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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pakistani young generation and sexual trends

Pakistani young generation and sexual trends is probably the most critical topic to analyze. Today, if we consider the habits of Pakistani young men, we would come to know that almost 95% are internet fans. The cell phone industry have also been on its maxi-ma in Pakistan. If you visit Pakistan, you will see that majority of guys and girls are holding mobile phones in their hands while walking on the roads. Many of these young people are also having text messages while walking along for their schools and colleges. One could easily say that there is no other work to do except the mobile phones for young generation.

A few days ago a research by Google search engine was also watched on media where Google brought its search analysis to its users worldwide. Most of the sex related words were searched in Google from Pakistan.The favorite keyword was the breast gallery. The next keyword which was searched most from Pakistan was penis growth. The third most popular search word was male enhancement. the other keywords included hot Pakistani women, Pakistani girls, hot wallpapers and nude Pakistani actress.

This data was provided by one search engine which is Google, rest of the search engines might include similar search words from Pakistan in history. Why Pakistani young generation is so much interested in searching for natural male enhancements and breast galleries? It is definitely a matter of thought for Pakistani parents who have let their children to fulfill their sexual thirst from internet. Internet is the most popular media for every kind of work. It can be used for positive purpose and lot can be gained from internet by students,why Pakistanis are mostly involved in searching for sex?

The second search which was most popular in Pakistan was free dating sites. almost 75% users logging into Google searched for dating and women. Does this thing seems to be crazy or not? the students and study related words or material was searched by only 10% of the internet users in Pakistan which is quite shameful for Pakistanis. All are just looking for sex which is forbidden in their religion and beliefs. Why Pakistani young lot is committed to do sin?

Let's analyze a few reasons behind the scenes. In Pakistani society, sex is not allowed freely. This creates a kind of thirst and hunger in Pakistanis and they ultimately go for such things to fulfill their inner satisfaction. I am not saying that sex should be allowed freely in Pakistan but just analyzing the reasons. second thing is that Pakistanis are not strict Muslims who follow Islam as per rules. There are three main classes of people in Pakistan. First is the poor class which considers only their needs and they can do anything to fulfill their living needs. The young girls of this class even go for paid sex when girl problems are not solved by their parents. They want money so they go for paid sex with people. many Pakistani women belonging to this class are selling sex for money. The guys of this class also go sometimes for gay sex worth money.

The second class in Pakistan is the middle class who seek solutions of their problems in Islam. Majority of this class families have good religious beliefs and they try to live in their own customs. Some of these families have girls who want to become rich and get good money so they can be involved in sex affairs as well. Majority of middle class families have a good religious life in Pakistan. These people offer their prayers and seek their GOD for their problems and solutions. they are mostly content n what they get from GOD.

The third class in Pakistan is the Elite class. These are mostly the high society families and their children don't even know their religious beliefs. Prayers and QURAN is far away from them. They are 10% in strength but have an impact on the entire Pakistani society. The sex is considered fun in this class. Elite class Pakistani women are free to lead their life in their own style. The extramarital sex is not considered bad amongst them and they are just like European people. This class have a hold on Pakistani media, fashion and other industries so they affect the entire country and want to change Pakistan according to their own style. The children of these families are fond of internet and other activities and parents don't even bother about their activities.Mobile phones are a symbol of status in these families.

These all above mentioned classes have different impacts on each other. The middle class girls want to become rich and they finally adopt sex as an easiest earning. the media in Pakistan is controlled by Elite class, so they ultimately introduce such fashions which have a glimpse of nudity. They women all around Pakistan watching TV and other media try to adopt the habits of Elite class. Sex is getting more and more into the brains of Pakistanis and it would go further if not controlled.  

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