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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Office sex stories of Pakistani women,Fucking my hot colleague

After reading a lot of Pakistani sex stories I decided to share my own story.My name is rameez. I am 27 years old and am working in a large Multinational company at a management position in Finance section. It happened when I was in a conference organized by Atlas group. The conference was held in Islamabad ( I live in Karachi )The booking of the participants was in a Luxury hotel in Islamabad and the conference was also held there. It was for three days.During the second day I met this real beauty by the name of samina.She was my colleague last year for Lahore visit.During the conference,I noticed that she was eying me in a very different way.She was a representative of Cash advance section for the conference but looking for Pakistani sex stories. 

But let me tell you that I am a very shy sort of a person in the company network, and I did not make the first move.Last time when we were in Lahore, I didn’t thought of having sex with her.Although she was very open type of girl who dam care about nudity in dressing or feeling shy in talking to men as most of the Pakistani women do.We were well known to each other.After the meeting there was a dinner at nine and the meeting ended around six. We all went to our rooms to get freshen up.I went into my room and took my jacket and tie of and was about to get rid of my shirt that I heard a knock on the door and I just went in that open shirted attire to open a door.I was really shocked to see samina standing outside. She just smiled and said that may I come in I said of course. She came in and sat down on the bed and said that its so hot and the meeting was really boring wasn’t it ?

I said yes you are right.we discussed about debt settlement advice for sometime.Then we talked about company Investments.During our talk,I could feel the lust in her eyes.This time, I made up my mind to fuck her.I just got a feeling that this is much more than just a casual visit to my room. I told her that I am going to change and will take a minute, she said ok. I went into the wash room but intentionally I left the door open.As I was about to get inot the shower ( I was already naked ) I felt a soft hand on my back which ran a chill in me, turning around I saw her behind me she just moved her fingers on my muscular chest and shoulders and said that u sure r very tempting, I said for what and she just pulled me towards her and forced her lips on mine,her lips were so juicy and hungry for hot Pakistani sex.

She thrust her tongue in my mouth and started exploring my insides. My dick suddenly came to live and was pushing on her stomach, she moved her hands all over my back and kissed me on my ears neck shoulders and ran straight down to my tool and engulfed it in her hot and wet mouth and started very slowly licking it and moving her tongue on it. I moaned and said what are you doing she said plz keep quite the fun is only beginning.Let me enjoy my work in home dear. 

She took me out of the bathroom for Pakistani sex stories and got onto the bed. She said do you like female domination I said yes and she jumped on me and took my lips in her mouth and started sucking and biting it. She than got off the bed and told me to service her with my tongue I slowly removed her cloths first the shirt and then her shalwar ( trousers ). She was not wearing any panty or bra and her beautiful boobs were out in the opening she held my face and pushed her nipples in my mouth and commanded me to suck them and started licking them and biting them she moaned loudly and yelled ooh yeah suck harder you bastard suck harder after ten minutes of sucking she pushed my head down forcefully over her pussy.

Her pussy was well shaved and was very soft and pink . I licked her very lightly and she moaned and said rameez please suck me dry.I began my chore very willfully and started giving her the lips service she was bucking like anything and was grinding her hip and pussy in my mouth then she told me to hold and said let me come on top. She pushed me down on my back and sitting on top of me she started moving and her juices started flowing like a river. She tasted like peach and I told her so she smiled and said,do u like water sport ( peeing action ) and before I could reply she pushed her pussy lips in my mouth and started peeing in my mouth and moaning.I opened her pussy lips again and pushed my tongue in deep and started stroking her after five minutes of stroking she splashed the cum.

After being satisfied for Pakistani sex stories,she took me in her mouth and started giving me a nice job with mouth.she slurped my entire tool and bite me on my tip and I told her that let me take it out as I am about to cum.She said I want it all and started sucking me more wildly until I gave her all my cum.she took all my load on her lips.We had the same sort of fun the other day as well but it was a threesome this time which is a another story all together.hope you have liked my accidental Pakistani sex stories.

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