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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dost Ki Biwi : Pakistani Sex Story

Hello readers. Looking to read some hot story today? OK; I'm sharing here my true sex story "Dost Ki Biwi". I hope some of you guys must be eyeing a friend's wife and a few of you may be lucky to get a chance to drill her. "Dost Ki Biwi" OR "Friend's Wife" is based on real events however the names are changed to keep the secrecy. I'm not a professional story writer so forgive me if I made writing mistakes in this Pakistani sex story. 

Dost Ki Biwi Ki Chudai (Fucking A Friend's Wife)
Dear friends, my name is Arslan and I'm working in a Government institution. I am 29 Years old. This story is just a few months old as my newly married friend "Imtiaz" has shifted to his 2 room apartment alongwith his beautiful wife. Her name is "Nazia" ( I knew her name already as it was written on their marriage invitation card). She is about 25Y old while my friend Imtiaz is in her mid thirties (about 36Y). 

He rented this accommodation just after the 3rd month of his marriage as his wife insisted to live separately. His luggage truck arrived and I went there to help him in settling the house. Meanwhile, I saw his wife while adjusting the furniture (just for a few seconds) and believe me, the look she given me just made me thinking. We exchanged eye stare for 10 seconds and her thirsty eyes scanned my entire figure. This was totally unexpected and for a moment I got confused. What she wants? what she needs? what kind of demand she raised through her eyes? I was searching the answer of all these question during that entire time. Though she never came infront again that day but she had raised so many question in my mind. She made tea for us and Imtiaz served it. 

After taking tea, I came back to my apartment. Sorry, forgot to tell that I'm still unmarried and living alone in a single bedroom apartment a few streets away of Imtiaz's house. A few days passed on and I tried my best to forget what happened that day but failed. My mind has started thinking about fucking my best friend's wife. I couldn't control myself. I was in a confused state of mind for that entire week as If it was a wrong judgement I could loss my best friend's trust.

On monday, I got an sms from an unknown number saying "Good morning" . I ignored usually as I do but the same cell number sent a message a good morning and good night every day. After 4-5 days of regular sms reception, I felt suspicious about the person, so I called back. The bell kept on ringing but not picked. So , I asked a few questions about the unknown text sender. 

Anyhow, My sixth sense worked and on next monday, I un-noticedly picked up imtiaz's android phone and dialed the number which was sending me messages. Oh my God, I was shocked to see what appeared on Imtiaz's phone as I dialed the number , It was saved with the name "Wife" So I quickly disconnected and deleted the dialed record. 

Then, I sent her an sms by saying "I know who are you". Suddenly, all my question were answered about that day incident and now I was fully expecting to fuck my best friend's wife. Anyhow, We kept on chatting through sms for at least 10-15 days and the level of frankness went on opening. I always advised her to delete my texts so that Imtiaz should never knew what was happening between his wife and his best friend. Then , I re-inserted my other sim which was closed past few months and Imtiaz had not been familiar with that number. 

Our chats were getting closer towards sex topic and soon we started discussing about girls and affairs and such fun stuff. She liked my stories, my past affairs and then after watching the atmosphere I asked her to meet me alone. She kept on forbidding for a few days, but I knew how our affair was started and there was no chance of getting failed. 

For 2-3 days I stopped replying her messages (just to express my anger) and the trick worked. She committed to meet me on tuesday during work timings. We decided to meet at 10am at my apartment as it was easier for her to visit the market for some reason and come to me. I made an excuse of illness to Imtiaz and asked him to handle the job matters for one day. This also confirmed that Imtiaz was in his office.

I was eagerly waiting for her and surprisingly she was dead punctual to the time. At 10am, my door was slowly knocked. I quickly opened it without making any noise and she came in. She was wearing a "Hijab" and burqa type dress so no one could guess who was she. I looked around and after watching no one outside, I locked the door. I didn't wait any more. I grabbed her and just locked my lips onto her smooching hot lips and made a long french kiss. 

She just pushed me away and said; you are too crazy and impatient. I again grabbed her and said; I can't wait Sono. You can't imagine how many days I waited for this to happen. I kept on admiring her beautiful figure and her lovely pair of boobs. I grabbed her boobs and kept on kissing her neck while removing her dressing. Soon I made her cloth-free and now she was just wearing a red bra and panty.

Oh my god, what a beauty she was. I had never imagined that hottie inside a burqa. I unhooked her bra and she just grabbed my dick for the first time in the whole session. I got a good dick but not a monster. It is around 7 inches but straight and hard like a pole. while removing her bra I judged her boobs size. The ideal boobs of 36 size were waiting for my hands. I licked her nipples and kept on sucking, licking her entire body. She started moaning. She was not fat, infact an ideal figure to lift. I picked her in my arms and just brought her onto the bed like someone bringing his sex doll to fuck bed. 

She closed her eyes, and started feeling the session. I started licking her feet, legs then slowly came up towards her thighs and her vagina. A louder moan came out as I touched her pussy. It was freshly shaved and small sized pussy with a tight hole. I guessed she must be virgin at the time of marriage. I licked her pussy all over and inside. she lost her senses and just pushed my head towards her pussy hole. After licking her for almost 20 minutes, I touched my dick with her face. OMG, probably she was waiting for a lollypop and as soon as I touched it with her lips, she just grabbed the half shaft of my cock. Her hot lips were en-circling my cock tip and she given me a nice blow. 

I had never seen such a lovely sucking skill. She sucked my dick to full length untill it reached her throat. She giggled, and then again started rolling her tongue over my cock tip- holding my dick shaft in her lips. Fabulous, the horny Pakistani wife got great blowjob skills. I couldn't control my words saying; common baby suck it , suck it deep, make it ready for your pussy, lubricate it. Common, I was moaning too.

When my dick got too much wet, I just got up and lifted her legs up my shoulder, pushing my cock slowly inside her tight pussy. She was damn hot inside. Believe me, I felt as If I am cumming, but I controlled myself hardly. Waited for 10 seconds and then slowly started drilling my best friend's wife. I drilled her deeper and deeper. My entire cock length was going inside and touching her ovaries. If someone had watched us, he must had said that I was looking like breeding her for pregnancy, impregnating my best friend's wife so deep and so hard.

It went on for a few minutes, and then we went into doggy style. I pushed my dick inside her wet pussy and started making doggy fucks. My big balls were bouncing and touching her butts. This was proving the best fuck of my life. Remember, I was not using the condom. So soon I felt cumming again. I shouted I'am cumming baby, she moaned louder and surprised me saying; don't pull out just cum inside. she begged for cum and Yeah I go. I shoot my load inside her. What a fuck it has been. An hour of sex , full of lust and fun. My best friend's wife has been deeply fucked by me. 

She was also finished with a moaning orgasm after getting my cum inside. After lying for a few minutes, she got up, went to washroom and cleaned herself. I have heard that never look into the eyes of a married woman after fucking her, so I obeyed the rule (she may get ashamed) and she got dressed. After adopting the same style of dress, she asked me to look outside for safety. I dressed up and came out. There was no one outside, so I shown her thumb to come out and have a go. She went out and I came inside. 

This incident happened recently. I'm still in a strong relation with her. I fucked her 2 times after that day and once in my friend's house and once again in my apartment. I am hoping she would soon be delivering my child as I'm sure to breed her. All 3 times I came inside her, filling her pussy with loads of cum and I expect she was in her ovulation days last time. 

This was all about my story "Dost Ki Biwi" please share your comments about this story. Fucking a friend's wife could be the dream of many Pakistani guys but I had been successful so quickly. Thanks God          

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Having Sex With Pakistani Mother In Law At Islamabad

Anyone who loves sex with mother-in-law must read this story. My Mother in Law is a real gorgeous lady and stunningly hot. We belong to lahore. It happened two years ago. Two years ago my wife planned a get together with her family and we decided to visit murree for a summer vacation. She got together with her sister, brother and her mother (My father-in-law had died 5 years ago) all to go in together to Murree. I was working on an important project at the time so only could manage to take a 5 days off for this tour while my wife and her family planned to stay for 10 days. So I was just going to travel to Murree with them and stay my five days and drive separately back so I could return to work. Mt wife belong to a an elite class family where pardas and burqas are never considered. An open type family system is there, care-free dressing and relationships are my in-laws family routine.


Sex With Mother In Law
While we were at Murree on the 4th day, my mother in law got a call from her sister who was needing her help as her husband was at the hospital in urgency. She was really needing her to come back early to stay with her children so she could manage her husband's treatment. As I was heading back the next day so I could return to work ,she asked me if she could just hitch a ride back with me. We both lived in the same city and of course I didn't have a problem driving her back.

The only issue I had that I wanted to attend a two hour meeting at Islamabad for some office work, I asked if she was comfortable with it. we needed to stay at a hotel for 3-4 hours and I wanted to make sure she was OK with that. She said not an issue as we would just get a room for rest meanwhile you attend the meeting and then we can go back.we would be fine. There was never any sexual messing around between us in past but I had seen her cleavage shows and visible bras etc in her loose and transparent sexy dresses. She was almost in her early 40's but looked younger than her age. She got a heavy pair of boobs that was much prominent in her all dresses. We just figured we would be both travel drive and hit the hay and get up very early to hit the road again.

She has always had a pretty face as she looks a lot like my wife who is a nice looking woman. My mother in law has been married till 38th year of her life to my father in law. But after his death, I guessed she never even thought about sex anymore.

we left as planned driving back. We drove for 1.5 hours and reached Islamabad early morning. It was about 7:50am as we reached and time to start looking for a place to stay, eat and find a hotel. Got a reasonable hotel, we asked for a room with two beds but the receptionist at the desk said they were all out of the double rooms and only had one room left which was a king bed suite. I asked my mother in law if it was OK with that. She agreed, So I went ahead and paid for the room and we settled in the room.

I changed over and left the room within next 40 minutes for the meeting. I got free in 1 hour as all matters were setteled so I arrived back at hotel within short time. It was around 10am. The keys of the room were with me so I entered without any problem. This was the moment when all devil wishes sparked in my mind as soon as I entered the room. My sudden door opening didn't allow my mother-in-law to settle, She was just coming out of the washroom after finishing her shower and there was nothing to hide her big boobs from me. For a moment, she was almost stunned at the place, I couldn't leave the room (Or may be I didn't want to leave at that time) so I could only feel a bit ashamed on entering without knock.

However, It was a kinda surprise that my mother-in-law didn't mind it. Instead, she said; O sorry, I got out without care. Even after the small chat she didn't bother to cover her up, she wrapped a towel slowly around her body and then started talking about my meeting. She said, you came so quickly, I didn't expected this. What green signal else I could expect from her (May be she was inviting me) or she had it in her mind already. She started rinsing her wet hair, as I removed my shoes. Surprisingly, she started asking me about how things were between my wife and me and I told her things were ok but my cock was feeling a life (I have not fucked my wife past 7 days or so). She told me she went through the same thing with my father in law and told me some of the things she did with her hubby to keep things alive and romantic. I was surprised with her opening up to me like this -- I guessed she was taking over and loosening her up a bit. But still a certain kind of fear was there on what was happening between us and there were no other hints of anything like sex.Then she given the final signal, saying - you take a bath and change over so that we can proceed.

I immediately went to the bathroom to take a hot bath and I just sat and started thinking for a while. Fucking a Hot Pakistani Aunty and the real mother of your wife is such a hot experience. Then came the next thing, I came outside the washroom intentionally in underwear to show her my assets , making an excuse of towel. When, I came out, Oh my gosh - She was just stripping her bra. Her big melons and that side view made me crazy and stunned at the spot. Again she never cared and I was not a fool to take those green signals. I offered, Can I help Aunty? She smiled and looked at me, saying -Yes for sure.

I just went on her back to hook up and adjust her bra, I couldn't believe what was happening and my cock immediately sprung into action and I now knew she could feel my hard cock rubbing up against her ass. I couldn't control anymore, grabbing her big melons which were bigger than my palms. She hesitated and joking said, I just called you for hook adjustment. I knew, her mood was asking something else. I said; Aunty please, I can't hold more. You know, I haven't done anything with your daughter. I am just crazy now. She didn't stop my hands so it was obvious that she was allowing me to carry on. I rubbed my dick against her ass crack as I fondled her large tits. I removed her bra and started sucking her nipples like a child sucking his mom for milk.

For a moment we forgot our relation. She was moaning just like my wife. And I could feel her hunger for a dick for so many years. As I licked her nipples, she started moaning. Now , she was no more my mother-in-law. She was just like my bitch now. I was almost shaking now as I was completely turned on by getting a little taste of the mother in laws body. Her boobs were big but they were still fairly firm with nice big nipples that were getting harder with my rubs. I then moved my hand down to her pussy and was totally surprised to find a completely wet pussy. I am guessing she shaved it for the trip to Murree which is fine by me as I love a nice shaved pussy! Her pussy was really soft and she had some really nice pussy lips which was much different than my wife's lips. I started to rub her clit and she greeted me with another nice moan of pleasure as I could tell she was certainly enjoying the sexual attention -- probably something she has not been treated with for over many years.

She then moved her hand back to my hard cock and she started to rub it through my underwear. She stroked it really softly from base to the head as I could tell she was anxious to release my cock from my underwear and get it inside her. So I went ahead and removed my underwear and my cock was totally free now and she immediately grabbed it and started to stroke it. I was absolutely turned on and horny as hell at this point and was leaking pre-cum which I could tell my mother in law was enjoying. She sucked it for a while, I couldn't expect such a nice dick sucker in shape of my mother-in-law. Her lips were much better than my wife as she sucked the full dick. My wife often sucks it half. While she sucked full dick and licked my balls. This skill told me that my mother in law must be watching movies of sex. She done it better than an expert. She just pushed me onto the bed and then She just came on top.I was in lying position and she sat on me, placed the head of my cock into her pussy entrance and slowly pushed the head of my cock in her. I didn't move as I wanted her to control the speed and depth of the penetration into her cunt, She slowly pushed down on my cock until I felt her ass all the way up to my nuts -- finally all the way in. I couldn't believe how hot and wet her pussy was as I figured a woman in her early 40's would feel much different.

I could feel her really getting turned on and she then started to really work my cock in and out of her at this point and started to fuck her wet, hot pussy really hard at this point. She really started to moan at this point and she begged to shoot my cum deep inside her pussy. I was totally turned on at this point and I could feel my orgasm start to build deep inside my balls. She took a nice ride on my dick for at least 5 minutes and then asked me to fuck her in doggy style. I knew her hunger. so i started fucking her like a bull. I made forceful, thrusting so that my dick hits her deep. She moaned louder as I fucked her. I kept pumping my cock deep inside her pussy while grabbing her boobs. I told her I was getting close and she said she was close also and told me not to stop and she started to erupt with a huge orgasm and her excitement pushed me over the edge as I felt my cock shoot a giant wad of cum deep inside her cunt. She was shaking and moaning with her orgasm as I felt 3 or 4 more large spurts of cum unload inside of her hot cunt. 

We both laid there motionless for a few minutes just catching our breaths from the excitement. Without saying a word we both rolled over and fell back. We got up after about 30m or so as we had to get up for the drive. I figured I would try to get another piece of fuck, may be her ass before we leave but she got her sister's call again, so we have to leave. During the journey she never appeared as ashamed or guilty . Instead , we kept on talking normal and as nothing has happened between us. I knew, It was not the last time I ever had the chance to fuck my mother in law again. That was it -- it didn't take long to fuck her again and the next fucking was done at our home when my wife was sleeping. Will share the story later.

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