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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Dreamy Night Wife Swap Pakistan

Dear Readers, we are a happily married couple living in Islamabad. This story of wife swap is not a fiction story. It is a reality story. We have been married for 7 years when life seemed to be a bit boring when it came to bed.Actually, we wanted to change the taste. We are h33/w29 in age. We searched the internet and tried to find out some activities where couples could be involved. It developed a certain kind of liking for wife swap.

How Wife Swap Started?
Though, it took about 1 years or so to develop a certain promising start however, but it happened. The one fantasy which we wanted to fulfill was having sex while other couple witnessing our fun. For these requirements we had started finding out the right couple in nearby areas. We sent email conversations with about 10-12 couples of the same mind, keeping society point of view and secrecy issue in mind), nevertheless after exchanging emails,chats , we found 95% appearing couple to be just fantasy oriented. Many of them wanted a skype sex show, some photographs and mostly husbands seemed to be chatting in such fantasy.

we finally went down on two couples in one year that appeared nice and mature. We started chatting with these couples but we were not compromising on our privacy and secrecy. Finally, one couple seemed agreed for face to face meeting after talking on phone. My husband and her husband met at a public place (A Park in Islamabad) and discussed the idea. Both developed a level of trust in short time. The phase was exciting as we were getting quiet high by the thoughts of swapping and same room sex. 

So after continuous chatting we decided to meet Asif and Aisha, they were nice couple who had been married for 5 years living in a posh area at F11 Markaz. Asif was a good looking guy with an athletic built, he was of height around 6 feet, fair and his tool size was about 7 inches (seen through pic). Aisha was about 5’5” , very fair, breast : 36 DD, big hips, basically a very beautiful wife with right amount of curves.

There were mixed feeling running which were ranging from fear, anxiety and nervousness. Finally, we both went to meet them on the decided day, we had a few phone calls in the mid-days to get frank to each other. It was their house selected for fun and me and my husband went there. Initially there was an awkward silence but again with my wits I made the atmosphere lighter and she giggled. In a matter of minutes the atmosphere became lighter and we clicked instantly. she was wearing a half sleeves t-shirt with comfort fit jeans. We flirted a bit, and seeing the response, her husband changed seat and sat next to me, kept one hand on thigh and started touching her thighs.

After few minutes she became comfortable and we spoke quite openly,Asif during conversation even complimented that I am very beautiful and has an amazing figure.Apart from this we also discussed each other’s wife, there likes, there body, positions they like, etc.

I opened beer and started to drink it, she also took her pag and started to drink. After 2-3 drinks, we played on a sex movie in which two couples were doing a wifeswap meeting. It was already planned by my dearest hubby. As the movie went on, the things started to happen. Initially, we all were a bit confused but after 30 minutes of movie , all things softened between us. I than started removing my clothes ,stripped down to bra and panty.All this happened while Aisha kept on staring at me. I asked her to change; she said yes and complimented that I have an awesome physique.

She removed upper garments and then appeared somewhat like me which was clearly showing purple color bra. The sight gave my husband an instant hard on.  We spoke for few minutes but then animal in me was at its peak, My husband got up and came to touch her tits, she did not move just closed her eyes, slowly my hubby slided his hand under her bra, feeling her massive boobs, than sliding it further and removing her bra and panty and feeling her ass.

In the mean-time, her husband got up and came to me. It was all decided that everything would be done with mutual consent. We have decided to avoid french and face kissing (As it shows signs of love between a couple, but we were there for only a fuck without any emotional involvement). So, Asif done the same what my husband had done with aisha. Both men had a hard-on, fondling our boobs and kissing our boides till neck, and then licking our legs and the pubic areas. Asif was amazing in pussy licking. He inserted his full tounge inside and licked all inner walls of my vagina. It felt like a heaven, having a good looking man(other than my husband) changing my taste without disturbing my marriage. It was really a feeling I couldn't describe in words. In lieu, my husband was getting a new pussy hole and a nice pair of big tits to fondle and fuck. We were both fully content on our doing as we were not cheating each other.

With one hand he was fingering my wet pussy while my mouth was sucking his fat meatbone. Asif's cock was fatter than my husband, clean and tasty (without any smell). I sucked him like a lollypop in my mouth, with passion and full lust. I licked his hairless balls (He shaved everything in pubic area). Aisha was mowing with pleasure as my husband was still licking her pussy.

After watching me, she also started giving my husband a blow job, she was uncontrollable and was screaming, he help her head with his hand, pushing his dick till her throat and tip might had gone in her throat area as she gargled for a while. Asif was also watching his horny wife sucking my husband's dick. He was moaning when I licked his balls and licked his cock tip like a whore. It was going completely crazy, her reactions were making us horny and I also continued my exploits, finally the effort paid and we let out a huge moan, I had orgasm, she had come.

Everything going fine but steadily his hands fingering my pussy and he started to rub it gently, the circular motion and rhythm of his hand made me very wet and horny again. Asif held my hair guide me up and made me lie on bed, and then we were in 69, placed his mouth on my pussy and started to lick again it whereas I grabbed his dick with my mouth and started to suck it.

On the other side, my husband and Aisha were also into 69, doing the oralsex at extreme. It went on for half an hour, our pussies were fully wet and demanding a nice fuck. Both husbands looked at each other and decided to start a penetration. First asif guided his cock into my pussy, making me doggy and pushed it all in. It felt like an elbow running into my vagina. My husband had a good cock but it was in length, Asif's cock was girthy. Aisha also went into doggy and my husband started fucking her.

Asif given me a decent fuck, full of push and pull, fast thrust and hitting my all spots rightly. It was so hot to take a different sized cock, different shape, different fucking style and body. I knew, aisha was also enjoying the same delight. Both husband were enjoying the taste of new pussies with consent of their wives.

There came a movie scene, in which DP (Double penetration) was going on. Both husbands looked at each other and decided to have a DP. Who would start DP, me or Aisha? I had never done it, It seemed a bit painful as Asif's dick was fat to take in ass. Finally, My husband agreed me to try it. I sat on my husband's dick and asif oiled his cock again, full lubrication was done. As he got his tip in my ass, believe me, I jumped a bit, but my husband held me tightly in his arms.

Asif pushed it half in and my eyes went wide open. He waited for a while and then slowly moved it inside. Almost one third of his cock length was outside and I felt it hitting my pelvic bone. I stopped him to insert more. He started moving, my husband started moving his dick and within a minute, it felt like heaven. Believe me, DP moments felt the best out of sex. two cocks grinding your holes, OMG-lovely. I wish, it had went on for the whole night but Aisha was now willing to do it watching my delightful face.

Asif and my husband pulled it out, giving me a fuck of 4-5 minutes of DP, and Asif pushed it inside her vagina while my husband fucked her ass in the same style as Asif fucked my ass. Aisha seemed in no pain. It was obvious that Aisha was used to ass fuck and it might be Asif's fat cock making her hole wider. She enjoyed it a lot. I loved watching my husband fucking her ass.

DP for aisha went on about the same time as for me. Then, my husband was the first to cum, he shouted and came inside her ass. Asif was still fucking her pussy. When my husband finished cum, Asif made me doggy again and started fucking my ass. He came within one minute of ass fucking. Such a hot cum he had. As he came in my ass, I had another orgasm.

We all laying in bed, naked and feeling a bit exhausted. After 5-10 minutes of rest, Aisha broken the silence by offering tea cups. We all agreed and she got up naked, went inside kitchen and started making tea for all of us. It took about 30 minutes of rest and tea taking. We wanted to do it again. But this time a different scenario was planned. Asif suggested that we should go for separate room fuck now. It was a nice offer as infront of husband, niether aisha was able to express her full lust, nor I was able to express my inner lusty voice. Infact, we both have to keep our marriage and husband's in mind. So Aisha got up and held My hubby's cock, taking him to the second room holding his dick in her hand. 

What a scene it was, watching my husband with another wife holding his cock and taking him to the other room. After They gone to other room, Asif asked me, Bhabhi I was hesitating a bit infront of your husband, Can we do it all what we want? I smiled; saying YES. He smiled and now it was everything there. We started with french kissing, he was a clean guy( Internally, I fell in attraction to him slightly) I wanted him to suck my lips, lick my face with passion and he done exactly what I wanted. I never wanted to show my husband that I liked Asif. 

We created an atmosphere of love inside the room, just like a dating couple meets first time for fucking. He licked my wet pussy and I moaned, we could hear some voices of moaning coming from aisha's room. I knew, my horny husband would be doing some nasty things to her.

In short, It was a nice 2nd fucking session in which Me and Asif tried all positions, including sitting on cock, doggy, missionary, along the wall, 69, ass fucking etc, everything we done. It went on for about 1 hour of sex again when asif was fucking me in missionary style he shouted, I am cumming. Don't know why, I asked him to load my pussy, cum inside my pussy. He loved hearing that and as soon as he filled my vagina with hot cum, I got another wild orgasm. OMG, what a divine fuck it was. better than the first fuck, more in time length, a real delight of cock change.

We layed for a while and then Asif got up and called my husband to come in (They were also finished). He came to us, leaving Aisha alone and we quickly went into sleep with own husband. Asif went to Aisha's room and my husband with me. 

Next morning, we got up as Aisha came to awaken us, She was still nude but I had worn my clothes. For a few moments, we could not face each other. We couldn't look into eye's of each other, It felt a bit shame, signs of shame on what we have done this night but it was a temporary feeling. We took breakfast together. Later, we left their house. For some days, we didn't contact each other. A mix of feelings were there but everything settelled as weekend arrived. On saturday night, both husbands decided to do it again. Everything gone, no feelings of shame or any resistance in 2nd meeting. We done it better than the first. I would narrate the story of wife swapping in pakistan in my next posts how all things went in 2nd meeting.

We are now permanent in such meetings. We do it at least once a week, mostly on saturday night while we are free. Other than this , me and my husband do 2 times a week sex. Life is going too good till now right from the day we swapped. Share your worthy comments about our wife sharing fun. If you are a couple, and you are geniune looking for real face to face meeting and full wife swap, you may leave your email in comments, or send your skype here. We will contact you.Thanks

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