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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Real sex story of Pakistani couple in UK

I have seen a lot of Sex Stories here.After reading these Pakistani stories,I got interested in sharing my 100% real experience.This sex story is not a set of fiction stories and I will narrate all incidents as those happened.My name is Hina(changed) and I am happily married to my loving husband zubair.I am currently in my early thirties where as my husband is 34 exactly.After getting married,me and my husband traveled UK as my husband's friend asked him to get settled in UK for some time at least.We discussed the matter and I was extremely interested in settling abroad,being fed up with a 100 problems of Pakistani life.He sent two Visa's for us and soon we traveled to London.I was more happy than my husband while he was a little worried about the upcoming days and settlement in UK.Our feet on UK land lead me to these Pakistani sex stories.


After reaching there,My husband's friend provided us a well decorated rented house.Soon we started our new life in UK.The first few months gone very well as my husband had been provided a good job in a local store at good salary.After the fourth month,The things turned totally opposite as my husband got an accident and his right side of body was quite damaged.His friend tried to bear all our expenses but soon he was also seemed to be in crises of money.He told us about his situation and in hidden words he cleared that he can't manage us further.This situation was very tense for us as I never wanted to leave the quite and pleasant life of London.

My husband was on bed and it is quite a fact in London that everybody has to bear his expenses at his own.I asked for some Job but his friend told me that the Job is not permissible for me without the legal papers getting ready.My husband's papers had been made already.So,We went on thinking a lot for at least one week and about the work which I can do to get my home bills paid and livings.One day I was watching TV when I saw an ad of some massage spa.A strange idea came into my mind and I told my husband about opening a massage center at home.Most of the men feel very happy getting a body massage from a woman.

My husband laughed loudly and then some tears appeared in his eyes.I started consoling him and then I decided to post massage service ad on craigslist.I got a response to my ad right the next day.A man asked for contact and location details.I contacted him and asked him to come to our house for massage.After getting the most of information,he told me that he will come at 10am.I have seen some videos of massage in which females give massage to males.So i got the idea what I have to do.Believe me,at this point I was no where thinking of any sexual massage for him or something like that.

The man arrived right in time.I have prepared our house garage for the massage session after placing some furniture there.He was in his mid forties and seemed a British by his looks.When he saw me,he had a deep look into my body assets which created a certain UN-easiness in my mind but I have to bear that to keep our life going.So i asked him to get on bed while he was trying to know me in detail.He was quite surprised that a Pakistani women is giving such services.I started massaging his back and then his neck,elbows and other body parts.Soon I felt some bulge in his pants.

He straightway asked me to give him a Penis massage but I refused to do that.I cleared him about my services but he was not ready to leave me.He was quite interested in exploring my body after massage but I have loved my husband,I have never thought of cheating my husband.So I have to avoid such acts of being sexually involved with customer.He shown me a 100 pound currency note and said,I will pay you 100 pounds for this.Then he further hit my week point of being in a no-money situation.I have done a mistake of telling him that I have started this massage service just to get some earning.

When I saw that he was not willing to leave just for a body massage,I asked him to keep it for the next session.He got agreed and then left our rented house after 2 hours or so.I had got my first payment.I told my husband about the earning after finishing with the client and seeing him off.He was again in deep sorrows that his beloved wife had to do such act to get some money for ourselves.We have decided not to tell this to my husband's friend.

To my surprise,The man came again right the next day for another session of massage.I received him and given him another massage session.That day he had came just for that shit which I was trying to avoid.He again asked me to give him a penis massage.I was reluctant in that so he threw a 100 pounds currency for me and asked me to perform that like a bitch.I was out of money and when I saw the 100 pounds,I thought for a while about my home expenses and my husband's state.I have to buy his medicine as well next week.So finally I started to give him a penis massage.He was enjoying this sex massage of a hot Pakistani wife.

I rubbed his un-cut tool for at least 30 minutes from tip to bottom and his hard tool just sprinkled his load on my hands.A few drops fell on my face but I smiled after looking at him.He was a clean man so his juices has no dirty smell.He thanked me for such a nice massage and paid me another 100 pounds.I was extremely happy after getting 200 pounds just for two hours job.He discussed his family situation and I found that he had a lot of money in his banks.He was alone to spend all money freely.He asked me for some full hot session with a gap of 3 days every week and I reluctantly agreed for the full sex session.

I avoided telling that to my husband that I had given a penis massage to the customer.Soon I purchased all the things which I was missing for days now.He again came after three days and this time he had made up his mind of screwing me as well.When he told me his thoughts,I said:No.this is not good.He tried to convince me again with his money and then he taken out his wallet out.He opened his wallet and believe me,My mouth was just opened when I saw a plenty of 100 pounds currency notes inside.He told me that he can pay 500 pounds for that.He has done it so trickily that I agreed on his purposeful.

This sex story of Pakistani wife has taken the angle to another side.I asked him to put on some condom and he laughed.He said;I have already bought a condom as I knew that you would be agreed.I blushed red with shame that he was considering me a bitch already.But I have to be quite to get the huge money from him.He asked me to put a condom on his tool with my lips.I have not done it before so he explained this to me.I tried and he enjoyed it lustfully.He was surely a mind sick to bang Pakistani women.He was about 5-6 inches in length(I forgot to tell you).Then he asked me to sit on his tool.I removed my remaining Bra and Panties and became ready to perform the act of a bitch.

He was the first man after my husband to see me in this state.He fondled my breasts nicely,sucked them while I was sitting on his iron rod,fully inside me.He asked me to jump on that and I obeyed all his instruction.My husband had not banged me since his accident so I was quite hot inside.I started enjoying this too.My sex story has reached the climax.Then after a few minutes jumping,he asked me to bend in doggy.I made myself in that position and he started screwing me deep and hitting me right on my G-Spot.I had a wild orgasm that time.He laughed and remarked.

He had a nice stamina.He banged me in standing position and then legs on shoulder position as well.Finally he was ready to discharge his loads.He slowed his pace and asked me that he wants to spread that on my face.My husband has done that many times after marriage so I had no objections to that.He pulled his tool out and blasted all his hot load on my lips,cheeks and breasts.I was also a sexually satisfied Pakistani wife at that moment.I had enjoyed that cheating session but all was done for my dearest Husband.Later he paid me 500 pounds as per rule and thanked me for such a hot Pakistani sex session.That man proved his nice personality as well when he helped me to get my papers ready through his contacts and then helped me in giving me a permanent job at his own Mart.For that help,I have to thank him every week with a nice full sex session.Our life got easy and my husband started recovering soon when I got my job as his worries has been finished.My writing style of Pakistani sex stories might not be good enough but this was all about my life in UK.

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