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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sex In College Store Room with Sehrish

I am Jibran. My age is 21 and I am writing a sex story of my college days. I studied in a high grade private college. This incident took place when I was in FSC. At this age most of the girls start looking sexy. Their body parts develop, their maturity develops, they are usually anxiousness about sex and boys. In general, girls start growing and looking towards every other guy with a feel of attraction.

I thought, almost all girls in my college had fine boobs. Most of them followed fitness regimes to keep them fit and more importantly in shape of their bodies. So there was the girl, Sehrish.she was damn hot, not tall but had adequate height. She was the hottest girl in my class, at least I felt so and so did most of the boys. Her boobs, her ass, everything was just more than suckable. it was all about her shape, maybe towards the healthier side. You can visualize Minissha Lamba’s assets for Sehrish. she had the Same figure and Same height. Maybe just the face was different.

So to begin with the story, she was not a very good friend of mine but she was my best friend’s cousin. I used to be at his place all day at weekends. We were like the best buddies, Always together. Their house was a 2 story bungalow and There was a joint family system. My friend used to live on the ground floor and sehrish on the second floor with her parents.

So one day I went to his place in the afternoon, and no one of was there except Sehrish. She opened the door. I said,hi, and we started talking normally as we do in our College. She welcomed me and told me that no one's home and they will be back in an hour. So told me if I want I can wait, so I decided to wait and she said she is doing some stuff up stairs so if I want I can wait upstairs so I wont get bored down alone.

So that was the first time ever I was talking with her alone, when no one was around, and I could express my feelings and I could speak my heart out. To tell you she was wearing a short and a tee and was looking too hot. This was the first time I was observing her so closely. Her butts and her boobs were the best I had ever seen, so young so tight. I instantly got aroused. But I controlled my self. The time went too quickly, and we kept talking about what not and this gave an impetus to our friendship.

We became friends and after that day whenever we met in school, we started talking and spending time with each other. It was our PT period and everyone had left except Sehrish. She told me to wait and said she needs to talk with me. She was sitting on the table and I could see her thighs under her tights shirt. This was enough to turn me on. But I controlled myself. She said she had a feeling for one of my friend and asked me for help to get them together. I was shocked but couldn’t say no, so I agreed to help her.

The next day, our teacher called everyone near her desk and so everyone gathered and I was standing right behind sehrish. While the teacher was giving some instructions, I was least bothered. As I was behind sehrish, I slowly moved my hand over sehrish’s butts and acted as if it was not intentional. She didn’t react on it. I felt it was a green signal. This time I pressed my hand with more force and she looked at me and said, Jibran, behave. I was confused. So I waited till we returned to seats and then sehrish sent a text, See you at store room no. 4, exactly after the recess” I just replied OK.

For your information there were 5 store rooms in our college, and 3rd and 4th store room were rarely used by our college. Those stores were in the upper story where no body goes normally. So after the recess I went there, but there was no one. I waited for 5 mins and I saw sehrish coming upstairs with her friend. She was laughing and talking to her. When they arrived near me, I got a little nervous due to her friend. She smiled and said; asshole what were you doing in the class in front of everyone and dare you do that again.

As she said this, she marched towards me and pulled me to the store room. Her friend, Nadia remained standing on stairs. I was confused by her act. I remarked, Sehrish; what about Nadia?She said,she will keep an eye outside.I was so fucking surprised, I looked at her while she turned her back towards me and bent forward. I hugged her behind and held her neck and turned her towards me and started kissing her. I removed her pants (Shalwar) and unhooked her bra aggressively. I didn't remove her Shirt (Qameez) as it was not required. We became wild, kept kissing and just couldn’t control anymore. I just unzipped my pants, and by that time I had a hard on. I pushed her against the wall and inserted my dick from behind while she kept her hand on her mouth to reduce the noise. I fucked her in that position for nearly five mins. I had my hand inside her Shirt and I was rubbing her boobs.

I made her fuck deeper and deeper on the table of the store room later and started going In hard, I was about to cum. Suddenly, Nadia came in and said, somebody is coming upstairs. We stopped and she pulled up her dress and went outside. Nadia and sehrish started walking on the roof and I hide myself in the store room. After 1-2 minutes, we were relaxed as the person who was coming upstairs had gone back. I went behind the table and finished myself till cum. After that, I adjusted my clothes, she looked at me and they both smiled. I smiled and went down. It was the best fuck of my life. Later, we had very good sex session. I will narrate some of those in my future sex stories.

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