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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wife Swapping in Pakistani Society:Sex Story of Swinging lifestyle

My Name is Irum and I am about to share my Pakistani sex stories here.I am happily married to Zeeshan, 29 Years old and quite fit to satisfy me.We have one baby and she is 2 years old.I am not a writer of Sex Stories by birth so readers must ignore my mistakes during this story.Me and Zeeshan got married 4 years back.It is a love marriage and we do had an affair(Not sex before marriage) which resulted in marriage later on.We both belong to Upper class and quite wealthy to enjoy our life.I have read a few sex stories here so I should tell my figure as well.I am 5,7 in height and 36-29-38(may be near to that) states.Even after marriage,I can still turn heads round.I am sexy and most of my friends rate me amongst Hot Pakistani Women.

Now I should move to my Sex Stories without wasting your time.After one year of marriage,We both felt that sex is just a routine between us.We used to sex everyday for the first year and it seemed boring later on.It was not a matter of any weakness in my husband but only it looked a routine.He was fit enough and healthy to satisfy me but we both felt bored.One day,Zeeshan talked to me regarding this boring routine.We were quite frank and open to discuss things to each other.Initially,I was not getting his plan but later he explained a bit to me.He was interested in Swinging lifestyle.
I was surprised by the Idea but Zeeshan is a loving husband so he kept the choice to me.He never forced me to become a swinging wife.I asked him to wait until I decide.We also discussed that we should not involve ourselves into any feelings of attraction for other swinging couples and it would be only a sex session.We agreed to the idea as we never wanted to ruin our marriage.I couldn't explain how difficult it was to find a suitable couple in Pakistani society for a swinging action.Wife Swapping in Pakistan is quite a hard thing to manage.We started online and almost 95% of the profiles on internet were fake finally.The rest of 4% seemed to be over age.Finally after a struggle of 2-3 months,we selected a couple from Islamabad.

We exchanged a cam session and we became good friends(Remember it was only a sex friend relation).Finally we invited them home to make our Pakistani sex stories a reality.Sorry,I forgot to tell their names.They were Sara and Ahmad.Ahmad was younger and only 21 Y old while Sara was 26Y and both were very nice and sexy Pakistani Couple.They were married recently.They came to our home.Me and Zeeshan both liked them very much.Ahmad was quite handsome and seemed to be very cute.Believe me,It was my first time but I got wet when I thought of getting a bang session from Ahmad.Sara was a shy in start but later got used to.I was too feeling shy in start.

We had a dinner together where I had a good conversation with Sara while Ahmad talked to Zeeshan for the session.I have handed over my baby to maid so that our Pakistani sex session goes UN-intrupted.We all were gathered on our marriage bed and I locked the door.Now the point was "How to start?.All of were feeling shy but we had to start.finally zeeshan asked me to get closer and he started kissing.We smiled and asked Sara and Ahmad to start as well.We were having kissing with own partner and we watched each other.It was an awesome feeling.

Then Zeeshan asked me to remove Sara's clothes while Ahmad removed my clothes one by one.I shivered when Ahmad unhooked my Bra.Zeeshan UN-hooked Sara's Bra and her Big Breasts jumped like a football.I rubbed her breasts,seemed so soft.My Nipples were a bit hard due to feeding.Sara and Ahmad both were more easier now.Zeeshan and me took a 69 position,same position was adopted by Sara and Ahmad.We managed to take a position in such a style that Ahmad could see my wet vagina licked by Zeeshan and he could also play with it while Zeeshan could see Sara's and he can play with her.Zeeshan bravely inserted his finger in Sara's ass while Ahmad was licking her Pussy.Sara screamed with pleasure so I grabbed Ahmad's hand and placed it on my Ass hole.He also started to finger me.

Both wives,Me and Sara were playing and sucking tools wildly.After 3-4 minutes,Zeeshan asked me to change over Ahmad while Sara should be on Zeeshan.Sara and me looked at each other and smiled.We were enjoying it very much and wet in juices and sliva after licking action.We changed pair and It was the first real swapping action for us.Sara started sucking Zeeshan's tool while I was doing the same with Ahmad.I felt a strange joy when Ahmad licked me.His tongue and taste was much different than zeeshan.His Tool and pubic smell was awesome.I sucked him wildly.The seesion of Pakistani sex was going to peak.We all were screaming with pleasure.

After that I sat on Ahmad's tool because I couldn't control my self more.Sara saw me and smiled.Ahmad was much cute and I just felt my first orgasm in two-three jumps.My whole body shivered with pleasure.Zeeshan remarked;Enjoy baby,do it fast.His remarks made me jump faster on Ahmad's tool.Sara was also out of control when she saw me jumping on ahmad's tool.She started sitting on Zeeshan's Fat tool and with a bit of trouble she managed to take it fully in.She moaned with pleasure and pain.Ahmad was a little short in size to Zeeshan,Might be due to age.Me and Sara started playing with each other's Breasts while jumping on each other's husband.

These were the best moments of my sex life in Pakistan.I got near to crazy with this type of Swinging sex.Sara also had a wild orgasm.Zeeshan gave a strange idea then,He asked our approval for Double penetration.I was not new to Backdoor entry but Sara seemed to be a bit hesitant.So Zeeshan asked me to feel two at a time first and then if Sara likes,she could try that.I was ready to get banged by two at a time inside so I sat on Zeeshan's tool while Ahmad entered my back.Both started hitting me deep and I could feel it like Iron rods inside my body.They banged me fast and Sara couldn't control her self.She started playing with their balls meanwhile they were screwing me.

They given me an awesome screwing action of 4-5 minutes and then Sara asked herself for a try.Zeeshan was ready to bang her backdoor so she was seated on Ahmad's tool.When Zeeshan started to insert his tip,she screamed with pain.Zeeshan lubricated his tool again and then pushed it in with a jerk.almost the entire tip was inside.Zeeshan held her butts tightly so that she can't jump forward due to pain.I could feel her pain as I had the same feeling when I did it first time.Zeeshan pushed more inside and almost a half of his fat tool was inside her ass.She begged Zeeshan to take it out for a while but I smiled and slapped her butts twice.

Zeeshan pushed it fully in and Sara's face was blushed red with pain.Ahmad was feeling a bit tense by the situation but when zeeshan started his slow jerks,Sara's pain became pleasure.soon she was enjoying this backdoor entry and Zeeshan was screwing her fast now.Ahmad was also making jerks and hitting her inside deeply.She shivered with orgasm and moaned loudly.When she moaned,It was Ahmad who fired his entire juices inside her.Zeeshan also couldn't control more so he blasted his hot juices in her ass.

I continued to play with their balls during this entire screwing session.Believe me it was the best moment of my life.I had discovered the swinging life and a better way to enjoy like the majority of Elite Class Hot Pakistani Women.the entire session finished in 1.5-2 hours at least.I was also looking to feel two juices inside so We took a short break.I served them hot milk and both husband's were ready in 10 minutes again.The same screwing session was performed with me because i had not felt the hot juices of Ahmad.When he fired inside my ass It was the moment which I could never forget.The second sex session was a bit longer than first one.We all slept together like Zeeshan with Sara and me with Ahmad.At morning they left our house after breakfast.

We talked to each other about the night of Pakistani sex and Sara and Ahmad both seemed very much relaxed and happy.I felt Zeeshan's face,More satisfied and more charming.This was what I had been looking for Zeeshan.I was also very happy after enjoying a younger Stud entire night.That day changed our entire life span.We were an expert swingers in Pakistan now.That session of Wife Swapping in Pakistan never disturbed our married life.I was more attached to Zeeshan than ever.We are used to this type of sex now and we try to find a suitable couple every month for one session at least.We never need Single men for sex and If you are a couple and want to enjoy with us,You can mail us on for further action.I hope that all readers have enjoyed reading Pakistani sex stories of Wife Swapping.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hot Pakistani Bhabhi Incest sex stories

After reading all the incest Pakistani sex stories my mind started to think about my Bhabhi.I started to think about my bahbhi as my bed partner and slowly this incest desire reached the climax.I loved to have a continuous 12 hour sex with her and at last,I succeeded in it last month.This story is about how I made her liking me and have sex with me.I am a 21 years in age,5.10 in height with 7.25 of manhood and my gorgeous bhabhi Farzana is around 29 age.She has a decent figure of 38-29-36.she is very sexy and typical Pakistani woman.I made a plan to have sex with my Pakistani bhabhi.for that I thought of making frankness with her and passing time as much as possible with her alone.My sex session with my Hot Pakistani Bhabhi took a long to happen.Meanwhile,I have made a good platform to set my Pakistani sex stories on track.
I have told her about my Girl-friends and all the dating encounters and she was much frank now.One day i asked her about her love affairs before marriage,I asked in a naughty style.She was angry a bit in start but later she told me about her ex-boyfriend.He was her cousin.Like the most of Pakistani women,My Bhabhi has also an affair before marriage within family.When I asked further about the depth of relation,She smiled and said;I know what are you asking for.When I insisted a lot and promised her to keep it between me and her she told a little bit.She told me that it was only some kissing and body touches.I knew that when such things start,sex session is not far away.I again tried to explore a more and told her a fake story about my brother that how he had sex with a girl before marraige and I was keeping a security watch outside.She was surprised but this fake sex story done the trick and Bhabhi told me the truth after taking an oath that I would not tell anyone about that.

Bhabhi has been banged by her cousin for 4-5 times before marriage.It was strange that how my Bhabhi has manged her marriage night and my brother about her virginty.She smiled and said,Its secret.I think readers have got an idea about our depth of frankness so i should start my Pakistani sex stories now.By chance,there was a marriage ceremony of my cousin and all family members have to attend.My brother was out of station,so my mother asked me to take my Bhabhi on bike and they will leave in taxi.I intentionally got late so that me and my hot Pakistani Bhabhi could leave the home at end.Soon my family left the home and I was taking bath.They asked me to come quick as Marriage party was about to start.It was around 3 hours for departure of Groom to Bride.I called my MOM that my bike is punctured,me and Bhabhi will reach after get the bike repaired.
Bhabhi was getting ready in her bed-room when I came out of washroom in just a towel wrapped around me.I went to my Bhabhi's bed-room and asked her about my clothes.She looked at me,and smilingly said;Besharm..Your clothes are pressed and kept in drwaing room.I turned around and intentionally slipped my towel.It fell on ground.I made a reaction as this had happened surprisingly.I pulled up the towel quickly and Bhabhi kept a hand on her mouth like a typical Pakistani wife showing shyness to a male body.She must have seen my manhood,I was sure.I ran away to drawing room in shyness.In fact it was not shyness,I intentionally wanted to show my manhood to my Hot Bhabhi so that she can think anout it.I was just expecting that Bhabhi will come to drawing room.In a few minutes,when I was just in underwear,Bhabhi came into the drawing room.

I reacted by putting my pants infront of my man-hood and saying;Oh Bhabhi,sorry I am just getting ready.To my surprise she remained inside and asked me to hurry up.She was looking at my leg's and the mascular body in a thirsty style.I could understand her thirst so I smiled and said;Bhabhi Kesa lag raha hun?(How I am looking?).she said;Loooking nice.She came forward and my pants fell down.I was just in underwear and my manhood started to build up.Bhabhi could clearly see the tool in mood and she was an experienced Hot wife so she laughed on my state.She remarked;What's wrong with your underwear.Its not fit.I knew that it was just a casual remark and she wants to see my manhood again.I said;Bhabhi,should i change it?she said yes its loose.I put down my underwear immediately and now my full manhood was infront of my Hot Bhabhi again.It was semi-hard.

She grabbed my tool and said;It looks fine,your wife would be very lucky.I could feel the warmth of her hands in my entire body.My Incest sex stories were about to start.She rubbed my tool nicely and then said;Kia Mood hai?(Whats your mood?).I was more than happy on her act so I said;Bhabhi jesy aap chaho(Bhabhi as you wish)she sat down and started to feel my manhood.Then she started to lick it like a lollypop.Believe me,I was in seven heaven by her wild act and her juicy lips.My pre-drops were on my manhood tip.She licked all of that and I was failed to control myself now.I grabbed her large breasts.She sat on bed and I fondled her huge breasts for a while.She was doing it in an awesome style.My brother was so lucky that he had got such a hot lips to get licked his shaft daily.

After a few minutes,I removed her Qameez(shirt).All the customs of shyness between Bhabhi and Dewar were finished now.I was just making her my wife.I wanted to screw her deep for months and my dream has come true by chance.I went into 69 after removing her entire clothes.Meanwhile my cell phone bell rang.When I saw,It was my Mom.I picked up the call and my Mom asked me to reach soon.I told my Mom that I have got my bike repaired,Me and Bhabhi would be there within an hour.Bhabhi smiled when she knew the fake story of bike puncture.we done it for a few minutes in 69,I licked her love valley deep by inserting my tongue inside.She has shaved it nicely.No hairs were there on her area.Her pubic area was a bit dark(Like the majority of Pakistani women).It looked fine.I asked her to sit on my manhood and jump over it.she got up and aligned her valley hole to my shaft.

She took it inside inch by inch and my shaft was entirely gripped by her fleshy meat.She started to jump like a bitch.I was just into heaven now.I grabbed her breasts and she started moaning.She was jumping on my manhood,getting her breasts fondled.It was awesome.Then we went into Doggy style.Bhabhi liked doggy when i inserted it slowly inside by holding her left breast in my hand.She screamed with pleasure.I banged her fast and deep inside.This would be around 4-5 minutes fast Pakistani sex when I felt her shivering with orgasm.When she orgasm-ed,I couldn't control my hot load.I fired all my hot juices inside.I exploded right inside her at the same time.Those few seconds were more that anything in the world.My Bhabhi was hot and much relaxed after the session.I kissed her body,lips and butts by keeping my manhood inside.Soon my manhood was loose to be taken out.We have finished it in almost 30 minutes.She smiled and got up.I was again in a naughty mood so I asked her;Bhabhi kesa laga?(How it was?)She said;awesome.So I asked her to get quick and be ready to leave.We were late.We didn't bothered to take a bath then and got ready in five minutes.My Hot Pakistani Bhabhi cleaned her pubic area with a tissue and we Went to attend the marriage ceremony.There were many sessions after that day which I would narrate in later stories.I hope you have enjoyed my Pakistani sex stories.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top 10 Sexiest Pakistani women politicians

The Top Ten Sexiest Pakistani women politicians are here with hot pictures.Kashmala Tariq is one of the sexiest Pakistani politicians who has become the hot topic which is being discussed among public. Kashmala was the center of attention of the public, since her hot pictures leaked in the public.Kashmala has become one of the the famous political scandals of the country.She went at the government tour in U.S.A where she was wearing a short white dress.She looked hot and attractive where someone took snaps of her at the right time.This Pakistani sex beauty was one of the Hot Pakistani women who remained on Ex-President Musharaf's bed for times.



Hina Rabbani Khar is the leading Pakistani women in politics as she is acting as foreign minister these days.Her latest scandal with Bilawal Bhutto has revealed her habits quite well as she is eying for next seat in Pakistan.
Ayela Malik.Former parliamentarian and niece of former president Sardar Farooq Khan Laghari seems to be a real hot Pakistani sex beauty in politics.
Fatima Bhuto is the author of three books: Whispers of the Desert and 8.50 a.m. 8 October 2005. Her third book, Songs of Blood and Sword and another.She has joined politics after Benazir's murder.

The PPPP has one dirtiest female politician as well.Sharmila Farooqi has been always in scandals like,Getting pregnant in Jail,Fraud case of Sindh bank and Kissing with president.This Hot Pakistani female politician has awesome Pakistani sex stories.
Nadia Gabol is a hot Pakistani female politician who is considered to be the hottest in MQM and known best for her visit to the bedroom of Altaf Hussain.
Marvi Memon is also in the list of hot Pakistani women in politics who has some gets to attract people.She was very close to Musharaf.
Shazia Marri is famous female politician of Pakistan. She belongs to Sindh and come from well known political family. She is among the most beautiful female politicians of Pakistan.This is the hottest picture of Shazia Marri where you can see the side view of her blossom figure.
Sumaira Malik was found to be very close to PMLQ leadership in last government when Musharaf included many hot Female politicians in Pakistan.

Sheeren Rehman is well known for her boobs press scandal with ex-Prime minister yousaf raza gilani and the video was released in media to show the realities of Pakistani sex to public.There are a lot of hidden realties behind Pakistani politics and sex.These Pakistani sex stories of Politics are famous due to media.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pakistani Hot Mujra Songs

Pakistani Mujra is rated as hottest Mujra on internet.Pakistani Mujra Hot videos are also liked all over the world.we have collected some amazing and Sexiest Mujra videos for Hot Pakistani people.Enjoy sex stories with Hot Pakistani Mujra videos here.You can simply download mujra videos by clicking the link below each video for free.Enjoy this Hot Clip with Pakistani sex stories.

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Nargis Mujra videos are very popular items for public.She is probably the trend setter in Mujra world of Pakistan.The hot Pakistani women can kill people's mind by their hottest mujra actions.

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Private Mujra in Pakistani community is some-times more than hot.Check this awesome private sex dance in a party.People love to watch these Pakistani sex clips.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Friend's Hot wife:True sex story of Pakistani wife

My name is Zeeshan.I live in Islamabad and this is a true Pakistani sex story.This story is about my friend's Hot Pakistani Wife,Uzma.Uzma was married to Ahmad and they are our family friends.She is 25y with perfect figure,and Ahmad is 28 with smart looks.We have good family relations and we frequently visit each others home.Me and Ahmad both are cricket lovers.One day,an interesting match between Pakistan and Australia was going on and Ahmad called me and requested to come to his home and watch the match together.We watched a few overs together and then Ahmad told me that he is going to market to bring some cooking items and I should continue to watch the match.I agreed and he left on his bike for market.When he went to market,Uzma locked the door and went back to kitchen.There were only me and Uzma inside house.She entered the drawing room after a few minutes of his departure and smiled by saying Salam to me.I replied to her greetings with a smile and she sat on sofa.She seemed to be in a changed mood that day.I was confused when she smiled in a meaningful style while talking to me about match.I could sense her mood for something nasty.

Later she told me that she needs some help about her education plans.Ahmad is very busy so he can't manage time.she has joined an institute for diploma in marketing and she will be needing my help.I encouraged her and assured her for full support.She asked me to write my cell number on a paper and I did that.She took the paper and went back to kitchen.When Ahmad returned home,I asked him about Uzma Bhabhi's education plan.He also told me that she needs some help regarding her education and if I had time,I should help her.I agreed to ahmad.After few days she called me in the office.She asked me few questions regarding to her course.After five minutes she changed the track and started talking about movies,songs and other things.I noticed that she even don't like to listen Ahmad's name,I guessed that there is something wrong between them.This gave me a clear idea that both of them have no sexual contact with each other from last couple of weeks.More over I could guess that Ahmad was also trying to give me some time to spend with his Hot wife.

After few days I called her,as I asked her about her studies,she requested me that she want to prepare a very important assignment and she want me to come to her home for couple of hours,she also insisted that I should visit their house in morning hours because in the evening ahmad may start discussing cricket with me.I checked my schedule and promised to visit her after two days.I went to their house at 10 am when ahmad was out for job.She smiled when she saw me at door and I went to their drawing room.She came with her books after locking the door.We started to discuss about her studies.After few minutes she bent down to pick a pencil on the carpet and I got complete view of her beautiful breasts tightly packed into delicate bra.She was Intentionally or unintentionally trying to seduce me.I felt the movement of my love tool,this time it was extremely difficult to get hold of it.

It was getting tighter and tighter.To comfort myself I opened my legs a little bit and used my left hand to adjust and rub it little bit.I did it as I knew that everything was happening under-table and she won't be able to get the clear view.But she was more intelligent than I thought.After few seconds I felt her soft tow toughing my ankle.This act from Uzma produced 1000 Mega Watt power waves in my legs and my penis reacted strongly for the second time.I could easily feel my under-wear a little bit wet from the inner side.She read it from my face expressions that I am feeling hot,my reaction encouraged her to go ahead.I was about to enjoy my Pakistani sex stories now.

After that she used her second foot in the similar fashion.It was getting very difficult for me to continue my lecture.I was in a confused state,on one side she was rubbing her tows with my legs and on the other side she was pretending that she was listening to me seriously.During next few minutes I completed my lecture and asked her to prepare the outlines for assignment.She started writing and I bent on the table and put my forehead on table's surface and put of my arms across my head to show that I want to relax.She was continuously playing with my legs, this time she was using only one tow.Now I decided to start aggression in the similarly fashion.I moved my tow towards her,on the first touch I could feel a few seconds pause in the fast movement of her right hand busy in writing.After first touch I felt she was also getting hot.

Suddenly,She got up and moved around the table and stood right behind my chair.I could only guess her movement as my eyes were closed and I was fully bent on the table.She used both of her hands to open the upper buttons of my shirt and moved them inside it.I quickly got up and asked in amazement;Bhabhi what are you doing.She put her finger on my lips to say me remain silent.She moved her soft hands on my chest then she turned them towards my neck and then gave a hot and soft touch to my ribs and finally reached the stomach area.After continuing her sensual massage for few minutes she unbuttoned my shirt completely.

So I opened my eyes and stood up and finally turned towards her.Her Dress was completely unbuttoned and her creamy white body,pink lips,large black eyes,perfectly shaped breasts were giving green signal to my thirsty tongue.I looked into her blue eyes which were expecting same kind of response from me.I started it,by kissing her lips.I was kissing her harder and harder soon I started moving my lips towards chin and then towards her breasts with both of my hands.I removed her dress,untied her bra and gave freedom to beautiful white melons.I started licking and sucking one of them and used my hand to rub other one.I could feel her breathing heavily.During next few minutes I switched between both of her melons.After that,I managed to pull down her SHALWAR.The moment I saw her black panty and white beautiful thighs I lost control over myself and gave her a bite on the left thigh,she griped my hairs with my right hand and moved my head away.I realized that I did it in a little cruel way,But she again brought my head closer to her thigh this time expecting me to do it gently.This time I used my lips and tongue only.

With the help of my lips I kept hold of her soft meat and with the my tongue I started sucking it in side my mouth. I was using my tongue effectively and she started making sexy noises.Then I moved slowly towards her panty,there I touched the panty with my tongue right over her valley entrance.I felt it a little wet and hot.I resumed the previous exercise with my tongue and lips.She immediately removed her panty and opened her legs and said "ESS KO CHOOSO"lick it please.It was a wet,hot and pink covered with small pubic hairs.My tongue once again attacked the area,this time harder than before.I used my hands to take my tool out of trouser.Her soft meat was becoming more and more juicy and my tongue was sucking each and every drop of it.I felt that my love tool is unattended so I request her for 69 position,which she liked.Now She was giving me a lips job.

She was doing it so smoothly and cleanly that I have no hesitation to declare it as best lips job of my life.At the same time I was also working on her valley by inserting my tongue inside.She took my tool deep inside her mouth and after bring it back moved her tongue below its head.After feeling it rock hard,I turned straight and as a reaction she opened her legs.I touched my tool with her hot valley,and slowly started pushing it inside.As I moved the head of my tool inside her,she screamed,AAAAAA'H YES,"ARAAM SAY...DAL BHI DOO".It was a great feeling I pushed my tool more and more inside her.

Finally,I moved it completely inside her hot hole.I started moving it in and out and she was screaming.I started stroking it faster and faster.Her beautiful bobs were dancing with every jerk produced due to powerful pumping of my tool.Soon I felt that I was about to fire.I pulled out my love tool and then released the stream of milky juices over her breasts.She tasted it and liked it.She told me that Ahmad had done it fifteen days ago.He was not able to do it good.When I asked her in detail,she told me that Ahmad can't get it enough hard.He is loose during that and often finishes while starting.Now I was clear about her sex starvation but thanked her for selecting me for the job.I am still enjoying her every week once for a full Pakistani sex session.I hope you have enjoyed my Pakistani sex stories.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Sexiest Pakistani Women Models

Pakistan's Models industry is not appreciated anywhere because of lack of creativity and techniques.However,Pakistan's Fashion industry and Television Industry has awesome glamor in it.Hot Pakistani Models are always trying to explore their bodies for public.Due to some religious restrictions,they are very caring about doing such acts.Normally educated families stay away from lollywood but girls who are passionate about showbiz are mostly from middle class.They join Pakistani Fashion industry and/or TV Industries.You must see Best Models of Pakistan to realize how sizzling fashion industry Pakistan has!Pakistani Top models are appreciated everywhere however Pakistani Actresses have not such image.There are several bold Pakistani Models who never hesitate to expose their assets,see Pakistani sexy model pictures we posted few days ago. Meanwhile Check these New Pakistani sex scenes.

some really very hot and sexiest female Pakistani models,in bikini scenes.Some female models are now ready to wear a this kind of dress and short skirts for just money.To be honest tell me in comments that,Do they really seems to be pakistani by such vulgar acts???If you say No,then you are wrong,these are pure pakistani models who are capturing the minds of Pakistani girls towards nudity,and these pics are taken regularly these days,and I am going to post in my future posts of latest pics of these and some new faces of female models.

Recently,Veena Malik;The dirtiest Pakistani Model and actress is exposing her body in India.She loves to take a variety of tools there and in Pakistan it was restricted.Religion doesn't allow in Pakistan to do those vulgar acts which she is doing in India.She must have won the all awards of being the dirtiest and cheapest celebrity.It is shameful that she belongs to a Muslim country.


Pakistani women are changed.Islam seems to be a far away from them if you go in the society deeply.The Veil Girls and Burqa girls are often into affairs now.Leaving homes for colleges and schools and visiting their lover's bed is  a habit in Pakistan these days.Almost 75% of Pakistani women do have affairs before marriage.This habit is promoted by cellular companies and parents.We can judge that Pakistani women are sex deprived women.A lot of Pakistani sex stories are hidden yet but often girls are being caught in scandals.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Real sex story of Pakistani couple in UK

I have seen a lot of Sex Stories here.After reading these Pakistani stories,I got interested in sharing my 100% real experience.This sex story is not a set of fiction stories and I will narrate all incidents as those happened.My name is Hina(changed) and I am happily married to my loving husband zubair.I am currently in my early thirties where as my husband is 34 exactly.After getting married,me and my husband traveled UK as my husband's friend asked him to get settled in UK for some time at least.We discussed the matter and I was extremely interested in settling abroad,being fed up with a 100 problems of Pakistani life.He sent two Visa's for us and soon we traveled to London.I was more happy than my husband while he was a little worried about the upcoming days and settlement in UK.Our feet on UK land lead me to these Pakistani sex stories.


After reaching there,My husband's friend provided us a well decorated rented house.Soon we started our new life in UK.The first few months gone very well as my husband had been provided a good job in a local store at good salary.After the fourth month,The things turned totally opposite as my husband got an accident and his right side of body was quite damaged.His friend tried to bear all our expenses but soon he was also seemed to be in crises of money.He told us about his situation and in hidden words he cleared that he can't manage us further.This situation was very tense for us as I never wanted to leave the quite and pleasant life of London.

My husband was on bed and it is quite a fact in London that everybody has to bear his expenses at his own.I asked for some Job but his friend told me that the Job is not permissible for me without the legal papers getting ready.My husband's papers had been made already.So,We went on thinking a lot for at least one week and about the work which I can do to get my home bills paid and livings.One day I was watching TV when I saw an ad of some massage spa.A strange idea came into my mind and I told my husband about opening a massage center at home.Most of the men feel very happy getting a body massage from a woman.

My husband laughed loudly and then some tears appeared in his eyes.I started consoling him and then I decided to post massage service ad on craigslist.I got a response to my ad right the next day.A man asked for contact and location details.I contacted him and asked him to come to our house for massage.After getting the most of information,he told me that he will come at 10am.I have seen some videos of massage in which females give massage to males.So i got the idea what I have to do.Believe me,at this point I was no where thinking of any sexual massage for him or something like that.

The man arrived right in time.I have prepared our house garage for the massage session after placing some furniture there.He was in his mid forties and seemed a British by his looks.When he saw me,he had a deep look into my body assets which created a certain UN-easiness in my mind but I have to bear that to keep our life going.So i asked him to get on bed while he was trying to know me in detail.He was quite surprised that a Pakistani women is giving such services.I started massaging his back and then his neck,elbows and other body parts.Soon I felt some bulge in his pants.

He straightway asked me to give him a Penis massage but I refused to do that.I cleared him about my services but he was not ready to leave me.He was quite interested in exploring my body after massage but I have loved my husband,I have never thought of cheating my husband.So I have to avoid such acts of being sexually involved with customer.He shown me a 100 pound currency note and said,I will pay you 100 pounds for this.Then he further hit my week point of being in a no-money situation.I have done a mistake of telling him that I have started this massage service just to get some earning.

When I saw that he was not willing to leave just for a body massage,I asked him to keep it for the next session.He got agreed and then left our rented house after 2 hours or so.I had got my first payment.I told my husband about the earning after finishing with the client and seeing him off.He was again in deep sorrows that his beloved wife had to do such act to get some money for ourselves.We have decided not to tell this to my husband's friend.

To my surprise,The man came again right the next day for another session of massage.I received him and given him another massage session.That day he had came just for that shit which I was trying to avoid.He again asked me to give him a penis massage.I was reluctant in that so he threw a 100 pounds currency for me and asked me to perform that like a bitch.I was out of money and when I saw the 100 pounds,I thought for a while about my home expenses and my husband's state.I have to buy his medicine as well next week.So finally I started to give him a penis massage.He was enjoying this sex massage of a hot Pakistani wife.

I rubbed his un-cut tool for at least 30 minutes from tip to bottom and his hard tool just sprinkled his load on my hands.A few drops fell on my face but I smiled after looking at him.He was a clean man so his juices has no dirty smell.He thanked me for such a nice massage and paid me another 100 pounds.I was extremely happy after getting 200 pounds just for two hours job.He discussed his family situation and I found that he had a lot of money in his banks.He was alone to spend all money freely.He asked me for some full hot session with a gap of 3 days every week and I reluctantly agreed for the full sex session.

I avoided telling that to my husband that I had given a penis massage to the customer.Soon I purchased all the things which I was missing for days now.He again came after three days and this time he had made up his mind of screwing me as well.When he told me his thoughts,I said:No.this is not good.He tried to convince me again with his money and then he taken out his wallet out.He opened his wallet and believe me,My mouth was just opened when I saw a plenty of 100 pounds currency notes inside.He told me that he can pay 500 pounds for that.He has done it so trickily that I agreed on his purposeful.

This sex story of Pakistani wife has taken the angle to another side.I asked him to put on some condom and he laughed.He said;I have already bought a condom as I knew that you would be agreed.I blushed red with shame that he was considering me a bitch already.But I have to be quite to get the huge money from him.He asked me to put a condom on his tool with my lips.I have not done it before so he explained this to me.I tried and he enjoyed it lustfully.He was surely a mind sick to bang Pakistani women.He was about 5-6 inches in length(I forgot to tell you).Then he asked me to sit on his tool.I removed my remaining Bra and Panties and became ready to perform the act of a bitch.

He was the first man after my husband to see me in this state.He fondled my breasts nicely,sucked them while I was sitting on his iron rod,fully inside me.He asked me to jump on that and I obeyed all his instruction.My husband had not banged me since his accident so I was quite hot inside.I started enjoying this too.My sex story has reached the climax.Then after a few minutes jumping,he asked me to bend in doggy.I made myself in that position and he started screwing me deep and hitting me right on my G-Spot.I had a wild orgasm that time.He laughed and remarked.

He had a nice stamina.He banged me in standing position and then legs on shoulder position as well.Finally he was ready to discharge his loads.He slowed his pace and asked me that he wants to spread that on my face.My husband has done that many times after marriage so I had no objections to that.He pulled his tool out and blasted all his hot load on my lips,cheeks and breasts.I was also a sexually satisfied Pakistani wife at that moment.I had enjoyed that cheating session but all was done for my dearest Husband.Later he paid me 500 pounds as per rule and thanked me for such a hot Pakistani sex session.That man proved his nice personality as well when he helped me to get my papers ready through his contacts and then helped me in giving me a permanent job at his own Mart.For that help,I have to thank him every week with a nice full sex session.Our life got easy and my husband started recovering soon when I got my job as his worries has been finished.My writing style of Pakistani sex stories might not be good enough but this was all about my life in UK.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pakistani girl getting ready for sex

My name is Zeeshan.I read a lot of Pakistani sex stories on this blog so I decided to share my own life story here.I am 27 years old and living in Lahore.I am a kind of guy who always searches for Pakistani butterflies.It is my life rule that I always follow.I never try to waste my time on Pakistani married women or any mature type Pakistani wife.Its always much more easier to start some wonderful Pakistani sex session with a Hot Pakistani girl in the age range of 14-18 years.This age group of Pakistani girls is not mentally matured and these days due to cable,Internet and other resources,Almost every Pakistani girl in this age range tries to look around and have some fun.Where on the other side when Pakistani women are married,they are more likely to remain loyal with their husbands and even if they have any extra-marital affair,They would think a lot to start or not.So my choice is always a Pakistani girl between 14-18 years of age to start dating and later on some Pakistani sex stories.

I am living alone in a flat which is just by the side of a ladies park.Most of the women and girls of our area visit this park during evening hours between 5-7PM.I have my window to the park side.I always try to peep through windows and have a good look at sexy Pakistani girls walking and sitting in the park.I do this all keeping myself behind curtains so that none of the ladies could see me.One evening,I saw three girls walking along the park road.The middle one was wearing a thin half sleeve dress and her bra strap could be easily guessed from the position where i was standing.I could here their talks.The two of them were below 14y and the middle one was almost 16 which i guessed.She must be getting some breast touches daily as her breasts were quite heavy in that age.

I was peeping through window and suddenly my curtain's hook broken away.When the curtain just hanged from that side,I quickly tried to adjust it but during the meantime the middle girl had seen me.She given me an angry look and when our eyes met,she just continued to walk.I knew that she had got an idea what i was doing there.The next day,on the same time the three Hot Pakistani girls again came for walk in the same area and I was eagerly waiting for her.This time she intentionally looked at window when she came nearby but i remained hidden from her.They made 4-5 round on that road and every time she tried to look in the window.

My tool was getting reading for that sexy Pakistani girl.I decided to make some further move.This went on for 3-4 days and on 5th day I intentionally shown her that I was watching her from that window.she smiled and again continued with her Pakistani butterflies.I struggled hard to get some information about her and then finally i got all her details that she was living one street away from us and she is a student of Metric.I noted her school timings and then one day i threw a paper on her way by writing my mobile number on that.I asked for a call and in evening I got a few miscalls from an unknown number.I guessed as per my devil mind and my mind was true.Our mobile friendship started and soon I told her to visit my flat.She resisted in formality for a few days and finally agreed to come during school timings.

I told her to come between 11am to 12 because my neighbor family wife goes to bring her babies from Montessori.She came just in-time and checked my door.I had already unlocked the door so that she can come without any knock.She came in and believe me,Her innocent looks in that school dress and milky big breasts made me horny.I quickly locked the door and picked her up in my arms.She laughed loudly and i placed my hand on her face to stop that so that no-body can hear her inside.The I started kissing her without any further talk.I was holding her in my arms just like a baby in father's hands.Her large soft breasts were sexier than any Pakistani woman.She tried to forbid me but I knew that it was a formal denial. I continued to kiss her face,lips and then i removed her uniform.She was wearing a Skin color bra which has nicely held her large breasts.

She was extremely soft.I removed her shalwar too and when I saw her panties,She just put her hand over the area and tried to remain shy like a child.I removed her hand and started licking her areas around pubs.My licking made her moaning with pleasure.She went into heaven in just a few minutes.Suddenly,I heard the lock opening of our neighbor.I asked her to remain quite during sex so that our neighbor wife could not guess what's going on inside my flat.I licked her love hole and inserted my tongue inside.She was not a virgin.I asked her about her first hymen breaker in slow voice.She told me that her cousin has banged her once without her wish.I said no problems.I will make you a complete Pakistani woman today.Then i went into 69 and placed my tool over her face and continued to lick her.Licking is not a usual thing for Pakistani girls so they enjoy it the most during sex.

I asked her to suck my tool but she was not habitual to that.She sucked its tip only and then I told her how to suck deep.She started like a lollypop but not taking it fully in mouth.I knew that she has not done it before.finally i lifted her legs and put my tool tip on her valley lips.I given a small jerk and her eyes seemed to be coming out.She screamed in pain.I fondled her breasts and her pubs area and then slowly inserted a half of my tool inside.I am almost 3 inches in girth,so it was very tough for a girl like her to bear that easily.Then I took at least 5 minutes to fondle her breasts and inserting it slowly inside.After getting almost 5 inches inside i started to stroke slowly.She had some tears in eyes with pain.I kissed her and consolidated her.Finally the pain changed into fun and I increased my pace.I tried to keep the 2 inches outside as she has a tight love valley which can not bear the full tool.I banged her and then made her doggy for 5 minutes fast sex session.Finally I was going to release so I went near her face and spread all my loads on her big breasts.I got some toilet papers to clean her chest and then managed to send her out of flat in a very difficult manner.I will share my next Pakistani sex stories soon.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Hot Pakistani wife uzma in extra-marital sex

This sex story is narrated by Pakistani husband and its one of the great Real Pakistani sex stories.My name is Farhat and I belong to the business community of Pakistan.after marriage,Me and My wife Uzma were very frank to each other and we had done some awesome sex session including the fun of making our own Pakistani sex clips on cam and watching them together.For as long as we’ve been together, eleven years, I had been asking my wife to find a boyfriend,Preferably a young twink in early 20’s. It wasn’t a difficult thing to ask for because I’ve always shared that fantasy with her. At first she seemed OK with the idea and it played out a lot in our sex life. But when I brought it up to discuss seriously there was most always a gentle change of the subject but it was clear to me that she wasn’t as interested as I was. She was a kind of Hot Pakistani wife who gets enough by talking only.

She just didn’t want to talk about it. But as much as she didn’t want to talk about it I did. This was one thing that I couldn’t table. As much as I tried, and I seriously did, I could not lock down my desire to have a Muslim hotwife whom I can see getting banged by some young guy. I’d suggest it, joke about it and try to keep my hope alive.I travel for work frequently. Sometimes it feels like I stay on the road. We talk a lot on the phone and much to my surprise, and delight, during a call in September she asked me how serious I was about her getting on a young boy. I never thought it would be so hard to speak at that moment . My Hot Pakistani wife had made up her mind to get a nice session of extra-marital sex.

My mouth moved but no words came out. I cleared my throat and told her I was very serious. When I asked further,she told me that she got the guy from facebook and he is very cute.He was only 18 according to her.Needless to say they became Facebook friends and got acquainted over email.His name was Kashaan. When she went out to to see ,he drove down to see her on his bike. We were both a little nervous and hoping for the best. As usual I was miles away on that day. I got a text from her saying that Kashaan was there at my home next day.We agreed she’d call me and leave the phone so that I can hear her voices during the Pakistani sex session.

These things were told to me by my wife later when i came back home.The incident happen in this way after Kashaan’s arrival.After an hour or two she got up to go to the restroom and sat on the bed while he went to washroom. When he returned he sat next to her. Both of them didn’t know where to start so finally she kissed him. My wife turned on a call for me and kept the phone aside.I could here them.After that they couldn’t get into each other’s clothes fast enough. After assisting each other with a complicated bra and set of trousers he went for her chest while she stroked his tool. After getting to know each other’s bodies some she slid down his body, and licked the pre-cum from his tool. His head laid back while she sucked his tool until he was ready to change positions.

She moved up his body and kissed him then lowered herself onto his tool. Kashaan’s tool was pink and fat and she was thoroughly enjoyed his company, how he felt inside her, his scent, and his taste. She rode his tool while he played with her breasts and nipples which she really loves. After riding his tool for a-while longer she felt her orgasm building. She says she could feel the wetness on the inside of her thighs as she rode his thick tool. After a few more strokes she had her first orgasm of the day.I heard a loud moan of my Pakistani wife.

He asked her to lie on her back while he laid next to her on his side. He rested her leg across his body and begin to bang her. He alternated his depth and rhythm showing her who was in control. All along he hung off the bed bracing himself with his arm. He continued to screw her until she had another orgasm.

After she came he told her he wanted to bang her from behind. Before she got on her hands and knees she sat on the bed and took his tool in her mouth again. She gave him head for a few minutes and then presented her love valley for him. When he slid his tool in her she wasn’t sure she could take it all so she didn’t push back into him. But after a few minutes of him screwing her while holding her shoulders she said she found herself pushing back into him. His hands were on her shoulders pulling her into him the whole time. After screwing my Hot Pakistani wife from behind for a-while he told her he was about to come and wanted to be on top when he did.She laid on her back. He put her legs over his forearms while she whimpered (her words) for his nice pink tool. He wasted no time and once again was screwing her as hard as he could. Soon she could feel his meat swell up and they both came together.

She says they cuddled with her head on his chest and talked some more until he had to leave. He showered and she walked him to his bike and kissed him goodbye. The whole time he was there I couldn’t think of anything but her and him together in that room. My tool was never that hard before or for that long. A part of me worried about how she would feel afterwards but the worry disappeared when I heard her voice because she had a great time.I hope my writing style for Pakistani sex stories is good enough for readers.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pakistani Wife Swap Swinging Sex Stories,to Heat Up Relationships

These days Pakistani sex stories have taken a new path which is wife swapping.Wife swapping in Pakistan is getting popular day by day in Elite class.They believe,If you want to spice up your sex life and have a more intimate relationship with your partner,you might want to read about wife swap swinging stories, which showcases the swinging lifestyle.The swinging lifestyle is what wife swap stories talk about. If you do not know anything about swinging, you Must read this article of spicing up your sexual life in Pakistan.Many couples would be in your shoes before/After reading these stories.These couples have gotten themselves into the swinging lifestyle in Pakistan.This allows Pakistani husbands to meet a variety of women for Pakistani sex stories by just sharing one wife.

There are a lot of Pakistani people who read the wife swap swinging sex stories on the Internet while sitting on their Patio furniture.eHarmony is a dating service for Pakistani swinging couples that takes a methodological, statistical, and scientific approach to swinging. Unlike other online dating services that facilitate casual relationships, the goal of eHarmony is wife swapping.The service uses a standard method to generate matches within members.It is mostly advertised on the Internet but you can also find them in adult magazines or lifestyle magazines for swingers.So what exactly is swinging?Swinging is when couples,whether married or not,engage in sexual activities with other couples or with just a single person.Its not finding deals on eBay.It helps swinging couples in Marriage Counseling.

Early wife swap swinging stories talk about how swinging started in Elite class parties in Pakistan.The Elite class play a game of wife swapping. The game starts out by putting the husband’s car keys in a jar. Then their wives would pick out the keys out of the jar and pair up with the key’s owner. This has been going on since the 1960s. Since then the clubs where couples play wife swapping are called key clubs. Wife swapping is now referred to as swinging.

Swinging couples not only swap partners but they share wife swap swinging stories to other couples as well. They share their stories through the Internet via chat, email, Downtown Minneapolis council,or blogs in order to learn new ways to spice up their relationship. It is also a good way to meet new people.This culture of Pakistani sex is very popular in Karachi,Lahore and Islamabad.Mostly elite class Pakistani women and men are involved in this.

Wife swap swinging Pakistani sex stories enhance the couple’s way of love making with various sexual activities such as having group sex, full swap, soft swap, voyeurism, and exhibitionism. Exhibitionism and voyeurism are pretty much related. Exhibitionism is about having sex while being watched. Voyeurism is watching other couples having sex with your partner or with somebody else. Soft swap involves oral sex, fondling, and kissing. Full swap takes soft swap to another level. It has everything in soft swap with a twist, full sexual intercourse. Adding more fun to swinging is group sex hopefully without HPV Genital Warts and with a bit of Penis Enlargement.

It seems to be everybody’s fantasy. It’s what they call an orgy. Others use the term play when having sex at the same time in separate rooms and same-room swapping when, as the name suggests, having sex in the same room. The latter is the common form of having an orgy.

Wife swap swingers and Pakistani sex stories also showcase places where swingers spend time swinging. Some of the favorite hot spots are several clubs these days in the Major cities of Pakistan. There are other swingers who are the adventurous types. They go to resorts and pool parties to have fun or arrange Dance parties at home.They are not limited to the boundaries of their cities or country. Some have gone to exotic places, all for the love of swinging. Swinging couples always get a kick out of Wife swap swinger stories. It spices up their relationship and helps strengthen their bond.It also ads spice in Pakistani sex stories.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Elite Class Pakistani wife sex story

This Pakistani sex story belongs to Elite class wife who shared everything to get her husband's file.Let's describe this story in his own words.My name is Irfan and I'm working in American embassy.I was detailed to deal all affairs related to officer courses and deputations in the embassy.I was 29 years old at that time.There was a foreign visit of some officials to America and I have received the whole documents from the related offices which included defense personnel and some other higher ranks.I have to manage the clearance files for those individuals and prepare the recommendations after getting the entire data.A total of 10 files were received in which I have to select/recommend the clearance of 5 officials.There was a defense officer (I will not share the name,rank and department) whose file seemed to be No.8 in selection by his credentials but then he moved to No.1 due to his hot Pakistani wife.She became the main character of my Pakistani sex stories later on.


I was residing in Murree(A place near Islamabad) those days.One day I got a call on my cell phone at around 4 pm.It was a lady who introduced her in a good manner.She was confident,polite and educated.Later she introduced herself as a wife of that defense officer.She asked me about the foreign visit of officials and then about her husband's position in the merit list.I told her the entire situation and the position of her husband.She asked me my address and told me that she wants to meet me personally.I hesitated a bit by telling her about my location.She was in Islamabad so I told her that its evening and how you can travel at night on this tough road.She humbly told that she can make a night stay at my home.I was hesitating a lot but due to her insisting,I finally told her my address.

I was thinking about her and expected reasons of her coming.I have got some idea about her visit and her intentions but I was not sure about that.She arrived at my place at around 7PM at night.It was very cold in Murree that day.Soon she came in my house and my servant offered her coffee.When I got to drawing room I was really amazed to see her.She was beautiful,gorgeous and looking much younger when I thought about her husband's age and rank.After formal chit chat,She told me that she wants her husband at the top of merit list.I made formal excuses but she had made the entire study about my influence on such visits and deputations.When I was talking to her,My eyes could not stop looking at her huge breasts.She was wearing a tight pull over(Jersy)but her huge breasts were just coming out of that.She seemed to be a hot wife and believe me,I couldn't control myself from being attracted to her.

At around 9PM,finally I smiled and asked her in a joking mood,What would be a benefit for me if i make your husband at No.1.She looked into my eyes and said;Anything,which you desire.I was still quite and looking at her with lusty eyes when she added;I have came for a full night stay with you and she got up from sofa and came near me.I was feeling some waves inside my baggy trousers which I usually wear at night.I asked her;Really?She replied in Yes.I asked her to follow me into my bedroom and soon she was on my bed.Believe me,I have never seen such a hot Pakistani wife in a perfect tight figure after marriage.She must have been banged by her husband for many times but she had managed her figure.

I locked the door and asked my servant to avoid any disturbance.He was habitual to that so he agreed without any hesitation.I held her in my arms and slightly pressed her breasts.She was as soft as cotton.I pressed my erect tool into her belly and started kissing her violently.She was responding nicely like an experienced hot wife in french kissing.She was clean and her body scents made me too much horny.I thrown her on bed again and removed her pull over and then her dress.She was wearing black bra and black panty which looked awesome on her white body.We were not talking at all so I started admiring her figure and she smiled and responded like an educated woman.I admired her figure by saying that her officer husband must be screwing her daily.She smiled on this and started kissing my lips.Soon she removed my clothes.I have a heater already turned on in the room so the hot room made the atmosphere more hot.

After kissing my entire chest she moved down slowly and reached my underwear.I moaned loudly when she grabbed my tool and started removing my underwear.She kissed my tool tip and soon my pre-cum drops were on her tongue.To my surprise,she didn't spit that after licking my drops.She swallowed it and then sucked me like a lolly-pop.Her sucking skills were unforgettable for me till now.She rolled on tongue on my entire shaft and then my balls to add more sensation in my Pakistani sex stories.Then she rimmed my ass hole.I had shaved yesterday so my clean balls and clean pubic area was nicely sucked and licked by her.

After that we went into 69 position and i licked her for at least half an hour.She was not hesitating like the majority of Pakistani women do.She was violent in sex and dominant as well.I licked her till her first orgasm and I too exploded all my load on her lips with her orgasm.She laughed and pressed her legs around my face.I didn't leave her and continued to do that 69 session.She also sucked my cum-lubricated tool and I was ready again for the next session.I made her to sit on my tool and start jump on that.She done it like an experienced wife and i grabbed her breast from front when she was jumping on my tool.I asked her the exact size of her breast which was 38D according to her.They were looking nice when bouncing on my tool.Then I made her doggy and went deep inside her hitting her all inner walls and g-spot.

Finally at the end of first session of Pakistani sex stories,I banged her by keeping her legs on my shoulders and then deposited all my hot loads deep in her ovaries.This session lasted for almost 2 hours.It was around 11.30pm so I called my servant on phone to prepare some food for me and madam.We took a bath together and then took our dinner.At half night,we had finished our dinner and tea as well.It was a nice meeting with her as she was more than just a sex piece.She was mannered and educated so I enjoyed her company too much.I agreed to help her husband and then joked about her sacrifice.She smiled and laughed again.I appreciated her sex skills and the luck of her husband.We went onto bed again at 1am and I banged her again for one more session.It was my third shift of sex that night and then we slept nude covering each other in one blanket.In the morning,after finishing our breakfast,we left together for Islamabad and she was more than happy when I agreed to recommend her husband.I have enjoyed the best Pakistani wife sex of my life.I was happy and i hope you are happy after reading my Pakistani sex story

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Having Sex in Pakistani village

Today I'm going to publish my real sex stories on this blog of Pakistani sex stories.My name is Rehan and I am 22 years old now.This sex story is all real with names changing.I belong to a village near Faisalabad,Pakistan.Last year,I forced an aunt into sex and enjoyed it very much.The incidental sex happened in our own fields.I belong to a middle class family and we have our own agricultural lands in my village.I was not very good in school so my father asked me to leave the education after matriculation exam when I got minor marks.He asked me to take care of our land and I started my work.I was quite good in managing all agricultural work and finally my father handed over every matter to me.There was a small water passage near our lands along the main road.

It was a normal routine in our village that most of the women and girls come to that place for washing their weekly clothes.Usually those Pakistani women used our trees and fields to spread their clothes after washing so that they can get a bit dry and after that they collect them when leaving for home.Our Orange Baag(Forest) was just been used for that purpose by our village ladies.I usually tried my best to look at their wet bodies because when they spread clothes,the water also sprinkles on there clothes and some of them have thin clothes which show off there wet bras as well.It was an awesome scene for a guy like me so I used to hide myself somewhere near that area or started some work in those lands just to see their wet bodies.


In those women,There was an aunt,Named Bushra,who was regular in washing her clothes every Sunday.One day I saw her spreading clothes on our Orange tree and believe me,I got an immediate hardness in my Shalwar because her Qameez(Shirt) was fully wet and her large breasts were giving an awesome scene.I watched her for at least 5 minutes in her visible black bra and then she went to wash the remaining clothes.The day onward,I just went there for her.She must be having at least 38 plus size.I decided to bang her but only the fear in my mind was her husband.She belonged to a poor family and her husband was the only man there.They were in low status as compared to us so i made up my mind to try my luck and if she won't agree I will do it forcefully.It was my plan.She was an awesome beauty of Pakistani sex and a great piece for sex stories.

The next Sunday,I eagerly waited for her and to my fortune she came an hour earlier than normal when no women had arrived yet.It was a great chance for me to try something nasty so I hide myself near the tree where she usually came to spread clothes.After washing some clothes in 30 minutes or so she came to our Orange tree and started spreading clothes.she was facing the other side to me and her big bouncy butts created more devilish thoughts in my mind.I looked around and found nobody on the road.There were two-three women far away on the village road.I went from behind slowly and approached her.She was surprised and stunned when she saw me near her and quite ashamed when I stared her wet body.In villages,normally all people know each other.She asked me in punjabi,What are you doing here.I didn't replied her and grabbed her breast.

She was stunned by my action and started to threaten me like a Traditional Pakistani wife by saying that leave me,I will tell your father and my husband.I was not willing to leave her and nobody was there to help her as that tree was quite hidden from the road.There was a sugarcane field along the Orange trees.She changed her tone when she looked around that nobody can help her.I didn't stop and continued to rub her big breasts.Finally i grabbed her ass where she was still threatening me.after a few seconds she changed her words and asked me to avoid these things there.She asked me to go to sugarcane field and she would come there.I was surprised by her words but she seemed true.It was quite nice for me that I would be getting her big vagina by her agreement.I went inside sugarcane field and she placed her clothes and looked around again.After ensuring that nobody was around she came near me.

She smiled and said,You are not a good boy.When i touched her again,she stopped me and took a promise that I will not tell this to anybody.I quickly agreed and given her an oath that I will not tell it to anybody.She bent herself infront of me and asked me to do it quickly as other women would be arriving soon to wash clothes.I lowered her Shalwar(Pants)which was tied with an elastic inside and quickly took my tool out and rubbed it for a few seconds on her hot and wet love valley.She was bent infront of me and my fully erect tool went deep inside her large valley.Her big ass started shaking when I started making jerks.I was also trying to sense the outside world so that if anybody comes we can hide.I banged her in donkey style for 5-6 minutes and finally deposited my hot juices deep inside her.When I completed my bang session,she quickly arranged herself and went away to wash her remaining clothes without saying a word.I was still thinking about what I have done.There was a certain fear in my mind that if she told my father,It would be a hard thing for me but thanks GOD,she didn't told anyone.I hope you have enjoyed my sex story.I would try to share one more here in Pakistani sex stories if I got time.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Story Of Sex Starved Pakistani wife

My name is Aliya and this is my first story in Pakistani sex stories.I am a 38Y old housewife from Lahore.My husband Zeeshan is 5Y elder to me.Before writing my sex stories,I would first tell you a brief background of my story.We had been married for 15 years and it was all OK in the first 10 years of our married life.We do had sex every other night and my husband was fit enough in size and timings and approach to sex.Later on,In the last 2-3 Years,I have to suffer from lack of sex in my life.I could only get 2-3 sex sessions in the entire month and those 2-3 session were also not satisfying at all.Either my husband would get a mild hardness and struggle to enter inside me or he would finish in just 1-2 minutes after insertion.I was in the age where all Hot Pakistani women have an increased sex drive and it was too much for me to bear.


I asked my husband to take some medicine and try to fulfill my desires.I don't know why he didn't react to my advice but i was feeling sex starved.In the recent days,He spent most of his time in office and came late so that I could not ask him for sex.Meanwhile,His business manager,Farhat(Name changed) started to visit our house.I don't know it was my husband's idea to provide a fit man for me or something else but his visits to our house increased a lot.Often my husband called me from office and asked me to give some files to Farhat and sometimes I felt that my husband could have taken these minor things with him.Why he sends Farhat again and again to our house for minor jobs.

Being a conservative Pakistani wife,I had never thought about cheating my husband but his sexual health was urging me to do that.Farhat was almost 25Y old and a good looking muscular guy.Soon he became a good friend of mine as every time he visited our house we managed to sit for a while and sometimes we had coffee together.He called me Madam and whenever he talked to me,I could feel the lust in his eyes.He always searched my body and my assets through his eyes and It was never annoying for me.I was enjoying this too and it helped me to fulfill my sexual deprivation to some extent.I started to look for sex session with Farhat but it was a tough ask for a Pakistani wife to say at its own.


One day,My husband told me that he is leaving for Islamabad and he will be back at night.He told me that Farhat will come home as he has to copy some data from my husband's computer and I should help him.I agreed.Farhat came just after my husband's call and I guided him to my husband's computer.He was wearing a tight jeans and a blue T-shirt which looked gorgeous on his muscular body.I prepared some snacks and coffee for him and sat near him on sofa.During our chit chat,he appreciated my looks and my figure for quite a few times.My mind has been set-up to cheat my husband so i responded with a smile to Farhat's Admiration.He admired my young look in this age and my tight body and I was too much enjoying that.After copying the entire data he stood up and came near me.I could sense his mind so I prepared myself for the upcoming hot touches.

Suddenly,He grabbed me in his arms and I forbid him like a traditional Pakistani wife.He was not willing to leave me so I started to respond.We french kissed each other and he fondled my heavy breasts nicely.Soon he pulled my Qameez and unhooked my Bra.I was still forbidding him to remain in some limit but believe me,It was only a formal denial.I eagerly wanted that young blood to suck my breasts and bang me hard so that my sex starvation comes to an end.He sucked my nipples for at least 15 minutes and then started to remove my Shalwar(Pants).I have recently shaven my pubic area so it looked nice for some action.He licked me nicely and inserted his tongue deep inside.I don't remember how many years I had wished for that but husband failed to do that action.He licked all my dropping juices and I was moaning just like a real lusty Pakistani housewife.

The time to climax was there and I was eagerly waiting for his nice tool to enter me.He has also sensed that it was a time to finish these Pakistani sex stories.He pulled his dress off and removed his underwear.When I saw his young tool,I just felt my first orgasm.He was pink tool guy,Fat enough to flesh my meat inside and hard enough to hit my all spots.I wide opened my legs and he just pushed his tip inside me.I shivered with orgasm and he started to insert all seven inches inside.When he touched my G-Spot,I felt myself in heaven.He banged me deep and fast and hit all my corners inside.He banged me in doggy style and then asked me to sit on his pink tool.I was jumping and riding his hard tool like a whore.Soon He was about to release.He told me that he is just coming.So i quickly pulled out and sat near his tool so that his drops could go on my face.He sprinkled all his hot juices over my face and lips.It was hot and awesome for a sex starved Pakistani wife like me.This sex session provided me a satisfaction which i was missing from last 5 years.I thanked Farhat and he left our house.I still manage to get a weekly bang session from Farhat and now I am a satisfied housewife.I hope my sex stories are worth of reading.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How Pakistani girls Start Sex Affairs?

I  was thinking to discuss a different story today.For quite a long time,We have been just publishing Pakistani sex stories and people liked it very much.Today,I will discuss a few facts about Pakistani girls and their involvement reasons into sex.There are some key factors behind " How Pakistani girls start sex affairs"which public must know.Being a Pakistani woman,I have realized that I may probably best analyze these facts.I hope the majority of our blog readers will agree me and I hope for feedback via comments.

The 80% of Pakistani girls/Women live in  a restricted lifestyle.These restrictions include the religious bounds and social bounds.On the other hand,We could rate Pakistani society as a crazy society somewhat.The 60-70% people are living a middle class or poverty life but this class feel it necessary to have a TV at home,a Cable connection,Mobile phone and Media players.For getting this stuff they may even sacrifice their food.On one hand,The Pakistani parents of this class would expect their daughters to follow Islamic trends and social norms and on the other hand they had provided TV,Mobile and media to their daughters.


What happens as a result of this dual standard life?The Middle class/Poor girls feel an attraction in the latest fashion dresses of TV anchors,Models and Actresses but they don't have an ability to buy such dresses or follow these hot fashion trends due to bounds.An influence certainly exists on mind.On the same time when these girls start their college life,They get a variety of girls in their class.Some are rich and some may be otherwise.An influence of Rich girls also acts as a virus in minds.When they come home,They are again in bounds and poverty.They can't get a lifestyle which they have seen in their class.The next diversion point comes.

All girls and female teachers are not nobble at all.The possibility of two-three hot women is always there in the class which are already involved in sex affairs and dating.Those girls trap these middle class/poor community girls in the name of friendship and then the glory of money works as a perfect gift.In most of the cases,the majority of middle class girls first get involved with brothers of Rich girls who just want to have sex.The rich brothers and lovers of rich girls would use middle class/poor girls and then try the next one.This circle continues and at the end parents of middle class would try to get their daughter married.some may start sex affairs to get money.

The Elite class girls have a different life style.their family routines allow them to have fun time outside home without spying that who is dating their daughter.The only care which elite class girls have to keep it a secret.even if she makes sex with any guy,Nobody should know that to save their prestige.The elite class Pakistani women love to try different men even after marriage.They would meet other men,get gifts from their lovers(like luxury cars,Plots,jeweleries) and others.Even the elite class husbands help their wife to have affairs with someone who can help in business matters.

There are so many other issues related to the involvement of Pakistani girls in sex affairs including the free aid of Mobile phone for dating and casual meetings.I would try to discuss these in my next articles.I am waiting for your response about these sex stories and women affairs.I hope you like this blog of Pakistani sex stories.

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