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Monday, December 14, 2015

Meeting A Pakistani Cuckold Couple

This is the story of my first sex experience with a cuckold Pakistani couple. I am Ali from Islamabad and have a build of 6 feet with 78 kgs weight. I am about 29 Years old with a decent and healthy look. Threesome has been one of my favorite desires but I never wanted to do it with a prostitute. I always loved to do it with someone's wife. So, I had been searching a couple for the past few years. I used to look up social media site like Facebook and other sites like locanto and adulthub. Initially, I got no success for at least 1 Year of regular trying even I was thinking to delete all my ads and profiles on such sites.

It was a burning desire. Luckily, I saw an ad on locanto which was almost 100% suitable for me. A couple in their mid 30's were looking for a threesome. I sent them a couple of messages but for the first 6-7 days, there was no reply. I got disappointed. Suddenly, The connection came up and I began to email husband. He was 38 and having a smaller height. He demanded for naked pics of my body along with face-pics. I was so hungry for a cuckolding experience that I captured a few pics immediately and sent him through email. My dick is around 7 inches in length. He told that he will show my pics to his wife and if she agreed, he will contact back. After 2-3 days I got his reply. He appreciated my build and size. Then he asked me to wait for a few days until they find a suitable time and place. Forgot to tell, there names were Bilal and Nazia ,they had 2 kids and both were school going. He took my cell number and kept me waiting for the next 3-4 weeks. 

After about month, I got his email asking about availability in the morning time between 10-12 am. He told that nobody would be present at home as kids will be in school and I have to visit them. I thought for a while and then decided to take the blind risk (I was not sure about his wife). we fixed up the meeting. His wife's name was Nazia , as he told me.

Finally, the time and day had arrived. I had a shower and perfumed my cock and got into my jeans and my shirt… All fresh to be loved. Bilal (Husband) had not given me the exact address but he asked me to come near Karachi company Islamabad. I reached there and called him. He asked me to wait until he comes. I started waiting and after 15 minutes or so, A Toyota corolla arrived near me and stopped. No one came out but I got a call from bilal who asked me to open the car door and sit inside. I got up and then reached the car. When I got in, I was amazed to see him. He appeared to be a businessman , well suited and decent but of small height. We exchanged smiles and then we left for his house. After about 10 minutes drive we reached a big banglow which told me their social status. They were surely from a well established family. The gate-keeper opened the door and we got in. He asked me to sit in drawing room and get relaxed. 

I was looking around in wonder and still guessing about them. I was lucky enough and I was thinking about my luck to fuck a rich wife in-front of her husband. He went inside bedroom and soon They both walked in and we have our first minutes of nervousness. She said you look exactly as your pic. very nice bilal, Isn't he? ( which made me proud and happy). He nodded in agreement. They both were quite bold and friendly to each other. 

She was wearing a orange tight pajama shalwar with a long qameez… And was looking like a horny lady… Very sexy. I liked her look which was just saying "Come and Fuck me hard".

We chatted for a while and she grabbed my hand to take me onto the bed. I was having an erection in my pants while I looked longingly at her. He smiled impatiently told us… enjoy please. Shur karo ab…. With a naughty smile, I am coming. We arrived in their bedroom, leaving him alone in drawing room. She was such a confident wife. Soon, things were started between us.I touched her feet as we spoke and gradually massaged them. Then I leaned over and kissed her entire body lovingly. Then I began a tantalizing moment of kissing as I pulled her tongue into my mouth and sucked it. She fought back to access my tongue… We had moments of passionate kissing, licking and rubbing. From the corner of my eye I saw her feet arching back and forth. I touched her thighs and she had her legs pressed together… I am sure she was pressuring her pussy lips and her clit…. That was so wow a feeling.

Then, I pulled her onto the bed with legs fully opened for licking. I started licking her pussy. Meanwhile, she was moaning louder and louder. In the meantime, her husband arrived in and sat on sofa. He was watching us rubbing his crotch.

Her thighs and boobs were so big, maybe she was 38 30 40… I didn't have my measuring tape… So the visual assessment . As soon as I licked her inner pussy flesh, Bilal started to remove his clothes. While he undressed and lay on the bed pumping his dark average tool. He may be around 5 inches in size. Now I exactly knew why he wanted his wife to be fucked. Surely they were a couple looking for a big sized cock. He undressed me and began to grabbed my dick. As I was licking Nazia's pussy, Bilal (Husband) started sucking my dick while stroking his cock along. What a feeling it was. He was such a nice cock sucker that he took almost entire cock in his mouth and licked my balls as well. My dick was throbbing with stiffness. I was feeling Nazia's buttocks shivering with delight. Sensing the mood, I pushed my cock in his throat and it went deep inside his neck. He giggled for a while and then I pulled it out. His wife was moaning with pleasure. After a few minutes of this action, he asked me to fuck her hard.I got up and he grabbed my cock, placing it onto his wife's freshly shaved pussy which was all wet with my saliva. I rubbed my dick onto her pussy lips and then inserted it in. Bilal had gone near his wife's face and she started sucking his cock. I started drilling her in leg's up style. on my knees , holding her ass cheeks tightly and drilling it like a bitch. She was moaning with pleasure as I caressed her thighs.

We were like twins feeding on her. She was moaning and squirming as both our hands were fondling her and both our mouths were licking and kissing her boobs. In no time she got a shivering orgasm. within 1 minute later, bilal came on her face and her face was filled with cum. Soon he cleaned her face with a tissue and I kept on fucking her. Bilal went to washroom while I kept on fucking his wife Nazia. Then I switched position to make her doggy. When Bilal came back, I was drilling her like a horse riding a mare. I was about to cum when Bilal realized and he shouted , fuck this bitch and cum inside her. Don't pull out, Listening his words, I cant control more and I filled her pussy deeper and deeper. We remained in that position for a few seconds and then I pulled out. I washed my dick and then came back. Bilal was happy to see my fucking style and stamina. He quickly said, it's not over my friend. Let's have another shot. I smiled and nodded my head. 

We waited for about 5 minutes caressing her large tits and making our cocks ready again. Though, bilal had a smaller size but he got 2nd erection in short time. I was ready, Bilal was ready. But now, Bilal asked me to go for Double penetration. I was surprised a bit because I had never tried anal with a woman. So bilal said; You lay down and make her sitting on your dick while I drill her ass. It was nice option. I laid down and Nazia just came over me, she aligned my dick on her pussy hole and it all went inside her. Then she leaned on my face, I held her boobs in my lips while Bilal came from behind. He oiled his dick again and then pushed it in her ass. He started fucking his wife's ass while I kept on licking her boobs while slowly moving my cock in her pussy.

Gradually I began fucking speedy in her shaven pussy.I licked her gently as she moaned. I could see him pumping his cock in her ass… Watching me lick her. Soon bilal deposited his cum in her ass and she got another orgasm with Some shivering and a pulsating vagina… She collapsed on me in a cum filled ecstasy.

I was wild and horny by then. I had been fucking her hard after Bilal's cum over while I was sucking her boobs.She started kissing me in passion as she was my wife, not Bilal's. Bilal was out of room now, and we were doing it all like real husband wife. She was more wild when bilal gone outside. Probably, after 2 cumshots her husband Bilal had no more interest to watch loving scene between me and his wife. We both were moaning in pleasure.Once she said in my ear, If I can come every week to fuck her. I liked her moaning and passion and agreed to fuck her every week even if her husband is not there. During fucking, she asked me to write my cell number before leaving her bedroom. Her remarks were making me more wild. There were no signs of cum yet, so I grabbed her in my arms and took her to sofa. I started her fucking from front on sofa. This fucking went on for 20 more minutes.

I shouted when I was about to cum and she just pushed and grabbed my butts towards her body to thrust deeper. I loaded her again with another cumshot inside. She orgasm-ed for the third time on this fucking session. She caressed my buttocks and kissed my face with passion. She was such a bold lady that she thanked me for giving her two nice fucks. More of it based on responses, this hot wife session with a cuckold Pakistani couple had been awesome. After finishing this session, I took a paper and written my cell number. Giving it to Nazia, I came outside, dressed myself but Bilal had been nowhere around. I was surprised where he had gone. but in 5 minutes, Nazia came out dressed in a trouser and said; Thanks handsome, You can leave now but do come again, I will call you. I smiled and left there Banglow.

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