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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pakistani sex stories update Deeba's Incest Story

Pakistani sex stories update Deeba's Incest sex story is one of the real life stories of hot Pakistani women. This sex story has been received from one of our blog readers who shared her own experience with us. only names and places are changed due to secrecy and privacy matter. All of our blog readers know very well that all sex stories published in this blog are real life experiences of Pakistani women. People are invited to share their own experiences with us so that we can bring out the real, true life experiences of Pakistani women. These Pakistani sex stories are just published for the enjoyment of readers and to give them the real knowledge about sex in Pakistani society only, So it is requested that just read these to gain knowledge about Pakistani married women, Single Pakistani girls, Working women of Pakistan and Elite class Pakistani women. Today's sex story is narrated by our blog reader so it is published in her own words.

I am deeba, 27y old woman from the luxurious city of Pakistan, Islamabad. I have gone through this blog and found it quite interesting about bringing true life stories of Pakistani women. I decided to share my own life experience with all people who are in this blog. My life story is quite a type of incest sex story where my brother tried to have an encounter with me. This incident happened when i was only 23Y old. Before going to the true happening, I would like to introduce about my family back ground so that you can easily get the idea of my family. We are three brothers and one sister(me). All my brothers are elder to me. The elder brother who is 3 years elder to me is the main culprit in this story. My father is a businessman who runs his business very well. My mother run's a business of garments and we can consider ourselves a rich and elite class family where money is not a big problem. If you see our family terms , You will come to know that it is not a matter of any hesitation that my younger brother brings my under garments from the shop and also for my mother sometimes. So he exactly knows what is the breast size of my mother and mine also and what color bra we use.

My elder brother, named Shahaan lives in UK for his work and we often visit UK every year to meet him or he comes to Pakistan if we could not go there. This incident happened 4 years back when I went to UK to spend a few days with my brother as my father was busy in his business and my mother was also not willing to go to UK. So, My mother sent me alone to UK to spend some days with my brother living there. We were very much frank with each other so i found nothing hesitant going alone. I traveled via Emirates airlines and reached UK. My brother picked me from Airport and took me to his Flat which was already having two luxurious living rooms. He allotted one bedroom to me and remained in the other.

You may know that, In UK most of the room partitions are not walls, These are only curtain type partitions. I can easily here all the voices from my brothers room and he can also listen to what comes from my room. First day, I tried to regain my energies as i was tired enough due to long traveling. So I took rest on my stunning bedroom furniture and my luxury bed made me comfortable. I was relaxed in four hours sleep. After that my brother made dinner for both of us and we spent time in talking about family and Pakistan. During the first few days, I didn't noticed anything irregular with my brother but after a few days when I was sleeping in my bedroom, I heard a voice of a lady. So I woke up and tried to hear it again. The voice was coming from my brother's room.
When I tried to observe the voice, I was astonished and stunned to hear the moaning voices of the girl who was being banged by my brother. I could saw only my brother pulling up her legs on his shoulders from the thin curtains and screwing her fast. I was stunned to see this scene and was very much shocked at what my brother was doing. So I rested again at my bed thinking about many things about my brother. I was thinking that he should have considered his sister's presence in the flat but he dam,cared about.
Story continue..................

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