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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pakistani sex with neighbor wife second part

Pakistani sex with neighbor wife second part is here.I have started fantasizing about screwing her and making my plans.One day,once again I was alone at home making a presentation on Consolidate student loans when I heard a knock at the door.When I opened the door,A watchful screen capture was there to please my eyes.She was standing in-front of our flat without any Doppata around her neck.She was wearing a deep neck dress which was making her cleavage very clear.Her boobs line started conference calling with my tool in my pants.Since she had come directly after washing, her clothes were wet and clinging to her body at many places, leaving very little for imagination. I instantly got a hard on but hide it somehow.I was not willing to make my web conference prominent for Pakistani sex stories.

Pakistani sex stories

She asked me for some help regarding the gas leakage in the bedroom heater as her husband was out for Job.I warmly accepted to help her and went to her flat following her and watching her big hips bouncing nicely.When I checked the gas leakage,I found a small part of pipe with a cut.I told her that we should cut this pipe from the portion of leakage.She given me a meaningful smile and said;you do as you want and I am going to make a tea for you.She went to her kitchen and I started to think about my sex refinance home.I was just thinking different plans on how to start a new business of Pakistani sex with that hot Pakistani wife.She came back with a cup of tea and sat on sofa.

She asked me what you do in your free hours.I told her about my activities of business administration and then my devil mind spotted me to highlight my x-movies habit as well.I smilingly told her that if  got time I watch the romantic movies.She smiled and asked;how much romantic?I could understand what she asked so I boldly replied;even XXX movies.She smiled and said good.I also told her that despite being married she is maintaining herself quite well and looking nice.The appreciation is probably every woman's weakness. She blushed on this comment. I told her that I am telling her the truth and she can indeed be a dream girl for any guy on this earth. She really got excited in hearing this.I got up and went closer to her and for the first time I touched her cheeks. It was a simple brush by my fingers first and then I placed my entire hand on her face and stroked it slowly.

She blushed red with my acts of Pakistani sex and said;don't be crazy,I'm married.She said this but her meaningful smile could tell me the truth of her heart.She was ready for a hot Pakistani sex session and I must not miss the chance.She closed her eyes. I moved my hands like a feather on her cheeks, chin, forehead, eyes, nose and lips. I brought my lips closer to her cheeks and kissed her softly. She came closer to me and hugged me tightly. Her firm breasts were squeezing against my broad chest. I was on cloud nine. The feeling that I am getting the girl of my dream in my arms today is so overwhelming that it can’t be described through any words. 

I was also on the verge of coming in my Pakistani sex stories so I took off her panties and saw that her Napa valley lodge was clean shaven and swollen with excitement. I laid her on the bed. And spread her legs real wide. This was the first time I was seeing a grown up girl’s pussy and I wanted to remember it by heart. I gave a long glance which made her blush again. She said what you are waiting for. I approached her pussy first with my tongue. She was fully wet with her love juices dripping out. I slurped on them and used my tongue the way a drilling machine does to the soft earth.

She went hysterical and let out a loud scream. I put my fingers in her mouth and shut her up. It was becoming too hard for both of us to contain ourselves. I spread her legs again and positioned myself in between them. She wasted no time in holding my dick and placing it at the entrance of her Napa valley lodge. One hard shove and it went in half way. She was real tight. I later asked her and found that her husband was gay and hence she was hardly being fucked by him.Another two or three hard strokes and my entire cock disappeared inside her depths. I now put both my hands under her hips to bring her more close to me. My lips were again locked against hers and I started pumping. My strokes were slow at first, but as I realized that I am finally making love to my dream girl, my intensity increased. 

On seeing her in such a state of Pakistani sex and realizing that its me who is responsible for bringing her to this stage, I also could not control myself. My balls became hard and squirted juices way up. I warned her that I am coming but she did not let me go. I finally started shooting my loads deep inside her. My super hot juices started adding further fire to her hot valley walls. A good quantity went inside but rest of it dripped out. We laid there in each other’s arms, exhausted with our Pakistani sex. Finally after five minutes of refinancing, we got up and I came back after wearing my clothes.I hope you have liked my Pakistani sex stories.

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