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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sex In Pakistani Medical classes

Dear Pakistani sex story readers,My name is Sameer and I am a doctor by profession.I am sharing my Real Pakistani sex stories here.This sex story has no fiction and all the real stuff is included in it.It happened when I was doing my MBBS.There is co-education system in Medical education of Pakistan and this education system provided me a chance to enjoy with my sexy Pakistani girls studying in my class.I was having many friends and one of them was Mahnoor. She was very sexy but somehow I never got a chance to talk to her openly.We were good friends and used to share all our feelings in break hours.At the end term we were being taught about genetics and sometimes we felt a bit shy during the class when our teacher talked about sex.Our classmates women seemed to be more frank in the sex subject.This brave act of girls provided me a chance to start my sex stories with Mahnnor.

Sometimes I got a chance to talk about sex and genetics with Mahnoor and I felt she is more interested in sex life.One day,I got a call from her and she asked me a question about masturbation in gents.I don’t know why she asked that question.she told me that I was the only friend she can refer to about this and her question was whether masturbation affects WBC count.May be she mistook the sperm for WBC. I told her that sperm and WBC doesn’t have any relation and they won’t meet anywhere during the life-cycle of a man. If they meet WBC recognizes sperm as an antigen and destroys them which creates a very big trouble.

Pakistani sex

I don’t know why but my penis got life while I was explaining this to her.From that day whenever I used to talk to her my penis started to feel something.So I thought to solve this problem for once and for everything. I decided to seduce her from that day.I started messaging her and I too asked her some doubts about menstrual cycle and female orgasms. The conversations are moving fast as I planned. One day I asked her that if she had sex before.She was bit reluctant for a while but later she confession her sex relations.She told that she had sex with her cousin.I asked her how she felt and she told it was great.I asked her in which style she had sex before and she laughed and said;that is not possible to tell on phone.she too got hot while explaining to me and at-last and I told her that I never had sex before and dying to get one and whether she could help it.

She understood my intention for Pakistani sex.She didn’t agreed but somehow I convinced her for just a casual meeting without any sex involved.The date and place were fixed. We went to a Luxury hotel and got a rent room near commercial market.I have already managed to bring my android tablet which was full of Pakistani sex clips.I played a sex clip on my tablet and asked her to watch.Initially she was careless as the majority of Pakistani girls resist before sex.She started to watch the clip and with the scene,she started to heat up for sex stories.I got near her and started kissing her.She forbade me initially but I was not willing to leave her.She too responded in sex.Her lips were juicy and soft I could not leave them for 5mins. I started to remove her t-shirt while kissing. I removed her bra too.She had the best melons for sex on her chest.

I moved my lips from the juicy lips to spicy melons. I also grabbed her other melon with one hand and started squeezing it. She left a moan out. Her moans were turning me hot. I laid her on the bed removed her pant and got some grapes which I purchased before coming to the hotel in my two hands.I started squeezing her melons along with grapes. Soon there was grape juice all over her boobs and navel. You should see that sight,grape juice on a white women body. Now I again started to drink that juice from her breasts.

Wow I never tasted such a juice of sex in my life. She was moaning all the time.I drank all the juice and removed her panty and went for her pussy juice. She was already wet there and I tasted that juice too. The taste of her pussy drives me crazy. Now I inserted my fingers inside her pussy and started moving them. Now her moans increased. She started begging me to bang her. I told her that I will screw her only if she gives a mouth job. She was too horny now and readily accepted. She asked me to lie on the bed and started to please me by playing with my tool.

To my surprise she took some grapes and squeezed them on my tool.She tasted my penis with the grape juice. I just thought that she was a quick learner. I started moaning due to her mouth job while playing with her hairs.I was about to shoot my load so i stopped her.I stood up suddenly and made her in Doggy style.I put my penis and went all 6.5 inches inside her in one stroke.I again started kissing her lips and screwing her fleshy pussy.I licked her pussy again while taking my tool out for a while.Then again inserted inside.It was the best Pakistani sex story of my life.I made her lie on the bed and started to bang her deep in missionary position.She was moaning again. I slowly started to increase the speed. My penis was in action for the first time. After some time I came inside her pussy with a deep thrust.

She was a bit afraid as I deposited all my load inside her.once my friend told me that if a girl sits on her toes after sex the pregnancy chances are zero and all the sperms leak out.So I asked her to sit on toes.Soon all my load leaked out of her pussy.We remained on the bed of Pakistani sex stories for some time before we had another session in bathroom. I thanked for the beautiful session. She said that you’re my best friend and please don’t tell this to anyone.I promised her that I will never disclose my Pakistani sex stories to my friends.

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