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Sunday, July 31, 2011


10 Tips to Attract Women Like مگنیٹس

1: Never Settle for Just Any وومن
The biggest mistake you can possibly make in any relationship is to settle for whatever woman comes along for fear you can’t do any better than what you have! Doing this will prevent you from ever finding the woman you are truly meant to be with. It is difficult to take a leap of faith, especially in matters of the heart, but settling to be with a woman that doesn’t “do it for you" is a HUGE mistake…for you both! Do NOT settle for just any woman hold out for someone that you really connect with and live the life of your dreams! Believe it or not, women admire men who know what they want and won’t settle for anything less. It is a major turn on!  
2: Apply the Laws of  Attraction
What are the Laws of Attraction? Simply put, Men and Woman are polar opposites when it comes to attraction. Men initially feel sexual attraction based upon a woman’s physical appearance, which then leads them into a desire for a relationship. But, women are initially attracted to a man’s qualities. Sure, women will admire a man’s looks, but that doesn’t lead them into a desire for a relationship with him. It’s when a man exhibits confidence in his body language and communication–regardless of his looks–that women feel a powerful sexual attraction that over shadows the man’s physical attributes.
3: Don't Be Too Nice
Of course, everyone knows that being “nice" is considered socially acceptable in the world. But, women do not choose a lover based upon how nice they may be – that’s how they choose their friends. Being “NICE" just isn’t what ignites the flames of passion. What does ignite the flames? Attraction. What is attractive? Confidence in one’s self! Use positive body language, take meaningful actions, and be your genuine self without regard to what others may think of you. This doesn’t mean you should act like a jerk, because no one likes a jerk either. It simply means that in order to attract a woman, you MUST be confident in yourself.
4: Convincing a Woman To Like You is a Big No-No!
Do not waste any of your valuable time trying to convince a woman that doesn’t appear interested in you romantically that you are the person they are meant to be with. It will NEVER work, and in fact, may backfire on you in a most embarrassing way. Why is this? Because you can’t change the way a person “feels." You can try to understand and you can offer alternative points of view, but you cannot change their feelings. To make matters worse, when faced with the knowledge that a woman doesn’t “feel" attracted to them, some men often take ridiculous action to convince them otherwise-they will relentlessly pursue the woman without regard for her lack of “feelings." Spare yourself this tragedy and move on to the next lady in line, who might just “feel" attracted to you-an absolute necessity to a fulfilling relationship!
5: Seeking Her Approval is a Waste of Time
It is completely adverse to human nature for a woman to desire a man who seems to actively pursue her approval. Psychologically, it instills in a woman’s mind that the man is automatically not worthy of her attention, and no matter what you do to gain the woman’s approval…you will always be considered less than worthy. ALWAYS! The simple truth is that you will lack the necessary confidence in yourself in order to succeed in gaining the attraction you seek. Now, this does not mean you should completely ignore a woman’s approval-just that, instead, you need to gain it through self confidence. NOT by seeking her approval of you!
6: Buying Her Affections will not Score You Any Real Points
Yes, it’s true, everyone loves freebies! But, it’s also true that you get what you pay for. If you lavish freebies on a woman to gain her attraction, you send a strong message that you are so insecure in yourself that you must compensate by spending money. Guess what? Insecurity is NOT attractive. What is attractive? Confidence! Instead of buying a woman expensive gifts – take action that you put thought into, such as arranging a unique evening for you both to cook a meal together or doing something especially memorable and romantic. This sends a strong, clear message to a woman that she is too important for you to risk getting your message across by just sending a bunch of flowers. No, you are a MAN! So, show her that you mean business!
7: Revealing Your Feelings Too Early - Yikes!
There is a time and place for everything! Revealing your feelings for a woman should only be done after you have had plenty of time to assess and confirm a mutual attraction. Jumping into the “feeling" pit too early on sends powerful signals to a woman that you lack control. On the flip side, taking it slowly and even appearing aloof is a much better position. When you slowly warm up to a comfortable place where the woman is begging you to share your feelings, you will instantly know how attractive it is to be desired in such a away. This does not mean you should avoid being genuine. Definitely be honest and up front about who you are and what you like and don’t like, but save the “feelings" exchange for a time when you know the woman is sincerely interested in hearing them.
8: Basing Your Worth upon Money And Looks
Of course, it’s true…there are a few rotten apples in the barrel that focus all their energy on attracting only men that have good looks and lots of money, basing all their hopes upon material issues. But, they are fairly easy to weed out of the bunch. In truth, most women are much more attracted to a man’s personality than anything else, including women who end up with very wealthy men that lack personality! History has shown us that very powerful, wealthy people have fallen head over heels in love with others that have neither power nor wealth. What did they have? They had a personality, and that personality was based upon confidence! You see, positive character traits are compelling attributes that act like magnets and literally draw women to you instantly. Believe it or not, women prefer to be romanced by men who hold out their arms and pull them in for a hug rather than men who pull out their wallets whenever they seek attention. Yes, having a J-O-B is quite important, so don’t go overboard. No woman enjoys being romanced by a free loader with no money at all. But, it doesn’t take a fortune in the bank or a plastic surgeon to exude sexual attractiveness. 
9: Sacrificing Your Authenticity
Guess what unique attributes you have that no one else in the entire world possesses? You have an original authenticity that is completely different from everyone else. If you sacrifice your authenticity by appearing desperate for a woman’s attention, you lack the ability to attract her. So, what do you do? You find out who you are and you stick with it. You don’t pretend to be something you are not and you don’t beg for a woman’s permission to be your true self. You walk the walk and talk the talk, and let the cards fall where they may. Why? Because if you don’t, you will end up settling for whatever it is you get.
10: Just Do It!
Countless numbers of people exude ignorance about matters that they know exactly how to handle. If you want something, you MUST take action to get it. If you find out that it wasn’t what you really wanted, then you move on to the next challenge. Life is a constantly evolving experience of action after action after action. So, if you want to approach a woman you’re attracted to and get her number or if you’re dating someone that you feel like kissing, don’t just sit there acting all nervous and confused. Instead, walk right up to her and ask for the number or move right in and kiss her. Sitting on the sideline and wondering what to do about things that you know you want will not score you any points. And believe it or not, women are attracted to men who know what they want and take action to get it. So, how do you do this without offending a woman? You confidently act on your desires without regard to potential failure while exhibiting a genuine respect for her feelings. If she appears disinterested, FINE…that’s your cue to exit stage left. But, don’t let it deter you from approaching the next woman you’re attracted to...or she might just be the one you pass on the way out the door!

Friday, July 29, 2011


How I dated ISBAH? its a long story,but i am going to share it as narrated by my friend.

Mr Shah is a 50y old man. He is retired from armed forces and then he joined the armed forces as a civilian again. his family consists of 3 daughters and one son. the elder of his children is a daughter ,age 21 years,name isbah. Mr shah belongs to a Islami jammat named dawat-i-islami and strict rules are applied by him in his house about hijaab and burqa. he is himself a very nobble man, and offers prayers five time a day regularly. His wife is also following him with his children in Islamic customs.

When i rented a house in their neighborhood I came to know about their family routines . so i tried not to show them about my research about Muslim women. But my inner-self forced me to keep a keen eye on their activities to know that do they are so strict or their daughters are involved with some one. therefore i kept a keen eye on elder daughter Isbah.

Isbah was in Her BSC and going to university daily in burqa & hijaab. I first noted her timings , then her tuition routines . I came to know the fact that she is also following Islamic customs like her father ,but i was curious as i observed in their house ,when sometimes Mr shah was out of station that Isbah was having the full control of shah's house. She can interrupt all matters of the house when Shah is not at home,She can lament her younger sisters and brother. She talks in louder voice in the house in shah's absence. Her mother do not say her anything to forbid and she had got every freedom. So i thought that this girl can not be so poise as she seems.

I kept on spying her but kept my self hidden of shah's eyes. Isbah was also having a mobile phone. This thing also bothered me that she has enough freedom to sms or call when out of house and shah's are so much believing their daughter because she was following strict Islamic traditions.

I followed her anonymously and finally got succeeded in getting her mobile number through another neighbors mobile phone.he was Uncle of Isbah who was unaware of the fact that i have taken her mobile number. So i did not made any contact for almost for one make on Isbah's number. I started sending sms messages of good morning and good night from unknown number in the start. She did'nt reacted at all. But when it passed almost 10 days to regular messaging she asked via sms that "Who are you".?

I replied her but not shown my identity. but she again asked why i message on her number. Anonymous conversation started in which i shown myself a girl. then Isbah became my friend.and our messaging started. we became good sms friends in just few days. Isbah told me about her family and her routines. I tried to give her good suggestions in all matters where she asked for opinion.

This made my impression very good on Isbah and she started to tell me every detail. When i gained enough confidence that isbah can not leave me .i sent her sms about my sex that i am a boy. but still i not told her which boy i am. she left sending message the day onward but i continued sending good morning and good night sms regularly. because i was knowing that Iron can be melted. So after almost 20 days she started conversation with me ,in which she blamed me of cheating her. I excused and told her that i was not wanting to heart her that's why i told you the truth.

She ,after some reaction forgot the past and started having chat with me on mobile. Then after a few days She has to download some university forms from the internet. She told me about that .I thought now is the time to tell her that i live in your neighborhood as i was having the DSL at my home. So i made some courage and told her. She was shocked and wondered to listen that i am the person who lives in their neighborhood. It was a matter of risk also that if she told her parents,i would have to leave the rented house and also my prestige. but i took the risk and offered Isbah to ask her brother to download the forms from internet and come with him to my house.

She did the same and they came to my house. This was the first time when i saw her without hijaab. She was nice looking, good figured girl. and attractive.they did their job on my DSL and i remained in the other room during their work. she once smiled when i saw her. Our affair started from that day. after a few days more i asked isbah to come directly to my house after her University if there is no one in the street. She denied but i was hoping that she will come.

She came early of her university that day. I was eagerly waiting for her so i kept the drawing room door opened which was in the street. She came directly to our drawing room after looking around in the street and i locked the door afterward. She was extremely nervous at that time, almost shivering,i asked her to relax and gave her a glass of water. We sat together and i started talking to her.our talk took almost 15 minutes in which she discussed all his grievances of the past.

then she left as it was the time of her pack up from university. i looked around in the street and then she left and knocked at her own door. I was very happy that now i can do anything with this girl. In the next meeting i planned to do something.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Recently a news agent took some interviews of call girls.their facts are shared with read these and get important information

Over the years, Karachi, the economic jugular of the country, has become one of the major "mandis" (markets) for commercial sex in Pakistan, where girls as young as 14 can be purchased from 300 rupees upwards, depending upon the client, the service demanded, the location, and the girl’s physical attributes.

As economic recession in the country deepens, many girls from different parts of Pakistan are thronging to Karachi where the market is comparatively better than in other nearby regions.

Rabia, popularly known as "Bhabi" in the Karachi circuit, demands 20,000 rupees for a night with her new recruit and guarantees the girl’s virginity personally. Rabai describes the girl as a “tithli" (fairy) and gives details of her age, figure, features and complexion. After some haggling, a deal is struck at 15,000 rupees, with an additional two thousand rupees thrown in as a “mithai for nath utrai” (tip for deflowering). The next day, the girl is delivered.

Salma, an 18-year old call girl, says: “In Lahore we can scarcely find enough business, but if we work only four weekends a month in Karachi, it fetches us twice the amount we would normally earn, despite working day and night…”

A wide variety of girls can be found in Karachi’s commercial sex market. They belong not only to local communities originating from different parts of the country, but also comprise women of foreign nationalities. According to the Society for Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC), some 200,000 Bangladeshi women have been trafficked into Pakistan in the last 10 years alone.

One call girl in Karachi claims: “My entire family depends on my income. My father died and I have to give at least 10,000 rupees every month to support my mother and the rest of my family. I’m divorced and have only a high school education. One of my friends told me about the money I could earn from prostitution and introduced me to "Auntie Shamim.” The girl shares 40 per cent of her income with her "business auntie" in return for her contacts, shelter and protection.

A young call girl from Sahiwal, said: “My parents have "rented" me out for three months to Goga Bhai (a high-profile pimp in Karachi) for one lakh rupees (100,000).”

However, she says has no complaints about living with the man because she is treated well. “I don’t have to have sex with him, which is normal at other places. He treats me like a brother!”

Annie Noureen, a sex worker in Karachi, says: “The ones who don’t know dancing hardly get any tips, but if we do, our clients, when they get drunk, shower us with all the money they have in their wallets…”

Shahid, a local pimp, explained how mobile phones are essential for those in the business, chiefly because they ensure anonymity. “The police lost 80 per cent of the amount they used to extract from us through blackmail and extortion,” he says.“Once our whereabouts are known, we can easily be trapped by the police and they create lot of problems for us, including demanding free services from these girls as well as regular "bhatta" (extortion).”

One analyst commented: “In this institution, the body is that of the women and the pleasure derived from it is totally that of men.”


Hi readers :
i am trying to bring every story to you but you people just read the blog and close will not take even a minute if you become follower of the blog and just post one comment to make me better posts in future. No post is fiction on this blog,i try to bring out truth about Pakistan society which are please help me with your comments and following my will show me how good i write


IT is an interesting question that, What Pakistani women do abroad mostly?.The secret is that ,Pakistani community is one of the biggest communities in United Kingdom. There are 1 million Pakistani people living in UK. They live in Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland and England. The Pakistani community is very active in UK. They participate well in British economy and politics. There are few MPS from Pakistani community in British parliament. Pakistani shops and restaurants can be seen almost everywhere in the UK. The community is growing every day.

Many of the Pakistani women living abroad alone are involved with English men.They are living with single men to meet their needs without marriage.Recently a Pakistani channel broadcast a program about Pakistani women who are living in UK for studies.Most of those women were involved in sex to meet their needs.If you want to date Pakistani women in UK, then London Matrimony is the best dating website of London, where you find Pakistani girls and women in UK and London. If you want to find Pakistani girl friend in UK, then register here at this best dating site of UK and you will be able to chat and exchange emails with hundreds of Pakistani women who are already in UK or in other countries.

Pakistani women are calm, beautiful, loyal, trust worthy, excitable, caring, ambitious, faithful, passionate, attractive, and big heartened and honest. They always want their men to be fair and honest with them. A typical Pakistani woman will be looking for sweetness, care, sympathy, romance, love and sincerity in her partner. Therefore you will need to show that you are meant for her.

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Cities like Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds have big Pakistani community. In London places like East Ham, Upton Park, Alford, Manor Park, Forest Gate, Waltham stow, Stratford and other areas have a major presences of Pakistanis.London is popular among Pakistani Singles in UK.We wish you a very good luck in your search to meet a beautiful Pakistani women and girls in London and UK.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


STORY OF LAHORI HOT WOMEN (SEX WORKER) is shared by one of our co-workers.Lahori sex worker Sheena Bibi, 36 and widowed when she was only 20, told An interviewer that sex work had almost become a tradition in her family due to extreme poverty.“My father was a drug addict and my mother prostituted herself to put food on the table. I did the same for years and today my two teenage daughters work the streets. Now they support us all,” she said.Bibi said she tried to avoid sending her girls out into the streets but to meet the rising cost of food “no other work pays quite as well, and I am too old now to do it myself”.

The girls, aged 13 and 15, approach established customers working in various markets in Lahore, and are paid around Rs 200 for each encounter, usually carried out in small rooms behind shops. “They don’t like being fondled or touched or having sex, but they are now used to it,” said Bibi.she told that there are many gents who are married but they like teen girls to have we get good amount from them.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Lahore is a city of culture and glamor and contains large variety of hot Pakistani women. Lahore is the cultural hub of Pakistan.Lahore also leads in the business of call girls,escorts and hot women as compared to any other city of Pakistan including karachi.Sex workers industry has a history of hundreds of years in Lahore. Muhgal Kings and princes used to entertain themselves with the best available escorts and dancers of the time.In the past, all this was confined to the historic market called 'Heera mandi'.

Not anymore, nowadays you can find lahore call girls and escorts in nearly any area of Lahore. The prices charged by these call girls vary greatly depending on the nature and looks of call girls.the sophisticated  hot women working in various professions in lahore doing white collar jobs.They offer escorts and call girls services to raise extra income. Some of them do this business just for fun.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


1. Guess how many acts of sexual intercourses happen daily in the world - approx.. 100 million!

2. Is kissing good for your health? Apparently so, the extra saliva that is exchanged reduces decay of teeth by keeping your mouths clean.

3. Can you lose calories by merely kissing? Apparently so, you lose 26 calories if you kiss for a minute and 260 if you did it for 10 minutes.

4. If your girl-friend or wife has a headache it maybe cured yes by having an intercourse but remember to give them orgasm! Research indicates that powerful endorphins or pain killers are released by females during orgasm.

5. Do you want to burn your calories in the bed! Have vigorous sex for half an hour and burn 150 calories and you can lose three pounds in a year - if you have sex 7 to 8 times a month. Increase the frequency and you can lose more weight. But mind you it has to be vigorous.

6. Do you think of sex several times in a day! Don't worry you are not the only one. 54% of men and 19% of women think about sex everyday or several times a day.

7. Men of which countries seem to be romping most of the time of the year? The Americans and Greeks seem to get the maximum sexercise they do it 124 and 117 times respectively. The Indian lags behind in this Olympics of sorts - they only do it 76 times a year but the Japanese men seem to be the least interested and only do it 36 times.

8. Do you know how many condoms are used in the world every year? The figure is astronomical between six and nine billion. Most condoms are produced in Thailand ( three billion).

9. Do you know of any other uses of condom? They were used by soldiers in World War II to cover the rifle barrels to prevent its damage when they swam to shore. Today they are used to protect Ultrasound probes to image the prostate of men through the rectum.

10. Which category tops in the top 100 Internet searches every year! Yes you guessed it right, the terms related to sex such as – pussy, tits, porn, sex, nude, girls etc. always tops the searches.

STORY OF Hot women– Pakistani hot women wife swap

“Wife Swap continues with the Ahmed family, a strict Pakistani Muslim family who pray five times a day and choose to wear the hijab. The backbone of their family philosophy is based on Islamic principles and their three teenage children are well-mannered, work hard and are very respectful of their parent’s wishes. Supermom Nuzhat works full time, studies, manages all the cooking and household chores, and keeps a keen eye on what her children are doing. Deborah Escott works as an admin director for a theatre company and is the sole breadwinner in her liberal family. Husband Andy is a musician and house husband who looks after their three-year-old daughter Emily and 16-year-old Becky, Debs’s daughter from a previous relationship. Becky has recently come out as a lesbian. Will these two very different mums ever see eye to eye? How will husband Shakil react when Deborah arranges for his two teenage daughters to attend a live music gig and how does Nuzhat deal with a rebellious teenage daughter whose sexuality is a direct challenge to her religious beliefs?

Despite real differences in opinion about gender roles, sexuality, freedoms and cleanliness the participants demonstrated a certain willingness to accommodate each other (for example Mr Ahmed allowed Mrs Escott to drink wine in his house and was persuaded to allow his daughters to go to a rock concert), to see each other as humans worthy of respect, despite fundamental differences, and even learned from each other.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The Pakistani girls who live in villages or they visit villages to meet their relatives are involved mostly with men of the village.Mostly the girls who come to meet their relatives in the villages ,aim at meeting their lover men behind that visit. Sometimes the girl guests ask their parents to visit the field areas so that they can enjoy the atmosphere of the village. Parents don't know the secrets behind this visit of the green fields.

they often go outside the house of the relatives, in the name of making some walk.but the target is to meet their lover in the fields.The families of those girls are unaware of the fact,what their daughter is doing outside.they just think that she is doing walk outside.I know personally a lot of girls who are involved in such cases.they meet lovers in the green fields,do sex and many other things without being noticed by the parents.

The girls who are permanent residents of the villages often have affairs with men. In Pakistani villages, It is a routine for women and girls to go to their fields to cut some crop and diet for their animals. Such girls enjoy their outgoing life which ads dating as well.Sometimes such girls , fix a time with someone to meet and use green fields for sex. The villages of Pakistan are not backward as that were before. Now there are internet connections , cable TV and mobile phones. 

Paki girls living in villages are not behind citizen girls in the matter of fashion. The most liked profession amongst village girls of Pakistan is teaching. Private schools offer jobs at a low salary to these girls and they start just to get some earning to run their household. Most of these school teachers don't want to lose their jobs so the private school owners try to make relations with these girls. In many cases the owners get succeeded. Then they use these girls on their bed.
Poverty in Pakistani villages also makes some girls to lose their prestige for money. In the end there are a lot of cases where Girls were killed in the sake of honor.

Incest sex stories


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