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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Maria and Me for Pakistani sex with her Husband

I am Aleena,32 Y old Pakistani housewife with my real Pakistani sex stories for the first time on this blog.I have been reading this blog of Pakistani sex for quite a few months now.I thought a lot about my own sex experience and then finally decided to share it here.My writing style for this web conference might not be so good but I would try to write all the real sex incidents which happened to me regarding Pakistani sex after marriage.Before going to my real encounter,I would like to give a brief background of my marriage and family so that the readers can enjoy my FDA approved Pakistani sex stories.

I belong to an Elite class family of Pakistan where sex freedom is normally a prescription medication given to daughters and sons.Parents of our class doesn’t care much about daughters if she has some affairs like dating and sex.Boys of our class can find women and easily meet women if they try dating.Daughters also have freedom to meet boyfriends and make friendships.I have been brought up in this family atmosphere before marriage.I have never been thirsty for Pakistani sex before marriage as I have three boyfriends who satisfied me in sex for quite a few times before marriage.I met them in their Luxury homes and have a full bang session to satisfy my desires.My husband dam cared as I was not a virgin at marriage because he knew that Pakistani elite class has sex affairs.

After my marriage I never cared much for Pakistani sex from my Host ,My husband.He was quite excellent in licking my spots for hours which made me to feel wild orgasms.This specialty of my husband never allowed me to look for men for extramarital sex affairs.His good size tool seemed a healthy food for me and also hit all the corners of my Valley whenever he banged me.After the birth of my second child,My husband has to visit abroad for at least 6 months for his business travel.He left Pakistan when my second child was only two months old.I forgot to tell you that in our elite class families women are happy to live alone without any relatives even if the husband is is out for his worldwide tours for a few months even.Same was the case with me which helped me for these new Pakistani sex stories.

My husband has traveled abroad and I was alone with my babies at home.We have three servants at home which were enough for me to serve.One day all of my college friends were on conference calling and having a chit chat.One of my college friends,Named Maria,was also there who had recently returned to Pakistan with her husband after spending three years in UK.She was one my college friends who had joined me in screwing sessions before marriage.Maria and I had made sex at girls hostels as lesbians and then with her boy friend as well and with my boyfriend together.So nothing regarding Pakistani sex was hidden between her and me.

I invited her to my Luxury home and she accepted my invitation of visit with her husband.She came to my home on Saturday evening.We sat for a few hours,have drinks together and made a lot of fun.My babies were the responsibility of MAID servant so no body disturbed us during the chit chat.Her husband was quite muscular and well built and cute enough to impress me.The second thing which I felt during of web conference was that he was talking to me and watching my breasts with lusty eyes.In start,I felt unconscious but later I liked it as he was quite handsome and muscular.The second thing which added to my liking was that I have not been into Pakistani sex for at least 4 months since my child’s delivery.

At night I offered Maria to sleep in our bedroom along-with her husband as my babies have another bedroom.She accepted my proposal and we were all three in our Luxury bedroom at night.Maria asked me about any sex encounters after marriage but I told her the truth that I have been missing that act.She laughed and said;why not to try tonight.I looked at her in amazing manner but she quickly offered me her husband as a partner.Her husband was taking a bath at that time and he was not present in the room.I thought for a while and asked her;would it be OK for him?She smiled and said;Yah he likes it.

I accepted her after thinking for a while as I was also missing Pakistani sex for quite a long now.It was a chance for me to have safe sex at home without getting into troubles.My husband would not be back for at least three to four months in future.These thoughts helped to make my mind to have a fun with Maria’s husband.Maria given an idea to watch some hot movie together and then start the things.I was unshaven in underwear's so I decided to take a bath and shave my Napa valley lodge before having her husbands tablet into my walls.I asked her to download a good movie from the internet and gone to take a bath.

I have a high speed DSL connection at my Luxury home so Maria downloaded a group-sex affiliate training videos of sex just matching to our coming session in which two girls and one guy was making fun.When I returned after bath she was ready with the movie.My babies were sleeping in their bedroom so there was no disturbance for us.Our servants were sleeping in their servant quarters.When I became ready for the movie show,Maria played the movie on the Screen capture which was showing two girls sucking one guy.We have a Big screen LCD so the scene created an awesome atmosphere in the room.Her husband was getting hard along the scene.

Maria knew that I would be feeling shy as it was our first session with her husband So she grabbed her husband’s tool and started rubbing it.I watched her doing that and smiled.Meanwhile she removed his baggy trousers and started sucking his tool.I was gone wet in just a few seconds as I have seen a good guy with good tool after a long time.My panties became wet and I could not resist more.Maria smiled and asked me to join.The movie show was in progress quite nicely and we both started sucking his tool wildly one by one.He was moaning now with pleasure of two mouths.

Maria removed my dress completely and her husband looked at my big natural breasts which looked like a product of breast enhancement cream.He grabbed my breasts while I was sucking his entire shaft.we all were without dresses now and Maria moved to my love hole and started licking it.Our position was such that I was sucking her husbands tool while Maria was licking me and Maria’s Napa valley lodge being licked by her husband.I felt a wild orgasm during sucking session.All of my juices were entirely licked by Maria.I have been thirsty for Pakistani sex for months and my state brought wild orgasm.

After this Pakistani sex suck session the movie show changed its scene to bang session.We also progressed along the Movie show and Maria’s husband lifted me in his arms as I was slim and sexy body type Pakistani women.He gripped me in his arms and put me along the wall in standing position.I was not feeling any shyness now as Maria and I have many sessions like this before marriage.He inserted his tool inch by inch in my valley walls which was nicely fleshed into my meat.My pussy gripped his tool nicely and he started screwing me slowly.Maria was sitting in his legs and licking his balls while he was screwing me.We continued for 5-10 minutes in this position and then Maria changed position with me.Now she was in her husband’s arms while i was sitting in his legs licking his balls wildly.

After this wall bang Pakistani sex session,Me and maria moved to bed where we both took doggy position.He came from behind and first inserted his entire shaft into my flesh.He banged me fast for one minute and then done the same with maria while having french kissing with me.Our pussy juices were flowing like a river and then He asked both of us to take the third position.He lifted my legs to his shoulders and banged me deep inside my valley.Maria was sucking my breasts then.It was an awesome Pakistani sex session.

Same Movie show of Pakistani sex stories was repeated with Maria and I was sucking her breasts.I was amazed to see her husband’s timings.We both have at least two wild orgasms but he was not finished even once yet.It has passed at least 30 minutes since we started Pakistani sex.Then he felt that he is about to shoot.So me and Maria both came in kneeling position to receive his load on our faces.He had wild release and a lot of juice to throw on our lips.He was musculus and as per my expectations he sprinkled a lot of drops on our lips.We both felt the smell of his hot juice.After his release Maria and I started french kissing as we do in the past before marriage.After this first session we took a short rest for drinks and then have another session that night.I could not forget that night till now which brought a lot of fun to my bore life.I thanked Maria and her husband and they left my Luxury home next day.I hope you like my web conference of Real Pakistani sex stories.   

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