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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pakistani Married Couple Having Sex On Cam

Here is another Pakistani couple who is having sex on cam. The trend of married couple sex on cams in Pakistan is rising same like the entire world. Often, we see married Pakistani couples having cam sex and cam shows. This is leading towards the wife swaps in Pakistan and wife sharing activities as well. See this video below and enjoy this beautiful Pakistani wife having sex with her husband.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

A Pakistani Bhabhi Having Sex

I am a Pakistani and 22 years of age. This sex story is a real life story where I had sex with my bhabi. It happened about a year ago in 2014 January. My brother was in Karachi with his family. He had to shift some jobs because of un-satisfaction. Then he decided to come over to Lahore and get settled here because of his new job. I helped him in finding a house just next to my flat. Remember, my parents are living in Islamabad. We now live in the opposite blocks. I helped him and bhabi in moving, placing the items in the house. Then after well settled day, he took a one day off from job. Somehow, He had to leave to Karachi due to some urgent call from past company.

Pakistani Bhabhi Sex
So bhabi had to stay alone and I had to find admission for their 5 year old child, who loved me a lot. I often play with him. My Bhabhi is aged around mid thirtees and extremely sexy. Moreover, her lifestyle is sexier. She often wear long chalked qameez (shirt) that sometimes lifts up her hips and wear choridar pajamas that tighten her big butts. Anyone who looks at her, must gets an erection. She was quite diffrent when my brother married her but in recent 2-3 years, she adopted this amazing lifestyle. Her lifestyle invited me to think differently about her. When bhabi was with me in the bike, I purposly drove over the pits, she screamed, her boobs rubbed my back and I felt a lot of sensation. Her nails pierced my shirt,She then said sorry, I too said I did it by mistake.

Like this I teased bhabhi; she was taking it as my fun but I was trying to touch her milky white boobs on my back. When she used to touch with her boobs on my shoulder; I used to climb without the wings. She had an awesome pair of tits, sized around 36D. Now let’s move on to the story.

One day my bhabi called me to help her in purchasing some food related items. I went to their place; She was wearing the chudidar with no dupatta. Her 36 sized boobs cleavage was seen clearly with white bra. I had such an erection. I just could not control. She did not notice I was watching her big tits. Then we sat to have dinner that night. We sat on a table, she asked me about studies, and I said I’m doing well. I asked how it you feel alone with brother here out for 3 days. She told she can manage and also added that now I am there. I did not know what she meant; when she said that.

The night I fantasised kissing the sweat on my bhabi’s boobs, removing the bra, suddenly I ejaculated in dreams. I was sleeping at their house. The next morning , I had to take bath because of sudden ejaculation I had at night. Bhabhi was surprised when I took bath in cold weather early morning but being a married lady , she got my condition. Bhabi prepared breakfast for me, I had to leave college. I took the lunch she tied and bid bye to both and went. I then suddenly realized that it was a strike. So I again went back to brother’s place at noon. She knew it was strike, she started laughing for being such a fool. I smiled and went back.

She was preparing milk in the kitchen when she got to me. Her child played with me and she came with a cup of milk for him. As She bent down, OH MY GOD, what a wonderful sight. He boobs were playing like a pendulum. I wanted to have an opportunity to touch it without knowledge. But still I was under control. Surprisingly, Bhabhi started talking about the incident happened last night. I was amazed by her talks but I could understand what that meant when a woman talks about a boy's ejaculation at night. Wow, Bhabhi provided me a path and I was never a fool to miss that. I said; I am not lucky like brother, to put my warmth into the right spot. She smiled but said; It can happen. OMG; Bhabhi said it all. I got up and just jumped in happiness. 

Bhabhi, Really; she said; Why not. I suddenly hugged her from the back. She just pushed me back in a naughty style and said; behave, let me finish the housework first. I agreed and she went back to kitchen to wash crockery. I did not know how to respond. I felt her loneliness and also her warm milky boobs. She came back in an hour while I searched for some sex movies on internet. I watched some clips that made me really horny. She came back, fully prepared. I turned to her. She said “Let's see how you do it today, I have been waiting for that long. I then slowly kissed her eyes and came down slowly to her lips. It was erotic. I then grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She Locked her legs behind me. We silently closed the curtains, put off the lights and laid on the bed.

I licked all parts of her body. Her boobs were awesome. Milky, soft and fuckable. I removed her panties and started licking her pussy. She felt it, she enjoyed it and moaned like a whore. She was talking, begging for a fuck. I was amazed how horny she was. How lucky my brother had been to have a lovely and fuckable wife like her. I licked her while she sucked me. She got awesome sucking skills. I sometimes felt I was about to cum in her mouth but I controlled a lot. Then it was all perfect to give her a nice fuck. She asked me to fuck her in doggy. She was reacting like a real slut. She asked me to hit her as deep as I could.

After fucking her for a short time in doggy, I saw her big shaking butts. They felt crazy, shaking with motion as I went all inside. I wish I could fuck her ass. I asked her and to my surprise she agree. I took it out of her pussy and lubricated my dick. I pushed it in her big ass and she moaned with pain, then I started making moves that took her into heaven. I could easily guess that My horny Pakistani bhabhi loves analsex. She shaked her ass nicely. I fucked her ass with all my cock inside. It was one unforgettable experience. Then I made her sitting on my cock. she started jumping up and down. I licked her boobs, she was screaming AAAAAAAhh.. I am your Wife noW.. for today. Do whatever you wanted to do with your wife. Just make me feel like your wife.. It made me mad.the screams she gave as if she was delivering a baby. Her nails scratched my back. I made a 20 minute round, she started to talk rubbish, fuck me like a whore. AAAAhh.. I screamed and I had to cum inside her ass. Her ass started moving and also her body grinding my cock. We had a half hour session of fucking. 

Later we went to shower and took a good bath together. She turned on the gyser and the warm water was running over our bodies. My cock again felt the life. I started licking her pussy again in the bathroom. She again took the dick after I sucked her up. We had one more round of sex in the bathroom itself. I fucked her in standing doggy again. This time , I loaded all my cum inside her. It was such a wonderful time. I couldn't forget that night yet. It was the start of our new relation. In normal life, Bhabhi never reacted like we were fucking friends. She never given any kind of illusion that one could guess our fuck relationship. And since then we do a sex session every week. I thank my brother for staying at work.

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