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Monday, September 10, 2012

Seducing a wife for Pakistani sex stories

My name is Amir and I got introduced to this site of Pakistani sex stories recently.I have got addicted to it and prompted me to pen down my real life experience with my neighbor. I live in Islamabad and this happened when I was starting my first year in college and had all these lovely hot Pakistani girls all around and I started fantasying about them.Our building had only two flats in each floor and our neighbor an old couple had moved back to their native place and their flat was vacant. I used to be back from college by afternoon, no one at home as my parents used to work and are back only by late evening and I used to be all bored since I had no much friends in our building of my age.This routine life urged me to look for some hot Pakistani sex stories around.

Hot Pakistani

So I started reading all the sex story books that used get from my college friends and have fun. One day as I was getting out for college I saw my neighbor Uncle. I thought they were back but he informed me that he was here for a day as he was renting out the flat and I will soon have a neighbor and I wished there would be some one of my age who.I can be friends with but he informed me that it was a newly married couple and I was like OK. The next day as I was going to college I saw a truck with all the household stuff and I realized it was my neighbors checking in. I went past the truck there was a taxi parked and there was a fat gentleman struggling to get out off the taxi, finally he managed followed by his young bride in her red suit and the newlywed accessories.

I had the first glance at her and believe me I could not move my eyes from her and she was fair beautiful nice curvaceous figure, big naval ,perfect assets,perfect hot Pakistani women that any man would desire. I was wondering how she married a fat ass like him. I immediately started fantasying about her. I came back from college started my usual stuff of my sex story reading but could not help picturing my beautiful neighbor in every story of Pakistani sex.She was awesome and hot enough to impress me as a hot Pakistani wife.

The next day as I was getting out my flat and I saw my neighbor getting out as well, his beautiful wife saying goodbye.They looked very much in love as she was seeing him off.We got eye introduced and I smiled when she looked slightly into my eyes.She closed the door immediately without bothering me more.From that day I started observing their time and daily tried to give her a look at that time.This continued for a number of days and I sent my MOM to their flat for the formal introduction.The idea came into my devil mind because in this way she could be able to visit our flat.Soon this idea fruited out and she came to our flat one day.My MOM was out for market and she went back after just asking about my MOM. 

The days went on and soon she became a good friend of our family.A lot of times she came into our flat and a few times she talked to me a bit.Whenever she talked to me I felt a lustful desire in her eyes.I thought she might be missing sexual satisfaction of her husband or she could be a hunter type Pakistani wife.we started talking more and more as we waited for the things to happen in Pakistani sex.Click the link For reading the next part of Pakistani sex stories.

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