her flat.

This was the the starting point of Pakistani sex stories with hot wife of my mother's age.The next few months,Sometimes I saw her alone.We both give each other a knowing smile. She was the second person I’d ever had sex with. The first was such an inexperienced fuck, though she did give me my first and most amazing blowjob. I consider that married woman my first and I always will. Nothing in my life has ever come close to that.I was an inexperienced boy turned into a man by that married Pakistani woman. This was truly the stuff that fantasies are made of Pakistani sex stories.   

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