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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wife Swapping in Pakistani Society:Sex Story of Swinging lifestyle

My Name is Irum and I am about to share my Pakistani sex stories here.I am happily married to Zeeshan, 29 Years old and quite fit to satisfy me.We have one baby and she is 2 years old.I am not a writer of Sex Stories by birth so readers must ignore my mistakes during this story.Me and Zeeshan got married 4 years back.It is a love marriage and we do had an affair(Not sex before marriage) which resulted in marriage later on.We both belong to Upper class and quite wealthy to enjoy our life.I have read a few sex stories here so I should tell my figure as well.I am 5,7 in height and 36-29-38(may be near to that) states.Even after marriage,I can still turn heads round.I am sexy and most of my friends rate me amongst Hot Pakistani Women.

Now I should move to my Sex Stories without wasting your time.After one year of marriage,We both felt that sex is just a routine between us.We used to sex everyday for the first year and it seemed boring later on.It was not a matter of any weakness in my husband but only it looked a routine.He was fit enough and healthy to satisfy me but we both felt bored.One day,Zeeshan talked to me regarding this boring routine.We were quite frank and open to discuss things to each other.Initially,I was not getting his plan but later he explained a bit to me.He was interested in Swinging lifestyle.
I was surprised by the Idea but Zeeshan is a loving husband so he kept the choice to me.He never forced me to become a swinging wife.I asked him to wait until I decide.We also discussed that we should not involve ourselves into any feelings of attraction for other swinging couples and it would be only a sex session.We agreed to the idea as we never wanted to ruin our marriage.I couldn't explain how difficult it was to find a suitable couple in Pakistani society for a swinging action.Wife Swapping in Pakistan is quite a hard thing to manage.We started online and almost 95% of the profiles on internet were fake finally.The rest of 4% seemed to be over age.Finally after a struggle of 2-3 months,we selected a couple from Islamabad.

We exchanged a cam session and we became good friends(Remember it was only a sex friend relation).Finally we invited them home to make our Pakistani sex stories a reality.Sorry,I forgot to tell their names.They were Sara and Ahmad.Ahmad was younger and only 21 Y old while Sara was 26Y and both were very nice and sexy Pakistani Couple.They were married recently.They came to our home.Me and Zeeshan both liked them very much.Ahmad was quite handsome and seemed to be very cute.Believe me,It was my first time but I got wet when I thought of getting a bang session from Ahmad.Sara was a shy in start but later got used to.I was too feeling shy in start.

We had a dinner together where I had a good conversation with Sara while Ahmad talked to Zeeshan for the session.I have handed over my baby to maid so that our Pakistani sex session goes UN-intrupted.We all were gathered on our marriage bed and I locked the door.Now the point was "How to start?.All of were feeling shy but we had to start.finally zeeshan asked me to get closer and he started kissing.We smiled and asked Sara and Ahmad to start as well.We were having kissing with own partner and we watched each other.It was an awesome feeling.

Then Zeeshan asked me to remove Sara's clothes while Ahmad removed my clothes one by one.I shivered when Ahmad unhooked my Bra.Zeeshan UN-hooked Sara's Bra and her Big Breasts jumped like a football.I rubbed her breasts,seemed so soft.My Nipples were a bit hard due to feeding.Sara and Ahmad both were more easier now.Zeeshan and me took a 69 position,same position was adopted by Sara and Ahmad.We managed to take a position in such a style that Ahmad could see my wet vagina licked by Zeeshan and he could also play with it while Zeeshan could see Sara's and he can play with her.Zeeshan bravely inserted his finger in Sara's ass while Ahmad was licking her Pussy.Sara screamed with pleasure so I grabbed Ahmad's hand and placed it on my Ass hole.He also started to finger me.

Both wives,Me and Sara were playing and sucking tools wildly.After 3-4 minutes,Zeeshan asked me to change over Ahmad while Sara should be on Zeeshan.Sara and me looked at each other and smiled.We were enjoying it very much and wet in juices and sliva after licking action.We changed pair and It was the first real swapping action for us.Sara started sucking Zeeshan's tool while I was doing the same with Ahmad.I felt a strange joy when Ahmad licked me.His tongue and taste was much different than zeeshan.His Tool and pubic smell was awesome.I sucked him wildly.The seesion of Pakistani sex was going to peak.We all were screaming with pleasure.

After that I sat on Ahmad's tool because I couldn't control my self more.Sara saw me and smiled.Ahmad was much cute and I just felt my first orgasm in two-three jumps.My whole body shivered with pleasure.Zeeshan remarked;Enjoy baby,do it fast.His remarks made me jump faster on Ahmad's tool.Sara was also out of control when she saw me jumping on ahmad's tool.She started sitting on Zeeshan's Fat tool and with a bit of trouble she managed to take it fully in.She moaned with pleasure and pain.Ahmad was a little short in size to Zeeshan,Might be due to age.Me and Sara started playing with each other's Breasts while jumping on each other's husband.

These were the best moments of my sex life in Pakistan.I got near to crazy with this type of Swinging sex.Sara also had a wild orgasm.Zeeshan gave a strange idea then,He asked our approval for Double penetration.I was not new to Backdoor entry but Sara seemed to be a bit hesitant.So Zeeshan asked me to feel two at a time first and then if Sara likes,she could try that.I was ready to get banged by two at a time inside so I sat on Zeeshan's tool while Ahmad entered my back.Both started hitting me deep and I could feel it like Iron rods inside my body.They banged me fast and Sara couldn't control her self.She started playing with their balls meanwhile they were screwing me.

They given me an awesome screwing action of 4-5 minutes and then Sara asked herself for a try.Zeeshan was ready to bang her backdoor so she was seated on Ahmad's tool.When Zeeshan started to insert his tip,she screamed with pain.Zeeshan lubricated his tool again and then pushed it in with a jerk.almost the entire tip was inside.Zeeshan held her butts tightly so that she can't jump forward due to pain.I could feel her pain as I had the same feeling when I did it first time.Zeeshan pushed more inside and almost a half of his fat tool was inside her ass.She begged Zeeshan to take it out for a while but I smiled and slapped her butts twice.

Zeeshan pushed it fully in and Sara's face was blushed red with pain.Ahmad was feeling a bit tense by the situation but when zeeshan started his slow jerks,Sara's pain became pleasure.soon she was enjoying this backdoor entry and Zeeshan was screwing her fast now.Ahmad was also making jerks and hitting her inside deeply.She shivered with orgasm and moaned loudly.When she moaned,It was Ahmad who fired his entire juices inside her.Zeeshan also couldn't control more so he blasted his hot juices in her ass.

I continued to play with their balls during this entire screwing session.Believe me it was the best moment of my life.I had discovered the swinging life and a better way to enjoy like the majority of Elite Class Hot Pakistani Women.the entire session finished in 1.5-2 hours at least.I was also looking to feel two juices inside so We took a short break.I served them hot milk and both husband's were ready in 10 minutes again.The same screwing session was performed with me because i had not felt the hot juices of Ahmad.When he fired inside my ass It was the moment which I could never forget.The second sex session was a bit longer than first one.We all slept together like Zeeshan with Sara and me with Ahmad.At morning they left our house after breakfast.

We talked to each other about the night of Pakistani sex and Sara and Ahmad both seemed very much relaxed and happy.I felt Zeeshan's face,More satisfied and more charming.This was what I had been looking for Zeeshan.I was also very happy after enjoying a younger Stud entire night.That day changed our entire life span.We were an expert swingers in Pakistan now.That session of Wife Swapping in Pakistan never disturbed our married life.I was more attached to Zeeshan than ever.We are used to this type of sex now and we try to find a suitable couple every month for one session at least.We never need Single men for sex and If you are a couple and want to enjoy with us,You can mail us on for further action.I hope that all readers have enjoyed reading Pakistani sex stories of Wife Swapping.

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