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Sunday, July 1, 2012

My journey and joys of Pakistani sex

I am Bilal with my sex story here.Before going to my sex stories,I would like to introduce myself to my readers.I am almost 25Y old,working as a software Programmer in Lahore.I am basically from Wah Cantt and doing job in Lahore.I am good looking,tall,clean shaved and well mannered.The most prominent figure of my personality is my sense of humor,which usually attracts every women who listens me for some time.Most of the time,I remain quite interested in my work and Don't try to bother people.This incident of my life happened one year ago when I was traveling to my native city for weekends.I took a ticket of Luxury travel coach from Daewoo bus stand and just went to wait for my coach in waiting room.This waiting room was the point of start for my traveling sex stories.

It was my auto insurance quote to have a complete look at passengers sitting inside the waiting room.There I found a family sitting in the corner,a Wife and husband may be ( I was not aware of their relation at that time)The girl seemed to be in her mid twenties and husband may be in his mid forties.The girl was quite young.If we compare their ages,they might look father and daughter but they were not such.After a wait of hour an hour,Our Luxury coach arrived on bus stand at about 6PM.We all got up and went to take our seats.By chance, The family was having a seat right in front of me.They both sat on their seats but I could not forget the eyes of that girl when she looked at me when taking her seat.

Our journey started and soon we left Lahore and entered the motorway.After the insurance quote at motorway toll plaza,I tried to have a look of her through seats.You could not imagine what was my state when her large right boob came in-front of my eyes.Her large boob was a perfect Affiliate of her sexy body assets.I was just thinking about her husband that why she married a double aged person but soon my mind answered my questions that his financial attributes should be quite high.Our half journey was over when I felt that she also tried to look at me by peeping through seats when she was making seat adjustment.Her husband was almost sleeping now but she was awake.It was almost 9PM when the driver took a turn for 15 minutes break at Malibu Hotels.I was thinking to have a nice Pakistani sex session with her.

All the passengers got up and went down to take a resort while I waited for her.When all the passenger went down,her husband also went down leaving only me and her inside bus.I got up and went to the front area of the bus so that I can have her deep expressions in back.When I was returning back to my seat,I looked at her quite widely.She smiled unexpectedly.Her smile was enough for me to start some conversation as her husband was outside.I greeted her and exchanged smiles.When I sat on my seat,she took a turn and asked me if I had some Nimko or any other thing because she is feeling a little dizzy.I opened my bag and given her a few chips to take.Within 5-10 minutes I was able to ask her details.She told me about her,her husband and their purpose of travel.They were going to Wah Cant for some official visit of her husband.She told me that they have already booked a room in some Hotel.

She was not hesitant like the majority of Pakistani women.She was quite aggressive in relations with men which I understood from her talks.In short,I should tell you that I was able to ask her mobile number and hotel address in a quick time.The Luxury coach again started and soon after 2 hours,It reached Wah Cantt.We again exchanged smiles when They were leaving the bus.I also followed them and took my luggage and left the coach.The next day I called on her number at 11 AM.She picked up the phone and soon we started chit chat after formal talks.During our chit chat she invited me to the their Staying Hotel and told me her room number.She asked me to visit during 10AM-2PM as her husband would leave the hotel for official meetings and she would be alone.

I could easily get her intentions which were quite clear that she wants to have a Pakistani sex session with me.I went to the Hotel at 11AM next morning and just went to their room after a few Hotel Reviews.I miscalled her and she opened the door.I entered the room and quite stunned to see her style.She was wearing a semi transparent address which shown her large breasts and figure quite clearly.She was a woman with big ass which everybody would like to see bouncing on his cock.She offered me a cold drink and then we sat together on Sofa.She started to rub my thigh while talking to me.I was neither a fool nor an impotence patient who can leave her without fuck.I placed my hands on her boobs and started fondling her.Soon after French Kissing,I started to remove her semi-transparent dress.She was quite sure that her husband would not arrive before 2PM.

Our Pakistani sex stories were on the Cruise Line now.She grabbed my cock of around 7 Inches in length and started giving it a nice hand-job.She was different from shy Pakistani wives.Soon, she started sucking my cock.You can not believe how good she was in sucking.she nicely rolled her lips and tongue on my cock then taking the entire 7 inches inside her mouth through throat and touching my balls. she sucked my cock as she was having a lolly pop.Then after a 10 minute sucking session,I made her sitting on my cock.She was jumping on my cock,facing my side ,where I could see her bouncing boobs Reverse Directory.Her vagina was not much wider which could easily give an idea about her husband's cock size.I grabbed her boobs and fucked her for almost 5-6 minutes.Then I made her in doggy style and fucked her for more than five minutes in doggy style.

She was enjoying our Pakistani sex session and moaning like a bitch.I could feel the hotness of her ovaries inside.She seemed to be sex thirsty. I was filling her vagina nicely by pressure Apply.Then I felt my sperms coming to the tip of my cock.I pulled out my cock and grabbed her head.All of my sperms were on her lips and cheeks in one minute.I have fucked many girls so far but I could not have such a wast orgasm of sperms which she brought through her hot lips and vagina.We both were released ,So I quickly put up my clothes and asked her for leaving.She smiled and thanked me for giving a nice fuck.I also smiled.She told me that they are here for almost one week and I have to visit her every other day.I agreed and visited her for two times more in the coming days.This was my sex story which started from travel and ended in fuck of a hot Pakistani wife.I hope you like my sex story

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