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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Housewife's journey of pakistani sex stories

I am a housewife from Lahore. I have read this blog of Pakistani sex stories many times so I decided to share my own story here.This happened 3 years ago. Before, proceeding let me introduce myself. I am 43 years old now but at the time of this incident I was 40. I am a good looking woman with fair skin and height 5'3,weight 68 Kg and having vital statistics 38 32 36. I am having two daughters,one studying in medical college and the other in Technical school.Both are living in girl’s hostels. My husband is a businessman and he is cool, calm and very open minded person and our sex life is also very much satisfactory. We both need sex at least 3 times a week. During sex we often talk about his fantasy about me to get fucked by a stranger in his presence as it creates orgasmic situation in our bodies.But,we never put it into real action. Though, I liked that fantasy, but I could not move into that direction because of our Network and social status in Lahore. That fantasy became reality unexpectedly.Let us proceed and you all might feel this sex story full of hotness and containing the lustful taste of housewife’s Pakistani sex stories.

When I was on phone using my cards,I got a call from my niece saying that her mom (my sister in law) in Islamabad is in Private hospital due to some unknown critical illness and wants both of us, me and my hubby to reach Islamabad at the earliest. Somehow for me it was not possible to go to Islamabad immediately. So, my hubby alone went there and we decided that if required,he will call me or else he will come back in a day or two. Somehow he managed booking an AC luxury Coach and informed me that whenever necessary,I should do the same.After two days I got a massage to rush immediately to Islamabad as the condition of my sister-in-law became critical in the refinancing center.

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I have to travel alone to Islamabad. I tried to get a single seat through Reservations but all in vain to find great deals.It was 9.30 in the night. I was looking for a couple with whom I will have to change the seat and I can sit with the wife. I was restless as there was only two couples.Only two ladies were in the bus who obviously not ready to adjust.At the last moment one young boy was having a seat with him and I came to know that he will accompany me throughout the night. He must be around 18 to 20 years old fair and handsome and well built. I was almost double in age to him and nobody can think it wrong if I was sitting with him.I was uneasy when the conductor told me to sit with him but after looking at him, I decided to accept the seat as he was of my daughter's age.This was the point when i thought to open an account of extra-marital sex in this.

The vehicle started its journey for my sex stories.In the beginning,like the most of Pakistani society people, the boy and I tried to avoid each other. But finally, I decided to find my Lexus dealer in him.I started to have a chat with him.We both have Vodaphone mobile phones luckily which provided Business opportunities for me.We started talking and I came to know that he is a college student studying at Lahore and he is going to meet his parents in Islamabad. My devil mind started to think about him as he can be my fantasy hero in Lahore. He was cute, young and looked strong by his physique and worthy to get student consolidated loans of sex. It was around 10.15 pm in fact. I was looking to start some fun with him but with care. I fell asleep. I do not know the time but my sleep disturbed due to a soft touch of somebody at my stomach as if trying to rub his hands on my belly. It was almost semi dark inside the bus and only the conductor and driver was awake along with few men sitting in front area of the Luxury travel coach.

He was going nicely through Pakistani sex stories with his hands on my breasts for refinance home.My Dopatta wrapped on my neck was pulled successfully as it was already loosen by me only. I neither opposed nor responded to this act and pretended to sleep. I started liking his act and also started becoming wet and he was pushing my Enhanced breasts over the black bra and then he started pushing and softly fondling my breasts. I was enjoying his act of Free forex trading during my Pakistani sex stories.For reading part two of Pakistani sex stories please click here.   

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