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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hot Pakistani Aunty Pics

I love Pakistani Aunties because they are super hot. These aunties are always looking for Pakistani young guys to have fun with. These pics are taken while aunties were making fun with their lovers. Look at these hot women in their mid thirties and forties but hotter than girls of eighteen. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hot Pakistani Girl Pictures Latest Collection

Looking for Hot Pakistani girls? watch these pictures. They have many other hot qualities along with beauty. They can start their own sexy lifestyle in Islamabad these days. These girls are wild and horny for sex. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are major places for these Sexy Pakistani Girls.








We hope our blog readers would like these hot pictures. Share your valuable comments and thoughts about Sexy Pakistani girls.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sex In College Store Room with Sehrish

I am Jibran. My age is 21 and I am writing a sex story of my college days. I studied in a high grade private college. This incident took place when I was in FSC. At this age most of the girls start looking sexy. Their body parts develop, their maturity develops, they are usually anxiousness about sex and boys. In general, girls start growing and looking towards every other guy with a feel of attraction.

I thought, almost all girls in my college had fine boobs. Most of them followed fitness regimes to keep them fit and more importantly in shape of their bodies. So there was the girl, Sehrish.she was damn hot, not tall but had adequate height. She was the hottest girl in my class, at least I felt so and so did most of the boys. Her boobs, her ass, everything was just more than suckable. it was all about her shape, maybe towards the healthier side. You can visualize Minissha Lamba’s assets for Sehrish. she had the Same figure and Same height. Maybe just the face was different.

So to begin with the story, she was not a very good friend of mine but she was my best friend’s cousin. I used to be at his place all day at weekends. We were like the best buddies, Always together. Their house was a 2 story bungalow and There was a joint family system. My friend used to live on the ground floor and sehrish on the second floor with her parents.

So one day I went to his place in the afternoon, and no one of was there except Sehrish. She opened the door. I said,hi, and we started talking normally as we do in our College. She welcomed me and told me that no one's home and they will be back in an hour. So told me if I want I can wait, so I decided to wait and she said she is doing some stuff up stairs so if I want I can wait upstairs so I wont get bored down alone.

So that was the first time ever I was talking with her alone, when no one was around, and I could express my feelings and I could speak my heart out. To tell you she was wearing a short and a tee and was looking too hot. This was the first time I was observing her so closely. Her butts and her boobs were the best I had ever seen, so young so tight. I instantly got aroused. But I controlled my self. The time went too quickly, and we kept talking about what not and this gave an impetus to our friendship.

We became friends and after that day whenever we met in school, we started talking and spending time with each other. It was our PT period and everyone had left except Sehrish. She told me to wait and said she needs to talk with me. She was sitting on the table and I could see her thighs under her tights shirt. This was enough to turn me on. But I controlled myself. She said she had a feeling for one of my friend and asked me for help to get them together. I was shocked but couldn’t say no, so I agreed to help her.

The next day, our teacher called everyone near her desk and so everyone gathered and I was standing right behind sehrish. While the teacher was giving some instructions, I was least bothered. As I was behind sehrish, I slowly moved my hand over sehrish’s butts and acted as if it was not intentional. She didn’t react on it. I felt it was a green signal. This time I pressed my hand with more force and she looked at me and said, Jibran, behave. I was confused. So I waited till we returned to seats and then sehrish sent a text, See you at store room no. 4, exactly after the recess” I just replied OK.

For your information there were 5 store rooms in our college, and 3rd and 4th store room were rarely used by our college. Those stores were in the upper story where no body goes normally. So after the recess I went there, but there was no one. I waited for 5 mins and I saw sehrish coming upstairs with her friend. She was laughing and talking to her. When they arrived near me, I got a little nervous due to her friend. She smiled and said; asshole what were you doing in the class in front of everyone and dare you do that again.

As she said this, she marched towards me and pulled me to the store room. Her friend, Nadia remained standing on stairs. I was confused by her act. I remarked, Sehrish; what about Nadia?She said,she will keep an eye outside.I was so fucking surprised, I looked at her while she turned her back towards me and bent forward. I hugged her behind and held her neck and turned her towards me and started kissing her. I removed her pants (Shalwar) and unhooked her bra aggressively. I didn't remove her Shirt (Qameez) as it was not required. We became wild, kept kissing and just couldn’t control anymore. I just unzipped my pants, and by that time I had a hard on. I pushed her against the wall and inserted my dick from behind while she kept her hand on her mouth to reduce the noise. I fucked her in that position for nearly five mins. I had my hand inside her Shirt and I was rubbing her boobs.

I made her fuck deeper and deeper on the table of the store room later and started going In hard, I was about to cum. Suddenly, Nadia came in and said, somebody is coming upstairs. We stopped and she pulled up her dress and went outside. Nadia and sehrish started walking on the roof and I hide myself in the store room. After 1-2 minutes, we were relaxed as the person who was coming upstairs had gone back. I went behind the table and finished myself till cum. After that, I adjusted my clothes, she looked at me and they both smiled. I smiled and went down. It was the best fuck of my life. Later, we had very good sex session. I will narrate some of those in my future sex stories.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hot And Spicy Pakistani Aunty Shazia

Pakistani aunties are hot and spicy. I have read many sex stories on different sites about such aunties on the Internet. One of my favorite sites has always been this blog. I read the first paragraph of a story and this makes me decide whether to continue or not. So, let's move towards the story. Shazia is a Hot Pakistani Aunty who likes to show off her beautiful body to Aunty lovers. Sexy Aunty is enjoying with her boyfriend in these photos. Awesome and saggy body makes her unique amongst other aunties. The man is very lucky to have that saggy melons grabbed in his hands while making a Hot Sex with her. check out this collection of Photos of Pakistani Aunty.




Her lover might have used metaphor and prosaic language at times instead of just using the crude bedroom language preferred in Western cultures. He must had refrained though from the cliches like "her sex". At best it is funny. At the worst it just bores me to leave a Pakistani Aunty With Lover. I would suggest all to screw her.


There are many other factors for writing about this hot aunty and I will follow this article with more photos. Right now I think that just what you read here should be enough to get you started. Watch her hot photos and enjoy.


Joining a blog where exhibitionists gather might give you an idea as to what really is the trigger. I suggest this blog of Pakistani sex stories being the best. What about this activity makes it so compelling. Analyze their words and write something that would appeal to them. Do not be afraid to delve into the psyche of someone with alternative ideas about sexuality.

Friday, November 29, 2013

How To Prepare Pakistani Girls For Sex

Provided that your Pakistani girl says she's not primed to engage in sexual relations with you, then you shouldn't force her. Some people think that sex is no big deal, but others see it as something they only want to share with an extra-special person. Although you never want to force your girlfriend to have sex with you, you can always soothe some of her fears and reassure her that you really are a person she can fully trust. After you do this, sex comes naturally. Pakistani girls are shy, Don't attempt making any contentions for them.

1. Build Her Trust
If you want to make your Pakistani girl want to have sex with you, then you should show her what an amazingly dependable boy you are. If she is going to trust you enough to have sex with you, whether it's her first time or if she's had sex before, then she has to feel like she can depend on you. One of her fears may be that as soon as you have sex, she won't be able to rely on you anymore because you would have gotten what you wanted. So, prove her wrong by being an upstanding and dependable boy. Maxim things are alike, "But we've one for so long," "Everyone else is doing it," or "But I ridiculously like you," isn't set to greatly improve the situation. Indeed, attempting to dissuade her will just make her more baffled, bothered, and she may be less inclined to rest with you.

2. Show Your Loyalty to Her
If you want to make your girl trust you, then you have to be loyal to her. She'll never have sex with you if she thinks you're talking to or checking out other Pakistani women, or even hanging out with other women. Though you don't have to be rude to or ignore other women, you should have a laser-sharp focus on your girl so she knows that you will always be there for her, especially after you start having sex.

3. Treat her like a Pakistani Lady
If you want to have sex with her, then you should treat her like a Pakistani lady, not just like someone you want to hook up with. To do this, you have to be a gentleman and be courteous, kind, understanding, and generally admirable. Open doors for her, give her your coat when she's cold, pull out chairs for her, and help her carry her heavy bags.

4. Show Your Interest
Pakistani girl's biggest fear may be that you don't care at all about her mind because you're too busy obsessing over her body. So, you have to prove her wrong. Show her that you are about who she is as a person, about her hopes and dreams, and about what makes her tick.

5. Pay Attention To Their Needs
If you're not attentive to shy Pakistani woman's everyday needs, then how will you be attentive in the bedroom? These women need to feel like you know when she's sad, nervous, anxious, or even just cold or hungry. Pay attention to their eyes, body language, and words to know if there's something bothering them. If you act completely oblivious when they are obviously upset about something, then they will think you're not really paying attention to them.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hot Pakistani Girl Kissing Photos

Please Share This blog on Facebook Or Other Social Networks to promote Hot Pakistani Girls! Beautiful Pakistani Girls want to live their life in full fun. These girls are very beautiful and everybody knows about it, that's why everyone wants to see them kissing.In some of these pictures, Sexy girls are Enjoying with boyfriends in hotel Rooms and dating places. Some aunties are also there to join this spicy art of kissing. Check this collection and share your thoughts.








You would surely love these pictures of Hot Pakistani girls. Share your hot thoughts about these girls and their funny moves.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tips to Attract Sexy Pakistani Girls With Pakistani Girl Numbers

I have been trying to study in different communities of Pakistani girls for last 10 years. I met a huge number of Sexy Pakistani girls. Many of these cabals of Pakistani girls were found in affairs with their relatives and got involved in sex. I found a certain change in their living style in recent years. It is just like as seen in the media, these girls are looking to cross religious limits, looking to explore their bodies, and looking to have affairs before marriage. They subjugate their parents. Almost 95% of babes in my community are not virgins. You should be quite surprised by these strident remarks and increased number of Pakistani Sex but it is a reality.
I have got a few numbers of Pakistani girls. Check these numbers below and try your luck if you can find some fun in it share with us.

Name:Nosheen Khan
City: Peshawar
Mobile Number:0307-4200334
Email:Will be disclosed Later
Interested In:Online Dating
Nosheen Khan Said:Hey Guys I am Nosheen 24 Years old From Peshawar, I Want some Online friends for fun, Just sms me and Get My Skype and Yahoo Or Faceboook ID to Meet Me Online.


i am Mehwish from Lahore.A hostel living student and now a days I am really bored. I decided to find some hot and sexy phone friends and cam 2 cam chat and date, call me only for serious friendship.

City: Islamabad
Mobile Number:0323-7803110 / 03237801643
Email:Will be disclosed Later
Interested In: Cam To Cam sex
Saba Said:I am Saba from Faisalabad, I Want some Online friends for cam to cam sex, Just sms me and Get My Skype to Meet Me Online.


First Name:Komal
Last Name:Rizvi
Interested In: Hot Chat
Contact No:+923063139110
About Komal: I am just for casual type of sex.I Am Komal Rizvi. I Want A Sex Partner..For Real Sex Just Call me.

I think these girls are very bold and living in such a restricted community. It is luck if anyone can have fun with these Pakistani Girls.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sex Story : Fucking my Cousin's Wife

This sex story is about my cousin’s wife. Luckily, I got a chance to bang her at my house.We have been living in Lahore for seven years and usually our relatives visited our house.This visit,which made my life more charming, was planned by my cousin Nasir. My cousin is a father of two and his wife, Named Aasma, is in her mid twenties. They got married in early ages. My cousin was much elder than her, almost 10 years elder. Due to an age difference, she never go frank with my cousin. she had a habit of gazing at boys of her age. On the other hand she was a pure symbol of Pakistani sex, husband's work oriented and she was taking a good care of her family.She was a villager but beauty was perfect including figure that can get any one hard; she was with medium to big sized boobs and a large pair of butts.

Luckily, my cousin had to finish some office related work in Lahore so he decided to stay for two more days with us. The next day he left early morning leaving his wife and children with us. It was a lucky day for me to have a good look of her assets and give her company. The story started when my parents got a call from my uncle who asked them to visit his house immediately for some land matter.They asked Aasma to go along but she insisted on staying at home, as the place was far away from our home. So, my parents took her babies along and went away.

I was out of the house early morning with my friends, when I came back and asked Aasma Bhabhi about my parents, she said they had gone to uncles place. My eyes sparked with the feelings of luck. I got excited to get her company.I thought about the chances to fuck her that day.Initially, I sat opposite to her and started talking about her life, village and other things.we got very frank since she liked younger guys.My age was almost near to her.

After about an hour, I said; I will take a nap, you do get me up for lunch in afternoon, which she agreed.This was what I planned.After about 2 hours later,she came to my room to wake me up, but I was desperately not getting up & showing as I was in deep sleep.She was repeatedly trying to wake me up, so meanwhile my tool was fully erect. I turned around with closed eyes, pretending to be sleeping and called my girlfriend's name (as planned) pulled her on bed. In the meantime, she must have seen my erect tool.

She was struggling and I got up. I pretended to be in shock & explained as It all happened by mistake as I was missing my girlfriend. So Aasma quietly left my room saying it’s ok and called me for lunch. So I freshened up and had lunch with her.Initially,she was avoiding eye contact as she was feeling shy, but later on as I started conversation,she asked me about my girlfriend and her family etc.She was very shy and smiling all the time while talking. So I thought this is the opportunity to seduce her as she was not annoyed by what I did with her in my bedroom.

After lunch, she began to accumulate all the utensils and clean the table, and I called her to watch sight of fledglings sitting in-front of our window. So she came and viewed with delight, and I supposed to utilize this chance to seduce her. I asked her about my misbehave in sleep and felt sorry. She smiled and said; its OK, but something was very rare. I inquired further but she smiled and same inside the room. I knew that she was talking about my erect cock which she had seen. I entered the room and followed her.I rapidly moved from sideways to her back touching myself to her and right away got her daintily from behind. My penis was hard when touching her rear side, and she was stunned and calm.

When I hugged her from rear, she pulled my hands and tried to leave. I was not willing to leave her so I kept on hugging her. She was smiling a bit but never committed that she was liking my moves.I took it as green sign and gradually moved my hands upwards to her boobs and daintily moving my hands over her boobs on outfit and kissed her on her neck and ears. She groaned and was appreciating the foreplay. What's more later I moved her towards me and gave a french kiss, gnawing on her lips and kissing her neck and moving my hand over her body. She was completely stirred so there was no chance that she could oppose me.

I quickly moved her to bed, where I laid her to informal lodging,began kissing her delightful pink lips and gradually began uprooting her dress.she began feeling frightened if anybody came so I went out to confirm the main door lock.I guaranteed her that no body will know and I will keep it between me and her, which she concurred after a minute, and i began sucking her boobs,kissing her boobs.She was wearing a black bra to hold her soft pair of bosoms.She had a lovely boobs pair,measured 34D with dark aerolas.

I was frantic taking a gander at them. I began kissing her boobs & pressing other boob with my hand. I played with them for quite a while, and moved to her areolas which were straight and hard at this point.I took one areola and began sucking gradually and consistently which made her horny and she failed to resist anymore. She was moving like a fish out of water and had a climax just when I inserted my one finger inside her shaved pussy.My moderate sucking of her boobs & dark areolas and up-beating her G-spot with finger made her out of senses.It would have been impossible to fuck her in others presence. I was feeling myself lucky.

I started licking her juicy pussy while she started moaning loud. I thought of trying a 69 so I asked her to lick my balls.At first she delayed however in the wake of demanding she tried and put my hard penis in her mouth, and she preferred the taste of my balls.she sucked on for a few minutes and then took it deep in her throat.At that point, without squandering at whatever time I needed for cock in mouth.I pushed her into doggy style and got ready to drill her pussy.Within a minute I began gradually entering her wet pussy and expanded my speed.At the same time I was pressing her boobs and areolas.

I was reaching the end of this sex story. She was damn joyful as seen from her interpretation. She was appreciating my hitting. After 10 mins, her senses were out and I was getting a charge out of fucking this wonderfulness milky wife. My cousin was so lucky to drill this pussy daily.I Proceeded for a few minutes, I set out on overnight boardinghouse to make her go in cowgirl style and she did the rest.After around the range of 20 mins of fucking I discharged my semen deep in her pussy as there were no fears of pregnancy.What a radiant experience that was and was a best mystery we kept for years.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

hot Pakistani girls pictures

Nowadays there are many Pakistani girls and boys who post hot pictures on internet.Hot Pakistani girls are looking for friendship for their boring time. Some of the girls are searching and trying to find the sexiest and hot boys of Islamabad. There are many beautiful and hot girls living in Islamabad and here we are going to share some of their pictures in this post. These are the sexiest girls of Pakistan.


Pakistani girls are hot.They have many other qualities as well along-with beauty. They can start their own business in Islamabad because they are from rich families. Keep in mind that Islamabad is the city of rich people and most of the elite class people are living here. The girls of Islamabad are very broad minded and amazing. They like to make friendships with hot friends and lovers across the world. They love to talk and chat with Pakistani people on their mobile phones. They love to have some pleasurable moments with friends and lovers.


you can say after these pictures of Pakistani girls that these girls are hot. They know that why people are praising these girls and why they are saying anyone that Islamabad is the place and city of hot and sexy girls. These pictures will describe you about the girls of Islamabad. we hope you will really like them and share your comments about these girls in the box below.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our First Wife Swap In Pakistan

This is my first sex story with pictures. It is about our first wife swap. The fun of wife swapping is very rare in Pakistani community. Pakistani couples are often struggling to find like minded couples as there are many fake people on the internet who are cheating like couples. I had fantasies of wife swapping, wife sharing and many other ideas related to my wife but I was not getting any real opportunity. A few people which I got from internet were found lairs so I started searching someone in my trusted friend's circle. I needed a trustworthy friend who should have the same fantasies about his wife. Finally I was successful in my plans and we got our first wife swapping in Pakistan. check the entire story of my struggle below.


Me and my friend Usman were working for 8-10 years in the same company. He was a kind of guy who loved sex. He often shared his stories with me. Nothing was hidden between us and he came to my house as well. He has seen my wife and appreciated my luck of having a lovely wife. I thought a lot about Usman and made my decision to try Usman for this task. He was tall,well built and handsome guy and he was an ideal person for great sex. Once me and Usman had sex with a callgirl together. The day onward, nothing was hidden between us and I have seen her big tool. he was at least 2-3 inches bigger than me. I even touched his tool and placed it on callgirl's pussy during our sex session.

But considering our community traditions, it was not easy to ask him to bang my wife. One day I asked Usman about his marriage and he told that he is going to get married next month. I saw his spouse photos and she seemed to be a nice and hot woman. Her name was Shazia and she was 22 Y old. one day me and my wife watched a threesome movie in which two guys were screwing one girl. I asked my wife about the idea but she closed my lips with anger.

I didn't tried to force her but the day onward I started to play such movies regularly in which two guys and one girl have sex. In starting days she didn't like it much but later she started enjoying. In a period of almost 2-3 weeks I made up her mind to get two tools in. she inquired about the second man and I told her that he would be my friend Usman. I saw her wide opening eyes which told me that she has some lusty feelings for my friend. She agreed to perform that session but on a condition that I will not tell Usman about her. I would introduce him during the sex session in dark light so that he can't see her face. there should be no kissing but only fucking in dark. I agreed quickly.


I told Usman and asked him to come to my house for that fuck. He inquired about the girl but I told him that she is a callgirl. We managed to have good sex that night for 2 hours. Usman banged my wife two times while she sucked my tool in 69 during that fuck. Later, Usman left the room as per plan. I was in great feelings after this Wife sharing session.

My wife praised Usman's fucking style and his jerks. I was very happy that she liked his cock. After one week me and my wife attended Usman's marriage. At marriage, she tried to attract Usman a few times and he was found interested in her large boobs. We discussed a lot while coming back from marriage ceremony about that casual flirt and enjoyed our discussions.

When Usman joined the office again, I asked about his marriage night and his sex with his younger wife. He was quite freely telling me everything about his wife's virginity and how he broken her pussy seal. My cock started to feel erection while he was talking. A few days passed and he told me every-time how he fucked his wife. One day, I told him about my fantasy of having sex in the same room with our wives but he said;How it is possible? I said, its not a big task if you can agree your wife. He said; what about Bhabhi? I laughed and said;don't worry yar. She is agreed and then I told him the real story of that day when he banged my wife thinking of a callgirl. He jumped up from his chair and looked at me.

He loved that and expressed that he wanted to get sucked but as per plan it didn't happen. I told him the plan to bring his wife at dinner and spend a night with us at our house. He agreed to the plan but said that he would try to convince his wife for same room sex. A few days passed and Usman told me that his wife is agreed but only for a sex session on the same bed without any further swap. I said; No problem,it would be a great fun.

They visited our house and the ladies prepared dinner for us while we watched a cricket match meanwhile on TV.  After dinner we sat together and our wives were sitting on sofa. As per plan ,I have brought HD movies of Threesomes and foursomes. I played a movie on the big LED screen. In start, Usman's wife seemed a bit shy but as the movie progressed she started taking interest in that. I started playing with my wife's boobs while Usman also starting sucking his wife's boobs. He pulled her shirt off. She has large white boobs and I loved that scene.

Usman sucked his wife's nipples while I looked them keenly. My wife started sucking my cock and same scene was there in the sofa as Usman and his wife were playing on sofa. Then I asked usman to bring Bhabhi on bed. He picked his wife in his hands and brought her near me.She kept on sucking his large tool. Her ass was touching my feet while Usman grabbed my wife's boobs. I asked Usman's wife if I can grab her boobs. She looked at Usman and he nodded his head. She looked into my eyes and allowed my to play with her white milky bosoms.

This went along the movie scenes. Then both movie guys started fucking one girl in sandwich style. I looked at Usman and he asked to do it with my wife first so that his wife should not feel shy. I layered below my wife entering her pussy while Usman went behind and pushed his fat cock inside my wife's ass. She screamed with pain but as we two started fucking her two holes fast,she started moaning with enjoyment. Usman's wife was playing with my wife's boobs while I was holding her boobs. It was the best scene of my life.

Then she couldn't bear more and she asked us to change the woman with the smiling face. Usman layered her in the same style by entering his cock into her pussy while I pushed my cock inside her ass. We banged her in the same fast style as we have done it with my wife. Then after fucking her for 5-6 minutes, Usman pulled his cock out and pushed it inside her mouth. From her mouth to my wife's mouth. He fucked both ladies throat while I banged both asses one by one.

Then we both were near to cum. Usman spread all his load on both wife's faces while I sprinkled my load on their asses. Then we took a break while both wives prepared some drinks for us. It was another session of great sex for 2 more hours in the second shift. After completing our second trip of fucking we went sleeping on the same bed with our wives in between. My wife was with Usman while his young wife was on my side. At around 3 am , when I awoke accidentally I found usman screwing my wife. I searched his wife's pussy and pushed my cock inside his wife. We banged each other's wife for at least one hour before we came. Our cocks were red due to rubbing but it was the best fuck night of our life. In morning they left our house with smiling faces.

We became great swapping friends and our wives became very close to each other. This was all about Our First Wife Swap In Pakistan. Me and Usman are still very good friends and we often meet on weekends for these swapping sessions. Your comments will tell how you rate my Sex story.       

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hot Marriage Ideas 2013 Pakistani Couples

Hot Pakistani couples would be interested in new Marriage Ideas of 2013. Hot Marriage Ideas are always great for Hot couples and a Hot Wife who really loves those ideas. Some Pakistani Couples love to share each other’s world. They will Be in touch with each others lives. Staying connected when they are apart and spicing up their married lives with a third one in the scene. We have always checked in with each other then we’ve been apart. When the wives were in office husband went to office. When the wives were in some hot session with another guy, husband went to greet her. She would not forget him and send an sms while getting banged by someone else.Through out it all they stayed in touch with each other. Sometimes they would be sharing their bed with a third guy. This is what the world is moving to. Today it’s easier than ever with email, texting and cell phones. To this day couples call other guys home at noon just to check-in and bang the Hot Wife.








Teaching each other. Share their knowledge with each other, Hot Pakistani Couples would explore every thing in sex. never doubting the others capability. Offering encouragement to their hot wives, advice and wisdom in a loving manner. Keep an open mind and be flexible. Spend time talking and take an interest in their spouse’s point of view.  Every one has the right to be and think differently. Two sentences they both use that have helped them avoid conflict are, “Would you rather be happy or right?” And “Did you forget I’m on your side?”. Hot Pakistani Couples would be doing all sorts of fun in 2014.

Incest sex stories


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