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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pictures of Hot Pakistani Girls

I assume at this point, most of you know what you're getting into with this site. Pakistani Girls are hot in a strict Pakistani environment.This blog is a big relief for all Pakistanis looking for hot Pakistani women performing sexual activities.Pakistani women have a knack for capturing cute Pakistanis at their best. These are the girls next door and you get to watch these natural-looking girls explore and enjoy their sexuality freely. Nothing here is faked or posed.I'm a true voyeur at heart and based on the tour. I'm excited for what awaits inside. I really love Pakistani girls and i really like this Pakistani Sex blog. I recommend this to all Pakistani women lovers.








Friday, September 20, 2013

Pakistani Girl Having Fun With Couple

This is my first Sex Story.I had been wedded to a young Pakistani girl who had no sister.My name is Osman and I belong to an upper middle class Pakistani family. I always loved watching Sexy Girls and build fantasies about their hot bodies.I liked Incest relation with sisters of wives but my wife has no sister, that used to make me feel some needful in the fun. One night, while fucking my wife's pussy I got some discussion on the topic.on which she let me know that assuming that I truly feel some attraction towards other girls,with other close friends of her then it is better to do fun with her nearby companion Saba. She was a perfect beauty of Pakistani Sex and a delightful Sexy Girl.
My wife took a promise that it will only be a fun. We were quite frank with each other in discussions and teasing on such topics.I began taking interest in her friend whenever she visited our house. My wife helped me by providing a chance of some chit chat.Afterwards I advised my wife to call her for spending two-three days at our home.

She did exactly what I said and agreed her friend to spend two days with us.After that Saba had came to our home.We continued talking for a more extended time till mid night and after that I and my wife went inside the room where we get bare and I was rubbing her delicate ass line with my hard chicken fully prepared.

We started our session by making loud voices as per plan. Abruptly we discovered that Saba has come near our door as we neglected to bolt the entryway. She was trying to watch us from outside as I guessed.Afterward found us having intercourse in full stripped way. I quickly got up and jumped towards the door. It was a part of our plan. She was shocked by this sudden door opening and got confused by the situation. I tried to make her guilt. She was nervous and soon my wife came out to handle the situation. She requested that we should go ahead but we insisted her to join. It was as a punishment.She thought for a while and the agreed to come in. I was extremely happy.

I continued fucking my wife and afterward I felt that Saba was requiring some taste of the penis and I was primed to fuck her also in addition to my wife. I utilized my eyes and as a part of a beckoning way I requested her to go ahead. She approached and afterward my wife, who was being fucked by me hard in the doggy position, asked her if she might want to appreciate my dick.

I needed this yet my wife made the path less demanding for me and afterward Saba had no more snags as she began opening her apparel. Before long I was equipped to see her huge boobs and after that I remarked on her enormous formed boobs and after that my wife let me know to hold up as she might be demonstrating me her pussy too. She was right as Saba demonstrated me her clean waxed pussy and I truly had loved that of her.

Soon I pulled my Chicken out of my wife and asked Saba to lick that. She started pleasing my shaft with her juicy lips. She done everything like an expert by taking it all deep till throat and then holding her lips along my balls. It was awesome. My wife failed to please me that way in all time of our marriage.She was in complete command on us.

It was the final time to taste the extreme of Pakistani Sex so I bent her down and pushed my shaft deep inside her. She was never a virgin. It slides all inside her. She was much tighter than my loose wife so her inner walls gripped my shaft tightly. I banged her hard like a horse while my wife played with my balls all the time. I was about to finish after 15m of hard session so I pulled it out and pushed it inside my wife. I wanted to release all my precious drops inside my wife to make her pregnant. Later, me and my wife discussed that night for months. Saba hesitated a bit for few weeks but then her hesitation went away and she has become our monthly partner.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pakistani Raheela Ki Chudai [Urdu Sex]

This Sex story is dependent upon true experience of Sex with Pakistani Wife. Spellbinding sexy Pakistani Girls like having illicit relationships after marriage. Not all, however some of Hot Pakistani young ladies might love engaging in sexual relations with other men. This Chudai story holds all occasions in Urdu. I trust all sex story lovers might like this Pakistani Sex experience.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Pakistani Bhabhi Sex

I was wet and could feel the stream of juices vacating my Pakistani Bhabhi. My Pakistani Bhabhi is Hot and Sexy. I crushed her Bosoms between my thighs couple of times to satisfy myself and murmured in climbing fervor in extremely low voice while taking a gander at her Large Melons. I was twitching in yearning to get something in her and I was getting more frantic to screw her . I was contemplating swindling my true sibling, desire was governing my psyche and I was escaping with each passing minute. At last my dream of engaging in sexual relations with Pakistani Bhabhi worked out.









I hope my brother would never know that I am enjoying the beauty of Pakistani Sex with his wife. I am lucky to have fun with such a nice woman. I hope all wife lovers would like my Bhabi. She is a sexy woman who loves nasty type of fun.

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