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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Friend's Hot wife:True sex story of Pakistani wife

My name is Zeeshan.I live in Islamabad and this is a true Pakistani sex story.This story is about my friend's Hot Pakistani Wife,Uzma.Uzma was married to Ahmad and they are our family friends.She is 25y with perfect figure,and Ahmad is 28 with smart looks.We have good family relations and we frequently visit each others home.Me and Ahmad both are cricket lovers.One day,an interesting match between Pakistan and Australia was going on and Ahmad called me and requested to come to his home and watch the match together.We watched a few overs together and then Ahmad told me that he is going to market to bring some cooking items and I should continue to watch the match.I agreed and he left on his bike for market.When he went to market,Uzma locked the door and went back to kitchen.There were only me and Uzma inside house.She entered the drawing room after a few minutes of his departure and smiled by saying Salam to me.I replied to her greetings with a smile and she sat on sofa.She seemed to be in a changed mood that day.I was confused when she smiled in a meaningful style while talking to me about match.I could sense her mood for something nasty.

Later she told me that she needs some help about her education plans.Ahmad is very busy so he can't manage time.she has joined an institute for diploma in marketing and she will be needing my help.I encouraged her and assured her for full support.She asked me to write my cell number on a paper and I did that.She took the paper and went back to kitchen.When Ahmad returned home,I asked him about Uzma Bhabhi's education plan.He also told me that she needs some help regarding her education and if I had time,I should help her.I agreed to ahmad.After few days she called me in the office.She asked me few questions regarding to her course.After five minutes she changed the track and started talking about movies,songs and other things.I noticed that she even don't like to listen Ahmad's name,I guessed that there is something wrong between them.This gave me a clear idea that both of them have no sexual contact with each other from last couple of weeks.More over I could guess that Ahmad was also trying to give me some time to spend with his Hot wife.

After few days I called her,as I asked her about her studies,she requested me that she want to prepare a very important assignment and she want me to come to her home for couple of hours,she also insisted that I should visit their house in morning hours because in the evening ahmad may start discussing cricket with me.I checked my schedule and promised to visit her after two days.I went to their house at 10 am when ahmad was out for job.She smiled when she saw me at door and I went to their drawing room.She came with her books after locking the door.We started to discuss about her studies.After few minutes she bent down to pick a pencil on the carpet and I got complete view of her beautiful breasts tightly packed into delicate bra.She was Intentionally or unintentionally trying to seduce me.I felt the movement of my love tool,this time it was extremely difficult to get hold of it.

It was getting tighter and tighter.To comfort myself I opened my legs a little bit and used my left hand to adjust and rub it little bit.I did it as I knew that everything was happening under-table and she won't be able to get the clear view.But she was more intelligent than I thought.After few seconds I felt her soft tow toughing my ankle.This act from Uzma produced 1000 Mega Watt power waves in my legs and my penis reacted strongly for the second time.I could easily feel my under-wear a little bit wet from the inner side.She read it from my face expressions that I am feeling hot,my reaction encouraged her to go ahead.I was about to enjoy my Pakistani sex stories now.

After that she used her second foot in the similar fashion.It was getting very difficult for me to continue my lecture.I was in a confused state,on one side she was rubbing her tows with my legs and on the other side she was pretending that she was listening to me seriously.During next few minutes I completed my lecture and asked her to prepare the outlines for assignment.She started writing and I bent on the table and put my forehead on table's surface and put of my arms across my head to show that I want to relax.She was continuously playing with my legs, this time she was using only one tow.Now I decided to start aggression in the similarly fashion.I moved my tow towards her,on the first touch I could feel a few seconds pause in the fast movement of her right hand busy in writing.After first touch I felt she was also getting hot.

Suddenly,She got up and moved around the table and stood right behind my chair.I could only guess her movement as my eyes were closed and I was fully bent on the table.She used both of her hands to open the upper buttons of my shirt and moved them inside it.I quickly got up and asked in amazement;Bhabhi what are you doing.She put her finger on my lips to say me remain silent.She moved her soft hands on my chest then she turned them towards my neck and then gave a hot and soft touch to my ribs and finally reached the stomach area.After continuing her sensual massage for few minutes she unbuttoned my shirt completely.

So I opened my eyes and stood up and finally turned towards her.Her Dress was completely unbuttoned and her creamy white body,pink lips,large black eyes,perfectly shaped breasts were giving green signal to my thirsty tongue.I looked into her blue eyes which were expecting same kind of response from me.I started it,by kissing her lips.I was kissing her harder and harder soon I started moving my lips towards chin and then towards her breasts with both of my hands.I removed her dress,untied her bra and gave freedom to beautiful white melons.I started licking and sucking one of them and used my hand to rub other one.I could feel her breathing heavily.During next few minutes I switched between both of her melons.After that,I managed to pull down her SHALWAR.The moment I saw her black panty and white beautiful thighs I lost control over myself and gave her a bite on the left thigh,she griped my hairs with my right hand and moved my head away.I realized that I did it in a little cruel way,But she again brought my head closer to her thigh this time expecting me to do it gently.This time I used my lips and tongue only.

With the help of my lips I kept hold of her soft meat and with the my tongue I started sucking it in side my mouth. I was using my tongue effectively and she started making sexy noises.Then I moved slowly towards her panty,there I touched the panty with my tongue right over her valley entrance.I felt it a little wet and hot.I resumed the previous exercise with my tongue and lips.She immediately removed her panty and opened her legs and said "ESS KO CHOOSO"lick it please.It was a wet,hot and pink covered with small pubic hairs.My tongue once again attacked the area,this time harder than before.I used my hands to take my tool out of trouser.Her soft meat was becoming more and more juicy and my tongue was sucking each and every drop of it.I felt that my love tool is unattended so I request her for 69 position,which she liked.Now She was giving me a lips job.

She was doing it so smoothly and cleanly that I have no hesitation to declare it as best lips job of my life.At the same time I was also working on her valley by inserting my tongue inside.She took my tool deep inside her mouth and after bring it back moved her tongue below its head.After feeling it rock hard,I turned straight and as a reaction she opened her legs.I touched my tool with her hot valley,and slowly started pushing it inside.As I moved the head of my tool inside her,she screamed,AAAAAA'H YES,"ARAAM SAY...DAL BHI DOO".It was a great feeling I pushed my tool more and more inside her.

Finally,I moved it completely inside her hot hole.I started moving it in and out and she was screaming.I started stroking it faster and faster.Her beautiful bobs were dancing with every jerk produced due to powerful pumping of my tool.Soon I felt that I was about to fire.I pulled out my love tool and then released the stream of milky juices over her breasts.She tasted it and liked it.She told me that Ahmad had done it fifteen days ago.He was not able to do it good.When I asked her in detail,she told me that Ahmad can't get it enough hard.He is loose during that and often finishes while starting.Now I was clear about her sex starvation but thanked her for selecting me for the job.I am still enjoying her every week once for a full Pakistani sex session.I hope you have enjoyed my Pakistani sex stories.

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