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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Friend Helped Me To Seduce His Wife - Real Story

This story is about my sex experience with a hot wife of my friend. This is hot because my friend helped me to seduce his wife and have sex with her. I got his contact number from a dating website. Initially, we made a good friendship and gradually, we brought sex and discussions about his horny wife into our chatting. we used to chat regularly on nights. When this went on for a few weeks, one day he requested me to show my cock to him so that he can allow me to fuck his wife. I was excited and had a curiosity to do that since I never had any experience with a couple.

Luckily, I have a quiet good sized dick almost 7-8 inches, a fat and longer than average. Seeing my cock she was excited and she greeted me that I have a nice cock. Then next time when we started to chat, he asked me if I could fuck his wife and he want to watch it.

Then I realized he is a true cuckold. Though it made me very excited and I asked about his wife's approval. He described her as a sexy structured lady. I asked him if she would accept and he replied that I should seduce her and do it. He told that, he had agreed his wife to get an erotic body massage from a professional male. So, I had to become a massage guy. Then I met him in person and spoke about when to plan the fucking. We have been in friendship for quite a few weeks so we had a good level of trust. He invited me home that night. I asked him to explain his wife that I am a massager and will help her to get a relaxing erotic massage. Like I advised he told his wife.

That day night around 9 pm, I went to his house. It was a separate house and nearby houses are well separated. Then he welcomed me and introduced me to his wife. She was wearing saree and was really sexy with big pair of boobs and sexy, curved hips. She had big sized ass, which made me horny the moment I saw her.

Then I asked him to tell her that she should wear a nighty if possible so that the massage session is easy. Also not to wear bra inside since that will tighten her chest during massage and will cause un-easiness. He took her alone and convinced her for this. I asked them for floor bed since it will be easy for first time massage.

As planned we went to his bedroom. They had placed a double bed on the floor. There was also a couch on one side of the room. She was wearing a nighty. Her sexy big boobs were protruding in her nighty and my cock immediately hardened seeing her boobs.

As I told she was not wearing bra and her nighty clearly showed me the structure of her boobs with even the nipple making a small elevation in tip of her big boobs. He was sitting on the couch and asked me to start. I asked his wife to lie down on the bed and relax herself. Breathe well for about five minutes closing eyes.

While she was doing that I enjoyed her boobs moving in rhythm. I just saw her husband on the couch and he was excited watching me and smiled. I smiled at him back and we spoke each other with eyes. I can make out he telling me why waiting, go on, have her and I wanna see it. I told him with my eyes that I am very hungry to fuck his hot wife I gonna eat his wife's pussy like an animal.

Then after five minutes I started my play. I told her I will relax her before I could proceed. I went to her feet and took her foot to rub her sole with my palm. I was about kneeling at the edge of the bed, feet side. I lifted her one leg to my height. You could remember she was wearing a nighty. As I done this, her nighty fell behind exposing her thighs and I could see her black panty.I saw her both thighs and her panty fully. I became excited and got a huge erection. I was not wearing brief inside so my cock made a tent in my night pant.

I kept on massaging her feet and then legs and slowly moved towards her thighs. My hand almost longed to reach her thigh. But I kept rubbing her sole. While this happens, her husband told her not to disturb and feel shy. He asked her to take her hands off the belly and just close the eyes and relax.I moved my hands in a way that I start from her shins and slowly move towards her pelvic , my fingers just brushing her pussy lips. Initially, she felt it awkward, but as I continued to do it like that, she slowly got used to it and then I pushed my fingers more touching her pussy during the massage.

Within 5-6 minutes of such action, I could guess her wet pussy. She was getting wet and some liquid started to flow out of her fleshy pussy. Her husband was enjoying the session. I saw him and smiled. I showed him my erect cock. He smiled back and started rubbing his cock over his shorts.

Now I started my next move. I just displaced her both legs apart and kneeled down just between her knees. I told i’ll relax her knee joints. She lied there almost half naked with her nighty completely moved away to her stomach. I can see her bit aroused though she lied there as if she is not aware of anything. I started lifting her one knee and bent her thighs up and down. Now I am seeing her pussy very closer. My erection is at its peak and my cock almost became hungry and ready to jump in to her pussy.

As I moved her knees, her panty moved away sideways exposing her vagina partially. It was slightly hairy. I enjoyed the show and there her husband had his hand inside his shorts caressing his cock. she started breathing heavily. If she opened her eyes she could clearly see my 8 inch cock protruding in my night pant just aiming her pussy. But she stayed with her eyes closed.

Then I moved away and asked her to turn one side and I will relax her back side ways. She turned one side and now her boobs almost hanging onside and as she is turned onside, her cleavage is completely visible alone with upper half of her boobs. I was not in this world. Though I couldn’t resist myself more, So I started giving her a neck massage and my fingers touching her breast same like I touched her pussy, Then I went on massaging her boobs, squeezing her boobs, I kept going slow as I am still doubtful is she will cooperate.

Then as I said started massaging her back and side of her body. As I moved upwards I pressed armpit deep enough to touch her boobs. She is definitely enjoying it as I can make out since she had one of her hands in her thigh near pussy. I massaged twice and asked her to lie facing other side.

Now she turned facing my side. I am kneeling down there with erect cock and bit wet with my pre ejaculatory fluid that can be easily seen since I wore a light and thin night pant. Now we were in a position such that my cock almost facing her face. She didn’t open her eyes. Then I repeated the same massage, but this time I confidently started touching her boobs while massaging her back. Now I am no more in control and I started squeezing her boobs.

On this point she stopped me, saying; BUS (Enough) but her husband asked her to get relaxed and enjoy. She looked towards her husband and when she saw him fully agreed to what was happening , she got relaxed and let me do anything I want. I kept squeezing her breast and then I laid down with her and tried to touch my erect cock with her face. she didn't resist and closed her eyes. Her husband was there standing completely nude and shaking his cock. I continued on squeezing her breast with one hand and rubbed her thighs with other.

While I done this I took her hand and placed it over my cock. She started squeezing it and to my surprised she left her hand inside my pants. I am feeling her hand caressing my erect naked cock.

I squeezed her boobs. Then I untied her nighty laces and she was lying there fully topless, her nighty completely removed off. I sucked her breast and chewed her nipples. She enjoyed it. Then kept my hand over her pussy. It was completely wet.I pulled off her panty and then during the massage I tried sliding my fingers inside her pussy. Wow! It full of secretions and she was in her peak. I started fingering her. After sometime I removed my pants. Her husband lied down on couch and was shaking his cock faster.

Now I started licking her fleshy pussy and she was on excitement, tried to hold my head. Can u imagine her husband’s view? His wife lying there just with another cock. I am fully naked licking her pussy half of my head hidden inside her legs. He was enjoying the scene. Then she started to suck my cock in about 69 style. I squeezed her ass as I tried to enter my tongue more and more in to her pussy. She took my half cock inside her mouth. We were enjoying in peak and her husband on other side enjoying the show.

While I was licking her watery pussy, her husband got up and asked me to carry on licking while entering his cock inside her pussy. He fucked her and couldn't last for more than a minute. He got a wild cumshot inside her. When he finished cumming inside her pussy, he invited me to fuck her with her husband's cum inside. Her pussy was fully lubricated by her husband's average dick so My fat cock had no troubles to go deeper and deeper. I turned and entered my cock inside her pussy. I holder her both boobs and started moving my ass to and fro. I can feel her inside. Then movement went faster and faster. I could maintain a good fucking time.

Then I reached peak in about 8-10 minutes and lost my control. Poured out my cum inside her pussy. On the other side her husband was smiling that I was shooting my loads inside her. Then he stood and came near us. He caressed his wife's head and asked, did you enjoyed honey, She noded her head in Yes. This is all about how my friend helped me to seduce his wife and fuck her.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saima Ki Chudai - Pakistani Sex Stories

This is a true story of my wife Saima. I thought I must share with readers of Pakistani sex stories here. Hope you enjoy. I shared my wife Saima with an older coworker of mine named Zeeshan. When I first started working at my current job I quickly got to know a lot of my coworkers but Zeeshan always seemed really standoffish just staying in the back which is where he worked and didn't really say much. He was kind of an intimidating guy, stocky, built and I first started talking when he asked me where I had gotten my ink done and from there we quickly became very good friends. Zeeshan and I talked all day everyday while we worked about some old cars he had along with a couple motorcycles and I soon realized for a forty eight year old guy he sure lived his life however he wanted and was the kind of guy who gave a fuck less what people thought of him.


Zeeshan said he had dated off and on but nothing ever serious came along but he still had his fair share of pussy to use his words. I will never forget the first time Zeeshan met Saima and that was when she had to come in to give me some papers. Zeeshan eyes lit up when he saw her and when I introduced her to him he seemed really nervous which was weird for a guy of his personality. After Saima left Zeeshan began going on and on about how much of a lucky guy I was and how he thought she was incredibly sexy. From that day on all Zeeshan ever wanted to talk about was Saima and about our sex life like what she was like in bed. He asked all kinds of questions until finally saying he was sorry if I was getting offended but I laughed and told him it was no problem because I got it a lot but it wasn't until I told him that from time to time I had shared her with other guys that I really got his attention.

He asked me how that was and I told him I enjoyed watching her with guys but she was always the one who gave the final yes or no when it came to the guy. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to ask me to fuck her but I think he didn't wanna seem like he was begging so he continued on and on about her until I chuckled and said "Sounds like you wanna get her into bed". Zeeshan laughed and smiled "You could say that, I would love to work her over". My mind began fantasizing almost immediately about Zeeshan's big frame slamming into Saima's petite body so I told him I would ask her about it but I couldn't make any guarantee's. Zeeshan seemed happy as hell and began thanking me over and over when I told him it would help if he could text me a picture of him naked just so I had something to show Saima. I figured he would do it later but he quickly pulled his phone from his pocket telling me he already had some pictures on it and just like that sent me one.

I grabbed my phone and opened the message and then the photo immediately I noticed how big Zeeshan's cock was hanging between his legs. When I got off I went home and told Saima that Zeeshan talked about her all day after she left and that he really really wanted to fuck her. She chuckled "Yeah I have affect I guess" as we continued talking more and more about it until I showed her the picture on Zeeshan he had sent me. "Wow, nice" she said staring at the picture until I asked "So what do you think?". She smiled and tilted her head "Sounds like fun I suppose" so I quickly text Zeeshan who was still at work and told him it was a go. He quickly text me back thanking me and said that Saima and I could come meet him at work and he would follow us back to our place. I agreed so Saima and I made the drive over to my job and waited a little bit until Zeeshan came out with a huge grin on his face.


I lowered my window as he leaned down smiling at Saima and then me "So I will follow you then?". I told him we didn't live to far away when Zeeshan smiled and asked Saima "You wanna ride with me, maybe we can talk a little bit". Saima smiled and got out of the car walking to Zeeshan's car with him which I had parked behind and got in. I sat waiting for Zeeshan to get ready to go as I watched the two of them laughing and talking back and fourth for a couple minutes until suddenly I watched Saima move her hair from her face and lean over into Zeeshan's lap. I backed up and pulled forward along side Zeeshan's car watching Saima's head moving up and down sucking his cock as he looked over at me with a smile and mouthed "Wow". I took off letting Zeeshan follow me as I looked in the rear view only seeing Zeeshan as Saima continued to suck his cock. When we got to our place Zeeshan parked next to me as I got out and walked over to his car seeing Saima still sucking his cock until Zeeshan opened the door and said "Lets take this inside baby".

Saima sat up with a smile and Zeeshan tucked his long, hard cock into his pants as we all headed upstairs where they got right back to where they left off. We all went to the bedroom where Saima and Zeeshan stripped down and Saima got onto her knees sucking his cock once again. I sat in my computer chair watching her working her mouth quickly on his cock as Zeeshan moaned "Damn that feels so good". Saima looked up at him with her amazing eyes as she worked her head back and forth slowly on his cock until Zeeshan asked "Can I fuck your mouth?". Saima nodded so he gently grabbed onto both sides of her head and started to thrust his cock into her mouth slowly at first and then a little faster until he was slamming it into the back of her throat. Saima grabbed onto the back of his legs to keep balance as he drilled her mouth making her gag and cough until he groaned "Damn!" and helped her to her feet.

He put his large hands on her tiny body and turned her around gently bending her over the side of the bed grabbing onto her ass and squeezing it as she looked back at him with a grin. Zeeshan got onto one knee and started to lick her pussy from the back making Saima moan and squeal as he stroked his cock.Zeeshan stood back up "You ready for this dick?", "Yes" she moaned as he grabbed his cock and slowly shoved it into her little pussy. "Oh god fuck!" she moaned her body lunging forward a little so Zeeshan grabbed her hips holding her in place and began inching his cock into her slowly smiling as she moaned and whimpered loudly. "Your so tight baby" he groaned and started to fuck her with a handful of her hair in his hand pulling her head back. "Your big dick feels so good" she moaned making Zeeshan fuck her a little faster until he was slamming his cock into her with long, deep thrusts.

Saima's face was bright red and she was moaning loudly as he fucked her harder and harder until she cried out "Oh god I'm gonna cum". Zeeshan released her hair and slid his hand around to her throat and groaned "Cum for me" and started slamming his cock into her until Saima screamed. I could hear the sloshing sounds of her cumming as Zeeshan continued to slam his cock into her as her knees trembled and she continued to scream. "Fuck yeah" he smiled rolling her onto her back, scooted her ass to the edge, lifted her legs and shoved his cock back into her pussy. Saima's head shot back as she let out a loud whimper as Zeeshan started to fuck her hard as Saima quickly grabbed her tits that were bouncing up and down with every thrust. "You like that?" he groaned, "Oh yes!" she quickly moaned as his grabbed her tiny stomach with his large hands and started to fuck her so hard the bed began to creak.

"Oh god fuck me, fuck me!" she moaned loudly over and over again as Zeeshan slammed his cock into her with all of his weight behind him until he groaned "Damn I'm gonna cum". "Yes I want it" she begged as Zeeshan started to turn red as he slammed his cock into her over and over until suddenly he pulled out and I watched his load explode from his cock all over her stomach and tits. Saima smiled grabbing her tits and watched him spraying his load all over her until Zeeshan shook his cock getting out every last drop and stepped back with a smile wiping the sweat from his forehead "Fucking wow man". Saima chuckled "Thanks" as Zeeshan looked down at her cum covered body "Your so fucking sexy baby". "Thanks" she said before getting up and saying goodbye to Zeeshan before getting into the shower. Zeeshan got dressed and thanked me over and over again as I assured him the pleasure was all mine.

I showed him out and the next day at work he talked about how much he enjoyed what happened and said hopefully he could do it again sometime. Zeeshan and I are still coworkers and good friends though he hasn't had sex with Saima again but maybe someday she will be up for it again. I hope all readers of Pakistani sex stories would love my wife and my hot story. Share your comments below. Thanks

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pakistani Wife Sharing Story

I am Gul from Lahore. Today I'm narrating you a hot story of Pakistani wife. This sex story of sharing a wife is amazing. In this story a Friend requested to make his wife pregnant and I fulfilled his desire. This story is about me, Jamal (my best friend) and Shahida (his wife). Me and Jamal are 36 and his wife is 30.Jamal got married 5 year back to Shahida. Shahida is very beautiful, fair short height woman. She has a perfect Pakistani voluptuous body. Her lips are thick which anyone would love to watch sucking on his cock. Has perfect curves, Her boobs are around 34D and ass is perfect in 38. When I saw her first time at the wedding, I just kept scanning her and imagining her milky white body nude in front of me.

Coming to the story. After 5 year of their wedding one day I received a call from Jamal to meet up since its been long. So we decided to meet up for dinner at his place on the same evening. I was happy to see both of em after a long time especially Shahida as she had gained a bit and her mounds were looking even more sexy. After dinner Shahida decided to go for a walk and me and Jamal started talking.

Me: So how is your married life going? Aren’t u guys planning kids?

Jamal: Yeah we want to(he looked a bit sad)

Me: what’s wrong ? Is everything ok?

Jamal: Actually I called you for a reason

Me: what is it?

Jamal: we have been trying for a kid since 5 years now. However doctors have told me that my sperm count is very low.

Me: so what’s the big deal. Try for insemination and all.

Jamal: we thought about that, but the doctor says that artificial insemination is expensive and I think we cant afford it with my semen. They said only natural insemination is the solution to get her pregnant.

Me: why don’t you adopt a child

Jamal: we can’t do that as everybody is against it and are wishing for our biological child.

Me: M so sorry to hear that. I wish I could help you

Jamal: Shahida didn't know that my semen count is low.

Me: So how could I help you?

Jamal: will you?

Me: what do you mean ?

Jamal: we have been friends for so long and you are like family. I can trust you.

Me: thanks! But what do u want me to do?

Jamal: can you Do this?

Me: Are u mad Jamal? She is my Bhabhi, how can I?

Jamal: you are like a family and we trust you. You have to do this.

Me: what if your family comes to know about this? after showing a lot of hesitation I was actually starting to think for it. But what about Shahida Bhabhi?

Jamal: I have already convinced her to try another male but I have not told her about impregnation. So we can try this without telling her.

Me: Really? Is it that simple? 

Jamal: Yes it is.

Me: so when do we do this?

Jamal: Let's start tonight and see how it goes. I have convinced her to do sex with another male and if she likes it she may continue. However I would want you guys to have sex multiple times this entire week as I want to make sure she gets pregnant.

Me: ok. Where do we do it?

Jamal: let Shahida come and you guys can have sex in our bedroom.

I was still in a confused state that how is it possible that Jamal could be that dirty? How he could say that all easy to his best friend to breed his wife. But, everything happens in this modern society so I was just feeling my luck to impregnate his wife. 

After 15 mins Shahida came back from walk. Jamal hugged her and said that I was ready. She felt embarrassed and ran to the bedroom.

Jamal came to me and asked me to go to the bedroom as Shahida has already gone. He wished me all the best.

I entered the bedroom and saw Shahida was sitting on the bed looking down. She had changed her dress and now She was wearing black leggings and black body fit top with her hair open. I got an instant hard on thinking about the fact that in few minutes from now my penis will be inside her vagina and I will be tasting the naked glory of this beauty who is my friend’s wife and all this when her husband is just outside the room.

I went close to her, she noticed the bulge in my pants and then looked down again. I sat down and told her that she is looking very beautiful.

Shahida: thank you

Me:don’t worry I will make it a pleasurable experience for you.

I went close to her and hugged her tight and started smooching her. I was shocked when she reciprocated wildly. She was kissing me like no tomorrow. I stopped thinking much and kept smooching her and eating her thick lower lip for 15-20 mins. Then I removed her top, she was wearing a black bra that looked superb on her huge milky white boobs.

Me: they are huge and round

She moaned:

I made her lie on her stomach and removed her leggings. It was like uncovering a treasure. As soon as the leggings were half way down her ass, I started licking and biting her as cheeks. Then I removed her leggings completely and turned her around.

She was now in just her bra and panty. I too removed everything and stood naked in front of her. I asked her to give me a blow job while m standing. She got down from the bed and held my dick. She first kissed the tip of my dick and then slowly started licking my penis from top to bottom. She slowly took my penis in her mouth till it totally disappeared.

She then started the blowjob. She kept on sucking and licking my penis and balls. This went on for 15mins. I was finding it difficult to stand. I went to the bed and lied down. She still was blowing me. Suddenly she stopped and started licking my line from balls to ass hole, it was heaven. She started inserting her middle finger in my ass hole, it was a pleasure undiscovered. Now with her finger in my ass hole, she started blowing me again. Then we changed positions.

Now I removed her bra hooks and there her huge milky boobs popped out. I pushed her down on bed and started mauling and eating her boobs like a manic. She kept moaning and yelling loudly.

Shahida: He knows that his wife is getting fucked by his friend and he was the one who convinced you. So let him realize that his wife is having a good time and he selected the right man.

Now I slowly went down and put my finger in waistband of panty and started pulling it down while sniffing her pussy. I removed her panty and started admiring her pussy. It was white and her clitoris were dark. It looked like a flower with petals in the center. I slowly spread her legs and started kissing It. The I inserted my finger in her pussy and started licking it. She started moaning even louder. I kept digging her pussy with my finger and my tongue.

After 10 mins on eating get pussy she splashed her love juices on my face.

I was hard now. I made her spread her legs. Now I lay on top of her and she held my dick and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. Slowly I started entering her. She was warm. As I entered her fully she made a loud hissss sound. I started with slow strokes for the first five minutes. She kept moaning.

I fucked her deep and pushed as deeper as I could untill I deposited all my semen deep inside her. We waited 10-15 minutes and then I given her another fuck. This time, I started in doggy style and pushed it as deep as I could have done. It took longer this time and I fucked her for about 20-25 minutes before I deposited another semen shot inside her.

Next day, we took a break. and after a day gap, Jamal called me again to come. I went there and given her another 2 semen feeds in the midnight. That night we three slept whole night in bed. and during midnight, I given her two semen feeds as per Jamal's requirement.

Similarly, after another day break, I visted them early morning, and given her another feed of semen. Shahida didn't knew this all. She wasn't expecting that her husband was trying to get her impregnated by me. In those 6 days, I had fucked her 6 times and all times I deposited my full cumshots inside her. She was fertile enough those days. And Jamal given her a fuck every night after I finished fucking her, with my semen inside her, Jamal also deposited his loads inside her. The things worked fine and the great news came when Jamal told me that his wife got her pregnancy test positive a month later.

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