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Saturday, October 27, 2012

How Pakistani girls Start Sex Affairs?

I  was thinking to discuss a different story today.For quite a long time,We have been just publishing Pakistani sex stories and people liked it very much.Today,I will discuss a few facts about Pakistani girls and their involvement reasons into sex.There are some key factors behind " How Pakistani girls start sex affairs"which public must know.Being a Pakistani woman,I have realized that I may probably best analyze these facts.I hope the majority of our blog readers will agree me and I hope for feedback via comments.

The 80% of Pakistani girls/Women live in  a restricted lifestyle.These restrictions include the religious bounds and social bounds.On the other hand,We could rate Pakistani society as a crazy society somewhat.The 60-70% people are living a middle class or poverty life but this class feel it necessary to have a TV at home,a Cable connection,Mobile phone and Media players.For getting this stuff they may even sacrifice their food.On one hand,The Pakistani parents of this class would expect their daughters to follow Islamic trends and social norms and on the other hand they had provided TV,Mobile and media to their daughters.


What happens as a result of this dual standard life?The Middle class/Poor girls feel an attraction in the latest fashion dresses of TV anchors,Models and Actresses but they don't have an ability to buy such dresses or follow these hot fashion trends due to bounds.An influence certainly exists on mind.On the same time when these girls start their college life,They get a variety of girls in their class.Some are rich and some may be otherwise.An influence of Rich girls also acts as a virus in minds.When they come home,They are again in bounds and poverty.They can't get a lifestyle which they have seen in their class.The next diversion point comes.

All girls and female teachers are not nobble at all.The possibility of two-three hot women is always there in the class which are already involved in sex affairs and dating.Those girls trap these middle class/poor community girls in the name of friendship and then the glory of money works as a perfect gift.In most of the cases,the majority of middle class girls first get involved with brothers of Rich girls who just want to have sex.The rich brothers and lovers of rich girls would use middle class/poor girls and then try the next one.This circle continues and at the end parents of middle class would try to get their daughter married.some may start sex affairs to get money.

The Elite class girls have a different life style.their family routines allow them to have fun time outside home without spying that who is dating their daughter.The only care which elite class girls have to keep it a secret.even if she makes sex with any guy,Nobody should know that to save their prestige.The elite class Pakistani women love to try different men even after marriage.They would meet other men,get gifts from their lovers(like luxury cars,Plots,jeweleries) and others.Even the elite class husbands help their wife to have affairs with someone who can help in business matters.

There are so many other issues related to the involvement of Pakistani girls in sex affairs including the free aid of Mobile phone for dating and casual meetings.I would try to discuss these in my next articles.I am waiting for your response about these sex stories and women affairs.I hope you like this blog of Pakistani sex stories.

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