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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The sex movie of Pakistani wife

Today I'm going to narrate my true Pakistani sex stories in which I enjoyed a hot Pakistani wife as a stranger.My name is Shahid and I was running a VCR/CD center in Faisalabad way back in 1999/2000.It was a time when Cable/DSL/CD's were not very popular and available in markets.Most of the people used to rent  these items from shops and keep them overnight for enjoyment and then return.It was a very popular business those days.I was 22Y old at that time when my brother asked me to take control of the shop and run the shop.So I started to open the shop at 7am-10pm and sit there for the whole day.This shop provided me the best opportunities to enjoy hot Pakistani women and girls often during morning hours.You will be wondered but It was a fact that I experienced a lot of Pakistani sex stories those days.

One day I was sitting in the shop along-with my best friend and we were having a chit chat and making fun about hot Pakistani girls of our area.At around 10am,a child visited my shop.He must be around 5-6 Years old.He was holding a paper piece in his hand and nicely grabbing it.He straightway came to my chair and said;Uncle (Aunty yeh Film Mang rahi hain) aunty is asking for this movie.He handed over the paper to me.My friend inquired me about the child and then I recognized him that he was from a family living behind our house only a few meters away.I told my friend that he is the son of Mr-Arslan (name changed for secrecy).

After that I opened the paper and tried to see which movie she was asking.My eyes were opened wider and certain spikes of wonder were broken into my mind.Can you believe? she has written an English movie which was more than a XX movie.My friend asked me in amazement about the movie name.After thinking for a few seconds,I told a lie to my friend and then he left my shop suddenly due to his brother outside.I asked the child that which aunty has sent you?The child told me his hot Pakistani aunty's name;Lubna aunty.I smiled and said;OK.Then I searched the movie and handed over the CD pack to the child and advised him to hand over the pack only to aunty Lubna.The child said;Aunty K ILAWA Ghar mein aor koi nahin hai tu aur kis kon dun ga(There is no body home except Aunty so whom i can).I smiled and asked;Where are others.The child said;all are went to meet our relatives in the city and me and my Aunty is at home.

The child left after this conversation and I started to think about Lubna.Some strange thoughts went into my mind.I was thinking about her acts and watching such movies for a few minutes.The same child came again after 15-20 minutes and said;Uncle,(Wo tu sahi chal nahin rahi Aunty Keh rahi hain Aap aa k check kar dein CD player)The movie is not playing and aunty is calling you to check our CD player.It was not far away from my shop so I agreed and went with the child to check.Truely speaking,I was also looking for something special to happen and it could be a chance.An alone girl at home sending her nephew to bring a sex movie was an illusion to my thinkings.Hence I reached their home.The home for Pakistani sex stories for me in fact.

There was no-body around in the street and I went straight to their home accompanying the child.He went inside and I waited outside.After a few seconds he came out and said ;Uncle please come in.I followed the child and he took me to their Bedroom room.Lubna was sitting in front of CD player and suddenly got up to see me.Believe me;She was a dam hot Pakistani girl.One could loose his senses after looking at her well shaped body.I keenly made a look on her great figure and well shaped big breasts.The best to watch was her dress as it could reveal her assets quite nicely.She must be around 25Y and her breasts must be 36D.Her butts were very big.I was still into the feeling of heaven when she smiled and told me about the CD player problem.

I checked the CD player but my mind was still thinking about her hot body.She sat behind me on bed and then suddenly asked the child to bring a Pepsi for me.I humbly denied at first but then understood her intentions of sending the child away.The General store was at least 15m come and go and child could spend 15-20 minutes in bringing that pepsi.She went outside with the child till the main door and when the child was out she locked the door which I guessed from the voice of gate.Their house was in such a shape that it has three doors opening outside.Two drawing rooms and main door in the center.My mind started to think about escaping after Pakistani sex with her.If somebody came,I could easily get outside from the other doors.Although I was checking the CD player but thinking about having some fun with her.

I quickly made the lens cleaning with my lens cleaner CD which I usually keep in pocket and it took only 4-5 minutes.Then I played the same movie and it started to play.The movie scene has started from kissing.I looked at her and said;Its working fine now.She thanked me and asked me to sit.Well,It was not a first time for me that I was sitting and checking a CD player with a lady at home.I have done it many times in customer's home but such movie and such lady had been with me for the first time.My tool was getting life inside my pants.After watching the movie for a couple of minutes,I could sense her lustful eyes looking at my pants sometimes.She seemed to be a sex addict.I prepared my mind for Pakistani sex stories.

I didn't have much time as the child could come back.So,I got up and said smilingly;What else I could help you Lubna Madam?She also smiled and said;What else you can help?I replied;everything whatever you want.She again smiled and got up and asked me to come into the drawing room.I could sense her intention that if somebody came from outside and knocked at the door,she could escape me from the drawing room easily.So I followed her and went into the drawing room.After entering the room,I could not stop my self from grabbing her into my arms.She smiled and didn't even forbid me from doing that.She must be thirsty for Pakistani sex.I have never any affair with her before.She was with a stranger.I was good looking with a tall figure and well built body.She might have seen me around and thought of having sex with me.all thoughts were running into my mind but I have to leave all and enjoy these few minutes.

I started to play with her breasts quickly and then after fondling them for a few minutes I started to lick them.She was trying to hide her moans as we were near to street and somebody outside could hear these moaning voice.I quickly made my tool fully erect and didn't even tried to remove her clothes.I made her into doggy style and started to get my tool into her inch by inch.Her love hole was not very tight but tight enough to grip my shaft.My thighs were touching her hips and she was into heaven.I banged her continuously for a few minutes.My mind was also running with fears of outside.She was bent like a bitch and I was screwing her deep.

I have no signs of releasing yet in Pakistani sex stories.I could feel her hotness inside.She must be into her ovulating period.Her eyes were full of red lines inside which could reveal her thirst for Pakistani sex.Then after almost 7-8 minutes of continuous screwing,I was about to release.I pulled my tool outside as her ovulating phase could make her pregnant if I deposited my juices inside her valley.I pulled my tool and then pulled my pants up quickly so that my tool drops should not fall on carpet.I was having no cloth to clean so I let my juices to flow inside my underwear.She was smiling and somebody knocked the door at the same time.She quickly pulled her (shalwar) pant up and went outside to see.I remained in the drawing room for her clearance signal.Luckily it ws nobdy else than the child.He brought a pepsi for me and she guided him to the CD player room and also asked me with his illusion to enter the washroom.The child asked her where is uncle?She replied that he is in washroom.I came out and took my cold drink and quickly finished it.She thanked me and asked me;AAP ki Agar phir Zaroorat Pari tu aan please(If I needed you again please come).I smiled and said;Why not.I left their home and reached my shop as I have to close it for few minutes to take a shower after Pakistani sex stories.

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