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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My incest sex with sister and My friend In Pakistan

I am Jawad with my incest Pakistani sex stories.Before writing my incest sex stories,I would like to introduce my readers about our family.This story is not a fiction,a true accidental incest sex with my sister and friend which happened last year.We belong to an upper high class family of Pakistan with no financial problems.My parents are casual about us always which helped us in living a free life style.We live in the capital city of Pakistan,The Islamabad.My mother and father are often traveling abroad which leaves me and my sister alone at home.We have plenty of servants in our Luxury bungalows who are not allowed in interfere our life.I am habitual of using a lot of money for fun and enjoyment.My sister is also leading a free life.She is unmarried and 19Y old now.My incest Pakistani sex stories revolve around her.

If I tell you about my sister's true state farms,I would say that she must have done sex with two or three guys.We both have no bounds or interruptions to each others life.She is habitual of wearing revealing clothes which show of her body assets quite nicely.This habit has been adopted by her from my mother as my mother is also habitual of wearing see-through clothes.Last year,My mother and father traveled abroad for a business tour.Me and my sister were behind in our luxury bungalow.On Sunday afternoon,My fast friend Sunny called me that he is visiting my home as he was felling alone.I agreed and started waiting for his arrival.Soon he reached in his Insurance car.We sat together and started a chit chat about concert tickets.

Sunny and me were friends of all weather and Pakistani sex stories.We know each and everything about each other.we share every simple happenings.I forgot to tell you that we have some Gay relation as well but only for soft Pakistani sex.My sister was in her bedroom when we started to watch a movie.The movie was a porn movie and we both were watching the movie with keen interest.We were so busy in the movie that we didn't even tried to lock the door.After half an hour when suddenly My friend looked back ,he saw my sister standing behind us.Our dicks were erect along the movie and seemed bulged out of our baggy trousers.My friend suddenly grabbed my hand and asked me to look back by some illusion.When I looked back,I was shocked to see her standing behind.

She suddenly shouted; what are you doing.I tried to close the laptop screen but she grabbed our laptop and asked what is this,I will tell mom and Dad that you are watching porn.I was elder to her so I tried to show her some anger but she was not convinced at all.Sunny was watching all the situation and he grabbed my hand and pressed it to remain cold.He further spoke to my sister and smiled.He took laptop from her and asked her to sit.She has curious eyes when looking at her erect cocks inside trousers.I felt her lust inside.She sat on the sofa and smiled.Sunny and me were quite now and looking at each other when she asked us to play the movie.She said,If you play right now,she will not tell anybody.I was quite but Sunny played the movie again.The movie scene was a group sex scene where two guys were screwing one girl.

Our dicks were not normal.They were erect till now and when the movie was played again,I got up and went to washroom.I was nervous because she was my real sister and I had never talked about such with her or watched such movie together.I thought for a while but my dick didn't allow me to remain cool.My inner hotness asked me to have some fun with my sister.So,I forgot everything and just took her as a normal girl and made up my mind to fuck her if she gets ready.These were my true internal feelings about her.I have not been told to have extra care about my relations right from my childhood.I came back to the room and when entered,a stunning scene was waiting for me.

My sister was rubbing Sunny's cock inside his trousers for Pakistani sex stories.I jerked my head and came inside the room.She dam care about me and continued to rub his cock.After a few minutes Sunny smilingly said;why are you sitting quite? Lets enjoy yar.He grabbed my trousers and pulled it down.I was not wearing any underwear.My cock popes up like a pop-corn.Me and Sunny were almost of same size but he was having a little fat tool than mine.My sister smiled and started Surveying my cock.Sunny also pulled down his trousers and his cock also came out like a rod.We both were half lying when my sister started to suck Sunny.I was watching and feeling movements of incest Pakistani sex inside my cock veins.

She sucked sunny while grabbing my cock in his left hand.We both were enjoying as she was giving a nice hand-job and blowjob of Pakistani sex.I was also watching the movie which was making me more hard.Then she started sucking my tool while giving hand-job to Sunny.This constituted about 15 minutes.It was the time to screw her for Pakistani sex.Sunny pulled her clothes and opened her bra straps.This was the first time when I saw her boobs fully naked.Although,I have seen her in clothes but not fully naked.My sister's boobs were firm and around 34D size.Sunny made her in doggy style and inserted his tool inside her vagina.His cock started examining her vagina walls like an Injury lawyer.It was my guess before that she was not virgin but now I have seen that I was true.She was already opened for Pakistani sex stories.

Sunny started screwing her for Pakistani sex stories while my cock was inside her mouth.He fucked her nicely by hitting all corners of her pussy while I was just feeling to cum.I couldn't control more so I blasted my cum on her face while sunny was still screwing her.His timing of fuck were longer than me.He fucked her in all positions and soon my cock was erect again.I asked Sunny to pull out his dick while I inserted my cock in my sister's pussy.She was dam hot inside.Sunny went to her mouth and fucked her throat with his fat cock which was already wet with her pussy juices.She was moaning like a bitch.I have first time seen that my sister was so hot.This incest sex session lasted for 10 minutes when Sunny blasted his cum on her boobs.I was too ready to cum again so I pulled out and released all my cum on her fat ass.She got orgasms for three times.After getting our cum out,we were not able to put eye's to each other.She got up and went to other room quickly.The life after incest Pakistani sex stories with my sister will be shared in next story.

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