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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Hot Maid Aunty and Pakistani sex stories

My name is sameer. I am sharing my Pakistani sex stories first time here. This has happened some 5 years back. I was around 22 years old at that time. I have started learning many things about sex through movies and magazines and was always looking to view some private parts of Pakistani girls/ladies around me. One maid used to come to our house those days, named Shazia.she was around 35 year’s old, whitish, around 5'3?Height, thin waist, round ass and with nice medium size pair of breasts.


Though she was not like Hot Pakistani women but due to her figure I always used to stare her. I always go to my room before she came there for cleaning, to get a chance to view something unusual. I could see her ass and cleavage closely while she is busy in her work. I didn’t want to catch her so I always try to ignore her, or never talked to her much. But I have heard somewhere that women have a sixth sense with which they know that what is going in some body’s mind. My mom was always busy in her meetings with neighbor Pakistani aunts so I had a good time to stare her.

One day, while working in my room she suddenly looked at me and caught me viewing her. This happened 4-5 times in the next month. I was so much afraid that I stopped staring her for few days. One day she came to my room for cleaning. I was sitting on my chair next to my bed, reading something. She was changing the bed sheet and she was exactly opposite to me, and her Dopatta fell from her chest and made a good scene for me to view her cleavage through her deep necked dressed.

My mother was outside and she asked me smilingly, what you are looking for? I was much embarrassed. I said nothing I was just looking outside. She said I have been noticing you since many days what are looking for, what you want. I said nothing. Then she came somewhat closer to me and asked, do you want to do something? I asked; what you mean. She bravely replied, I could do it for you in 500 Rupees. I need some money. I was stunned. I had no courage to speak. I finally said, Ok but not today. Tomorrow you should come early. She agreed.

The next day I was viewing some xxx movies to add taste to my Pakistani sex stories.and I turned on very much horny. My mother had gone to market. Then I decided to make love with her. I called her to my room to arrange my cupboard. Meanwhile I started dealing with her. I wanted to do whatever I have seen in porn movies. She agreed. I started rubbing her body. Here boobs were so firm and tight. Her nipple was around 2 cm long. Then I told her to take off here panty. Wow I will never forget that day. One lady is completely naked in front of me. She has got hairs on her cunt and ass. I started applying soap on here ass and cunt. I spread here cunt and ass as much I could. Then I shampooed her hairs and started pouring water on her.

Then I asked her have you ever seen adult movies. She had no idea about adult movies. Even she cannot believe that such sex performing movies can exist in this world. Then I started some selected porn movies on my computer. I have removed my t-shirt and she sat beside me on my bed and we started enjoying the movie. She was very much surprised by the positions and actions, especially by 69.I said you are also going to do all these in few minutes. She looked little nervous, but I assured her that she is going to love it. Then I asked her your husband does to you. Then she said that he just comes lift my legs, take out his tool and start giving shots. In 10 minutes he goes to sleep, so sex was duty and not fun for her.

Then I asked her to lay on the bed and I removed clothes from her body. without answering her, I started applying it on her chick, lips, boobs, nipples, belly button, on her thighs , on here pussy and in her pussy . She was clueless. Then I reached her face and started licking here lips again and ate everything that was on her lips and chick. Now I started licking her chicks. She closed her eyes and now enjoying every movement. Now I approached her juicy boobs and belly. When I was sucking her nipples some liquid gone in my mouth, it was here milk that was amazing.

She was mother of 7 month baby at that time. With her permission I sucked some more delicious milk from both the tanks. Her nipple grown so hard and the time to reach magic triangle had arrived. I bent her legs from her knee and ask her to spread her legs’ licked her from behind and then made her into 69.she was moaning as she had never done it with her boring husband. She was performing sucking as she had seen in movie. I was moaning too. Finally I decided to finish it as my mother’s arrival time was near.

In the final session of Pakistani sex stories, I asked her to sit on my tool and jump on it. She liked that and she did it for almost 5 minutes. Then I bent her along the dressing table and pounded her vagina from behind for five more minutes. I was near to release so I changed to another position and that was to hold her one leg up and making her along the wall. She enjoyed too much when I banged her fast in standing position. Finally I came deep inside her vagina. I didn’t try to pull it out as she has no fears of pregnancy being a married Pakistani woman. After the full Pakistani sex session, I paid her 500 Rupees from my wallet and she thanked me. She smilingly said, you can ask me any time in future if you need my services. I smiled and she went out to dress up and carry on her work. I hope you have enjoyed my Pakistani sex stories.

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