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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pakistani sex stories are getting popularity

Pakistani sex stories are getting popularity day by day in this hot Pakistani women blog. The blog polls are also very popular amongst all the communities.This is what we get from people responses through emails. You are requested to participate in blog polls to help us in bringing the best and true results for men.These two weeks contained four different poll questions. The first one was regarding Pakistani married women and how they can be dated easily and what type of married women easily goes for dating with men other than husband. With the advent of the Internet and technology, the married force is finding it even easier to play when the cat’s away (or simply not looking). Some people even hunt and seek out the married individual, thinking that dating a married woman or man will be fun.With thrill seeking topping the lists of enjoyment in the dating world, there is nothing more exciting than dating someone with the potential of getting caught. The blog polls have been ended for this week and results are given below. edemocracy

According to People, The young Pakistani wives who have older husband can easily be dated. Almost 36% people voted for this option. However, 30% voters think that, Single Pakistani girls doing job can easily go for dating and have affairs. 25 % people think that, Pakistani wives who suffer from poverty can easily be dated by making use of money. 19% think that married Pakistani women who are doing job can be easily dated. You may have a different opinion about Pakistani women but we have published the thinking of people. voting machine

The second poll question was a bit different. We asked, Which Pakistani women are more involved in sex affairs amongst villagers and women living in cities. 73% people think that, Pakistani women living in cities are more involved in sex and dating than villagers. 27% voters think different. They say villagers are more involved in such affairs.

The third poll question was, if Pakistani married working woman has a husband living outside her home town, who meets her after two weeks for 1 night only, how much chance of her getting involved in sex with co-worker? 33% people think that there is almost 75% chance of her getting into sex with co-worker. 33% people thought that, there is 100% chance of getting her into sex. 25% people think that only 25% chance and 9% think that there is no chance of such affairs.

The fourth poll question was, if a married Pakistani woman discusses her sexual life and husband with a male co-worker, can she go for sex easily with that co-worker? 75% people think that she discusses such matters only to tell him about getting into sex with her. She is trying to attract that co-worker for sex. 25% think it just normal case which cannot be related to her wish for sex.Hope you have read this article and poll results with care and got enough information if you are planning to date a Pakistani women. More blog polls will be updated soon.

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