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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pakistani Wife Having Hot Fun With Stranger

I am Talha from Islamabad. Today, I am going to narrate my sex story here. Luckily, I got a hot Pakistani wife in Peshawar who got into an affair with me. Dear friends, It happened last year when I was on a short period of deployment in Peshawar. I am working in a multinational company of a good repute. I am aged about 29Y and quite handsome when it comes to my looks and personality. Let's go to the real story of my sex encounter with a hot Pakistani wife in Peshawar.

Hot Pakistani wife in Peshawar
As I told you all, that I was on a short period of deployment from my company side. I lived in the apartment of a hotel which was arranged by my company. It was a kind of average type of apartment. There were some families staying in the hotel. Infront of my apartment, a couple was living. They seemed from the middle class family but his wife seemed a busty beauty. when I saw her on the first evening, believe me, My mind started to think about a fuck. She was extremely beautiful when it comes to her boobs.

In first 2-3 eye meetings I guessed her inner lusty desires. She looked greedily into my eyes and as long as I looked at her, she kept on staring me. Her husband was an average looking man of mid-thirty but she was around 26-27 Y of age. 

Well, one day I was feeling a headache in the morning so I decided to stay at flat. At about 9am I heard them talking in the gallery. Probably, her husband was saying that he will be back in 4-5 hours after meeting someone so she keep the door locked. OMG! Luckily it provided me a chance to talk to her. After waiting for another 15-20 minutes when I got assured that he was gone, I got up and went to their door. It was locked.

I thought about what to tell her as an excuse. After looking around in the Gallery, found no one, I knocked their door. At first knock, no body came. When, I given a couple of knocks again, she asked from inside; Whose there? I told my name and said; I live in your front apartment and if you don't mind I need some water due to no water in my apartment. She opened the door quite quickly after listening that and I was shocked to see her courage. Mostly, Middle class ladies won't trust strangers in such matters but she was brave.

She given me a smiley welcome and said; Which water? Drinking or bathroom? I said; drinking water. She went back and brought a bottle of water from the table. I thanked her and greedily looked at her busty chest. It felt like balloons on the chest. She was wearing a tight shirt and a choridaar which evoked all my satin desires. I controlled myself quite hardly at that time. 

I came back after returning the bottle, taking some water in the glass. That day created a door of opportunity between us. I had to do something in short time as I didn't know how many days they would be spending in hotel. So, I decided to take 2-3 leaves from office for the next couple of days. The next day, at about 10 am I started walking in the gallery and in just 2-3 minutes, I saw their door opening. I thought it might be her husband but to my surprise, it was her. 

She looked around and came out wearing another lusty choridaar pajama with a deep necked short skin tight shirt. I was thinking of an excuse to talk to her but surprisingly she asked me a question in a funny mood. She said; Today, you again shortage of water? I smiled and Said; No-No. I was just feeling bored so I came out. Where's your husband? She told; he's in Peshawar city area for his work matters. She told; we are here for his work matters for about 15 days.

I got a spark in my eyes as things were settling quite quickly and 15 days were enough for me to bring her into my room. She told me that her husband leaves everyday for daytime 4-5 hours. Probably, it was a kinda signal for me and she told me her desire. I was not a fool to miss the opportunity so I offered her a seating in my apartment for the next day.

She accepted my invitation as per my expectations. The next morning, I got up quickly and at about 11 am, my door was knocked. I felt extremely happy on my luck. I opened the door and it was no surprise to see her there. She came in and I locked the door. I provided her a few cold drinks but she accepted pepsi only. Later, while sitting together, I expressed my feelings about her body. She was enjoying it all. Meanwhile, I guessed she liked my comments.

She told me about her family and her husband. I have to omit the 1 hour talks that went on between us. Shortly, I brought her into this. Watch the video below.

It took a kind of struggle to remove her clothes and making a decent fuck but it felt heavenly. She got a nice pussy. It was tight enough and she felt my cock a bit heavier and fatter inside. It made me guess that her husband was probably a small sized man. I fucked her 2 times in that meeting. She was thirsty like a hot wife. Initially, she resisted a bit but I never left her until I given her two heavy loads of cum inside. 

We lived there for next 10 days and then they departed. I took her mobile number as she belonged to Karachi basically. I fucked that hot Pakistani wife for 4-5 times in those 10 days period and everytime I felt her pussy hotter and hotter. I don't know she got pregnant with my cum because next month, when I called her on phone, she told me that she's missing her periods for the first time after marriage.     

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