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Sunday, October 27, 2013

hot Pakistani girls pictures

Nowadays there are many Pakistani girls and boys who post hot pictures on internet.Hot Pakistani girls are looking for friendship for their boring time. Some of the girls are searching and trying to find the sexiest and hot boys of Islamabad. There are many beautiful and hot girls living in Islamabad and here we are going to share some of their pictures in this post. These are the sexiest girls of Pakistan.


Pakistani girls are hot.They have many other qualities as well along-with beauty. They can start their own business in Islamabad because they are from rich families. Keep in mind that Islamabad is the city of rich people and most of the elite class people are living here. The girls of Islamabad are very broad minded and amazing. They like to make friendships with hot friends and lovers across the world. They love to talk and chat with Pakistani people on their mobile phones. They love to have some pleasurable moments with friends and lovers.


you can say after these pictures of Pakistani girls that these girls are hot. They know that why people are praising these girls and why they are saying anyone that Islamabad is the place and city of hot and sexy girls. These pictures will describe you about the girls of Islamabad. we hope you will really like them and share your comments about these girls in the box below.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our First Wife Swap In Pakistan

This is my first sex story with pictures. It is about our first wife swap. The fun of wife swapping is very rare in Pakistani community. Pakistani couples are often struggling to find like minded couples as there are many fake people on the internet who are cheating like couples. I had fantasies of wife swapping, wife sharing and many other ideas related to my wife but I was not getting any real opportunity. A few people which I got from internet were found lairs so I started searching someone in my trusted friend's circle. I needed a trustworthy friend who should have the same fantasies about his wife. Finally I was successful in my plans and we got our first wife swapping in Pakistan. check the entire story of my struggle below.


Me and my friend Usman were working for 8-10 years in the same company. He was a kind of guy who loved sex. He often shared his stories with me. Nothing was hidden between us and he came to my house as well. He has seen my wife and appreciated my luck of having a lovely wife. I thought a lot about Usman and made my decision to try Usman for this task. He was tall,well built and handsome guy and he was an ideal person for great sex. Once me and Usman had sex with a callgirl together. The day onward, nothing was hidden between us and I have seen her big tool. he was at least 2-3 inches bigger than me. I even touched his tool and placed it on callgirl's pussy during our sex session.

But considering our community traditions, it was not easy to ask him to bang my wife. One day I asked Usman about his marriage and he told that he is going to get married next month. I saw his spouse photos and she seemed to be a nice and hot woman. Her name was Shazia and she was 22 Y old. one day me and my wife watched a threesome movie in which two guys were screwing one girl. I asked my wife about the idea but she closed my lips with anger.

I didn't tried to force her but the day onward I started to play such movies regularly in which two guys and one girl have sex. In starting days she didn't like it much but later she started enjoying. In a period of almost 2-3 weeks I made up her mind to get two tools in. she inquired about the second man and I told her that he would be my friend Usman. I saw her wide opening eyes which told me that she has some lusty feelings for my friend. She agreed to perform that session but on a condition that I will not tell Usman about her. I would introduce him during the sex session in dark light so that he can't see her face. there should be no kissing but only fucking in dark. I agreed quickly.


I told Usman and asked him to come to my house for that fuck. He inquired about the girl but I told him that she is a callgirl. We managed to have good sex that night for 2 hours. Usman banged my wife two times while she sucked my tool in 69 during that fuck. Later, Usman left the room as per plan. I was in great feelings after this Wife sharing session.

My wife praised Usman's fucking style and his jerks. I was very happy that she liked his cock. After one week me and my wife attended Usman's marriage. At marriage, she tried to attract Usman a few times and he was found interested in her large boobs. We discussed a lot while coming back from marriage ceremony about that casual flirt and enjoyed our discussions.

When Usman joined the office again, I asked about his marriage night and his sex with his younger wife. He was quite freely telling me everything about his wife's virginity and how he broken her pussy seal. My cock started to feel erection while he was talking. A few days passed and he told me every-time how he fucked his wife. One day, I told him about my fantasy of having sex in the same room with our wives but he said;How it is possible? I said, its not a big task if you can agree your wife. He said; what about Bhabhi? I laughed and said;don't worry yar. She is agreed and then I told him the real story of that day when he banged my wife thinking of a callgirl. He jumped up from his chair and looked at me.

He loved that and expressed that he wanted to get sucked but as per plan it didn't happen. I told him the plan to bring his wife at dinner and spend a night with us at our house. He agreed to the plan but said that he would try to convince his wife for same room sex. A few days passed and Usman told me that his wife is agreed but only for a sex session on the same bed without any further swap. I said; No problem,it would be a great fun.

They visited our house and the ladies prepared dinner for us while we watched a cricket match meanwhile on TV.  After dinner we sat together and our wives were sitting on sofa. As per plan ,I have brought HD movies of Threesomes and foursomes. I played a movie on the big LED screen. In start, Usman's wife seemed a bit shy but as the movie progressed she started taking interest in that. I started playing with my wife's boobs while Usman also starting sucking his wife's boobs. He pulled her shirt off. She has large white boobs and I loved that scene.

Usman sucked his wife's nipples while I looked them keenly. My wife started sucking my cock and same scene was there in the sofa as Usman and his wife were playing on sofa. Then I asked usman to bring Bhabhi on bed. He picked his wife in his hands and brought her near me.She kept on sucking his large tool. Her ass was touching my feet while Usman grabbed my wife's boobs. I asked Usman's wife if I can grab her boobs. She looked at Usman and he nodded his head. She looked into my eyes and allowed my to play with her white milky bosoms.

This went along the movie scenes. Then both movie guys started fucking one girl in sandwich style. I looked at Usman and he asked to do it with my wife first so that his wife should not feel shy. I layered below my wife entering her pussy while Usman went behind and pushed his fat cock inside my wife's ass. She screamed with pain but as we two started fucking her two holes fast,she started moaning with enjoyment. Usman's wife was playing with my wife's boobs while I was holding her boobs. It was the best scene of my life.

Then she couldn't bear more and she asked us to change the woman with the smiling face. Usman layered her in the same style by entering his cock into her pussy while I pushed my cock inside her ass. We banged her in the same fast style as we have done it with my wife. Then after fucking her for 5-6 minutes, Usman pulled his cock out and pushed it inside her mouth. From her mouth to my wife's mouth. He fucked both ladies throat while I banged both asses one by one.

Then we both were near to cum. Usman spread all his load on both wife's faces while I sprinkled my load on their asses. Then we took a break while both wives prepared some drinks for us. It was another session of great sex for 2 more hours in the second shift. After completing our second trip of fucking we went sleeping on the same bed with our wives in between. My wife was with Usman while his young wife was on my side. At around 3 am , when I awoke accidentally I found usman screwing my wife. I searched his wife's pussy and pushed my cock inside his wife. We banged each other's wife for at least one hour before we came. Our cocks were red due to rubbing but it was the best fuck night of our life. In morning they left our house with smiling faces.

We became great swapping friends and our wives became very close to each other. This was all about Our First Wife Swap In Pakistan. Me and Usman are still very good friends and we often meet on weekends for these swapping sessions. Your comments will tell how you rate my Sex story.       

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hot Marriage Ideas 2013 Pakistani Couples

Hot Pakistani couples would be interested in new Marriage Ideas of 2013. Hot Marriage Ideas are always great for Hot couples and a Hot Wife who really loves those ideas. Some Pakistani Couples love to share each other’s world. They will Be in touch with each others lives. Staying connected when they are apart and spicing up their married lives with a third one in the scene. We have always checked in with each other then we’ve been apart. When the wives were in office husband went to office. When the wives were in some hot session with another guy, husband went to greet her. She would not forget him and send an sms while getting banged by someone else.Through out it all they stayed in touch with each other. Sometimes they would be sharing their bed with a third guy. This is what the world is moving to. Today it’s easier than ever with email, texting and cell phones. To this day couples call other guys home at noon just to check-in and bang the Hot Wife.








Teaching each other. Share their knowledge with each other, Hot Pakistani Couples would explore every thing in sex. never doubting the others capability. Offering encouragement to their hot wives, advice and wisdom in a loving manner. Keep an open mind and be flexible. Spend time talking and take an interest in their spouse’s point of view.  Every one has the right to be and think differently. Two sentences they both use that have helped them avoid conflict are, “Would you rather be happy or right?” And “Did you forget I’m on your side?”. Hot Pakistani Couples would be doing all sorts of fun in 2014.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sex Story of Pakistani Aunty

I am Asad from Lahore. I am sharing a true Sex Story here for Pakistani Sex Story lovers. I was 21 years old when my luck worked for having a hot sex session with my neighbor aunty. Let's go to the complete Sex story with background. I am living with my family in a rent house. our colony is occupied by the middle class families and we are used to visit each others house for mutual relations. Our family consists of my parents, one sister and me. There was a family very next to our house consisting of a wife and husband. They were newly married before shifting to our colony. The husband was almost in his mid thirties ( Mr Shahid- name changed) and wife ( Lubna- name changed) in her late twenties.


My mother was very kind to all. soon she built a good relation with Lubna aunty. I always called her Aunty despite of a minor age difference between us. She started visiting our house every now and then and spent a lot of time during the office hours with my mother. I have always felt a great interest in her figure. Her large bosoms and big buttocks inspired me and I even performed a hand-job with her imagination. Whenever she arrived during my presence I tried to have a look at her great sexy body. This developed a deep desire in my mind to bang her. I was not getting a way to approach her in that style but I was always working on my plans.


One thing which I felt in those 3-4 months was that she does have a habit of staring younger guys. This  positive thing encouraged me a lot to move forward. A few times, my mother was not home when she arrived. I felt that she looked deeply into my eyes while asking about my mother. Soon she started getting frank with me. In those days, I was free of my college for two weeks. One day, my mother went to meet her sister and I was alone at home. Luckily, my mother had to meet some other relative so she went there as well along her sister.

At around 11.30 am, Lubna aunty arrived with a plate in her hand. she had came to give us sweet which she cooked that day. It is a habit in middle class families to share cooked things with neighbors. I opened the door and took plates from her and she came inside. She was wearing a deep necked shalwar qameez with half sleeves. Her large bosoms were looking sensational at that time. I immediately felt some irritation in my underwear. My tool started to get a life and my mind started screwing her suddenly. While I was shifting the sweet into our plates she asked my about my mother.

I told her about all the family members and their location at that time while looking at her bosoms. She felt my feelings quickly so she adjusted her Dopatta ( the upper). Rather than hiding her assets with dopatta, she intentionally made her cleavage more clear. I can see her boobs line very clearly. within a few seconds I got an erection. I was wearing a loose baggy trouser and my bulge was quite visible now. She had seen it surely but I was feeling a little shy. I was thinking that she will leave our house quickly but she started talking about other things while looking at me.

I was keen to understand the situation so I asked her to sit. She denied formally but then sat on the kitchen chair. I washed her plates and then placed them aside. Then I offered her cold drink. She finished that drink very slowly while talking about my college and other affairs. It was a perfect moment to enjoy the extremes of Pakistani Sex. So I prolonged my stories intentionally while calling her aunty with every talk.

When I was taking the cold drink from the refrigerator, I had locked the front door quietly. She was UN-aware of that. Soon I started appreciating her looks and dress. A Pakistani Wife can never face an appraisal of her beauty from somebody other than her husband. My trick worked and she started taking interest in my words. Soon , she asked me what I liked most in her? I quickly remarked that I liked your upper portion aunty. She laughed loudly and said; you are very naughty and dangerous. I asked , How dangerous? She said; soon you will reach to something else.

It was enough for me so I went near her and grabbed her boob. She pushed me away and said; Insan Bano (Be a human). I knew that she was denying only as a formality otherwise she was sitting for quite a long to get banged. I didn't try to leave her but grabbed her second boob too. I begged her like a child by saying; Aunty please, let me see that. She smiled and said; wait, I show you but promise me to  keep it between me and you. I agreed quickly. She also said that she will only show that once. When she pulled her qameez up, believe me I was almost mad to see her black bra. I squeezed her boobs and started fondling them. My tool was fully erect and touching her shoulder. She was feeling my hardness so she grabbed it. She fondled my cock while I squeezed her breasts.

Then I sat in-front of her and unhooked her bra. I started sucking her large bosoms like a child. She was moaning slowly while caressing my hairs like a mother. I sucked her for at least 10 minutes. Then I tried to unhook her Shalwar (Pants). She stopped me but I didn't. I lowered her shalwar while she was sitting in that chair. Then I felt a nice smell of her white pussy. She was extremely hot and sexy. I placed my tongue between her legs and started licking her. She might have shaved it a couple of days ago. small hairs didn't spoil my licking so I continued to lick her till her juices were flowing on my lips.

She was moaning loud now. I got up and removed my trousers. My tool jumped out like a popping rod. I was almost 6-7 inches in length. I placed my tool right on her lips and she started sucking me like a lollypop. My pre-drops were out now. she licked all my salty pre-drops and continued to suck me for 5-6 minutes. It was uncontrollable for me now. So , I lifted her legs up to my shoulders while keeping her on the same chair and placed my shaft on her pussy lips.

I slide deep inside her while my balls were touching her fleshy white pussy. She was out of control now. She started kissing my wildly while I was screwing her deeply. I banged her for 10 minutes in the same style. Then I asked her to get up and bend along the kitchen cabinet. She done that quickly and I slide again from behind. I banged her fast in that style.

I was reaching to the climax of this Sex Story as I was about to discharge in that white Pakistani pussy. I increased my pace to full and went right to hit her belly from inside. My last stroke was too deep inside and I was not even ready to pull out. so I unloaded all my gun right inside. When my hot drops fell inside her ovary, she got a wild orgasm again. It was the best fuck of my life. Soon we departed as all feelings were cold now. She went after adjusting her clothes and teasing me by saying that; you are very naughty. Later, I couldn't look into her eyes while calling her aunty for a few days. But things were settled soon when we started our second sex session.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hot Clips Of Pakistani Girls And Pakistani Aunty

Pakistan is a country of Hot looking Girls. Majority of Hot Pakistani Girls is remarkable when it is a matter of attractiveness. They can easily magnetize people towards them, the popularity of Sexy Pakistani Girls is found across the globe and it is just because of natural beauty and shyness. They are shy but very hot in bed. Here in this post we are sharing videos and clips of Pakistani girls and looking to spread the beauty. check these Pakistani Sex clips below.


Hot Pakistani Couple Having Fun
Some Pakistani Couples love sharing their bedroom videos. Here is a nice video of a Hot couple from Pakistan who loves showing everything to public. The Wife is really Sexy and Hot.


Elite Class Hot Wife
An elite class Pakistani wife visited abroad. Luckily she got a husband who loved Wife sharing. Check this great video of Pakistani Wife sharing.


Pakistani Aunty
A Hot Pakistani Aunty from a village met her boyfriend in his drawing room. These Sex Stories of Pakistani Aunties are very hot just like this Sex clip of Pakistani Aunty.


Here we are sharing the best Clips and very popular videos of Sexy Pakistani girls in this post. I hope that all people will really love these videos of Hot girls of Pakistan because of their stylish and beautiful approach to Sex. If anyone wants to download or watch such videos then join and follow this blog. Pakistani Aunties are also very hot and very impressive for all over the world people and most of the people will appreciate their stylish look because they are admiring their look and style. Share your comments about these Hot Paki Girls.

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