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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hot Pakistani Aunty Sex With Nephew

I am going to share a real life story here. It belongs to my hot Pakistani aunty who is almost 38 Y old. Her name is Ishrat. My aunt used to stay in Islamabad and sometimes, during vacation she and her son used to visit us. Her son is just 6 years old. I had always been searching for having sex with her because she had a sexy figure. She had large boobs which used to hang out like a popping thing from her clothes. I always wanted have a side glance at her boobs.She usually wore deep necked clothes that reveal her assets and that made her look even sexier.
She is a widow for the past 3 years and I don’t think she had sex since then. For me, she was desperate for sex as she was only 38 years old. I always tried to see her when she was lying straight on her bed (in the evening ) .One day, I saw her picking hair remover cream for shaving her pussy and in the mean time when she suddenly realized that I was watching her things she got confused. This really aroused me and from that day I always looked at her with passionate eyes, but she never showed her emotions or how desperate she was for sex.

Everything happened when she and her son came to visit us during my summer vacations. We all had a good time. It was a hot summer afternoon when my parents went out for shopping. My elder brother and my aunts’ son went out to play. I could not go because I was in 12 classes then and studies were a priority. So I decided to stay at home. My aunt was sleeping in the bedroom. She was wearing a suite that was quite tight on her body but her cleavage can be seen which showed her luscious body.

Since no one was there in the house I went near her and started looking at her body, her lovely thighs, big boobs which were uncomfortable in the tight qameez. I just sat beside her on the bed . I thought I could take a chance, so I assured myself that the doors were locked came and sat in a better position and collecting all my guts I touched her elbow . I had a plan in my mind that if she got up I would quickly request her to make a tea for me. I touched her shoulder right near her boobs and intentionally kissed my fingers with her boob.

It was just awesome. She never reacted to my finger touches so I moved on. I touched her boobs again but unfortunately she woke up. She stared at me and asked, What happened? I quickly asked! Aunty…I am having a headache so I came to wake you up for tea. She smiled while I got up. She went out of the room without noticing anything. I went into my room and started studying but I just could not concentrate on my studies.

After sometime she told that she is making some tea for both of us. All the time I was thinking of her lovely boobs. She came with a tray with two cups of tea on that and some cookies. When she was serving me tea, she bent down enough to show me a half of her boobs through her cleavage. I collected all the guts in my heart .This time she looked at me and smiled. What are you looking? She asked. I told her that nothing…Just the dress. It really suits you aunty. I admired her dress.

Immediately she placed the tray aside and said. You are very naughty…I know why you are saying this…!I smiled and kept on this conversation running. Aunty…your selection is very good and especially this neck style is great for your body. She was enjoying the fun. I was shocked when she held her boobs with her both hands and adjusted them. It was the right time to cash the situation. So, I looked around and suits you. From top to bottom and especially the chest. I slowly place my arm over her right boob and pressed it hard. She moaned slightly and smiled again.

She said…Don’t be so naughty…It’s not good. I begged like a kid…Aunty please…Let me touch. Please, She thought for a while and then spreading her hands wide to allow me the access. I got up and then touched her boobs and kept on feeling how big they were. Squeezing made her horny. She lifted her shirt (Qameez) up and soon I was literally chewing them up. We kissed for about 10. I could see the huge boobs hanging like melons. Seeing that I went mad, I kissed her like a hungry dog, all over her boobs, neck, ears, and then she sat on the bed and started undressing me. She removed my undies and in the mean time I removed my shirt. The moment she removed my undies my dick literally saluted her. She was taken aback by the size of my dick. she said that it was almost large than of her late husband. My dick is almost 7 inches long. She started sucking my tool and I was on the seventh heaven. It was a splendid experience. She gave me an excellent blowjob.

Now it was my chance, I looked at her boobs which were trying to free themselves from the prison of the bra. I unhooked the bra. I unhooked the bra and they jumped to freedom. I looked at the wonderful boobs with the long nipples. She was really very fair complexion. I sucked them like a baby and she was moaning like a slut then. I slowly proceeded down and licked her. She was really enjoying it.

Then I removed her lovely underwear. She was a bit reluctant to show me her last treasure. I consoled her and then removed the underwear; I was not surprised to see the shaven pussy. I made her sleep and started licking it in vertical position for 10 mins, and by now she had already an orgasm. She was shouting loudly that she could not take it anymore and she was desperate for sex, but I was delaying it because I knew that the more I make her desperate the more satisfaction she would have. And then I started playing with clitoris and finally after playing with it for 5 mins, she held my head on her pussy.

Finally she could not take it any longer so she ordered me to fuck her. Now I slowly spread her legs. The moment I touched my dick to her pussy she froze. Now I slowly entered her pussy and completely immersed into the hole and kept it like that for a while. She was mad with pleasure. I slowly started making to and fro motions. She was ordering me to fuck faster and now she was cursing me with all the bad, slang words. In those words she called me “mother fucker”.

I really went mad at this statement and then I fucked her faster and deeper. She was screaming at the top of her voice. I fucked her and she told me screw her pussy with the sperms but I did not do that instead the moment my sperms were about to come I removed my dick and threw it over her belly and she stared shivering with a wild orgasm. All this went on for 35 mins. We kissed each other and promised to keep this matter as a secret. Since it was time for my parents to come home so we dressed up and the next day I fucked her again. It is such a wonderful experience fucking an aged woman. I love my horny Pakistani aunty.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pakistani Wife Having Fun With Boy

A few months back I had sex with Pakistani Wife. It is a strange kinda story in which I banged my best friend's wife. I was staying in a flat near to my friend's house. After a couple of meeting I guessed that my friend was providing me an opportunity to start an affair of sex with his hot wife.So after a few meetings,I decided to bang her.

One day, I visited their house in the evening. A strange thing happened when my friend left home by making an excuse of some work.It was a best time for fuck. I was already having some kinky eye contacts with his wife in the past few meetings. She came to the drawing room just after a few minutes of her husband’s departure.She sat on the sofa and asked me if I wanted to have another tea or coffee.

It was a formal invitation to start the chat.I replied;No thanks,but we can have a chit chat.She smiled and then I made some courage to ask her about her married life.She was quite surprised to reply this question. In our conversation, It was revealed that she was not satisfied sexually. This I got from her words about her married life.I admired her beauty as I know the trick to please a woman’s mind.At the same time,I discussed about my friend’s casual figure.My trick for sex worked. What happened later..see this video below.

I love my friend's horny wife as she had a nice pussy and a nice ass. I hope you would love me watching with his hot wife. Share your comments about this Pakistani Wife.

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