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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pakistani sex stories update , Nadia's sex story

Pakistani sex stories blog is getting top popularity amongst hot Pakistani women web blogs. It is one of best woman personal blogs. I created this blog to share the experiences of people and help the guys and men in dating affairs. Sometimes we receive warnings from our blog host about the material published so we have to take immense care while using words for the posts. We try to use acceptable words in sex stories so that this blog may not be banned. we try to bring out real sex stories and sometimes we have to take part in women recording schools to get the best outcome. After the due personal history of the weblog, we are going to share the Pakistani sex story of Nadia, 30y old hot Pakistani women.
Nadia is nowadays 30 y old, Happily married and mother of 3 kids. Nadia's husband runs his own business of online business courses. He is most of the times away from home for meeting his clients. Nadia lives 65km away from Rawalpindi and her husband has made his office in Rawalpindi where he manages distance learning programs. He often remains in his office for online classes as most of the classes are held at night. Nadia and 3 kids are not shifting to Rawalpindi because they kids don't want to change their schools. She has a nice body figure with 36-30-38 size. Everybody gets impressed still even after 3 kids because she has a sexy appeal and breasts enlarged. her breast seemed like using breast enlargement cream.

Nadia has her own mobile phone and Cable connection at home. after sending her kids to Montessori and schools, she has to do her house works in routine. When she completes her house work, she watches cable and sometimes sitting in the lawn to have sunshine. Another thing which I forgot to tell you was that, Nadia was not a congested minded woman. She was a bit broad minded who less cares about her body parts visible from her clothes. she often wears open necked clothes which clearly show her cleavage and tight from the hips. So whosoever sees her, gets a look of sexy woman in her. she tries to show off her large size bras.

Adnan was living in-front of Nadia's house in such a way that Adnan's house was only 10 feet away from her house. From Adnan's house almost half part of Nadia's house was visible. Adnan have gone mad after Nadia even that she was married but he liked her sexy looks so much. He whenever found chance, tried to look at her in her house by keeping himself hidden. Many times Adnan masturbated by keeping herself in mind. She was really so sexy that anyone like Adnan can get mad after her. One day adnan was trying to watch Nadia when Nadia suddenly looked up and caught of glimpse of Adnan. Adnan was only 18 year old. He hide himself but Nadia have seen him.

She ignored him that time but kept this in mind. Adnan was afraid of the fact that Nadia was habitual of coming to his home to meet his mother, may she tell his mother about that day and adnan's doings, but he considered himself lucky as Nadia didn't do such complain. After a few days he again started to pop through his windows from the roof when Nadia was busy in cleaning her house. she was bent for sweeping and adnan can clearly watch her bouncing breasts which were large breasts, large enough to tear a bra. He watched this scene and his enlarged penis took him to washroom where he masturbated again thinking of her. 

Nadia observed Adnan for a few days as she got to know that this boy looks at her differently and watches her movements. One day Adnan was watching her movements when suddenly she looked up towards Adnan's window and made an illusion that I have seen you. Nadia smiled slightly and asked him with an illusion to come down and reach her house from the other side. Adnan was afraid as well as happy about the incident. He was thinking of different situations and about different aspects about the incident but he has to take the risk......story continue..Pakistani sex stories updates soon.

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