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Monday, September 26, 2016

Real Story Of Hot Paki Aunty

Please stay patient, my sex story is a bit longer but you'd love it. I am going to write about a hot paki Aunty. My name is Usman and I am an engineer by profession. My age is 24 Years. I have joined new job in Lahore. My company does not provide accommodation so I have to search a room for permanent residence as I was from another city. On Sunday I was roaming all those places to get a room that were told by company staff and some of my acquaintances but found none good. It was 7 pm and I was completely tired. Still I went for last location. I given a ring outside and started waiting. This was the point where my story of having fun with hot Paki Aunty started.


A man of age 45 opened the door. It was an old and last house in that street but looked good due to maintenance. There were 2 rooms in upper floor with a kitchen, toilet and bathroom . The plus point was big opened space terrace on other side. It was quite old but as I have not got any residence so far so I was thinking in a double mind state. while thinking I heard a seductive voice asking 'Kon Hai' “Who is their?” and then she came outside. Ohhh she was too hot to look at that I was speechless for a minute. She was slightly heavy but awesome figure with big melons and big ass.

Though the house was not good enough but it was near from my office and rent was reasonable. So I agreed with that deal and shifted their after 2 days. Days passed on and I was becoming closer to their family slowly. To tell about aunty, her name was Naila and she was in her mid thirtees (35 years or so). Her ass was so big and seductive that anyone would love to fuck her in doggy and watch her shaking ass with jerks, day and night.

Secretly I was enjoying her sexy living. Within 2-3 months, the 48 years old Uncle got very frank to me and at night uncle and I used to play carom in the terrace and even watch cricket matches together. Uncle was in sales management at a shopping mart, so he used to go early morning 8 am and return at 8 pm . Uncle got a good nature but with aunt he was very possessive. She was not allowed to go outside, not allowed to go to friend’s houses. Though she was having many constrains, she was happy with herself. I forgot to tell, She was the second wife of uncle and uncle's daughter from first wife was already married , first wife was died so no-one else was in our houses. 

Many times I have seen her in free style when uncle was not at home. She used to dry her clothes including her under-garments in open place at house. From the varieties of panties and bras she was having, anyone would know that she was very sexy.

A couple of times when I was present inside my room, and she was aware of the fact that I was on off from office, she used to spread her under-garments in open space which was somewhat visible from top story (Though hidden from all sides else) . To seduce her and check her more, I came down to go outside as we had only one way to the outer gate.Usually, the small wall portion along the stairs was not sufficient to hide her under-garments from my eyes. And usually, she won't mind me looking at her openly spread bras and panties. That evening when I came from market visit, Uncle was still at shopping mart, I decided to return. So I came home.

When I went upstairs, I saw once of her brassier fallen on the 3rd step. I was a bit surprised to see the scene but then I quickly thought of a plan. I picked her bra and then looked it thoroughly. I could read the no 42 tag on it. So, I decided to return it to aunty without showing her any sexy intentions. I knocked at her kitchen as she was busy in kitchen and told 'Aunty your clothes were falling on stairs' and same time I handed over the bra to her. She was blushed and speechless for a moment but took her brassier from my hand and said 'Thanks' (she smiled a bit while doing that). After returning her that bra, I returned back and went upstairs to my room. 

For whole night, her bra remained in my mind. It was not a forgettable scene when I returned her the brassier and she took it with a little thanks and smile. I was in so many minds, Probably she has thrown it intentionally as she knew her husband was away and she wanted to get that kind of frankness with me.

Next 4-5 days, nothing happened between us and we remained separate as we normally used to. Uncle played carom with me regularly but he never got a hint that I was getting frank with his wife. 7 days later, while I was going to office at about 9 am, Aunty just called me when I was about to leave at door. I stopped for a while and Aunty said; I need some accessory so please if you can purchase it for me while returning from job. I was surprised why Aunty asking me for purchase of item as her husband could do it easily. Anyhow, I took the written chit from her hand along with Rs-1000 note. I put it without reading in my pocket.

Meanwhile, in office when I opened the written chit, I was almost shocked to see what was written on that "Red Brassier 42D' , I was stunned for a moment. Gathering my senses , I was quite sure that aunty wants to start a sexy relationship with me without getting noticed by uncle. Then I went to ladies store and bought the same for Aunty. At evening I handed over the item to aunty with remaining money and she remarked; Ur uncles doesn't like buying such items for me and I was not able to visit market past one month so I thought to disturb you, anyhow did you mind that? I said; No aunty - its my pleasure you can ask me anything , any type of help anytime. she smiled and started opening the pack. I remained standing there and while she checked her bra, she said, nice its soft and I wanted the same. 

I was thinking that Aunty couldn't speak in more clear words what she wants from me. I said; You check it wearing if it fits good, I am coming after changing my dress. Aunty said; OK and I went upstairs. It was about 6 pm and there were still 2 hours to uncle's return. I was thinking about fucking the aunt seriously when my door was knocked, it was her. My cock had already got some mild erection while I was thinking about her and it was visible to her.

To tease me she said 'You bought a good one' It's perfect, how you know about ladies product buying? I smiled and looked at her boobs and asked her“Are you sure? She smiled again and said “It’s my perfect wear”. We both smiled again. we were more friendly and kept on talking long in uncle’s absence. I noticed that she may not be satisfied by her husband.

I was feeling little bit awkward but aunty was ok with that and talking to me about under-garments as it was nothing to feel shame. She even talked with me and I was answering her questions.

I was aroused and my dick was rising like a volcano ready to erupt hot lava. Aunty had noticed my dick still she was standing and watching me. Suddenly she complimented me for my physique. I am average looking guy with 5.9″ feet height, flat chest and big arms, with a dick about 7 inches.

She gave me a naughty smile. But she said nothing more. I was not a fool to waste this chance so I said; I love my body and I care it, Then I quickly removed my shirt. She put her hand on her mouth and pretended as she was blushed with my act. I knew it was just a show off game and she wanted badly that I fuck her. Like 90% of married paki aunties, she won't ask me directly to fuck her. 

Her big boobs, her big ass, her body aroma was making me mad. Now she was comfortable with me .I moved forward and while talking in naughty mood, asked her to check her new bra. She pushed me away once and smiled saying; You are now getting in some other mood. but her style was never forbidding me, so I again moved forward and touched her ass and boobs. 

She was very much happy.I kept on making her hotter and hotter by kissing her cheeks, neck and grabbing her ass.She was behaving like a college girl and enjoying my every touch.

Our bodies were demanding a wild fucking session.Her hand was sometimes touching my dick.I shivered with her first touch and the tent in my boxer felt great. I was moaning with her pressure touches. She was looking at my dick and massaging my thighs.I was relaxed and reborn. Then I touched her pussy which was very wet now, and With first touch on thigh and pussy, she shivered. She moaned uhhmnm loudly. My rocket was ready to take off but I controlled somehow and she was continuously rubbing it. Her moans increased and she was out of control now. Then, I pushed her towards my bed and after she got laid, I picked up an oil bottle and made her facing downward.

While massage her inner thighs I touched her pussy lips many time. I put 2-3 drops of oil into her ass crack, as the drops where sliding downward. She was shivering like a fish out of water. She praised me for massage. I removed my boxer and got completely nude. I inserted one finger inside her ass and one inside her nice pussy. After finger fucking her for a few minutes I turned her over.

Now her lovely melons were in front of me. I applied oil and started massaging near her boobs from side and cleavage.
Massaging her boobs and then nipples. She was moaning like a tigress and was completely in my control. I massaged her stomach and went near her pussy. She was like ahhh uhhhh ummm umm nmm.

She was totally out of control. I started licking her pussy with my tongue . She was shouting do it more, do it more don’t stop. Then I inserted my tongue inside her, I was licking her juices. She folded her legs around my head and with both hands pushed me inside her pussy. I was unable to breath. She was near orgasm and in no time she burst like clouds.

Now I got up and rubbed my dick on her pussy lips while teasing her big boobs. Then I inserted my dick inside her. As I pushed a half in, she moaned louder, and I made another full force jerk to plunge it fully inside. I started fucking her with pace. And she was in heaven.I fucked her for another 5-6 minutes only when I came first time.I released all my cum inside her pussy. We both came at same time. Still she was not looking to end, As soon as I pulled it out she grabbed it and got up. she took my dick in her mouth and sucked like a hungry cat. I was again hard.

Now she came on top and we smooched fucked each other for nearly 15-20 min. Then, I made her doggy and as I pushed my cock inside her pussy, She wanted me to fuck her ass. I applied oil on her ass hole and my dick. Her hole was tight it was painful for both of us while inserting in first attempt but I managed to drill it in. Slowly, it got settled with her ass hole and I started pushing in out. It was extreme pleasure .I fucked her for 10 minutes in ass before I came again.we had a great anal sex. Remaining 5-6 months we fucked like animals ,in each and every corner of her bedroom, my bedroom. Then as my parents planned my marriage, I was fully trained fucker who fucked a married aunty for about 100 times at least.

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