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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pakistani Couple

This story belong to the days when we started wife sharing activities. My story happened about a years ago. Truly speaking, at that time, I didn't enjoy it a lot when we were doing it. It was our first time so it felt a little awkward while we were doing it. My hot wife and I went to join a couple party (not an orgy or anything) with some couples (Mostly Unknown to each other).
It was a hot party at a couple house, including some drinks, dance and chit chat..some wives making naughty smiles and horny looks at other husbands and after dark, the husbands were gathered in the back yard and the wives were in the house. I wanted to check on my wife, though I had no reason to worry, I thought. When I came in the house, the lady at door acted strange, like she wanted me back in the yard with the men while they “gossiped” about us. As I left, I noticed I didn't see my wife.

Out in the yard with the husbands, I took a quick “headcount” and also noticed I didn't see the host husband(The husband who arranged the party), who was the organizer. I got a strange feeling, a suspicion, but tried to dismiss it as a coincidence. A few minutes later, I overheard one husband tell another quietly, “I went upstairs a while ago and somebody was in the room getting some pussy–those moaning were rockin’ and I could just see the host’s ass working up and down through the keyhole!” ; now the suspicious feeling became a sickly, jealous panic. I went upstairs, but the windows were slightly curtained. I marched around but found no moans, but I found my wife upstairs and called her down for confrontation.

She felt panic at first, but finally came down. She told me the truth without any hesitation. It felt slightly awkward at first but as it was my choice to join a couple party so I have to bear it all.He’d been hitting on her past 1 hr (it’s how I knew the cuckold feeling was coming), she was attracted to him and just wondered what it would be like to make love to someone other than her husband. She refused to go to the bedroom of the house initially like he wanted, but he kept after her until she finally agreed to go for 20-30 minutes fucking session. She told me the whole act didn't take over five minutes, as if that was supposed to make me feel better.

After a while, though, my attitude toward what happened changed and we allowed each other certain freedoms, to keep a moment of temptation away from the marriage. Later, We called the host couple again, and then we went for a full wife swap at their house. This time no other couple was joining us...I fucked his wife and he fucked my wife. Thats it...Within a few encounters, we are now easier with wife swaps.

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