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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The realities of Sex in Lahore

The realities of sex in Lahore and adult lifestyle is being presented on Pakistani sex stories blog today. This article indicates the deep roots of callgirl's culture in Lahore for hot online community. Almost every Pakistani is well aware of Red light area of Lahore which is named as "Heera Mandi". This Story of hot Pakistani women is narrated by a man, who himself visited the place in order to get the correct information about this area. I have presented this article for your knowledge on Pakistani sex stories blog. hope this will meet your hot passion and  you will get a lot of information in might have seen hot music videos of Lahore but still need a few facts, let's start in his own words.

I felt like a bridegroom who had come to pick out one of the three beautiful sisters. Sitting next to each other on a blue sofa, they blushed and coquettishly glanced at us.An old woman with a straight back and shining-white hair sat down on the floor and talked of the heat and humidity. She had a firm, commanding voice that sliced and rebuked the air with the sharp tanginess of a most refined form of spoken Urdu. Unlike the brightly-colored and intricately designed shalwaar kameeze (Shalwar are loose trousers and the kameeze is a long shirt) of the girls, the stern woman stood apart in an off-white dress and a white netted dupatta (a scarf or covering for the head and upper body worn by women), carefully adjusted on her head.  It seemed like a cultured Muslim family, but the girls were not sisters.

They were prostitutes. The old lady was not a mother looking for suitable boys for her daughters, but a pleasure-house Madam. We were in Heera Mandi — 'a bazaar of diamonds' — Pakistan's oldest red light district.Mian Naeem, a soft-spoken Lahore-based sculptor and art-critic, had agreed to take me for an excursion to Heera Mandi, a place I particularly wished to visit especially after reading an excellent book by the British author Louise Brown, The Dancing Girls of Lahore: Selling Love and Saving Dreams in Pakistan's Ancient Pleasure District.I was in Pakistan to take part in a conference for a visa-free South Asia and was tied up with a series of seminars and speeches during the day. Night was the time to explore the city and Heera Mandi had to be a necessary pilgrimage.

Mian Naeem parked his vintage car outside the periphery of Heera Mandi. It was past midnight, perhaps the right time to take a dip into the secrets of the flesh.The evening had grown slightly middle-aged. The madams and their agents were likely to be more tolerant towards pleas for cheaper bargaining. The available girls were unlucky to be picked yet and hopefully more resigned in their choice for customers. Further, the shield of the deep-night darkness made it easy to imagine that Allah would be too sleepy to notice his faithful venturing out to make sinful transactions.

The streets were crowded with the revelers of the night. Restaurants, and only restaurants, lined both the sides.The blazing fire in the tandoors, the complicated smell of chicken curry and gutter stink, the cries of the cooks, and the laughter of the diners combined to create a blurred sensation in the mind. More real sex stories of hot Pakistani women will be updated soon.

Monday, November 28, 2011

How hot Pakistani women can easily be dated (part 2)

it is the second part on Pakistani sex stories blog. For reading part one click here. As we have already discussed about dating Pakistani married women, we would continue the same class of hot Pakistani women for further discussion before going to singles. If you are planning to date married Pakistani women and your fantasies are hotter about married women, then you must consider certain facts. Look for the women who have habits like wearing see-through clothes or tight dresses which enhance body part and increase sexual appeal of women. Some husbands dam care about wife dresses. These Pakistani wives use hot fashion dresses to make their body parts prominent. These women try to wear colorful bras and their large breasts are visible through their dresses. The idea behind wearing such dresses is nothing else than attracting the men other than their husbands. Breast enhancement cream free.

If you try on such women rather than trying for those who wear Hijaab and cover their body parts entirely, you might be 100% more successful in dating. The other thing which you can account for is the life of the married women. If one Pakistani married woman has a habit of going out from home for time to time, she might be much easier to date. You would have a better chance of catching her for dating than the one who remains in her house. You should observe her routines keenly and try to show her in such a way that you remain safe as well as tell her about your interest. Pakistani married women who are frank with shopkeepers and other gents in the vicinity are easier to be dated.

The relation with husband plays a vital role in Pakistani married women’s life. If a woman is happy with her husband then it’s a waste of time if you go after her. You must try to look for that, which is not fully happy with her husband due to some reason. The reason can be anything like, husband doesn’t admire her beauty, husband spends more time out of house, husband is not attractive, husband is not young like her and he may be missing the vigor of youth.  These women are easier to trap for dating and sex. If you are serious in dating a married Pakistani woman, you must observe the missing part of her life and provide her with that missing thing.see Los Angeles Criminal Attorneys. 

Suppose, you have a married woman in your vicinity whose husband doesn’t admire her, either she is much older than you or she is not so beautiful woman, you can admire her in a hidden way. You can express your admiration in front of her if she comes to your house or you found her on road. But, remember, this admiration should not be in a slang way. It should be in such a way that you make her double minded. She must consider your saying in a confused state. You should not directly admire but you should try it in such a way that she can take it about her as well as she can think it in other way. get women and cheap hotel rooms in Rawalpindi.

Another key factor while dating a Pakistani married woman, is that you consider those women who can easily come to your home to meet your mom or sisters or for any other purpose. You would have a better chance of getting her to your bed. Women like humor, so you must possess a humorous personality in you. Do not over act in being humorous. Just spread light jokes infront of them sometimes. They surely will like this all. Try to make married women discussions with you a tension free talk. You need to make them so frank that they can even discuss their night encounters of husband with you. But do not over speed in making her frank. Just start by small hints about such things in your talk with her. It takes a lot of time for a Pakistani woman to be so frank with you, but it happens.

Many married Pakistani women may be missing certain things in their life. If you provide her that thing, she would definitely start thinking about you. You will be successful in dating her and having your dreams come true. You just need to realize and extract the missing item from one’s life.  The article will be updated soon with remaining parts soon on Pakistani sex stories blog.Get high class call girls in luxury hotel rooms.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Hot Pakistani Teens Choosing Gay and Lesbian Sex

More Hot Pakistani Teens Choosing Gay and Lesbian Sex nowadays.A trend toward gay and lesbian sex in Pakistani society is rapidly emerging among teenage boys and girls.In Pakistan's so-called Islamic society, it is a great transgression even to discuss homosexuality, yet youths have been heading toward a sexual mutiny for a decade and a half.The new generation of Pakistan has rejected all the norms, values, and ethics of a Muslim society. They are totally Westernized and have adopted all the Western societies' norms and values.In much of Pakistani society, being a lesbian or gay is considered one of the most corrupt and shameful acts, and the society curses it; but despite this hard reality, many young girls and boys are indulging in homosexual relations and many are using vibrators for sexual satisfaction.
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Pakistani society has a number of classes and social divisions, separated by social status, as well as economic, religious, ethnic, and cultural divisions.The elite class of the country, called the aristocrats by the lower and middle classes, has little to do with the religion in broader aspect of the masses, and they turn themselves toward each and every culture. Among this group, homosexuality is not viewed as objectionable or bad.Among religious Pakistanis, however, homosexuality — in Islam the proper terminology for homosexuality is sodomy — is a great sin and one of the most distressing acts in here for breast enhancement

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hot Pakistani women that can be easily dated

Every Pakistani boy might be interested in knowledge about hot Pakistani women that can be easily dated. A lot of Pakistanis fail after months of trying hard for Pakistani women because these women are not easy to be dated quickly, either married or single. These women take time to date someone because they are not free to do that as European women are. So the guys must know the facts before going after Pakistani women. Today’s article would be lot more helpful for the guys who want to date Pakistani women and have fun, but are not successful yet. Hot Pakistani women can be taken to the bedroom if you try a bit hard sensibly.

First of all, you must be clear in mind about your choice. Choice means, you want to trap a Pakistani married women or single girl? After having clarity of choice, you can apply a suitable technique. You must know that Pakistani married women and single girls have a different mental approach and in order to date them you have to capture her mind in such a way that she would wish for fun with you by herself. You cannot date married women by the style and approach which you adopt for Pakistani singles and similarly you cannot date a Pakistani single girl by the approach which should be adopted for married women. Both classes have different approach to be adopted, let’s discuss both one by one.

First we should discuss hot Pakistani women which are married and you want her under your legs for fun. Pakistani wife in majority cannot think about leaving her husband and family for her boyfriend. They are more tightly bound to their families and they more care their families and husband than European wives. There might be only a few Pakistani married women who go for sex with men other than their husband but they do it only for extramarital fun. They will not leave their husbands and children for you. So never try to compel them for doing that for you. This would result in other way and they might leave you.

Now the other key factor which you need to account for is the selection of Pakistani married women who can be dating with you. All Pakistani married women who stare at young guys would not surely date that guy for fun. Selection is the most important factor before going after married women. Suppose, you have two different married Pakistani women living in-front of your house. Both are sexy and attractive for dating. The one has habits of wearing see-through dresses and free to talk with men while the other wears hijaab and doesn’t involve her in any sort of talking with men. Definitely the first one would have a greater liking for extramarital dating and you must try after her rather than trying for the married women who wears hijaab.

The other factor which I would also like to include here is that, suppose both women are wearing Hijaab and you want anyone of them on your bed. So you must look for other reasons in both women’s life. You have to see whose husband is not attractive and old. You have to search for missing things in her life which she could wish to get. If you provide her with that she might be soon fulfilling your sexual needs.  If both women are between 30-35y old, the one has a husband with an age of 45y and other with an age of 30-35y. The one which has older husband, mean 45y old, may be missing sexual act in her life now or may be having less sexual encounters. So you must try for that Pakistani aunty rather than trying for the married women who already have a young husband. This article about hot Pakistani women is continuing…

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pakistani sex stories, Nadia's sex story (part 2)

For reading Pakistani sex stories, Nadia's sex story Part 1 click here
Adnan, after a little hesitation jumped up with a smile and reached quickly into the street. He looked around for a while and found only one or two people in the street. when they became invisible Adnan reached her door. He was fantasizing  her big breasts. He has so far just seen breast galleries on internet. he has no experience of such amazing things before practically. He was sure enough that today he would get a chance to screw this hot Pakistani women. His imaginations made his penis enlarged. It was getting erect already by her thoughts as she has enlarged breasts which seem like breast enlargement pills have been used. Adnan was going to make his sex stories happen.

He was amazed to see that gate was not locked, so he got inside the gate quickly. His heart was also beating fast as it was his first chance. He quickly locked the iron gate without making any noise. Nadia was standing infront of him, in the room. She has worn a pink colored dress. her dress was so sexy that it made Adnan more hard. She was looking gorgeous in her deep necked dress. She smiled and asked him to come in. He entered the room and she suddenly shown some anger about Adnan's movements from the roof. Adnan excused her as he already knew that its just a formality. So he told her clearly that he likes her very much. She asked why? Adnan replied. You are so cute and good looking with a nice body. She first threatened him that she would tell his mother.

Adnan knew that its just a joke. If she has to tell his mother why she called me inside home. Adnan could feel the hotness in her eyes. He asked her about kids. She told, they are in school and would be back after 3 hours. When he asked about her husband she told, he is not here for one week because he has gone to Karachi for some job work. Adnan was very happy as he can enjoy with her today for 2 or more hours. She was an extreme Pakistani beauty.  She again asked, you know how much you are younger to me? Adnan replied, yah I know, but what to say if I like you and I could not resist my heart. She smiled and asked Adnan, what you want to see? He was bit nervous but he frankly told that he want to kiss her breasts. I like your big breasts very much, they drive me crazy, Adnan replied.

She laughed for a while but then she pulled her Qameez( shirt) up and said, You want to see these? Adnan was in extreme after having the big enlarged breasts in pink bra in-front of him. He got up and grabbed her left boob. He started rubbing her boobs. He kissed her boobs. She soon was moaning by Adnan's moves. He then removed her 36D pink bra. He unhooked her big breasts and started sucking them. While sucking her breasts, Adnan was also fingering her deep hole. She was wet now. Adnan made french kiss for a couple of times. The Pakistani married woman was now in extreme for screwing. He opened his pent zip and guided her to grab his penis. Adnan was below 20 years but he has a nice 6.5 inches fat tool.

She started sucking Adnan's tool. He was feeling her tongue licking around his shaft. Soon Adnan was near to release his load in her mouth. He was not having good timing as it was his first incident. So he stopped her and pulled her legs up on his shoulders. He guided his fat tool in her love hole fully. Her love hole walls gripped his tool all round. She was having all kids by operation. So her Vagina was not much open. She was still tight like a girl. She was moaning. Adnan asked her, how is my tool? She replied, very fine. Its bigger than my hubby. Adnan stroked her for 2-3 minutes and then relased inside her for the first time in his life.

Adnan was still hungry for sex as he was young blood. So he didn't pulled out his tool after ejaculation. Soon within 5 minutes his tool again started to raise and get hard. He again started his jerks and nicely stroked her womb. He then screwed her for 5 minutes in the same position. Then she told him about doggy style. Adnan was much lucky that she has an experience women with him. So he made her in doggy style and stroked fast for 5 minutes in doggy style. Then she told Adnan to lie down straight. she sat on Adnan's fat tool and started to move up and down. Adnan was enjoying the best moments of his life. He holded her enlarged breasts in his hands. She was jumping on his tool and soon Adnan blasted inside her again. This session was almost 30 minutes long.

Adnan was extremely satisfied with Nadia's great sex experience. He asked her about sex session. She told, it was nice and we will do it weekly. Adnan agreed her and he took his clothes and after wearing them asked her to go out and look around. She went out after wearing her clothes and opened the gate slightly to look around. There was no one in the street, so Adnan left her house. Nadia was satisfied by young dick. Adnan was the luckiest guy. This relation continued for at least two years till Nadia's husband changed his residence to Islamabad for his business. More sex stories will be updated soon on Pakistani sex stories blog.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pakistani sex stories update , Nadia's sex story

Pakistani sex stories blog is getting top popularity amongst hot Pakistani women web blogs. It is one of best woman personal blogs. I created this blog to share the experiences of people and help the guys and men in dating affairs. Sometimes we receive warnings from our blog host about the material published so we have to take immense care while using words for the posts. We try to use acceptable words in sex stories so that this blog may not be banned. we try to bring out real sex stories and sometimes we have to take part in women recording schools to get the best outcome. After the due personal history of the weblog, we are going to share the Pakistani sex story of Nadia, 30y old hot Pakistani women.
Nadia is nowadays 30 y old, Happily married and mother of 3 kids. Nadia's husband runs his own business of online business courses. He is most of the times away from home for meeting his clients. Nadia lives 65km away from Rawalpindi and her husband has made his office in Rawalpindi where he manages distance learning programs. He often remains in his office for online classes as most of the classes are held at night. Nadia and 3 kids are not shifting to Rawalpindi because they kids don't want to change their schools. She has a nice body figure with 36-30-38 size. Everybody gets impressed still even after 3 kids because she has a sexy appeal and breasts enlarged. her breast seemed like using breast enlargement cream.

Nadia has her own mobile phone and Cable connection at home. after sending her kids to Montessori and schools, she has to do her house works in routine. When she completes her house work, she watches cable and sometimes sitting in the lawn to have sunshine. Another thing which I forgot to tell you was that, Nadia was not a congested minded woman. She was a bit broad minded who less cares about her body parts visible from her clothes. she often wears open necked clothes which clearly show her cleavage and tight from the hips. So whosoever sees her, gets a look of sexy woman in her. she tries to show off her large size bras.

Adnan was living in-front of Nadia's house in such a way that Adnan's house was only 10 feet away from her house. From Adnan's house almost half part of Nadia's house was visible. Adnan have gone mad after Nadia even that she was married but he liked her sexy looks so much. He whenever found chance, tried to look at her in her house by keeping himself hidden. Many times Adnan masturbated by keeping herself in mind. She was really so sexy that anyone like Adnan can get mad after her. One day adnan was trying to watch Nadia when Nadia suddenly looked up and caught of glimpse of Adnan. Adnan was only 18 year old. He hide himself but Nadia have seen him.

She ignored him that time but kept this in mind. Adnan was afraid of the fact that Nadia was habitual of coming to his home to meet his mother, may she tell his mother about that day and adnan's doings, but he considered himself lucky as Nadia didn't do such complain. After a few days he again started to pop through his windows from the roof when Nadia was busy in cleaning her house. she was bent for sweeping and adnan can clearly watch her bouncing breasts which were large breasts, large enough to tear a bra. He watched this scene and his enlarged penis took him to washroom where he masturbated again thinking of her. 

Nadia observed Adnan for a few days as she got to know that this boy looks at her differently and watches her movements. One day Adnan was watching her movements when suddenly she looked up towards Adnan's window and made an illusion that I have seen you. Nadia smiled slightly and asked him with an illusion to come down and reach her house from the other side. Adnan was afraid as well as happy about the incident. He was thinking of different situations and about different aspects about the incident but he has to take the risk......story continue..Pakistani sex stories updates soon.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pakistani young generation and sexual trends

Pakistani young generation and sexual trends is probably the most critical topic to analyze. Today, if we consider the habits of Pakistani young men, we would come to know that almost 95% are internet fans. The cell phone industry have also been on its maxi-ma in Pakistan. If you visit Pakistan, you will see that majority of guys and girls are holding mobile phones in their hands while walking on the roads. Many of these young people are also having text messages while walking along for their schools and colleges. One could easily say that there is no other work to do except the mobile phones for young generation.

A few days ago a research by Google search engine was also watched on media where Google brought its search analysis to its users worldwide. Most of the sex related words were searched in Google from Pakistan.The favorite keyword was the breast gallery. The next keyword which was searched most from Pakistan was penis growth. The third most popular search word was male enhancement. the other keywords included hot Pakistani women, Pakistani girls, hot wallpapers and nude Pakistani actress.

This data was provided by one search engine which is Google, rest of the search engines might include similar search words from Pakistan in history. Why Pakistani young generation is so much interested in searching for natural male enhancements and breast galleries? It is definitely a matter of thought for Pakistani parents who have let their children to fulfill their sexual thirst from internet. Internet is the most popular media for every kind of work. It can be used for positive purpose and lot can be gained from internet by students,why Pakistanis are mostly involved in searching for sex?

The second search which was most popular in Pakistan was free dating sites. almost 75% users logging into Google searched for dating and women. Does this thing seems to be crazy or not? the students and study related words or material was searched by only 10% of the internet users in Pakistan which is quite shameful for Pakistanis. All are just looking for sex which is forbidden in their religion and beliefs. Why Pakistani young lot is committed to do sin?

Let's analyze a few reasons behind the scenes. In Pakistani society, sex is not allowed freely. This creates a kind of thirst and hunger in Pakistanis and they ultimately go for such things to fulfill their inner satisfaction. I am not saying that sex should be allowed freely in Pakistan but just analyzing the reasons. second thing is that Pakistanis are not strict Muslims who follow Islam as per rules. There are three main classes of people in Pakistan. First is the poor class which considers only their needs and they can do anything to fulfill their living needs. The young girls of this class even go for paid sex when girl problems are not solved by their parents. They want money so they go for paid sex with people. many Pakistani women belonging to this class are selling sex for money. The guys of this class also go sometimes for gay sex worth money.

The second class in Pakistan is the middle class who seek solutions of their problems in Islam. Majority of this class families have good religious beliefs and they try to live in their own customs. Some of these families have girls who want to become rich and get good money so they can be involved in sex affairs as well. Majority of middle class families have a good religious life in Pakistan. These people offer their prayers and seek their GOD for their problems and solutions. they are mostly content n what they get from GOD.

The third class in Pakistan is the Elite class. These are mostly the high society families and their children don't even know their religious beliefs. Prayers and QURAN is far away from them. They are 10% in strength but have an impact on the entire Pakistani society. The sex is considered fun in this class. Elite class Pakistani women are free to lead their life in their own style. The extramarital sex is not considered bad amongst them and they are just like European people. This class have a hold on Pakistani media, fashion and other industries so they affect the entire country and want to change Pakistan according to their own style. The children of these families are fond of internet and other activities and parents don't even bother about their activities.Mobile phones are a symbol of status in these families.

These all above mentioned classes have different impacts on each other. The middle class girls want to become rich and they finally adopt sex as an easiest earning. the media in Pakistan is controlled by Elite class, so they ultimately introduce such fashions which have a glimpse of nudity. They women all around Pakistan watching TV and other media try to adopt the habits of Elite class. Sex is getting more and more into the brains of Pakistanis and it would go further if not controlled.  

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pakistani sex stories Deeba's incest story (Part 2)

Pakistani sex stories Deeba's incest story (Part 2) is here. After having a lot of questions in my mind, I again tried to watch through the thin curtains of partition to my brother's room. He was extremely involved in just his fuck session, unaware of the outer world. The girl was moaning loudly. I watched their entire session where my brother screwed her for almost half an hour. After watching their climax, I came back to my bed and tried to sleep, but I was not been able to sleep. The days passed on after that as I have not even asked my brother about the encounter of that night. I felt one thing which was quite amazing for me that whenever my brother talked to me, he tried to stare at my breasts which were almost 34D size.penis enlargement product
breast enlargement
Another thing which I forgot to tell you was that I use to wear cup bras which enhance your breasts more. Breasts look bigger than their original size. So I always looked sexy. One day my brother told me that he has some friends who will be staying in his flat for one night and we two are to use one room for the night. I was not willing as I have seen my brother's eye's which search my body figures all the time. But as there was no option other than this so I have to agree. First I said my brother that I will sleep on the floor but he denied by saying that its cold enough and we can pass the night on the same bed. So I agreed undauntedly.male enhancement pills

During the night, I could not sleep as I was expecting some action from my brother which was my expectation. Almost after 1am , I felt his hands touching my back as I was sleeping by facing back to him. He after judging my sleep tried to move his hands across my bra strap. I remained slept ( but ultimately I was awake to judge his movements). He thought I am sleeping. So he continuously rubbed his hands on my bra strap. I was also feeling his hands and my feelings were changing. Suddenly I got up and went to washroom. In the washroom, I spent almost 30 minutes of weeping at my brother's behavior. I was not such a kind of girl but how can one allow her own brother to fuck her?I came back and again laid on bed for sleeping. This time I was facing towards my brother.

Soon after a few minutes when he thought that I am sleeping, He placed his left hand on my breasts, touching my nipples. I shivered for a while but remained silent so that he cannot judge that I am awake. He moved his fingers too and fro, rubbing my nipples and my feelings suddenly started to get aroused. I forgot that he was my brother. He then placed his both hands on my cupped breasts and tried to squeeze them. I was not showing him that I am awake and watching your all movements. Then he rubbed my large breasts fro almost 20 minutes. After that he placed his hand on my naval. He moved it further to my clitoris and put his fingers inside my clitoris.I was feeling great sensation at that time. enhancement cream

Then he pushed himself further forward and placed his erect cock touching my body. I remained in my sleep during all his moves. He tried to remove my pent but as I was lying stiff, he was not successful so he just placed his dick between my legs and started rubbing on my clit without removing my pent. After rubbing his dick for almost 20-30 minutes he discharged by keeping his hands in-front of his dick to avoid my clothes getting his semen. I enjoyed all his moves without giving him an illusion that I am awake. After that he got up and went to washroom to wash his hands. I could see that my brother has medium sized dick but fat enough in the low light of our room.before he could come back I went to deep sleep.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pakistani sex stories update Deeba's Incest Story

Pakistani sex stories update Deeba's Incest sex story is one of the real life stories of hot Pakistani women. This sex story has been received from one of our blog readers who shared her own experience with us. only names and places are changed due to secrecy and privacy matter. All of our blog readers know very well that all sex stories published in this blog are real life experiences of Pakistani women. People are invited to share their own experiences with us so that we can bring out the real, true life experiences of Pakistani women. These Pakistani sex stories are just published for the enjoyment of readers and to give them the real knowledge about sex in Pakistani society only, So it is requested that just read these to gain knowledge about Pakistani married women, Single Pakistani girls, Working women of Pakistan and Elite class Pakistani women. Today's sex story is narrated by our blog reader so it is published in her own words.

I am deeba, 27y old woman from the luxurious city of Pakistan, Islamabad. I have gone through this blog and found it quite interesting about bringing true life stories of Pakistani women. I decided to share my own life experience with all people who are in this blog. My life story is quite a type of incest sex story where my brother tried to have an encounter with me. This incident happened when i was only 23Y old. Before going to the true happening, I would like to introduce about my family back ground so that you can easily get the idea of my family. We are three brothers and one sister(me). All my brothers are elder to me. The elder brother who is 3 years elder to me is the main culprit in this story. My father is a businessman who runs his business very well. My mother run's a business of garments and we can consider ourselves a rich and elite class family where money is not a big problem. If you see our family terms , You will come to know that it is not a matter of any hesitation that my younger brother brings my under garments from the shop and also for my mother sometimes. So he exactly knows what is the breast size of my mother and mine also and what color bra we use.

My elder brother, named Shahaan lives in UK for his work and we often visit UK every year to meet him or he comes to Pakistan if we could not go there. This incident happened 4 years back when I went to UK to spend a few days with my brother as my father was busy in his business and my mother was also not willing to go to UK. So, My mother sent me alone to UK to spend some days with my brother living there. We were very much frank with each other so i found nothing hesitant going alone. I traveled via Emirates airlines and reached UK. My brother picked me from Airport and took me to his Flat which was already having two luxurious living rooms. He allotted one bedroom to me and remained in the other.

You may know that, In UK most of the room partitions are not walls, These are only curtain type partitions. I can easily here all the voices from my brothers room and he can also listen to what comes from my room. First day, I tried to regain my energies as i was tired enough due to long traveling. So I took rest on my stunning bedroom furniture and my luxury bed made me comfortable. I was relaxed in four hours sleep. After that my brother made dinner for both of us and we spent time in talking about family and Pakistan. During the first few days, I didn't noticed anything irregular with my brother but after a few days when I was sleeping in my bedroom, I heard a voice of a lady. So I woke up and tried to hear it again. The voice was coming from my brother's room.
When I tried to observe the voice, I was astonished and stunned to hear the moaning voices of the girl who was being banged by my brother. I could saw only my brother pulling up her legs on his shoulders from the thin curtains and screwing her fast. I was stunned to see this scene and was very much shocked at what my brother was doing. So I rested again at my bed thinking about many things about my brother. I was thinking that he should have considered his sister's presence in the flat but he dam,cared about.
Story continue..................

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pakistani sex stories are getting popularity

Pakistani sex stories are getting popularity day by day in this hot Pakistani women blog. The blog polls are also very popular amongst all the communities.This is what we get from people responses through emails. You are requested to participate in blog polls to help us in bringing the best and true results for men.These two weeks contained four different poll questions. The first one was regarding Pakistani married women and how they can be dated easily and what type of married women easily goes for dating with men other than husband. With the advent of the Internet and technology, the married force is finding it even easier to play when the cat’s away (or simply not looking). Some people even hunt and seek out the married individual, thinking that dating a married woman or man will be fun.With thrill seeking topping the lists of enjoyment in the dating world, there is nothing more exciting than dating someone with the potential of getting caught. The blog polls have been ended for this week and results are given below. edemocracy

According to People, The young Pakistani wives who have older husband can easily be dated. Almost 36% people voted for this option. However, 30% voters think that, Single Pakistani girls doing job can easily go for dating and have affairs. 25 % people think that, Pakistani wives who suffer from poverty can easily be dated by making use of money. 19% think that married Pakistani women who are doing job can be easily dated. You may have a different opinion about Pakistani women but we have published the thinking of people. voting machine

The second poll question was a bit different. We asked, Which Pakistani women are more involved in sex affairs amongst villagers and women living in cities. 73% people think that, Pakistani women living in cities are more involved in sex and dating than villagers. 27% voters think different. They say villagers are more involved in such affairs.

The third poll question was, if Pakistani married working woman has a husband living outside her home town, who meets her after two weeks for 1 night only, how much chance of her getting involved in sex with co-worker? 33% people think that there is almost 75% chance of her getting into sex with co-worker. 33% people thought that, there is 100% chance of getting her into sex. 25% people think that only 25% chance and 9% think that there is no chance of such affairs.

The fourth poll question was, if a married Pakistani woman discusses her sexual life and husband with a male co-worker, can she go for sex easily with that co-worker? 75% people think that she discusses such matters only to tell him about getting into sex with her. She is trying to attract that co-worker for sex. 25% think it just normal case which cannot be related to her wish for sex.Hope you have read this article and poll results with care and got enough information if you are planning to date a Pakistani women. More blog polls will be updated soon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hot Pakistani women and Penis Size

One of the most common anxieties among Pakistani men is how hot Pakistani women and penis size are related.This article would help the Pakistani sex stories blog readers in understanding the facts about penis in detail. What I am referring to of course is the size of one’s penis. From the onset of puberty, males experience a myriad of changes both physical and emotional. One of the more noticeable changes is that the penis starts to get bigger. There have been many studies conducted to measure the average penis size. Amongst fully-grown men, usually men who have reached the age of approximately 20, the average erect penis size is around 5-6 inches.

A sample of 60 men studied by researchers at the University of California at San Francisco determined that the average size of their erect penises was 5.1 inches long and 4.9 inches in girth. A Brazilian urologist who measured 150 men reported that the average size of their erections was 5.7 inches long and 4.7 inches in girth. Many guys question the adequacy of the size of their penis. This is a normal and common feeling especially if you are not sexually active or are considering becoming sexually active. The size of a man's penis is more than adequate for its functions, which are for sexual pleasure, and maybe reproduction (also for urinating -- but you're probably not as concerned about that!).

One thing that men can be assured of is that the size of your penis has no relation to sexual pleasure or performance. Performance is about the ability to get and maintain an erection or to provide sexual pleasure to your partner and yourself with or without an erection. Performance, then, is not really related to size -- but dependent on muscles, blood and nerve supply to the reproductive organs. In reality sexual pleasure is related to: a person's state of mind, to respecting their partner's needs, and their own needs. During intercourse, the opening of the vagina is normally not too small or too large for any penis because it is really a "space" that is surrounded by muscular tissue and will adapt to most size penises.There are also many ways to express sexual feeling besides intercourse.

Sexual touching and intercourse can involve many different positions, methods, angles, pressures etc. that change the way it feels and may increase pleasure. Variation and experimentation will vary the sexual experience in ways that a change in penis size cannot! If you want to know more about increasing pleasure or your satisfaction with sexual experiences then experiment or talk to someone you trust. If you are still concerned about your penis size, then talk to your health care provider. You shouldn't feel embarrassed to ask questions about your own body. Everyone develops at a different rate, but if you are concerned about how quickly you are or aren't growing -- or if you notice anything that is you feel is unusual about your penis or testicles -- again, don't be embarrassed or shy to talk to your health care provider. Remember, that old saying... it's not how long your pencil is -- it's how you write your name. Or, "it's not the wand it's the magician".

Lessons For Pakistani sex workers

Pakistani sex workers

Lessons for Pakistani sex workers were arranged in the metropolitan city of Pakistan.Zeba Raman is a 28-year-old Pakistani sex worker. Born into the profession in Karachi's red light district of Napier Road, she plies her trade all over the city.She is celebrating the launch of an initiative to promote health awareness among sex workers."We are now revealed to society," says Ms Raman.But prostitution remains illegal and anathema to many in Muslim-majority Pakistan. It is an ever-present fact of life, but never really acknowledged.The last two decades, given the increasing Islamisation of Pakistani society, have further reinforced stereotypes about such women.But the profession has only grown.

Karachi alone has at least 100,000 female sex workers, according to data gathered by local welfare organizations.Lahore has 75,000 sex workers while the military garrison town of Rawalpindi has at least 25,000. Pakistan's first workshop on health awareness among sex workers has contributed to a new spirit of openness in the profession."Earlier we were doing our jobs secretly, but now we can raise our voice for our rights," Ms Raman says.The three-day event was recently held in Karachi by Gender & Reproductive Health Forum (GRHF) - a local social welfare organisation - in collaboration with the United Nations Fund for Population (UNFPA)."I am very happy that a number of sex workers attended the workshop," says Ms Raman."This has provided us an opportunity to gather and exchange views and experiences."She is not the only one to have benefited.

"I became a sex worker five years back," says Nadia, 26.Nadia said that she learned about safe sex measures at the workshop."I had heard about HIV/Aids, but I thought that it could only be transmitted through blood transfusions."I did not know that precautionary measures should be taken during sex as well," she said.
Before the workshop, most sex workers who attended did not know about measures for safe sex, Nadia added.Dr Ghulam Murtaza, the head of the GRHF and the man behind the workshop, said the organisation was working to create awareness of safe sex among female sex workers.

"It was very difficult to gather sex workers under one roof. Many were simply afraid of being arrested," he said."We offered several incentives and assurances and paid them 1,000 rupees ($20) per day for their attendance," he said."Finally, we succeeded in gathering almost 100 sex workers at the workshop held at a local hotel."Most of the sex workers who attended avoided the cameramen there, saying they were afraid of being exposed to their families.

Many said their husbands or family members did not know they were sex workers. They told their families that they worked for private firms.Despite these barriers, Dr Murtaza said the workshop had been successful."We have trained some female sex workers. They will now go to their community to create awareness among their co-workers. The international participants at the workshop were of the view that Pakistan was still relatively safe as far as HIV/Aids was concerned.

The UNFPA representative, Dr Safdar Kamal Pasha, said at least 100 HIV-positive sex workers had been found in central Punjab. But the number of HIV-positive women was not high among female sex workers in Pakistan."It can be controlled by creating awareness about the disease among sex workers and about usage of precautionary measures," he said.The workshop was widely considered to be a success and Dr Pasha said they were considering organising a national convention for sex workers next year.The sex workers themselves were moved by the workshop."Having attended the workshop, I feel reinvigorated," Zeba Raman declares."I can now continue with my profession with more confidence.

Incest sex stories


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