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Monday, April 29, 2013

Shazia Ki Chudai [Urdu Sex Story]

This Pakistani Sex Story is sent by a blog reader.The Story "Shazia Ki Chudai" is a great Urdu Sex Story narrating the sex encounter of a Sexy Pakistani Girl.The girl enjoy the hot session with her brother in law while visting her sister in a Pakistani village.Read this story till end and share your comments about this Urdu Font Sex Story.Check our other Pakistani Sex Stories as well.



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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pakistani Aunty ki chudai [Urdu Sex Stories]

My name is Zain and I am going to share my Real Pakistani Sex Stories here.This "Urdu Sex Story" "Pakistani Aunty Ki Chudai"is completely true and no fiction is involved.I have written this story in urdu font.I hope this Urdu story will meet the requirements of this blog and I would get my sex story published.I will be waiting for your comments and emails.Hot Pakistani Women,Sexy Pakistani Girls and Pakistani aunties are most welcome if they want to enjoy a good sex with privacy.Just email me after reading my Urdu Sex Story.












Monday, April 15, 2013

Pakistani Ladki Ki Chudai [Urdu Sex Story]

This is my real sex story in Urdu.Pakistani Ladki Ki Chudai aik bilkul sachi kahani hai.This Story is written in Urdu font.Check my Real Pakistani Sex Stories here.



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sex With Pakistani Aunty [Pakistani Sex Stories]

I am Anees with my Real Pakistani Sex Stories here.I'm 22Y old right now.This sex story belongs to a Pakistani Aunty who offered me a sex enjoyment for many times.I will not go into formal story writing style and straightway tell you my story.A few years back,we were living in an apartment on rent.We were recently shifted there.Right infront of us,there was a family of three.Husband,wife and a kid of 3 years.The wife named Sara(Changed)was a very good Pakistani lady in her late twenties but her husband seemed a bit rough with his behavior and face.He may be in his mid thirtees.A couple of times,I had seen them together and they seemed to be a father/daughter type couple.
within two-three months,she got very frank with my Mom and started visiting our apartment daily.My mom was quite impressed with her style and her nature.She was a gentle Pakistani wife according to my mom but her husband was a bit rough in nature.I was a woman hunter throughout my boyhood so I started trying my luck.I knew that the women which pretend to be very polite and frank are easier to trap.One day,I was going out when I heard some fighting noise from their apartment.It was her husband trying to fight her due to some minor issue.She was trying to calm him but he was very furious.
Later on,we got to know that her husband had a nature of fighting on minor issues.She was very upset due to his poor nature and shared her worries with my mom.She told my Mom that this marriage was a mis-match between them and it was forced by her parents.Her husband was her cousin and she was forced to run the marriage inspite of his poor behaviors for the sake of family relations.I was listening that all as I was present in my bedroom.My eye's sparked immediately when I heard that she didn't like her husband.It was another plus point for me to trap her for sex.

Within a few days,her hesitations were vanished.She felt shy initially when she visited our apartment when I open the door but now she was used to that.A few times I tried to talk to her.The issue of hesitation and shyness was over and she never cared now.One day,her television was out of order and she asked for help from my mom.She asked for some repairman or if I can take her TV to repairshop as her husband has never given any care to her on this matter in past seven days.

My mom asked me and I got agreed happily.I picked up her TV and went to a repairshop and got it ok within 2 hours.It had a minor wire broken inside.I went to place the Tv to her apartment without involving my mom again.Her kid was sleeping.She opened the door after asking about and I was surprised to see her in a wet dress.She was probably washing clothes and half of her sexy body was wet.I can see her pink bra in her wet dress.Suddenly,I called her aunt.She thanked me and smilingly said;am I aged like your aunty?I was shocked by her reply but I made a quick sorry and then placed the tv on TV trolly.I plugged in the cable to check while she insisted me to have a cup of tea.

I was eager to accept her tea as I wanted to spend a quality time there.TV was ok now and when she again came to the room,she thanked me again afater handing over a tea cup.I smiled and looked again towards her large saggy breasts in pink bra.She was gorgeous and hot.I felt some life inside my underwear but I have to keep kool.I finished my tea cup and took permission to leave.She smiled as per her nature and told me to call her by name.It was a surprise for me that she wanted to have a frankness.I started working on my plans.Within a few days,I got success in making her easy to talk.I observed a change in her after that day.Either intentionally or un-intentionally,she visted our house when my mom was out.

Although,she asked about my mom but I guessed that she may be observing when my mom was out so that she can come to our apartment.finally,the day of my life came when one day my mom has to visit the city market.I had a time of 4-5 hours alone at home.I was thinking of her when my door was knocked.all my wishes came true when I saw her at our door.I smiled and asked;Gee?(Yes please).She said that,she wanted to make some rice and she didn't have cooking oil,If I can bring her an oil packet from market.I murmered inside my mind that I'm ready to put my oil inside your pussy and you are asking for a cooking oil.Well,I said;its no problem,you wait for 5m and I will be back with your required item.

I came back quickly and she was waiting at our apartment.After handing over the item,I tricked her by asking;Can I ask one thing?She said;Yes.I asked;why your husband didn't care you?she looked at me in amazement and said;can you explain it?I said;yes,I have seen him fighting with you on small issues.He should care you and you deserve that.She  smiled initially and then gone sad.I made the final bang by admiring her beauty and saying that such a nice Pakistani wife should be cared for.

She forgot that she had came for a cooking oil and said;What you feel nice in me?(Tumhain mujh mein kia nice nazar aata hai)I said;Your everthing is very nice including......She laughed and said;Including what.........?I said;will you mind if I express?She said;No.So I said;your entire body.She slapped me in a naughty style and said;Shameless(Besharm)I smiled and said;Bhabhi I am saying the truth.She was not willing to leave our apartment so I guessed that she wants something more.I said;Should I explain more(Aor Bataon).She nodded her head and I grabbed her hand.I kissed her hand and she quickly pulled it.I knew that she was just making an acting.

I again grabbed and hand and she said;Feel shame,someone could see us.It was just a formal comment and I ignored it.I started kissing her hand alongwith my remarks about her husband.I said;your husband never knows that how much pretty you are.She resisted but only an enjoyment type resitance was there.I forgot to lock the door even when I kissed her hand and suddenly grabbed her.I pulled her towards my chest and she closed her eyes.Soon,I went on lips kissing and grabbing and fondling her large breasts.

She was enjoying and moaning now.Then I touched my semi-hard tool to her belly.She jumped like a doll but i continued to kiss her wildly.The time had just arrived.It was a moment to screw her.I pulled her dress up and her Qameez(Shirt)was hanging in her neck while I was unhooking her pink bra.I started sucking her breasts like her baby.She was enjoying with closed eyes.I lifted her in my arms and took her into my bed-room,made her lying and then riding her like a horse.

She never said anything after that but enjoying the Sex session.I pulled her Shalwar(Pants)down and started licking her.From her behavior I guessed that her husband would have never done that.She orgasmed quickly when my tongue went inside her juicy blackish vagina.She was having small hairs as she was not freshly shaved.I felt her hotter than all women that I have enjoyed before.After licking her a few minutes,I asked her to take my lollypop in her mouth.She hesitated and said,I had never done it.But I insisted on so she started rolling her tongue over my pre-drops were on her lips as she was rolling her tongue like an un-experienced woman.

After a struggle of 5-10 minutes I made her taking a half shaft inside her throat. I was sitting over her breasts like a wrestler.She licked my shaved balls and shaft and then finally, I placed my tip over her unshaved love hole.I inserted the tip and as I pushed the half length inside,she shivered with another orgasm.I pushed it deep inside as my entire shaft was flushed deep inside her valley.I started pounding her fast and hit her deep.

This went on for 10 minutes when I felt that I was going to blast my load.I was finishing my Pakistani Sex Stories so I asked her where she wants me to fire.She didn't replied and kept on biting her lips in excitement.I deposited deep inside her.I never wanted to loose a single drop of my load outside her.When the signs of rythm were vanished,she opened her eyes and kissed my lips.I thanked her for giving me a nice time.She laughed and said;Now you can call me aunty.We laughed both and then she went back after correcting her dresses.It was the best sex ssion of my life.I have enjoyed many times with her so far and I love such Hot Pakistani Women.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sexy Pakistani Girl With Brother In Law

My name is Areeba and I belong to Karchi.Today I'm sharing my own Pakistani Sex Stories here.I am 22 Y old and un-married so far.My elder sister is married and living happy with her handsome husband.She got married three years back when I was 18.My brother-in-law is very charming,decent and funny man.After their marriage,I became a fan of my brother-in-law due to his pleasant nature and personality.I loved visting their house and staying there for a few days.We shared a good company and my sister liked that her husband pays a good attention to her relatives.There were a decent type of frankness between me and my brother-in-law.He used to tease me,bite me in a sisterly manner and we had never felt it sexually explicit.
Sorry,I forgot to narrate my body figure as other writers of Pakistani Sex Stories do.I am quite sexy with a figure of 34-30-40.Being a Sexy Pakistani Girl,I can turn heads around.Guys often like to stare my body and I can feel that attraction too.Now I should come towards my sex story.Last year my sister planned a picnic to Karachi beach.She called my mom and asked her if I was available for joining them.When my mother rold me I got excited by the idea and got agreed.Naturally,I had loved the chance to spend a quality time with my handsome brother-in-law.

My brother-in-law picked me from our house on picnic day.The plan was to visit the beach area for 24 hours.My brother-in-law had already booked a hut for that picnic.When he told us that we were going to spend 24 hours on beach I got more than excited.We left their house at 4pm in evening and reached the beach point.After setting up our lugage,we got ready to enjoy.My sister had to take care of her baby so she asked us to enjoy as she would join us after feeding her baby.

Me and my brother-in-law went out to the sandy area where many families were enjoying.We talked a lot before getting into the water.He was wearing his shorts and a T-shirt.After getting into the water we both were quite wet.It was my first time to see his muscular wet body and he was looking so hot in that wet style.After getting wet,my dress was also set along my body and my undergraments were quite visible through my thin clothes.He looked through my dresses for many times before I got this strange feeling.I had never felt it before that my brother-in-law may have any sexual feelings about me.

My black bra was quite clear in that wet dress and I loved the feeling that my brother-in-law was watching my sexy figure with an attraction in mind.After a few minutes my sister came to join us and that sexy environment ended.after spending a few hours there,we came back to our hut and got rest.At 9PM or so,when I woke up,I saw him outside.My sister was sleeping with her baby.I came out and asked him to have a walk on beach in moon-light.I asked my sister to join but she was tired so she let us to enjoy as she had to sleep for a while.

We went outside and started a beach walk.It was a moderate air blowing as per Karachi's normal weather.We sat on a bench.While talking,my brother-in-law said;If I say something,would you mind that.I said;No.He said;you were looking very stylish and hot that time.I laughed in casual manner and said;how?He became quite serious and said;Areeba,you are really more than your sister.I was quite surprised by his remarks but I had never thought on going sexual with him.

He was placing his hand behind me and when i turned towards him my left breast brushed his hand.It was un-intentional but I felt a wave of lust inside my entire body.I started looking around as he continued to praise my body.He said;Areeba your body is much beatiful than your sister and your nature too.I liked those words and I fogot that what was the relation between me and him.I smiled and never thought of my sister.We got up and started the walk again.He was wearing his shorts and while walking I could see his large bulge inside his shorts.

He was not wearing an underwear.While walking my swinging hand brushed his shorts which confirmed his tool's life.He was surely in a naughty mood.The slightly cool air was awakening my lusty feelings.We walked to a lonely area where there were only a few people and they were far away.Suddenly,he grabbed my hand and started rubbing it.He expressed his love and I hesitated like a traditional pakistani woman.He kissed my hand.I couldn't resist more to my handsome brother-in-law.

I started feeling those beautiful moments of my life as he kissed my lips straight away.This brave act awoke all my devil senses and I forgot the bounds.He took my hand and walked to an empty hut side.We went behind so that nobody could watch us.He kissed me wildly and my pussy started getting wet.Then he came from behind and grabbed my breasts.He started fondling them.I should have stoppped him but i didn't.Then after kissing for a few minutes his large tool was placed between my ass crack.As it brushed my butts,I felt a strange feeling in my entire body.I started to enjoy.

It was around 11pm and a perfect time to get a memorable bang session.I asked him,if somebody saw us?He laughed and said;nobody is here to watch us,your sister is sleeping and people are far away.Suddenly he made me bent and removed my shorts.I was wearing a penty.He started rubbing my wet pussy while kissing me in french style.When he inserted his one fingure inside,I felt myself in heavens.After fingering me for a few minutes,he looked around and unzipped his shorts.I saw his large and fat tool for the first time in my life.He was handsome but more than handsome inside his underwear.

I had seen my boy-friend's tool once but that was not so beautiful.My loving brother-in-law has got everything right.I forgot to tell that I was not a virgin.My boy-friend had already broken my hymen once.Finally,my brother-in-law placed his tool tip right on my pink pussy.He pushed it in as I screamed.He placed his left hand on my mouth to stop my voices and pushed a half of his fat tool inside me.It felt like an iron rod inside me.After a few seconds he got pace and I started the feelings of natural sex session.He banged me in standing positon.It was the best feeling to have a sex in open air of beach.These things are very rare in Pakistani society.

He screwed me for at least 5-10 minutes in the same style.finally,he increased his pace as I felt that he was going to release.He ended in a few minutes later.Before unloading his filled syringe,he pulled it out and placed my hand on his shaft.I jerked him off to unload.After that we corrected our clothes and returned to our hut.My lovely sister was sleeping as she never knew that I had got the best sex of my life.

Later on,we talked little.I was feeling a certain short of shame but that vanished in a few hours.The day became a life changing day between our relation.It has passed a year but I'm enjoying this relation.When my sister is there,we act like sister and brother but when she is not there,we do behave like sex friends.My sexual needs are quite fulfilled by him.I have enjoyed a bang session on every stay at their house after that day.I hope my Pakistani Sex Stories are as per reader's standards.

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