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Sunday, July 15, 2012

My wife and Pakistani sex session with her Boss and friend

This story of Pakistani sex belongs to my hot wife.Before going to my Pakistani sex stories I would like to give a brief detail of my wife.My wife Sehrish works as a Manager of credit cards in a Bank and is quite sexy looking with 36-30-34 statistics. She is 30 years old and we have one male child.She keeps traveling to Head Office of her Bank in Karachi. She is quite good in bed and we have a good sexual life, although she used to tell me that she did not like sucking.I hope my story will help your refinance home of Pakistani sex stories.

Once she was in the wash room for taking bath after our Pakistani sex session and her phone rang.I picked it up but when I said hello the phone got dis-connected. I was not a husband who would keep an eye on his wife and her conference calls.But this time,I was slightly suspicious and started to see her sms messages.There were no messages which I could doubt but when I searched in old dates,One message from a number saved by the name of “SIR” read like “want to drink the milk. I got suspicious and started observing her acts and long conference calls which she often attended late night standing in the balcony of our flat.During this time of observation,I could guess that she talks to some male when I was sleeping in the room.It created some more doubts in my mind but I was never a husband who will divorce her for enjoying with other men.I was very open minded in this regard of Pakistani sex.

once she was preparing to go on some meeting(which she told me)and was in the wash room for quite some time when I tried looking through the key hole.I observed that she was shaving her sex areas and I was quite shocked and amazed.she was going on a business meeting and was she getting ready for something nasty. I could not have gone with her on meeting as she always stayed in her Bank Guest House so could not do much. However when I asked her casually about the meeting,she told me that a company owner wants to apply for a credit card and he is her Bank manager’s friend.our team is going to solve his company problems.He has given many Financial aid applications to our bank as well.This was a story created by her which I knew already being in doubt.

I planed to follow her that day.She went to bank and I gone to rent a car so that she can’t observe me in a rent car.After getting a car,I stayed outside the bank waiting for her departure.She spent only 15 minutes in the bank and then came out. To my surprise,she didn’t got her car from parking but went straight to a Luxury latest model car waiting outside already.My doubts about her gone more stronger.The person driving the car was well suited in a three piece dress and looked quite educated.When I tried to recognize him,I judged who was he.He was the bank manager of her branch.Now all the screen capture of this web conference was in-front of my eyes.They went to a near by luxury hotel and straight way went inside after parking the car.When they gone inside,I parked my car and went to hotel reception.

I inquired the person standing at the reception counter by telling their dresses.He told me that they are Mr&Mrs Mahmood.Oh my God, it was really a shocking scene to hear this.My wife has registered herself as his wife just to enjoy a Pakistani sex session.I paid some money to the reception person by saying this is for your personal financial needs.He was reluctant but then took it when I handed it as gift.

I asked their room number and the manager told me that they are in room number 48.I went upstairs.My mind was not angry like a typical Pakistani husband who could divorce her straight away but I just wanted to see her with another man in the hotel room.Fortunately,room number 48 was in the corner with stairs.When I thoroughly looked around I got a position where I could peep through the window.It was risky enough for a man like me being caught there so I decided to get aid of some waiter.After a little search,I got a waiter passing nearby.I told him a fake story that I want to see who is inside the room.He was hesitant but when I given him 5000 rupees,He smiled and agreed.He told me to do whatever I want and he would keep an eye around.I peeked into a room through a very small area where the curtain was slightly aside.I kept my self hidden so that they could not observe me in the outside.

The lights were on for this Pakistani sex session.I could see that my wife was lying naked on the bed and the person was standing with his cock in her mouth and she was sucking hard and in the mean time another person came from the washroom and went to my wife..My wife was smiling to see two cocks at the same time where I was amazed.The second person was unknown for me.The second person immediately bent and started licking her pussy while her manager was getting hot and he started pumping hard and then came in her mouth.

She tried to take her mouth away but he insisted that she suck and lick it and she drank it whole in the mean time the second person had also taken off his clothes and his monster tool of big size was looking too big to get into her pussy.Seeing the big tool,she got even more excited.They both were bigger in size than me.This may be the reason for Pakistani sex.He soon emptied his pot in her and her pussy was dripping of his juices.

I had a erection as well after watching this Pakistani sex.She spoke like a prostitute and said fuck me you mother fuckers but I want that promotion.I could hear these words in a very low voice coming out of window pane.Now I got the point for which she was getting a nice fuck.They said,first prove that you are a better slut than Sheeba(her co-worker)then he climbed upon her like a starving horse and started humping her without any break and started calling her abusing words which she seemed to like.He started pumping in and out of her already red pussy which now had started dripping heavily due to the hard fuck.This session continued and then I decided to leave the place.what change we made in our life insurance quote after watching my wife getting banged by two guys will be discussed in next Pakistani sex stories. 

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