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Friday, October 12, 2012

My Pakistani wife Shaista

My Pakistani wife Shaista and I have been married for 13 years and we have enjoyed a good married life so far.Our relationship was very good for a long time.She is 37 years old 5.6 height and weighs 135 lbs.She has a great body with 36c breasts.It was our 12th year of marriage when I started to feel my boring sex life.We have three children now.I have been tired of routine type Pakistani sex.After spending a lot of time on internet,I found a wife swapping website where I found a few couple for wife swapping in Pakistan.The idea was great to have many hot Pakistani women by just sharing your one wife for swapping.It was a tough decision for me but I finally decided to swap my wife with a suitable educated man.It was a tough task to agree my wife for swapping but I decided to start my new life style.This idea became a base for my Pakistani sex stories.


We had sex every three days and as per my plans I started to discuss groups-sex parties and wife swapping couples during our sex sessions.Initially she felt a bit irritated but soon she seemed taking interest in the subject.Finally after a struggle of three months,she agreed for soft swapping but only with a reasonable couple.I have found many profiles of Hot Pakistani couples on internet but almost 90% seemed to be fake.One day I luckily got a couple who was willing for webcam sex chat.After getting our children sleep,we both sat in-front of PC and our first webcam sex chat session began.It last for one hour where we saw each other screwing our Hot Pakistani women and playing with their bodies.

That day proved to be our first day for starting our new lifestyle.The couple seemed nice with husband almost 29Y old and wife almost 25Y.after a few sessions of cam chat we both decided to do it in real life.We have developed much confidence in each other and they were also from Islamabad.Finally,we met at a public place.They both were very nice and educated.Believe me,I really got excited to see his Hot Pakistani wife.she was gorgeous with hot figures and a perfect Pakistani girl ready for sex.We liked each other and I invited them at dinner on weekends. The kids were at the in-laws for the weekend and we wanted some wife swapping fun that night.

They came to our house and after dinner we needed to move to the bedroom for our wife swapping fun. We all four were on the bed where his wife was sitting near me and my sexy Pakistani wife was sitting with him.I played a movie on my DVD player.It was a group-sex movie.Soon we all were getting ready with both tools hard and both women wet for sex.we started to tease each other’s wife and it was so nice.I had pulled my tool out and was stroking it. My wife was also getting her breasts nicely fondled by the other husband.then we decided to remove our clothes.It was the first time when my shy Pakistani wife was showing her body assets to another man.I was feeling so hot at that time.

Both wives started to suck our tools and wife swapping Pakistani sex session continued.It was awesome feeling for us.Then we started to lick each other’s wife and finally their vagina’s.Both were in heaven and moaning with pleasure.My friend given me an idea that first we both should enter one wife and give her a nice bang session and then do the same with the other wife.Idea was great so I agreed.My Hot Pakistani wife hesitated as she don’t have any experience of this type of Pakistani sex.So it was decided that it would be first for his wife.He entered her back hole while i entered her front part and we banged her fast for at least 10 minutes.My wife enjoyed a lot while he was playing with my wife’s Big breasts.The same was repeated with my wife before we got fired and both wives were full of loads on their breasts.We took a break of few minutes and then started our 2nd shift where I banged his wife alone in all position and watching my wife in dressing table mirror being banged by him.It was an awesome session of sex which gave my life a new look.We have met many couple the day onward and I would share my rest encounters again in Pakistani sex stories.

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