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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pakistani Wife Having Fun With Boy

A few months back I had sex with Pakistani Wife. It is a strange kinda story in which I banged my best friend's wife. I was staying in a flat near to my friend's house. After a couple of meeting I guessed that my friend was providing me an opportunity to start an affair of sex with his hot wife.So after a few meetings,I decided to bang her.

One day, I visited their house in the evening. A strange thing happened when my friend left home by making an excuse of some work.It was a best time for fuck. I was already having some kinky eye contacts with his wife in the past few meetings. She came to the drawing room just after a few minutes of her husband’s departure.She sat on the sofa and asked me if I wanted to have another tea or coffee.

It was a formal invitation to start the chat.I replied;No thanks,but we can have a chit chat.She smiled and then I made some courage to ask her about her married life.She was quite surprised to reply this question. In our conversation, It was revealed that she was not satisfied sexually. This I got from her words about her married life.I admired her beauty as I know the trick to please a woman’s mind.At the same time,I discussed about my friend’s casual figure.My trick for sex worked. What happened later..see this video below.

I love my friend's horny wife as she had a nice pussy and a nice ass. I hope you would love me watching with his hot wife. Share your comments about this Pakistani Wife.

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