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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pakistani sex parties,The real stories

Pakistani sex parties make People dance to the beat of the house music at Centrifuge.These hot Pakistani sex stories are always behind the scenes.This Pakistani underground rave party was conducted at a farmhouse on the outskirts of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad early July 15, 2012.ISLAMABAD:Hot Pakistani Women in short skirts and men with gelled hair bump and grind on a dance floor as a disc jockey pumps up the volume. It is the secret side of Pakistan, a Muslim nation often described in the West as a land of bearded, Islamic hard-men and repressed, veiled Pakistani women.people must know the realities behind these Pakistani sex stories.

Pakistani sex stories

These Pakistani sex parties started right in the tenure of Bhutto when key dinners were introduced.In these key dinners,Pakistani married women were introduced into Pakistani wife swapping fun.Starting in the 1980s, Pakistan has been drifting towards a more conservative interpretation of Islam that has reshaped the political landscape, fuelled militancy and cowed champions of tolerance into silence.But the country remains home to a large wealthy and Westernised elite that, in private, lives very differently. Still a 20% population of Pakistan(The elite class Pakistani women) is dominating the 80% through TV,media and internet.

Every weekend,Hot Pakistani fashion designers, photographers, medical students and businessmen gather at dozens of parties in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore to push social boundaries in discreet surroundings that would horrify, and enrage, advocates of the stricter brand of Islam.This is just epic,” said Numair Shahzada, bobbing his head to the beat at a Pakistani sex party in a farmhouse outside Islamabad as fitness instructors moonlighting as bouncers looked on. “The light and smoke show is phenomenal. Young men and hot Pakistani women mix freely, dancing, talking or drinking. Some curl up together in quiet areas for Pakistani sex.

Although alcohol is prohibited in the country, many have brought their own liquor for Pakistani sex stories.Whisky is carried in paper bags and vodka is disguised in water bottles arranged along the dance floor. The party-goers form only a tiny minority of the country’s 180 million people, but overall, Pakistan is not repressive. Women can drive, are enrolled in universities and have played prominent roles in politics. Unmarried men and women can interact without risking the wrath of religious police.

These Pakistani sex stories are increasing day by day.People from its most populous province, Punjab, are renowned for their exuberance. But a conservative form of Islam is chipping away at the tolerance. A few hours drive from Islamabad’s party circuit, parts of remote tribal regions have fallen under the sway of hardline Taliban militants, who dream of toppling the US-backed government and creating a society where revelers would face flogging, or worse. Men and women who dance together are damned by God. Whenever we see such displays of vulgarity we will definitely make them a target,” said a senior Taliban commander.Hot Pakistani women have forgotten their traits and just loving to enjoy Pakistani sex stories.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cheating wife enjoys a man for Pakistani sex stories

I am Natasha from Islamabad with my real Pakistani sex stories here.I am 25 years old hot Muslim wife.I am going to share my extra-marital sex affair which changed my entire life after marriage.The things started when My husband failed to fulfill my desires as per my requirements.I will only narrate my story here without telling my identity.I was married 4 years back to my conservative husband.Our marriage was an arrange marriage and I have not met my husband before that.His family was religious and devoted Muslims living in Lahore, Pakistan. Before marriage I was an open type hot Pakistani girl and never cared to keep my so called “IZZAT” in bounds.My MOM had never forbade me from doing fun stuff and wearing fashion clothes.After marriage,My husband forced me to wear a hijab.The bounds and my husband’s formal sex style forced me to search for new things in my Pakistani sex stories.

Pakistani sex

I was thirsty for Pakistani sex after marriage.Even looking upon other men for more than a glance is frowned up for women of my husband’s family. My husband is about 5 foot 8 and me, quite tall  at 5 foot 10. My husband is of wheatish complexion whilst me,like a true Hot Pakistani girl,fair and beautiful, large eyes, red lips and gorgeous hot Pakistani woman.After marriage My husband did not let me work and was regularly having sex with me like a Drum with small tab.I didn’t enjoy the sex with him and found his penis small and uncomfortable and also routine type Pakistani sex.

Before marriage I was totally addicted to internet sex movies.My mind had been influenced by watching huge well hung black and white men having sex and giving their partners on screen orgasmic climaxes. I found sex with my husband quite boring.He would only do the missionary position and his penis never really hit my spots.I would often rub my vagina to get orgasm when he was at work to keep myself going and remembered the porn films I watched on the internet to keep myself sexually satisfied.

After watching his capabilities for Pakistani sex stories I decided to try another man.I can’t take divorce as he was my cousin and it could ruin our family.But at the same time…decided to make it very kinky.One day when my husband had gone to work I took permission from my mother-in-law and went to meet my friend who lived nearby.She allowed me after hesitating a lot but insisted me to wear BURQA(I never liked that).I left from home and went to a local internet café and searched for profiles of guys around our area in Lahore.

I have made up my mind to enjoy my Pakistani sex stories.I have called my friend and told her to act if somebody asks about me.She said;don't worry.I found a young local name by the name of Sunny, looking to meet up near the back end of Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore,a famous local market.The back end was quiet and rumors in the college days were that girls who wanted to lose their virginity before marriage would go there to meet boys who wanted to more than masturbate.Finally i got his number and decided to meet him right that day for Pakistani sex stories.For reading the next part of Pakistani sex stories visit HERE.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cheating wife for Pakistani sex stories part II

The second part of cheating wife for Pakistani sex stories is here.I called him and after gathering my fears about meeting a stranger for Pakistani sex,I told him what i wanted.He quickly agreed and told me that he is residing in a rental room and its safe enough to meet.he seemed to be nice,gentle and educated,confident and eager to meet me.I took rickshaw and went to the place,Where he asked me to come.He was already waiting there and soon he recognized me as i told him earlier about my dress.He was very attractive with a muscular body in his mid twenties.He came to me and after a formal greetings he asked me to follow him.In the street,there was no Rush so I felt safe to follow him. I was scared as it was my first incident of meeting a stranger for Pakistani sex after marriage.But I went over in the excitement and decided to enjoy my life without hurting our family relations for Pakistani sex stories.

Pakistani sex

He opened the door and I walked into the room of Pakistani sex.He closed the door.He asked me to sit and relax and went to bring a cold drink from refrigerator.I looked at the apartment.It was nicely furnished which could show how gentle and soft he was.I really liked his life style.He came back and after finishing my cold drinks,He did not need an engraved invitation to start things.He was out of his clothes in a jiffy and was on his knees behind me.He was just in underwear now and I could understand his big size inside his underwear.He fondled, pinched and slapped my tight round tits for a while. I was getting wet in seconds when I thought about his juicy tool for a while.After experiencing how my husband’s small circumcised tool feels, I was now having natural big penis for my thirsty vagina.But there was much more to Sunny’s juicy tool than just being longer.He thrown his underwear aside and I have first time seen such a big tool.There was girth, the sort that I had never experienced before.He was at least 7 to 8 inches, compared to my husband’s small one which was only 4-5 inches hard.

I asked him to do it fast as I had less time for Pakistani sex.He licked my vagina for a few minutes.My husband had never even thought about it.He started to drilled me hard and fast. His hand kept moving from around my waist, up my back, playing with my breasts, back to my waist, grabbing my butt flesh and so on. He got on his knees, grabbed my hair and asked me to suck after pulling it out from my vagina.I was experiencing a never-before bliss. A real big young tool of a stranger with real girth satisfying all my inner lust.He has hit my all spot inside.I was enjoying like the all hot Pakistani women do.It was the best experience for a Hot Pakistani wife like me.

I yelled as the first orgasm hit me during Pakistani sex stories.I had never got this after marriage.I had an extremely intense orgasm. I yelled and shuddered as it lasted longer than usual.He was able to keep going at the same pace, even with the friction that his thickness and my relative tightness must have generated. Amazing.He again pulled it out of my mouth and drilled it again in my vagina.He made me in Doggy style and held my hairs in his hand from behind.Believe me he banged me like a horse.In a couple of minutes, his grip on my hair tightened even more and I realized what was about to come. Within seconds, my vagina was flooded with a big load of his juices.He didn’t try to pull out as he knew that I was married.After that I left his place.We met many times after that which I would share in my next Pakistani sex stories.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pakistani sex with neighbor aunty (Part II)

I Picked her and the journey of my Pakistani sex stories just started.She was holding her younger baby in her lap while I was trying to sit back as closer as I can.She was hesitant in the start but later I guessed that she got closer to me.Once near the speed breaker,I intentionally pushed brakes quickly so that she must get pressed with me.My idea came true and her right breast just touched my shoulder back.Believe me,I felt the soft tissues of her breasts like a cotton.She laughed and said:I was just to fall (Girny Lagi the).I replied;Aunty you should sit a bit forward to avoid this.She was a matured Hot Pakistani wife and quickly got my intentions but didn’t remarked anything.I have to start my Pakistani sex stories with care.

Hot Pakistani

After collecting the medicine we got back to our Pakistani sex destination.Since it was getting late, I tried to move a bit fast.She forbid me like a hot Aunt from driving fast.When we got back,My MOM was not present at home and our house was locked.she offered to come in her place and when my mom comes I could go home. I was not comfortable and a bit affraid as well but finally I agreed.I went to their drawing room but she called me to sit in the bedroom.Her large breasts were still creating a scene of lust for me.Her baby was sleeping now.She kept her baby in the baby pot and asked me if I needed tea?It was a great chance for me to spend few minutes of luck why should I deny.I quickly agreed to her and she went in the kitchen to make a tea for me.

When she came back with a cup of tea,She seemed to be the heroin of Pakistani sex stories to me.I asked aunty about the sleeping baby.After finishing my tea,I couldn’t control myself of being praising her figure.This is a killer medicine for a Hot Pakistani aunt to get praised by a younger guy like me.She smiled and said;Thanks GOD,there is someone who can praise me.I smiled and moved to my next trick.At that point i have got enough idea about the aunt that if I even praised her breasts,she won’t mind that.I hesitated a bit but then asked her how you manage your beauty aunty?She looked at me in a meaningful style and said;I do nothing,Its all natural.I unintentionally thrown my lip by saying”So big size naturally(Itnay bary kesy).She made a naughty smile and said;GUDU...behave.I made a quick sorry and thrown a two sorry words again.I was just getting my Pakistani sex stories going now.

I was just thinking about Pakistani sex stories when she suddenly asked me about my girl friends.I replied;YES,I have two.She laughed and said,Done something or just Chit chat?(Kuch kia bhi hai ya just Gup shup?).I replied in a bit shy tone that they don’t allow me to do anything,(Dil tu bohat chahta hai)I always wish that they allow me because my younger don’t allow me to wait more.She asked me what younger?I made an illusion to my pants bravely telling her about my penis.She laughed loudly and said;Is it so hard?I thought quickly and unzipped my pants.I was not wearing any underwear so my tool jumped out.It was hard and almost fully grown in length of 6.5 inches.She kept a hand on her mouth like a pure Pakistan woman and remarked again to feel shame.I was a bit afraid as well that if she told my MOM,It could go worst for me.But to prove your luck you have to take risk for Pakistani sex.

Believe me,I begged like a child for Pakistani sex stories.I begged her,Aunty please...........?She agreed after 4-5 minutes struggle and my appreciation of her beauty and finally got up and came near me.She slapped in a naughty style on my cheeks and said;You are a bad boy,asking your aunt to make you cool.Her baby was sleeping tight and she grabbed my tool in her hand.After giving a hand roll-over for few minutes,she started to lick it.My pee-juices just went in drops on her lips.She sucked me for almost 5 minutes and then finally I pulled her Shalwar down.Then made her to sit in my lap.She was facing me while sitting in my lap on my tool.I quickly made her underwear a side and guided my tool just through her underwear.She was wet and also with a slightly loose vagina.This could be due to babies.she started jumping over my tool and I just released in 5-6 minutes depositing all my loads in her love hole.I quickly got up and after adjusting my clothes came to my home as My MOM has arrived as well.I enjoyed many sessions of Pakistani sex with her afterwards which I will share in my next Pakistani sex stories.

Friday, September 21, 2012

My neighbor aunt looking for Pakistani sex

This story is based upon my real experience of Pakistani sex stories with my neighbor aunt.No fiction is involved in these Pakistani sex stories.Her name was Alia and she was 34Y old Pakistani housewife.Her husband was almost 5 years elder to her.Despite being 34Y old,She was an extremely Hot Pakistani wife.Every guy would be ready to desire her if he see's her.The incident happened after a long struggle of mine as its a tough ask to seduce Pakistani wives for sex.They are quite loyal to their husbands and majority of them won't try to cheat their husbands but if somebody is hardworking like me,He can find his way out for Pakistani sex.I struggled for almost one and half year for that day to happen and finally got my Pakistani sex stories going.

Pakistani sex

Before going to my Pakistani sex stories I will tell my family background first.Our family consists of five members.My Parents,two sisters and me.My father runs his own business and my mother is a teacher.We shifted our house after my mother's transfer to the new School and this shifting brought a new style into my sex life.Our house was just located in-front of that aunty who became my queen after a hard struggle.My mom has a good nature and same was the case with my sisters.They made a good relation with that Hot Pakistani aunt in just a few days and our family relations started.Believe me,I was eying her right from the first day when she came to meet my MOM.She was a gorgeous lady and can be categorized as one of the real Hot Pakistani women.

The neighbor uncle became a good friend of mine and soon he started to make a chit chat during evening hours with me.He shared his family problems and I given him good advices as per my capabilities.One day he told me that he has to leave for an official visit for one week to Karachi.A spark of happiness glows in my eyes as this could create an opportunity of Pakistani sex for me.He advised me to help his wife and also told my father that we should take care of their family during his absence.We agreed happily.The Hot Pakistani Aunt always called me by my nick name "Guddu" and I always felt a lust whenever she called me for something.

One habit of her which I forgot to tell you in my Pakistani sex stories,was that she was an open type lady.She has three children and the elder one was almost 8Years old.On third day she came to our house and asked my MOM about me.She has to buy a medicine for her younger baby and the medical store was almost 5 KM away from our house.She asked my MOM if I could take her on my bike for purchase.My MOM happily agreed and called me to do the job.I was happy enough that she would be sitting on my bike and I may find some of her body parts touching me.Frankly speaking I was hoping for her large breasts to touch my shoulders during that journey.I brought my bike outside and started to wait her.She came outside after 4-5 minutes and believe me,she looked hot more than girls.Her large breasts were visible through her thin dress and she was wearing a pink Bra.The rest incidents of my Pakistani sex stories will be shared tomorrow.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My brother-in-law and me for Incest sex

Pakistani sex stories

This is my real sex story in Pakistani sex stories.My name is Rimsha and I am 20Y old girl from Pakistan.This story is rather an incest Pakistani sex story.The story is about how I enjoyed my brother-in-law and his nice tool a few months ago.Before going to the story I would first tell you our family background and our life routines so that you can better know my sex story scenario.We are three sisters but no brother,our father works in a Garment factory.My mother is a kind of nice Pakistani wife who doesn't impose the so called restrictions on her daughters and we are free to enjoy our life.All of us,Mean the three sisters like to wear fashioned clothes.It is always our desire that whenever we go outside,everybody should notice us.It costs you nothing if you just allow boys to stare at you and you reply with a smile.The hot Pakistani girls like us would get all the pretty things with only giving one smile.This was our attitude towards guys which always led us to enjoy Pakistani sex with smiles. 

Hot Pakistani

A lot of hot Pakistani women like my elder sister had many affairs before marriage.I knew that my sister was in affair with our neighbor guy.She met him many times,Got her expenses but only managed to keep him just on casual meetings.The guy tried many times to bang my sister but she managed to escape with her tricks.We all know each others affairs but our mother didn't know that.after my elder sisters marriage with a rich guy,she settled in the city and her affairs stopped for a while.My brother-in-law,Noman,was a decent and well built funny guy who impressed me a lot right from the first day.I was much impressed with his personality that I wished to marry him if he had not been up for my sister.Besides this,My liking for his personality and his body started to increase and I wished if he could bang me some day.I was always fantasizing to have my legs on his shoulders for Pakistani sex stories.

I was reluctant in the start as it is very much difficult for a Pakistani wife to bear her husband with her sister even.My sister could kill me for that if she knew that I was eying for her husband.In the months after marriage,I managed to get too much frank with my brother-in-law so that my dream for Pakistani sex could come true.We watched movies together and never cared for any sexual scenes in the movies.We rather managed to laugh at that time in a naughty mood when my sister was busy in her work.Soon we started to eye at each other but his meaningful smiles while looking through my body curves were annoying me to hurry up for a good bang session.By chance,My brother-in-law's mother got ill and admitted to hospital.Her admission provided me a chance to fulfill my fantasies for Pakistani sex stories.
My sister remained with her mother-in-law at hospital and I came back with my brother-in-law to their home.It was a best night for me to enjoy my brother-in-laws tool for which i have wished for months.He locked the main door and asked me to make a cup of tea for him.I was calling him brother till that time but who knows that I was hiding my lustful desires of Pakistani sex behind those words.I made tea and we sat in the bedroom for some chit chat.He was a bit tired so I asked him If I could help.He smiled and said:what can you do.I replied in a laughing tone that i can massage his legs.He was quite happy to listen that and agreed to my proposal.I brought an oil bottle and he was lying on the bed.I started to massage his shins and feet and he went into heaven with my massage.

The time to finish my Incest Pakistani sex stories had arrived.I tried to massage his legs and went upper with my every move.He was a married man and he could understand my acts.I reached his knees and then I mentioned that his Dress was creating some hindrance.He quickly asked me to remove it if I am easy with that.I could see his nice tool getting life inside his dress.I asked in a shy style that he should remove it by himself.He opened his waist band and removed his dress.Now he was in underwear.His tool was fully tight inside and I was eying lustfully on his underwear.I started to massage his naked ties and went right near his pubic area.

His tool started to bulge for Pakistani sex.He looked at me and smiled.I remarked:Brother your personal things are teasing enough.He removed his underwear and his monsters jumped out.He didn't allow me to settle further and pulled me on his chest.I made a formal resistance as most of the Pakistani women do but believe me I was looking for this from the core of my heart.He hugged me tightly and Started to kiss me all over my face and lips.I started to moan loudly and in a sip of second he removed my entire clothes.My lust had made me forgetting my relations so I closed my eyes and lets him do all.He sucked my nipples and I moaned like his Hot Pakistani wife.

Finally our Pakistani sex stories reached to climax and he bent me in-front of him in doggy style.I was not a virgin.I have done it with my boyfriend once.So he inserted his entire tool inside me.He was almost twice in girth than my boyfriend and it really created pain for me.When he was fully in the pain started to become pleasure.He banged me hard.Now I could easily realize that why my sister was controlled and focused on her husband.she was a kind of hot women who always likes to try different but no body could imagine a better tool for her than my Brother-in-law.He banged me for almost 10 minutes and then changed position.He hit all my spots inside and I never had such a wild orgasm before.My boyfriend was not able to hit all spots.Now I was into heaven with such a memorable bang session of Incest Pakistani sex.Finally he pulled out and released his hot juices on my belly.I am addicted to my brother-in-law now.Our Incest Pakistani sex stories are still in progress.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Survey Results for Pakistani sex stories

Our real Pakistani sex stories are very popular now.A lot of sex stories based upon real experience of Pakistani women who had sex with men other than their husband have been liked by public.This Pakistani sex blog is providing the best outcome for those who love sex stories of Pakistani women.We always try to include the opinion of our blog readers as it provides the best platform to public who like to share their opinion about Hot Pakistani women and Pakistani sex.For this purpose,We usually conduct blog surveys and blog polls about Pakistani sex.The public cast their vote according to their experience with Pakistani women,Pakistani wife,Pakistani aunties and hot Pakistani girls.The latest sex survey results are here for public.Please do cast your vote in these sex polls and surveys so that the Pakistani sex story readers can get a help from these sex polls/surveys.Enjoy with Pakistani sex stories and Hot Pakistani women.

There were two Pakistani sex surveys/polls running on this blog from a couple of months.A plenty of visitors shared their vote and emails to us about these Pakistani sex polls.The first sex Survey was interesting enough.We asked a great question "Who is usually involved in sex with hot Pakistani wives?"This Question was ultimately a replica of public experience.We managed to run this sex poll for almost 2 months or so.Almost 4400 votes through poll and emails were received by us.

Pakistani sex

As it is evident from the picture of Pakistani sex,The majority of Pakistani sex stories are between Hot Pakistani wife and her Husband's brother i:e DEWAR.The 30% of Pakistani women who like to have extra-marital sex affairs are involved in incest Pakistani sex.This option has taken 1325 votes and found to be on top of Pakistani sex stories.The second option is cousin.Pakistani women remain involved in sex affairs with cousins after marriage.Some are involved with brother-in-law and some with neighbor.You can see the details in the above picture of Pakistani sex poll.

The second sex survey for Pakistani sex stories was regarding the public liking for stories.We asked that "What type of Pakistani sex stories are liked by people?This sex survey was also run over two months and Following results were found after the poll and public emails.

Pakistani sex stories

The best popular of Pakistani sex stories are Pakistani incest stories.Almost 41% of sex story readers like Incest sex stories and these are very popular on this sex blog.The second popular stories are Pakistani married women sex stories.People also like to read real sex stories of hot Pakistani women who are married.Other results can be seen from the above picture.A couple of different polls are running now on this blog.Our readers are requested to poll their vote so that we can bring the best results about Pakistani sex stories.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seducing a wife for Pakistani sex stories

This is the remaining part of seducing a wife for Pakistani sex stories.I used to be back in the afternoon and would wish I can knock at her door and self-invite myself for tea or something so that I can have a closer encounter with her, but never gathered the courage. One weekend my parents invited them home for dinner.They came and she was looking stunning in her blue Suit.We all started chatting and I got to know my neighbor was setting up his business I tried to get closer to her as she was sitting with my MOM where my father and her husband were sitting in there chit chat.She was helping my MOM in kitchen and went many times to the kitchen.Once I intentionally touched her back when entering the kitchen and she didn’t even mind that.This reaction made my further moves easier.The dinner was over and all were happy She and her husband wished us good-night and left.I though about my upcoming Pakistani sex stories the whole night.

Next day onwards I started leaving for college a little later than usual timing so that I can just miss my neighbor uncle and just in time before she closes the door after biding goodbye to hubby the timing was perfect and now I could only say bye to her and once in a while stand and try to talk to her, we apparently became close and while talking to her I would glance though her whole body.

She used to wear lovely dresses, a little transparent, she would tease me with her talk and ask what am I looking at and if I have never seen a hot Pakistani women and I would just blush.This was a turn on for me and wanted to pounce on her but didn’t know how. That afternoon I came back early from college and as I entered our building compound.I saw her getting out from a auto rickshaw with loads of shopping bag of grocery vegetable and fruits etc and as she entered the building she tripped a bit, losing her balance and there I was like a hero to hold her items. She was surprised to see me, I picked up her items and as she bent down I could see her sexy breasts through her deep neck dress.My manhood was getting a life inside my pants in a second and was pressed against my underwear.I was sure she figured that out.I helped her with all the baggage till her doorstep and finally she asked me come in.

She directed to a stool kept near the loft and said I have to shift some boxes down and to mind as it was heavy. I quickly offered her help and she smiled.We started to shift a few boxes and It was almost 3-4 hours before her husbands arrival.Well I went up the stool which was a bit wobbly to which she said.When I saw her Dopatta falling,believe me,a huge breast could been seen in the deep necked dress.Current waves went through my entire body.I couldn’t control myself of praising her figure.She smiled and her smile was an agreement that she liked to show her off.I got down and asked in a naughty mood;Can I see them.As I told you earlier that she was a brave hot Pakistani wife with bold life.She smiled and said nothing.I grabbed her left breasts and started fondling it.She forbid me slightly like a pure Pakistani women.I didn’t stop as I knew these tricks. 

Soon I removed her dress and she was looking gorgeous in bra and panty.My fully lofted tool was ready for a nice Pakistani wife.I bent her on knees and guided her face to my tool.After a bit of hesitation she started sucking it. my whole shaft was in her mouth and she was licking and sucking it like a lollypop in kids mouth. It was my first time and my dream was coming true and I could not handle it anymore and shot a whole load of cum into her beautiful mouth. 

She felt a little vomiting act but soon she managed to get easy in Pakistani sex stories.The whole load was in her mouth and she spit it on floor.. Now without uttering a word she held my hand and took me to her bedroom.She asked me if I ever banged any one before? and I said ‘No” She moved her hands up and down moving the upper skin of my tool back and forth. I leaned back and enjoyed. She kissed my tool’s red tip and placed her tongue rotating on it and took my whole shaft in her mouth and started tasting it again. She was doing it with a moan after a while I again got ready for a nice bang.

I went down her neck kissing with my tongue and took one breast in my hand and another in my mouth and started sucking it hard. She started moaning and her pink nipples were erect and I pushed her down on to bed and kissed her stomach and she pushed my head down to her vagina.I started licking her vagina separating her flesh and licked it with my tongue .She was moving her waist up and down and she begged me to bang her I finally entered my meat bone inside her.I started banging her faster and she raised her hips cooperating with me.. 

It was an unforgettable session of Pakistani sex stories for me.I banged her for 10-15 minutes for a fast screw action.She pressed her legs around my waist and finally I deposited my semen inside her.I didn’t tried to pull out as it has no problem when banging a hot Pakistani wife.The day proved to be a life changing day.I enjoyed many times with her later on the same bed of sex which her husband used.I hope you like my Pakistani sex stories and share your comments.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Seducing a wife for Pakistani sex stories

My name is Amir and I got introduced to this site of Pakistani sex stories recently.I have got addicted to it and prompted me to pen down my real life experience with my neighbor. I live in Islamabad and this happened when I was starting my first year in college and had all these lovely hot Pakistani girls all around and I started fantasying about them.Our building had only two flats in each floor and our neighbor an old couple had moved back to their native place and their flat was vacant. I used to be back from college by afternoon, no one at home as my parents used to work and are back only by late evening and I used to be all bored since I had no much friends in our building of my age.This routine life urged me to look for some hot Pakistani sex stories around.

Hot Pakistani

So I started reading all the sex story books that used get from my college friends and have fun. One day as I was getting out for college I saw my neighbor Uncle. I thought they were back but he informed me that he was here for a day as he was renting out the flat and I will soon have a neighbor and I wished there would be some one of my age who.I can be friends with but he informed me that it was a newly married couple and I was like OK. The next day as I was going to college I saw a truck with all the household stuff and I realized it was my neighbors checking in. I went past the truck there was a taxi parked and there was a fat gentleman struggling to get out off the taxi, finally he managed followed by his young bride in her red suit and the newlywed accessories.

I had the first glance at her and believe me I could not move my eyes from her and she was fair beautiful nice curvaceous figure, big naval ,perfect assets,perfect hot Pakistani women that any man would desire. I was wondering how she married a fat ass like him. I immediately started fantasying about her. I came back from college started my usual stuff of my sex story reading but could not help picturing my beautiful neighbor in every story of Pakistani sex.She was awesome and hot enough to impress me as a hot Pakistani wife.

The next day as I was getting out my flat and I saw my neighbor getting out as well, his beautiful wife saying goodbye.They looked very much in love as she was seeing him off.We got eye introduced and I smiled when she looked slightly into my eyes.She closed the door immediately without bothering me more.From that day I started observing their time and daily tried to give her a look at that time.This continued for a number of days and I sent my MOM to their flat for the formal introduction.The idea came into my devil mind because in this way she could be able to visit our flat.Soon this idea fruited out and she came to our flat one day.My MOM was out for market and she went back after just asking about my MOM. 

The days went on and soon she became a good friend of our family.A lot of times she came into our flat and a few times she talked to me a bit.Whenever she talked to me I felt a lustful desire in her eyes.I thought she might be missing sexual satisfaction of her husband or she could be a hunter type Pakistani wife.we started talking more and more as we waited for the things to happen in Pakistani sex.Click the link For reading the next part of Pakistani sex stories.

Incest sex stories


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