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Friday, November 25, 2011

Pakistani sex stories, Nadia's sex story (part 2)

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Adnan, after a little hesitation jumped up with a smile and reached quickly into the street. He looked around for a while and found only one or two people in the street. when they became invisible Adnan reached her door. He was fantasizing  her big breasts. He has so far just seen breast galleries on internet. he has no experience of such amazing things before practically. He was sure enough that today he would get a chance to screw this hot Pakistani women. His imaginations made his penis enlarged. It was getting erect already by her thoughts as she has enlarged breasts which seem like breast enlargement pills have been used. Adnan was going to make his sex stories happen.

He was amazed to see that gate was not locked, so he got inside the gate quickly. His heart was also beating fast as it was his first chance. He quickly locked the iron gate without making any noise. Nadia was standing infront of him, in the room. She has worn a pink colored dress. her dress was so sexy that it made Adnan more hard. She was looking gorgeous in her deep necked dress. She smiled and asked him to come in. He entered the room and she suddenly shown some anger about Adnan's movements from the roof. Adnan excused her as he already knew that its just a formality. So he told her clearly that he likes her very much. She asked why? Adnan replied. You are so cute and good looking with a nice body. She first threatened him that she would tell his mother.

Adnan knew that its just a joke. If she has to tell his mother why she called me inside home. Adnan could feel the hotness in her eyes. He asked her about kids. She told, they are in school and would be back after 3 hours. When he asked about her husband she told, he is not here for one week because he has gone to Karachi for some job work. Adnan was very happy as he can enjoy with her today for 2 or more hours. She was an extreme Pakistani beauty.  She again asked, you know how much you are younger to me? Adnan replied, yah I know, but what to say if I like you and I could not resist my heart. She smiled and asked Adnan, what you want to see? He was bit nervous but he frankly told that he want to kiss her breasts. I like your big breasts very much, they drive me crazy, Adnan replied.

She laughed for a while but then she pulled her Qameez( shirt) up and said, You want to see these? Adnan was in extreme after having the big enlarged breasts in pink bra in-front of him. He got up and grabbed her left boob. He started rubbing her boobs. He kissed her boobs. She soon was moaning by Adnan's moves. He then removed her 36D pink bra. He unhooked her big breasts and started sucking them. While sucking her breasts, Adnan was also fingering her deep hole. She was wet now. Adnan made french kiss for a couple of times. The Pakistani married woman was now in extreme for screwing. He opened his pent zip and guided her to grab his penis. Adnan was below 20 years but he has a nice 6.5 inches fat tool.

She started sucking Adnan's tool. He was feeling her tongue licking around his shaft. Soon Adnan was near to release his load in her mouth. He was not having good timing as it was his first incident. So he stopped her and pulled her legs up on his shoulders. He guided his fat tool in her love hole fully. Her love hole walls gripped his tool all round. She was having all kids by operation. So her Vagina was not much open. She was still tight like a girl. She was moaning. Adnan asked her, how is my tool? She replied, very fine. Its bigger than my hubby. Adnan stroked her for 2-3 minutes and then relased inside her for the first time in his life.

Adnan was still hungry for sex as he was young blood. So he didn't pulled out his tool after ejaculation. Soon within 5 minutes his tool again started to raise and get hard. He again started his jerks and nicely stroked her womb. He then screwed her for 5 minutes in the same position. Then she told him about doggy style. Adnan was much lucky that she has an experience women with him. So he made her in doggy style and stroked fast for 5 minutes in doggy style. Then she told Adnan to lie down straight. she sat on Adnan's fat tool and started to move up and down. Adnan was enjoying the best moments of his life. He holded her enlarged breasts in his hands. She was jumping on his tool and soon Adnan blasted inside her again. This session was almost 30 minutes long.

Adnan was extremely satisfied with Nadia's great sex experience. He asked her about sex session. She told, it was nice and we will do it weekly. Adnan agreed her and he took his clothes and after wearing them asked her to go out and look around. She went out after wearing her clothes and opened the gate slightly to look around. There was no one in the street, so Adnan left her house. Nadia was satisfied by young dick. Adnan was the luckiest guy. This relation continued for at least two years till Nadia's husband changed his residence to Islamabad for his business. More sex stories will be updated soon on Pakistani sex stories blog.

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