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Saturday, October 27, 2012

How Pakistani girls Start Sex Affairs?

I  was thinking to discuss a different story today.For quite a long time,We have been just publishing Pakistani sex stories and people liked it very much.Today,I will discuss a few facts about Pakistani girls and their involvement reasons into sex.There are some key factors behind " How Pakistani girls start sex affairs"which public must know.Being a Pakistani woman,I have realized that I may probably best analyze these facts.I hope the majority of our blog readers will agree me and I hope for feedback via comments.

The 80% of Pakistani girls/Women live in  a restricted lifestyle.These restrictions include the religious bounds and social bounds.On the other hand,We could rate Pakistani society as a crazy society somewhat.The 60-70% people are living a middle class or poverty life but this class feel it necessary to have a TV at home,a Cable connection,Mobile phone and Media players.For getting this stuff they may even sacrifice their food.On one hand,The Pakistani parents of this class would expect their daughters to follow Islamic trends and social norms and on the other hand they had provided TV,Mobile and media to their daughters.


What happens as a result of this dual standard life?The Middle class/Poor girls feel an attraction in the latest fashion dresses of TV anchors,Models and Actresses but they don't have an ability to buy such dresses or follow these hot fashion trends due to bounds.An influence certainly exists on mind.On the same time when these girls start their college life,They get a variety of girls in their class.Some are rich and some may be otherwise.An influence of Rich girls also acts as a virus in minds.When they come home,They are again in bounds and poverty.They can't get a lifestyle which they have seen in their class.The next diversion point comes.

All girls and female teachers are not nobble at all.The possibility of two-three hot women is always there in the class which are already involved in sex affairs and dating.Those girls trap these middle class/poor community girls in the name of friendship and then the glory of money works as a perfect gift.In most of the cases,the majority of middle class girls first get involved with brothers of Rich girls who just want to have sex.The rich brothers and lovers of rich girls would use middle class/poor girls and then try the next one.This circle continues and at the end parents of middle class would try to get their daughter married.some may start sex affairs to get money.

The Elite class girls have a different life style.their family routines allow them to have fun time outside home without spying that who is dating their daughter.The only care which elite class girls have to keep it a secret.even if she makes sex with any guy,Nobody should know that to save their prestige.The elite class Pakistani women love to try different men even after marriage.They would meet other men,get gifts from their lovers(like luxury cars,Plots,jeweleries) and others.Even the elite class husbands help their wife to have affairs with someone who can help in business matters.

There are so many other issues related to the involvement of Pakistani girls in sex affairs including the free aid of Mobile phone for dating and casual meetings.I would try to discuss these in my next articles.I am waiting for your response about these sex stories and women affairs.I hope you like this blog of Pakistani sex stories.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Hot Maid Aunty and Pakistani sex stories

My name is sameer. I am sharing my Pakistani sex stories first time here. This has happened some 5 years back. I was around 22 years old at that time. I have started learning many things about sex through movies and magazines and was always looking to view some private parts of Pakistani girls/ladies around me. One maid used to come to our house those days, named Shazia.she was around 35 year’s old, whitish, around 5'3?Height, thin waist, round ass and with nice medium size pair of breasts.


Though she was not like Hot Pakistani women but due to her figure I always used to stare her. I always go to my room before she came there for cleaning, to get a chance to view something unusual. I could see her ass and cleavage closely while she is busy in her work. I didn’t want to catch her so I always try to ignore her, or never talked to her much. But I have heard somewhere that women have a sixth sense with which they know that what is going in some body’s mind. My mom was always busy in her meetings with neighbor Pakistani aunts so I had a good time to stare her.

One day, while working in my room she suddenly looked at me and caught me viewing her. This happened 4-5 times in the next month. I was so much afraid that I stopped staring her for few days. One day she came to my room for cleaning. I was sitting on my chair next to my bed, reading something. She was changing the bed sheet and she was exactly opposite to me, and her Dopatta fell from her chest and made a good scene for me to view her cleavage through her deep necked dressed.

My mother was outside and she asked me smilingly, what you are looking for? I was much embarrassed. I said nothing I was just looking outside. She said I have been noticing you since many days what are looking for, what you want. I said nothing. Then she came somewhat closer to me and asked, do you want to do something? I asked; what you mean. She bravely replied, I could do it for you in 500 Rupees. I need some money. I was stunned. I had no courage to speak. I finally said, Ok but not today. Tomorrow you should come early. She agreed.

The next day I was viewing some xxx movies to add taste to my Pakistani sex stories.and I turned on very much horny. My mother had gone to market. Then I decided to make love with her. I called her to my room to arrange my cupboard. Meanwhile I started dealing with her. I wanted to do whatever I have seen in porn movies. She agreed. I started rubbing her body. Here boobs were so firm and tight. Her nipple was around 2 cm long. Then I told her to take off here panty. Wow I will never forget that day. One lady is completely naked in front of me. She has got hairs on her cunt and ass. I started applying soap on here ass and cunt. I spread here cunt and ass as much I could. Then I shampooed her hairs and started pouring water on her.

Then I asked her have you ever seen adult movies. She had no idea about adult movies. Even she cannot believe that such sex performing movies can exist in this world. Then I started some selected porn movies on my computer. I have removed my t-shirt and she sat beside me on my bed and we started enjoying the movie. She was very much surprised by the positions and actions, especially by 69.I said you are also going to do all these in few minutes. She looked little nervous, but I assured her that she is going to love it. Then I asked her your husband does to you. Then she said that he just comes lift my legs, take out his tool and start giving shots. In 10 minutes he goes to sleep, so sex was duty and not fun for her.

Then I asked her to lay on the bed and I removed clothes from her body. without answering her, I started applying it on her chick, lips, boobs, nipples, belly button, on her thighs , on here pussy and in her pussy . She was clueless. Then I reached her face and started licking here lips again and ate everything that was on her lips and chick. Now I started licking her chicks. She closed her eyes and now enjoying every movement. Now I approached her juicy boobs and belly. When I was sucking her nipples some liquid gone in my mouth, it was here milk that was amazing.

She was mother of 7 month baby at that time. With her permission I sucked some more delicious milk from both the tanks. Her nipple grown so hard and the time to reach magic triangle had arrived. I bent her legs from her knee and ask her to spread her legs’ licked her from behind and then made her into 69.she was moaning as she had never done it with her boring husband. She was performing sucking as she had seen in movie. I was moaning too. Finally I decided to finish it as my mother’s arrival time was near.

In the final session of Pakistani sex stories, I asked her to sit on my tool and jump on it. She liked that and she did it for almost 5 minutes. Then I bent her along the dressing table and pounded her vagina from behind for five more minutes. I was near to release so I changed to another position and that was to hold her one leg up and making her along the wall. She enjoyed too much when I banged her fast in standing position. Finally I came deep inside her vagina. I didn’t try to pull it out as she has no fears of pregnancy being a married Pakistani woman. After the full Pakistani sex session, I paid her 500 Rupees from my wallet and she thanked me. She smilingly said, you can ask me any time in future if you need my services. I smiled and she went out to dress up and carry on her work. I hope you have enjoyed my Pakistani sex stories.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

the unexposed secret of Pakistani women

Pakistani women are slightly different from other women of the wold.These Pakistani sex stories are real and being a women I personally met elite class women of Pakistan and found that they are very liberal in their sex affairs.some people may not believe these facts because they are not accustomed to that but i found a lot of such activities in Pakistani society where sex with men is a normal part of life.If you are interested in finding the real tips to attract Hot Pakistani women you must join this blog.

Pakistani girls were in this style in 1990's,completely hidden and dressed like a revealing clothes before 1990's


Hot Pakistani Girls
The fashion is getting popular day by day in Pakistan.The designers are promoting nudity in the name of fashion and Pakistani girls are following these trends.Nowadays,girls are thirsty for wearing the clothes which show off their figures.Deep neck dresses are favored by girls and it is becoming a culture now.Pakistani community doesn't feel it wrong.After Musharaf's Era,Nudity has been on the go in Pakistan and finally Pakistani women are shaped into Hot Pakistani women.



Monday, October 15, 2012

Sex Confession Of Pakistani wife,The Real sex Stories

Hi my dear husband! Now I’m sitting tonight, its 11 pm and I want to tell you something. Hope, you won’t be offended with my Pakistani sex stories and won’t get me wrong. I am sorry babe, but I have really tried to be decent and honest while you have been away. However I want to be honest with you, so I should tell you about what happened today. You know I told you that they came to do the sanitary inspection today when I opened the door and I saw 2 men standing door way. I said two guys that must be ready to bang your Hot Pakistani wife for hours.

Well, one of them was in his late thirties, a good looking well built man, but his companion was a young boy, looked like 18 or so, and was on apprenticeship. The older one said that if it was all right and that he would leave the younger guy to do the inspection And once his companion had finished up he would call him and he would then come back to check on his work. I said that was fine and then he left, leaving me with this gorgeous young stud! I am sorry babe, but I could not help myself from watching him and thinking what I would like to do to his young tool.


I started chatting to him and he said he was 19 and lived locally. He was so cute and it looked like he had a really nice body. It was uncontrollable for a Hot Pakistani wife like me. I found myself feeling so horny and decided that this was going to be my first taste of a young tool. So, while he was working into our washbasin, with his back to me, I began to change my dress by intentionally keeping the door of my bedroom opened, rubbing my breast for a while with oil so that he can see this. I could feel my valley getting wet. I tried to put on my Bra but failed to hook it from behind. I was enjoying it so much that I had not noticed him. When I turned around with only my bra hanging on, he was watching me with his mouth open! At first, he looked embarrassed; after all I was old enough to be his mom.

So imagine a young stud looking at the Hot Pakistani woman of his mother’s age, being so naughty and doing all that type of nasty things! It was getting me so wet seeing the bulge in his trousers that I asked him if he would help me in hooking my Bra from behind. I told him that you are away for so long, and that I hadn’t been banged in so long! But this young boy just kept staring at my tits. I know it was wrong but I told him that he could feel them if he wanted. He looked so nervous, but he slowly raised his arm and started teasing my nipple with his finger.

I decided that was enough and that all I wanted was a good fuck! So I told him to suck them and while he did, I pushed his head between my tits making sure that he got a good mouthful of boobs. I was telling him to suck harder. I could see the bulge growing in his jeans so told him to stand up as he stood nervously in front of me, I reached up to unzip his pants, and my hand slipped inside his jeans. His cock was so fucking hard and I could feel it throbbing in my hand.

I pulled it out, and to my delight and amusement, I had never seen such a perfect cock. I could not believe that this young cock was at least 9 inches and so thick. Big fat cock with purple head all covered with fat veins. His cock was just inches from my mouth and I looked at him and asked if he wanted me to suck it. He just nodded, so I leant forward and slipped his rock hard cock in my mouth, moving my head while sucking, blowing and squeezing it.

I could feel him twitching in my mouth and he tasted so good, but I decided to slow down as I wanted to feel that hot tasty cock inside of my pussy. I told him to take off his clothes and looked at that young boy that I was about to fuck! Then I ordered to him to get on his knees as he did, I spread my legs and told him to lick my pussy, sliding my ass forward so his tongue could go deeper. The whole time he was pushing his fingers into my pussy and making me want that huge cock even more.

I just wanted to feel it inside me so I pushed him onto the sofa and lowered myself onto his rock hard cock as he slipped it into me, stretching my pussy; I pushed down on him making sure that every bit of his manhood was inside me. His cock was massive and I had never felt anything so big. I could feel that he was twitching and about to cum inside of me and it was then that the door bell rang! At first, he panicked, knowing that it would be his boss coming back to check on him.

I know it was wrong, but I came there and then, knowing what was about to happen and he was so close to coming and wouldn’t stop even if he wanted, I raised my head and shouted that the door was open. There you may imagine his boss with his eyes round with amazement! At first his boss just stood there, but I asked him if he wanted to join in and didn’t have to ask twice. He pulled his cock out of his pants and while I still had a cock fucking my pussy, he plunged his erection right into my waiting mouth and started fucking it.

He began pushing it down my throat until I thought I was going to gag. He kept on holding my head, making sure I took every bit of his flesh! I sucked that cock so hard and tasted the pre cum and decided that I knew what I wanted. I wanted to have a cock up my ass while being fucked in my pussy. I really needed 2 cocks in me! So I held his huge, rock hard cock in my hand and stroked him for a while, pulling his fore skin back and watching what I was about to get into my ass!

All this time I was feeling the young cock in my pussy sliding in and out, like mad, and about to shoot that hot load in me! I leant forward pushing the young cock even further into me while shoving my tit in his mouth and making him suck it! With one motion, I guided the other cock towards my ass. First he slipped a finger into my ass and started stretching my ass hole and then I felt him spit on my anal ring. He started pressing his huge cock against my ass and I really didn’t think I would be able to take it all! However, eventually the fucking huge meat was inside of me.

I felt his balls touch my ass and had to reach around to hold him there until I was used to having such a huge cock inside of me. It was painful at first, but soon the killing pain gave way to pleasant sensation. I then started to move slowly back onto him, but after awhile he was holding my shoulders down and pushing that cock into my ass! All this time he never stopped pushing me down deeper and harder onto the young cock in my pussy.

I knew that neither of them would be able to go for much longer! With that I started riding the cock in my pussy harder and faster, at the same time, relaxing my anal muscles for deeper penetration of the cock in my ass! He stretched my ass apart and I rode them both faster and faster until I could feel them both twitching! I told them that I wanted them both to cum on my mouth or my face! They thrust deep and hard and then withdrew their cocks almost simultaneously! They put me on my knees and began stroking their cocks in front of my face! Then they both shot their load all over me, covering both my face and my mouth with their warm cum.

I made sure that they drained their balls enough so that not a single drop of cum was left, and sucked them really good, cleaning those softening cocks up! I didn’t want to miss any drop of cum before they leave me! Honey, I can honestly say that I have never had cocks like that inside of me before! But now I know what I have been missing and I am really going to have some one more time! I hope you would love my Pakistani sex stories.

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Pakistani wife Shaista

My Pakistani wife Shaista and I have been married for 13 years and we have enjoyed a good married life so far.Our relationship was very good for a long time.She is 37 years old 5.6 height and weighs 135 lbs.She has a great body with 36c breasts.It was our 12th year of marriage when I started to feel my boring sex life.We have three children now.I have been tired of routine type Pakistani sex.After spending a lot of time on internet,I found a wife swapping website where I found a few couple for wife swapping in Pakistan.The idea was great to have many hot Pakistani women by just sharing your one wife for swapping.It was a tough decision for me but I finally decided to swap my wife with a suitable educated man.It was a tough task to agree my wife for swapping but I decided to start my new life style.This idea became a base for my Pakistani sex stories.


We had sex every three days and as per my plans I started to discuss groups-sex parties and wife swapping couples during our sex sessions.Initially she felt a bit irritated but soon she seemed taking interest in the subject.Finally after a struggle of three months,she agreed for soft swapping but only with a reasonable couple.I have found many profiles of Hot Pakistani couples on internet but almost 90% seemed to be fake.One day I luckily got a couple who was willing for webcam sex chat.After getting our children sleep,we both sat in-front of PC and our first webcam sex chat session began.It last for one hour where we saw each other screwing our Hot Pakistani women and playing with their bodies.

That day proved to be our first day for starting our new lifestyle.The couple seemed nice with husband almost 29Y old and wife almost 25Y.after a few sessions of cam chat we both decided to do it in real life.We have developed much confidence in each other and they were also from Islamabad.Finally,we met at a public place.They both were very nice and educated.Believe me,I really got excited to see his Hot Pakistani wife.she was gorgeous with hot figures and a perfect Pakistani girl ready for sex.We liked each other and I invited them at dinner on weekends. The kids were at the in-laws for the weekend and we wanted some wife swapping fun that night.

They came to our house and after dinner we needed to move to the bedroom for our wife swapping fun. We all four were on the bed where his wife was sitting near me and my sexy Pakistani wife was sitting with him.I played a movie on my DVD player.It was a group-sex movie.Soon we all were getting ready with both tools hard and both women wet for sex.we started to tease each other’s wife and it was so nice.I had pulled my tool out and was stroking it. My wife was also getting her breasts nicely fondled by the other husband.then we decided to remove our clothes.It was the first time when my shy Pakistani wife was showing her body assets to another man.I was feeling so hot at that time.

Both wives started to suck our tools and wife swapping Pakistani sex session continued.It was awesome feeling for us.Then we started to lick each other’s wife and finally their vagina’s.Both were in heaven and moaning with pleasure.My friend given me an idea that first we both should enter one wife and give her a nice bang session and then do the same with the other wife.Idea was great so I agreed.My Hot Pakistani wife hesitated as she don’t have any experience of this type of Pakistani sex.So it was decided that it would be first for his wife.He entered her back hole while i entered her front part and we banged her fast for at least 10 minutes.My wife enjoyed a lot while he was playing with my wife’s Big breasts.The same was repeated with my wife before we got fired and both wives were full of loads on their breasts.We took a break of few minutes and then started our 2nd shift where I banged his wife alone in all position and watching my wife in dressing table mirror being banged by him.It was an awesome session of sex which gave my life a new look.We have met many couple the day onward and I would share my rest encounters again in Pakistani sex stories.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Warning for cheating Pakistani women

Hot Pakistani women should take care in sex affairs now.A spy agency may disclose Pakistani sex relations of wives and hot girls and it could ruin their life.Booming business of Private investigator agency in Lahore to check husband or wife loyalty.LAHORE: Twenty-three years of military service come in handy when Masood Haider gets a call from a suspicious spouse.He quickly dispatches a surveillance team to keep tabs on the partner believed to be heading off for an illicit rendezvous.Pakistani women have to be very careful when they are involved in any type of Pakistani sex stories or sex affairs.

In Pakistan where arranged marriages are common and adultery can be punished by death, it is an illustration of how much the society is changing that Haider’s private detective agency exists at all.“What was taken as taboo 20 to 25 years ago is no more taken that way,” said Haider, 53, a former army pilot who founded Fact-finders, Pakistan’s first licensed private detective agency.The business of exposing cheating Pakistani women, he says, is growing.Majority of Pakistani housewives are involved in sex affairs,He added.

“People simply understand that if two people cannot live under one roof and they cannot co-exist peacefully it is better to disengage and carry on with their lives instead of dragging it on.”Pakistan portrays itself as a progressive Islamic nation. But since the 1980s, it has been drifting towards Pakistani sex,a more conservative interpretation of Islam that has reshaped the political landscape, fueled militancy and cowed champions of tolerance into silence.


Pakistani Women are becoming increasingly assertive about confronting unfaithful spouses. So are men.“When I opened this company I was not sure whether Pakistani men would confide in me regarding their wives,” said Haider, in his spacious office in the city of Lahore where he began his venture on Valentine’s Day two years ago.“But to my surprise the first case I received was of a cheating Pakistani wife.”His services do not come cheap. The down payment for Fact-finders to check on an unfaithful partner is $5,500; out of reach of most people who on average bring home just $60 a month.

Clients are mostly wealthy Pakistanis who are suspicious about their women.They are mostly from abroad,in Britain, the United States or United Arab Emirates and want to keep a close eye on spouses or fiances from afar.His investigations are not restricted to cases of infidelity.One man, for example, desperately wanted him to retrieve a stolen computer with compromising pictures of his naked wife.But it is mostly Pakistani husbands or wives tormented by suspicion of cheating who turn to Haider. 

His Pakistani sex website promises to “Off load your burden with full confidentiality” with the suggestive image of a turned-over high heeled-shoe beside a wine glass.To reinforce the point, another photograph shows a luxury car splashed with graffiti from an angry wife or girlfriend.For the really desperate, there is an emergency hotline.“I think if women could afford it, 80 per cent of Pakistani women would be here,” said one woman client.“In our culture women are discouraged. They are expected to suck it up and be quiet about it. I am done with the being scared part.” 

His staff of 30, scattered across Pakistan with a few in Britain for clients there, are recruited from retired military and police officers and the financial industry.Fatima, 32, worked for Britain’s Scotland Yard before joining Haidar’s outfit, where she does research and manages surveillance teams and other operations.“In a country like Pakistan, we should promote such things (businesses)there is nothing bad about it.”Some philanderers go to creative extremes to avoid being caught. 

A wealthy Karachi man posed as a rent-a-car driver when meeting his lover. To keep a closer watch, Haider deployed a female detective agent disguised as a maid in the woman’s house.“So, under one roof, the driver was not the driver and the maid was not the maid. It was ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ going on in real life,” said Haider, referring to the US television soap opera.Most infidelity takes place in the first five years of marriage or 20 years into married life, he pointed out.The indiscretions may be one reason why divorce rates are rising. Here is the full article about Pakistani sex.

The Islamabad Arbitration Council, where divorces are officially registered, says the number of broken marriages, have doubled in the last ten years.In 2011, there were 557 divorces filed in the capital Islamabad alone, compared to 208 in 2002.Even after 150 cases, some still shock Haider.“A client caught his hot Pakistani wife red-handed in the bedroom with her lover,” said Haider, who has grey hair and a light mustache and retired from the army in 2000. “Instead of being ashamed, she blamed the lover for being caught.”“’It is because of this idiot that I was caught. Otherwise I was doing it for three years’,” Haider laughingly quoted her as telling her husband. “I thought ‘look at the guts of this lady’.So Hot Pakistani women should be careful for Pakistani sex stories. 

Incest sex stories


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